Rainbow 6 Siege Kapkan Guide: How To Play Kapkan Like A Pro [25 Useful Kapan Tips You Should Know]

Kapkan Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Kapkan Players Should Know
The best tips that you can get for effectively playing the one of the best trap operators in Siege

25. You Can Place EDDS even Lower


When the update came that enabled Kapkan to put multiple EDDs in one entryway and on both sides of one entryway, the patch notes didn’t really say that Kapkan is now also able to put an EDD much lower than normal. So, this is actually not common knowledge. Even players who have been playing Kapkan for many years may not know that the EDDs can be attached to a lower position on an entryway. All you have to do is crouch and point your crosshair at a lower angle.

To keep it simpler, just point your crosshair on the base of the entryway where you plan to set up your EDD. Deploying the EDDs at a lower angle is very important because even when they’re detected by the enemies, they will have to put their aim down in order to shoot them. And if you’re around when they do that, you’ll be able to frag them easily because when their aim is down, it’ll be harder for them to return fire. 


24. Coastline EDD Placements


When defending the billiards and hookah areas of Coastline and you’re playing Kapkan, the best areas for your EDDs would actually be away from the objective spots, especially not on hookah, because the hookah area will get riddled by utilities from the attackers. So, you should deploy your EDDs on unexpected areas like the entrance to the luggage from the white stairs. That spot has a high EDD success rate because attackers would usually watch out for the angle in aqua or bar first.

Another unexpected spot for your EDDs would be the entrance to the VIP hallway from the theater hallway. That’s because attackers that would be coming through there would always watch the angles from the billiard area, vase area, and even kill holes on the walls of hookah bar. Going further into the map, it’s also great to deploy EDDs on the entrance of the VIP connecting to the hall of fame area, because attackers normally use that to attack from the back and they wouldn’t expect EDDs there.


23. Smart EDD Placements on Villa


Like Siege youtuber alyttleton correctly says in the video above, corridors are better places for deploying the Kapkan EDDs than doorways or windows. That’s because experienced attackers would always expect EDDs by the doorways and windows, especially when they detect that there’s a Kapkan on the defending team. For Villa, one of the best spots is the corridor entrance between the north hall and landing.

I also have a high success rate there when it comes to EDDs, and even though their angle is visible from the top of red stairs, as you can see in the video, it’s still hard to notice them because their color kind of blends with the color of the pillars. Another spot where I usually place my EDDs is on the entrance to the bathroom from the astronomy room. Place your EDDs just beside the black boxes, and unless they get shot from the stairs or window, they have a high chance of being detonated by attackers that are coming from the bathroom.


22. EDD Placements on Oregon


When defending the top floor of Oregon, one of the best places for the EDDs is the entrance to the bunk area via white stairs. Put the EDDs on the side that is next to the bunk, and there’s going to be a high chance that the EDDs that are deployed there will be triggered, especially later on in the round. That’s because when an attacker pushes through white stairs, he’d usually look out for the rotate angle as well as the kids room angle.

Even if he knows that there’s an EDD on the entryway, it’ll be hard for him to shoot it, because he’ll be vulnerable from the kids room and the rotation. Just remember that you should make the rotation hole to the game room first, because if you deploy your EDDs on the entrance and you make the rotation, even if it's coming from inside the game room, your EDDs will be destroyed by the impact grenade.


21. Kapkan Traps on Kanal


Kanal is one of my favorite maps for playing Kapkan because of the whole color scheme of the map. It’s kind of the same color scheme with the EDDs, so it’s harder to notice them in this map. As perfectly shown in the clip above, one of the best spots for deploying the EDDs on Kanal is at the entrance to the archives. It’s a default attack path and when attackers are pushing that area, they’d normally worry more about a defender behind the file cabineton the entrance to coastguard rather than check the side of the entryway.

Further inside the map, another spot that is really good for Kapkan EDDs is the entrance to the radio hall from the white hall, and attackers usually rotate there from the coastguard when they’re attacking the basement area. Place your EDDs on the right side of the entryway from inside the radio hall, and there’s a high chance that they’ll be detonated, because attackers would mostly be minding the angle at the end of the radio hall.


20. Try to Prolong the Round


A lot of players play aggressively when they’re on defense, and that’s all good if the player has great reflexes and aim. However, and I see this happening all the time, many defenders risk peeking at enemies even though the enemies are at long range. The thing is, attackers usually have 2.0x and above scopes, while most defenders only have 1.0x sights and 1.5x ones. So, remember that you’re a defender, and the attackers have the onus to come to you.

