[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Streamers That Are Great

Top 10 Best R6 Siege Streamers
We learn from them, we laugh with them, and we share the joys and pains of Siege with them.

10. IPxpy

IPxpy, also known as Poppy, caught the Siege community by storm, because honestly, who would have expected that a hot girl would be so great in Siege? Seriously, just check her Instagram or Twitter. No, I mean her R6tracker, where you can see that she has attained champion rank each season since Operation Void Edge, and were reaching diamond rank 1 in the seasons before that. 

When she queues in with randoms, it’s always fun to watch and hear how shocked they are that a gamer girl is popping off with kills after kills in every round. Although she has stopped uploading Siege content in Youtube, Her Twitch channel is quickly growing and now has 73.5k followers and is still regularly streaming Siege. Her other socials like Twitter and Instagram always feature Siege content as well. 

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/pxppy


9. RyyFyy

Another gamer girl who pops off in every game of Siege that she plays in. RyyFyy is definitely one of the best female Siege players around, and because of her skills, she has become a Twitch partner, and a content creator for DarkZero Esports, one of the top tier Siege esports organizations around, with legendary talents like Canadian, Ecl9pse, Pengu, and many others. So, I don’t have to tell you how impressive you gotta be to be part of DarkZero, and RyyFyy being there is testament to her skills.

Her Twitch channel is quickly growing and now has 79k followers and she streams almost every day. RyyFyy is also one of the most recent Siege streamers that got their in-game charm from Ubisoft. You gotta check that charm out because it's one of the coolest additions in the game right now. According to her R6tracker page, her top operators are Ash, Valkyrie, and Zofia, and she has a very impressive record on ranked games, with her getting only either diamond or platinum in every season that she’s played since Operation Ember Rise.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/ryyfyy


8. Zironic

Sporting an alpha male beard, Zironic is one of the most iconic personalities in the Siege community, having been a caster in Rainbow Six Siege esports. He’s now retired from casting in Siege esports but is currently working as a content creator for Natus Vincere. And although he doesn’t upload on his Youtube channel anymore, the beard of R6 still streams the game in his Twitch channel which has 295K followers and counting.

Although many players recognize him because of his beard, his videos and streams are full of great gameplay, showing off his tremendous skills in the game. He’s known for his calm demeanor while owning his opponents, adding some humor to his vids. His R6tracker stats says it all. He has a really good KD of 1.36, and he’s reached diamond 1 in most of the seasons he’s played in, while reaching champion in Operation Crystal Guard and Demon veil. Those two operations are very recent, meaning his skills in the game are still improving.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/zironicdk


7. Jynxzi

Jynxzi is a relatively new Siege content creator. He only started uploading Siege content in Youtube one year ago, but has quickly gained popularity, especially his rage compilations, which are actually quite entertaining to watch because everyone can relate to that feeling of annoyance when things don’t go your way, which is when it comes to Siege, can happen a lot. His youtube channel now has almost 80k subscribers, while his Twitch account is quite big, with 264k followers.

Make no mistake though, while his Youtube uploads are mostly for entertainment, Jynxzi is a great console player, and reaches champion rank in every season that he plays in. According to his R6tracker, he’s currently diamond two in the new season, but the new season only came out a few days ago, so it’s safe to assume that Jynxzi will reach champion again soon.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/jynxzi


6. VarsityGaming

VarsityGaming has contributed so much to the Siege community and he definitely deserve recognition, which is why I’m really happy that he’s already got his in-game charm from Ubisoft, and his Youtube channel which is already at 1.2 million subscribers, and his Twitch channel which has 558k followers, still keeps growing. This man has been uploading Siege content since the day it got released, and his content varies from his own gameplay highlights, tips and tricks, to other Siege features like in-game skins.

