Rainbow 6 Siege Best FOV Settings That Give You an Advantage

Rainbow Six Siege Best FOV Settings, Rainbow 6Siege Best FOV Settings
The more you see, the more advantage you have.

Have you seen that Siege meme that basically says Siege is hard and that you'll be dead when you expose 4 pixels of your character? It’s all for laughs but there’s some truth to it. In Siege, especially in the higher ranks, the player who sees his opponent first usually wins. And Field of view directly affects your ability to see your enemies. And in this article, we will be discussing this very important topic.


First, we must examine how each FOV settings in Siege differ in look.

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, increasing the FOV widens your peripheral view. A higher FOV setting will greatly aid you in seeing if there’s an enemy on your side as opposed to a lower one. But the wider the view, the further the front view is going to be, and this in turn could lessen your effectiveness in seeing opponents in front of you at a distance.


Now that we’ve seen how each setting looks in close range and through corners. Let us also examine how each setting looks like for long range sniping. Here, the author is using Mk 14 EBR with 3.0x Scope.

Here, it is much more noticeable how each FOV setting affects the frontal view distance.



FOV 70 or 80 or somewhere in between would be the best setting for Siege.

The problem with the FOV 60 is that it makes the player’s peripheral vision severely limited. And the problem with the FOV 90 is that it makes the frontal angle appear too far. The 70-80 are the most balanced settings, providing you enough peripheral vision to see your enemies first, while also not compromising your frontal view. 

How to apply:

  • On the main menu, click the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen
  • Click Display
  • Scroll down and until you see the Field of View option
  • Adjust it by clicking the left arrow or light arrow until you reach your desired number


If you’re interested in further review of this topic. The author made test run videos for each FOV settings in the Training Grounds:

FOV 60 with Dokkaebi using Mk 14 EBR with 3.0x Scope – Normal Training Grounds

FOV 70 with Dokkaebi using Mk 14 EBR with 3.0x Scope – Normal Training Grounds

FOV 80 with Dokkaebi using Mk 14 EBR with 3.0x Scope – Normal Training Grounds

FOV 90 with Dokkaebi using Mk 14 EBR with 3.0x Scope – Normal Training Grounds


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