Because if they don’t push and kill all of the defenders or successfully plant the defuser, they would lose. That’s why it’s always good to exercise discipline when you’re a defender and actually play defensively. That’s even better when you’re playing Kapkan, because prolonging the round until the countdown to the last ten second starts will make the remaining attackers panic, and when they panic, they’re less likely to check the entrances for EDDs. And as you’d expect, they’ll trigger those EDDs because they’re rushing, and those will be some easy kills for you.


19. Impact Trick on Chalet


This is one of the reasons why I would always run with the impact grenades when playing Kapkan, especially when the objective spot is in the basement of Chalet. That’s because you can use the impact grenades as sort of a last resort to prevent attackers from hard breaching when all the hard anti-hard breach utilities your team has have been taken out. Just as demonstrated in the clip above, all you have to do is go on prone and throw your impact grenade onto the drone hole.

Chances are, when you do that, the hard breach gadgets that the attackers are using, be it Hibana’s X-Kairos, Ace’s Selma Aqua Breachers, or Thermite’s Exothermic charges, will be destroyed by the impact grenade’s explosion. The wall on the left side might still get breached though, but if it’s an Ace selma aqua breacher, the breaching will be slow, and the top area will get breached first. So, what you can do is throw your remaining impact grenade on the side of the top part that’s been breached, and that could stop Ace’s selma from breaching any further.


18. Remember Where You Placed Them


Nowadays, most Kapkan players would only have EDDs on one or two entryways because they love getting an easy kill from multiple EDDs deployed on a single entryway. However, you can still go old school with the EDDs and they would still be effective. And by old school, I mean deploying each five of them in different entry ways.

That way, you’ll be able to cover a wider area and you’ll be able to use it more effectively for gathering intel. However, you should remember where you put all five of your EDDs so that when one of them gets triggered, you’ll know exactly where that enemy who triggered it is going to be and you’ll be able to respond to that attacker yourself, or you can issue a callout to your teammates.


17. When to Use the C4


I believe that the best secondary gadget for Kapkan, at least for most situations, is the impact grenade. However, there are also times when I would go for the nitro cell. It’s actually quite hard to choose between the two of them because both are powerful. I just prefer the impact grenade because it adds more versatility to Kapkan’s gameplay.

However, one of the situations where I would go for the nitro cell is when the objective spot is on a lower floor and the ceiling is made up of wooden floors. That’s because you can be sure that when the objective spot is on one of those areas, there’s going to be attackers who will perform a vertical attack. And the most commonly used attacker for that is Fuze. With a nitro cell, however, you’ll be able to counter Fuze because you can C4 him as soon as you hear the thud of his Cluster Charge being attached above you.


16. Equip the Suppressor on the SASG-12


The SASG-12 shotgun only has one attachment option, and that is the suppressor. It used to be that a lot of people wouldn’t equip the suppressor because it lowers the damage of the SASG-12, so they opt for no barrel attachment at all. However, since the removal of the damage reduction from equipping suppressors, there’s absolutely no more reason not to equip it with weapons like the SASG-12 which only has the suppressor as their barrel attachment option.


15. More EDD Placements on Kafe


With this tip, we’ll be focusing more on the first floor because the first-floor area is usually the second-best area for defending in Kafe, and there are some really nice spots there where your EDDs will likely get detonated. First off, just like how it was demonstrated in the video above, one of the best spots for your EDDs is the doorway leading to the kitchen area from the prep area. Put it on the angle near the trash bin and it will be unlikely for enemies to shoot it.

That’s because when they’re pushing through the prep area, they’ll have to worry about the front angle all the way to the service and coffee spot, and to their left, they’ll have to worry about the defenders anchoring the long cooking tables. The window on the coat check is also great for deploying your EDDs because a lot of attackers would vault through that from the main entrance area.


14. Vertical Grip on the 9x19VSN

One of the reasons why the 9x19VSN submachine gun is so good is because of its very manageable recoil. However, without any attachment that provide recoil control benefits, the recoil of the 9x19VSN can actually be really rough to control, especially since the recoil progression overhaul across the board which came with Operation Brutal Swarm. This recoil progression overhaul was a means to end the meta of people just spraying with their LMGs.

This means that now, the game favors short bursts over longer ones. But this doesn’t mean that long sprays wouldn’t be effective anymore. I’ve tested it on the shooting range and the 9x19VSN’s recoil is still quite easy to control even with long sprays and without a recoil-benefit providing barrel attachment. But that is only the case when a vertical grip is equipped to it.