He streams almost every day in Twitch, and is one of the most active Siege content creators around. That’s probably how he’s brought us so many legendary videos like the double-overtime ones, which happened to him twice. By streaming so much, he’s able to capture so many great Siege moments for us to enjoy and learn from. He’s also very active with combating hackers by exposing them and getting them banned, which turns out to be content for him as well.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/varsitygaming


5. itsSpoit

Spoit makes Siege look like Call of Duty, because of his highly dynamic gameplays. You can see him switch directions in a flash and frag enemies with great accuracy even when he’s moving his mouse really quickly. He also has insane quick lean skills. It’s really no wonder why he’s reached champion rank every season since Operation Ember Rise, and was reaching Diamond 1 before that. He’s been described as a god in Siege, and frankly, his skills may rival that of known Siege gods like Beaulo.

He’s recently been recruited by Rogue, one of the top-tier esports teams around. A lot of people in the Siege community are looking forward to Spoit’s professional career with Rogue, and to those who do not know him yet, be sure to check his Youtube channel which has 550k subscribers, and his Twitch, where he streams regularly and has 283k followers. He’s actually live streaming on Twitch right now as I type this, doing his placement matches for the new season.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/itsspoit


4. yo_boy_roy

Roy is quickly becoming one of the most popular content creators and streamers in the Siege community, and he also now has a streamer charm from Ubisoft. Already cementing his legacy in Siege. The best thing is that he also uses a suppressor on Glaz, like me, so I immediately subscribed to him when I saw that. But what’s really attracting people to his streams aside from his skills in the game is that they just provide good vibes all around, even when he’s playing against pros.

He streams very regularly on Twitch and has 148k followers over there, and posts highlights of his streams on his Youtube channel which has a huge following of 612K subscribers. Another thing to love about his videos is that he also posts his mistakes, not just the moments he pops off, and that makes him more relatable as a Siege player. But he does have great reflexes and aim, and he knows a lot of tricks, which you can see in his videos.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/yo_boy_roy


3. KingGeorge

KingGeorge is a former professional R6 player, and was actually able to win first place in 2017’s Six Invitational along with his team, Continuum. He retired from the pro-league scene in order to focus on being a full time Siege content creator and streamer. He’s very close to reaching 1 million followers in Twitch, only 8k short, and has a very successful Youtube channel as well, which has 355K subscribers. 

Aside from showing the Siege Community his great skills in the game with his Twitch streams, he also has a lot of highlight videos in Youtube where he shows other players, tips, tricks, as well as secrets in the game that could really help them in their Siege journey. Of course, it’s not without a lot of humor, because one of the reasons why people flock to his streams and videos is to see or hear something funny, while also learning the ins and outs of the game.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/kinggeorge


2. Macie Jay

Macie Jay is one of the most compelling R6 streamers around. Seeing one of his Siege clips back in 2018 is actually what got me to play the game. He is more known for high IQ tactical gameplays rather than fast and highly dynamic ones. Which is what really makes his gameplays very compelling, because even ordinary players can get the sense by watching his videos that they can be great players too, as long as they use their heads.

But that is not to say that Macie Jay doesn’t have insane reflexes and aim. He definitely does, and that’s backed up by the fact that he has 1.5 KD and since Operation Health, he’s always reached diamond rank, and even reached champion rank just last season. When new players ask who to watch on Youtube so that they can learn more about Siege, I always point them to Macie Jay’s channel, because his gameplay vids are really the epitome of what Siege is all about.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/maciejay


1. Beaulo

Many consider Beaulo as the Shroud of Siege. In most of his streams, we get treated to pure adrenaline, high sensitivity, and fast paced action. The way he quickly and accurately aims at his opponents’ heads even when coming off a sprint or an awkward position is definitely something out of the ordinary. It’s no wonder why he’s one of the most popular Siege Twitch streamers, with 1 million followers.

Beaulo is without a doubt, one of the top players in the game right now. He and his team, TSM, won first place in the most recent Six Invitational. His signature operators are Ash and Zofia for Attack, and for Defense, Aruni and Goyo. He streams regularly on Twitch and uploads his highlights on his Youtube channel, which also has more than 1 million subscribers.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/beaulo


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