[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Universal Weapon Skins That Are Amazing

Best Skins in Rainbow Six Siege!
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With the introduction of new skins every three months, players often start getting confused with their choices. From getting bored with their current selection of skins to simply not being able to decide their next purchase. Reasons could vary substantially from person to person, but this list will solve those problems by providing the top ten best universal skins introduced to date.


10. Artic

Cost: 10,000 Renown

Cost: 10,000 Renown

‘Artic’ is one of the most simplistic yet elegant skins introduced to date. The seemingly clean look takes it away for many players, even picked over the much rarer skins in the game. Being exceptionally cheap and easily accessible at all times in the shop is a steal deal for many.

See Artic in action:

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Looks good on all of the guns
  • Clean & glossy finish
  • Very cheap and has been available for a long time
  • Applicable on every firearm, even the newly introduced ones every other season
  • One can purchase this camo from the shop anytime he feels like it. 


9. Cyan

Cost: $2.99

'Cyan’ has more of a royal vibe to it as compared to ‘Artic’, having a rough yet shiny finish almost like a piece of expensive jewellery is favoured by many. It's one of those skins which stand out a lot, the bright cyan with a glossy finish has been here ever since launch and doesn't plan on going away anytime soon.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Royal finish
  • Available in different shades (Purple, Green, etc)
  • Purchasable at all times
  • Applicable on all of the firearms, including the newly introduced ones


8. Diamond

Cost: 100,000 Renown

One of the more uncommon skins to see is the diamond, mainly because of its hefty price tag. People often buy this skin very late in the game, mostly once they have gotten access to all the necessary operators first. Realistically it wouldn't be a sensible choice either to buy it before that, as it's equivalent to four new operators in cost. It's similar to ‘Cyan’ but instead has a silver shade. For some, the glittering and shiny finish takes it away. Almost looking good on every weapon and being more of a symbol signifying one's grind, takes away the eighth spot on this list.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Glittering silver finish
  • Symbol of one's determination & experience
  • Uncommon to see among players
  • Looks good on all of the guns
  • Available at all times in the shop
  • Applicable on all of the firearms, including the newly introduced ones


7. El Dorado 

Cost: 25,000 Renown (No Longer Purchasable)

Originally introduced in 'Velvet Shell', 'El Dorado' was one of the four seasonal skins which came with the new operators 'Jackal' & 'Mira'. Having the same cost as all the other seasonal skins, it is said to be one of the best skins yet. As we all know, seasonal skins are available only for a specified period, so one can't get it now. It is still one of the most luxurious skins to date. The combination of the silver slate with the redwood and golden stripes goes perfectly together and makes it one of the best skins to date.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Luxurious finish to it
  • Very rare to see nowadays
  • Applicable on weapons up to ‘Velvet Shell’


6. Red Silk

Cost: 25,000 Renown (No Longer Purchasable)

A glossy red finish with a hint of white & gold is the ‘Red Silk’ in words. Came out in 'White Noise' as part of its set of seasonal skins, it was never supposed to return once the season had ended like all the other seasonal skins don’t, but for some reason, it was back in the shop earlier this year for some time with the other skins of it’s set. This shade in specific goes hand to hand with many of the elites & uniforms, such as Ying's firefighter bundle. This skin is mainly credited as it looks quite clean and not at all noisy even though it has bright red present at such a large scale.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Majestic look yet clean
  • Looks good on all of the guns
  • Applicable on weapons up to ‘Velvet Shell’ & ‘Shadow Legacy’ specifically


5. White Dragon

Cost: 25,000 Renown (No Longer Purchasable)

Also introduced in 'White Noise', with the 'Red Silk' and the two other skins, it had the most unique and different pattern. The clean dull-white slate with the fine art having a touch of blue made it stand out the most in all of them. The hint of blue surprisingly went well with the dragon too. Combining it with the default grey attachment skin could lead to some of the cleanest combinations one has ever seen. 

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Matte finish
  • Fine art optimised for all kinds of weapons perfectly
  • Applicable on weapons up to ‘Velvet Shell’ & ‘Shadow Legacy’ specifically


4. Gingerbread

Cost: 30,000 Renown (No Longer Purchasable)

Around the Christmas of 2018, Gingerbread skin was added to the shop. It wasn't long until it was gone from the shop too. Which led to only a small group of people actually purchasing it. The cost was a little higher than a normal seasonal skin but still to this day, it’s considered one of the best, even with an odd gimmick and being different to the other skins on this list. It is still considered a fan favourite. Ubisoft really executed the cookie theme on a weapon perfectly here.

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