13. Listen Well for Sound Cues


The clip above is a perfect example of using the Kapkan EDDs as an intel gathering device. Just by hearing the EDD explode, the player instantly knew that an attacker will be coming through the top of white stairs. That is also why you should always remember where you put your EDDs. That way, you can advise your teammates on enemy positions, or you yourself could engage the enemy that’s been detected through the EDD. This is also why it’s not that bad to put only one EDD per entryway. With that method of EDD deployment, you’ll be able to cover a wider area.


12. Vertical Grip on the SASG-12

The SASG-12 is a really powerful shotgun, but because of its power, it has a pretty strong weapon kick per shot. And that is why I recommend using the vertical grip on it. With the vertical grip on this shotgun, it will be much easier for you to line up your shots effectively, because your succeeding shots will be more stable, especially when you’re aiming down your sights.

Besides, ever since the nerf on the angled grip, it’s only really useful for certain guns. Nowadays, the aim-down-sights speed of the vertical grip and the angled grip almost feels the same. I actually struggle to feel the difference. That is why if you’re looking to run with the SASG-12 shotgun when playing Kapkan, you should definitely equip it with the vertical grip.


11. Run with the PMM

It’s almost a no contest between the PMM and the other choice for Kapkan’s secondary weapon, the GSH-18. Don’t get me wrong, the GSH-18 is also a really good handgun and I personally prefer its iron sight compared to the iron sight of the PMM. However, the PMM’s superior damage trumps all of the GSH-18's advantages.

That’s because when it comes to Kapkan’s gameplay, he would only really be using his handgun during emergency situations, like when his 9x19VSN submachine gun needs to reload in the middle of a gunfight. That basically means that Kapkan’s handguns will be rarely used, and when they do have to get used, it will be very quick. And for quick situations like that, the heavy damage from the PMM is preferable, because it can take down the enemy faster.


10. The Impact Grenade is his Best Secondary Gadget


The nitro cell is really good for getting kills, especially on shield operators like Blitz or Osa, and even Montagne. But the impact grenade is the best secondary gadget for Kapkan because it just allows Kapkan to be a lot more versatile. The impact grenades will allow Kapkan to create rotation holes and even high holes for the other defenders to throw their nitro cells on, or other gadgets. 

The impact grenades are also very useful on places like the small garage in Chalet where a drone hole is just right beside the breach area. When an impact grenade is thrown the right way into that drone hole, chances are, its explosion will affect the hard breach gadgets that are being used to breach the snowmobile garage.


9. Use the Suppressor on the 9x19VSN

It is now the best time for suppressor fans like me because starting this season, the suppressor won’t put any damage penalties on weapons anymore. The suppressor is perfect for guns like the 9x19VSN submachine gun which has a very manageable recoil, because that low recoil allows the user to freely attach a non-recoil benefit providing attachments to its barrel like the extended barrel or the suppressor.

And the stealth benefits from the suppressor clearly trumps the extended barrel’s reduction of range damage drop-off on weapons. That’s because the suppressor will dampen the weapon’s sound by a lot, and even with just that benefit, it’ll be much harder for enemies to be sure about your position even when you’re firing. It’ll also hide the weapon’s muzzle flash, and to top it all off, the suppressor will remove the directional threat indicator that guns make when they fire.


8. Use an EDD as Bait for the Other EDDs

One of the trickiest ways to bait an attacker into triggering Kapkan’s EDDs is to bait them with another EDD. For many years since release, Kapkan has only been able to attach his EDD on one side of an entryway. But now, he can attach multiple EDDs in one entryway and on both sides. But even now, most Kapkan users still only put their EDDs on one side and it's usually the side where attackers would find it hard to spot them.

Now, as the Kapkan player, you can exploit this by putting one EDD on the other side of the entryway, preferably on the side that’ll be easily seen by attackers, and then two or more EDDs on the other side. This way, once the attackers destroy that one EDD that is easily seen, there’s a high tendency for them to feel safe about the other side and won’t check it anymore. This usually leads to kills, especially against inexperienced enemies.


7. The 9x19VSN is his Best Primary


While the SASG-12 is definitely a very powerful shotgun, there is no question that the 9x19VSN is Kapkan’s best primary weapon. That’s mainly because unlike the SASG-12, the 9x19VSN is fully automatic and can be used effectively for strafing enemies even at long range, especially now that it’s got a scope 1.5x available to it. Another great thing about the 9x19VSN is that it has all the barrel attachments available to it, making it highly customizable.

The 9x19VSN submachine gun has a very manageable recoil especially when equipped with a vertical grip, and that makes its user free to choose non-recoil benefit providing barrel attachments such as the suppressor and the vertical grip. It inflicts a good amount of damage per shot and its rate of fire is very decent. It also has a good magazine capacity and fast reload time.


6. Leave the Reinforcing of Walls to your Teammates


The update that came out with Operation Shadow Legacy that made it so that the whole attacker team shares the same reinforcement pool is a blessing to Kapkan players. That’s because instead of using a lot of time on reinforcements, Kapkan can instead run out of the objective spot fast to deploy his EDDs. This can also help Kapkan when it comes to avoiding getting scanned by attacker drones.

Because even if the attackers hear Kapkan’s EDDs being attached, there’s a big chance for them to forget that there’s a Kapkan on the defending team if his icon is not displayed among the attackers that they scanned. This happens a lot especially in lower elos, so it’s still better for Kapkan to avoid getting scanned during the prep phase, although I wouldn’t recommend it to be his priority, unlike in the case of Caveira.


5. Put the EDDs on the Least Expected Places


When it comes to deploying your EDDs, the most important thing to keep in mind actually is how you usually move on the map when you’re an attacker. You should also remember how you usually peek corners and the angles that you take, as well as the angles that you usually do not take. Because sometimes, those unexpected places are where you’d get kills from Kapkan’s EDDs.

And while it is great to put EDDs on unexpected places, it doesn’t really mean that the ones on expected ones, especially around the objective spot, are useless. EDDs near the objective spot will never be useless even though the attackers know about their presence. That’s because their presence alone slows down attackers because they’ll be hesitant to be aggressive. They’ll also have to peek through awkward angles usually when they attempt to destroy EDDs and that can leave them vulnerable to defender gunshots.


4. Tricky Consulate EDD Positions


When the objective spot is on the CEO office and meeting room, a lot of attackers would want to take control of the admin office. That is why, if you’re playing as Kapkan, you’d want to put EDDs around that area. A good EDD placement there would be its main entrance, and obviously you want to be facing the admin office when you’re deploying the EDDs. And you should put another EDD or two on the entrance on the printer going to the admin blue. 

That’s actually going to be less expected than the main entrance one. Some attackers would also try to push via the visa soda vending machine, so it’ll be a good idea to put one or two EDDs on its entrance. The connecting entry way from the visa stairs onto the tv area is also a good spot for an EDD or two because when attackers climb those stairs, they’d usually be worried about the defenders inside meeting and on the soda or long desk area.


3. Take Advantage of Border Corridors


Corridor entrances are much better for placing your EDDs than entryways because there’s less chance of enemies to expect Kapkan traps there as opposed to doors or windows. One of the best examples of that is the corridor on the long hallway of Border second floor. It’s just right outside the entrance to the office and most of the time, attackers would expect the EDDs to be on the office entrance, not on the corridor before it.

Also, when defending the objective spot on the armory and archive, there’s a lot of times that Ash will come rushing into the mission building using the jail area before customs. So, it’ll be a good idea to place at least two EDDs there and if an Ash attempts to rush through that area, two EDDs would be enough to kill her. I would also put one or two EDDs on the door of the vent because usually Buck will be there for a vertical attack.


2. Sneaky EDD Placements in Kafe


Now, the video above is seven months old, but I checked the trick where you deploy your EDDS beside the garbage bags on the bar right beside the entrance to the freezer and it still works. If you deploy the two EDDS right beside the garbage bags, they will be hidden, or at least the lowest one will be completely hidden. This is a really strong placement for the EDDs because that area is one of the standard areas for attackers when it comes to planting the defuser.

Another spot where you should put your EDDs when defending top floor Kafe is the side of the door in pixel where the small table is placed. Most of the time, attackers will try to take control of the cigar lounge and if they’re successful with that, they’ll surely be using the pixel entrance to go to the white hall. And when they do, they’ll probably not spot the EDD by the small table because they’re worried about the angle on the top white.


1. Mind the Angle Where You Put Your EDDS


The most important thing to remember when playing Kapkan and deploying his EDDs is that the enemies will be watching out for them, especially when they scan you during the prep phase. And even if their drones didn’t scan you, most likely they will hear the sound of you deploying the EDDs, so there’s a very high chance that the attackers will know that there’s a Kapkan in the defending team. That’s why you have to deploy your EDDs on the angle where they’ll be less likely to be seen.

Just like in the example video above, when the attackers are pushing white stairs through the top white, they will mostly worry about the cocktail area and the defenders guarding the tables. They’ll also worry about the freezer area when there’s a rotation hole there. So, if you deploy your EDDs on the left side of the entryway of the cocktail from top white, it would be less likely for the attackers to notice them.


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