[Top 15] R6 Best Operators That Are Overpowered (Jan 2022)

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R6 Civil War, when?

Now I’m using the term ‘overpowered’ loosely, because of course, they all have their drawbacks and there are ways to counter them. But there is also a reason why their pick rates are high, the likelihood of them winning in a 1v1 encounter is highly likely, or their special gadgets are highly sought after. In any case, these are some of the most powerful operators in Rainbow Six Siege.


15. Finka

Cool and composed. She knows when is the right time to explode.

Finka’s adrenal surge’s true power reaches its full potential when you’re playing with a coordinated team. Each three of them permanently grants her and her teammates 20 health and revives those that are downed. And with the coming of Operation High Caliber, Finka can also now activate it when she’s down. It lessens the reload time, removes the concussion effects from enemy gadgets like Echo’s Yokai or Ela’s Grzmot Mines, and it also lowers the effectivity of stun grenades and Ying’s Candela, which is great when you and your teammates are rushing and stun grenades are popping off everywhere. Not only that, it also instantly removes the ringing of the ears from explosions, and greatly lowers the slow effects of barbed wires. After reading this, can anyone really argue that she’s not one of the most powerful operators in Siege? 

Excels in:

  • Offensive and defensive buffs
  • Rushing
  • Teamplays

Best Loadouts for Finka:



14. Zofia

Ela will not like this article

Even with the removal of her ‘withstand’, Zofia remains to be one of the most powerful operators in Siege because of her special gadget, and guns, which were the primary reasons for her popularity in the first place. And with Operation High Caliber, one of her guns, the M762 even gets a recoil reduction. Further strengthening this already feared operator. Her KS79 Lifeline which can fire two impact grenades increases the effectiveness of a rush or even a more conventional push. It can also fire two concussion grenades that can encumber enemies hiding in corners. Her special gadget complements her loadouts and makes her an offensive menace.

Excels in:

  • Entry fragging
  • Rushing
  • Flanking

Best loadouts for Zofia:



13. Ash

Yes, her hitbox is still weird.

For real though, I’m going to include her hitbox to support my thesis that she’s one of the most overpowered operators in Siege. To this day, she remains hard to hit. Well, to give Ubi the benefit of the doubt, maybe it's really just because of her 3-speed rating, combined with her firepower that makes defenders subconsciously afraid of her return fire whenever they encounter her. Ubi is also improving her R4C’s recoil for Operation High Caliber. Did they feel guilty about removing its acog? Her breaching rounds create large holes through unreinforced walls, and even highly experienced teams tend to panic whenever they hear the explosion of her breaching rounds, most likely signalling a rush.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Entry fragging
  • Breaching unreinforced walls and barricades

Best loadouts for Ash:



12. Jackal

He can play in Ranked nowadays, thanks to Thatcher.

Stealth and positioning are key factors in Siege gameplay, so Jackal’s ability to track defenders and notify his whole team of their position is a very powerful ability. And it is for this reason that Jackal used to be one of the most banned operators in ranked mode. But Jackal is feared not only because of his ‘Eyenox Model III’. He also gives a lot of problems to defenders with his loadouts which includes the great C7E assault rifle that is unique to him.

Excels in:

  • Countering roamers
  • Intel gathering
  • Teamplays

Best Loadouts for Jackal:



11. Iana

One of the top picks now. And it's not because of her MVP screen, I'm sure.

Droning is an important aspect in Siege because having an idea of where the enemies are can give you the upper hand. Iana, with her Gemini Replicator, can drone with her holographic copies instead. It has a cooldown, but she basically has an infinite number of drones that can scout ahead and distract enemies. It also works really well with operators like Ying or others that use stun grenades a lot because the Gemini Replicator will not be blinded, meaning your team can gather more intel while the stun grenades are popping off. Her having access to frag grenades is also very powerful since most of the time, she will know where exactly she should throw them and get kills.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Distracting enemies
  • Entry fragging 

Best loadouts for Iana:



10. Fuze

When you think that banning Thatcher is a good idea, only for your jammers to be destroyed by Fuze.

Fuze’s cluster charges aren’t just for killing hostages. Despite their loud and destructive nature, they can actually be used in a tactical way. Much like Flores’ exploding drones, Fuze’s cluster charges can force enemies from abandoning an angle that they’re holding, and while they’re fleeing, they can be left vulnerable to your teammates’ fire. And when there’s an open hatch or window, you can use the cluster charges to lead them on to your sights as well. And in the process, you’ll most likely have destroyed many defender gadgets as well. 

Excels in:

  • Gadget destruction
  • Providing distraction
  • Flushing out enemies
  • Pushing

Best loadouts for Fuze:



9. Dokkaebi

There’s a reason why she’s included in both The Playbook and The Tournament of Champions. She’s highly popular. And not just because of her good looks.

This South Korean operator uses the Logic Bomb to compromise enemy locations by calling up their mobile phones. Dokkaebi is in this list primarily because of that. Even now, a rush with a Dokkaebi is very hard to stop because not only does the Logic Bomb tells her teammates where the enemies are, it also creates a lot of distraction and noise so that the defenders will have a hard time to notice them. On top of that, Dokkaebi also comes equipped with loadouts that complement the use of her special gadget.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Distraction
  • Rushing
  • Entry fragging
  • Long range support

Best loadouts for Dokkaebi:



8. Flores

It’s interesting that Ash is very wary of Nighthaven but is totally cool with this guy.

Okay, picture this. Perhaps the most popular defender gadget is the nitro cell because it causes heavy damage and with it, you can easily get kills. Flores can produce four of the same kind of explosions. That’s right, his exploding drones have the same power as nitro cells. It is not just that. Flores can also use it to force enemies to move out of their hiding places. That can leave them vulnerable to you or your teammates' assault. If not that then at the very least, you’ll be able to push them away from the area you’re trying to get into, for example when you’re trying to plant on B site. With Flores’ drones, you can disrupt the defenders’ rhythm and prevent them from using strong angles.

Excels in:

  • Pushing
  • Intel gathering
  • Gadget destruction

Best loadouts for Flores:



7. Melusi

Even with the nerf, her Bashees are still a pain in the butt.

Her Banshees stop being bulletproof when they’re actively slowing down enemies, but because of the Banshee’s wide area of effect, when placed on an awkward angle, chances are the enemies still won’t be able to shoot it effectively, and even when they do, they’d be left exposed to you or your teammates. That’s really the frightening thing about her Banshees. In many cases, it's in the attacker's best interest to ignore the Banshee and just focus on any enemy that might appear. She also has the perfect guns and secondary gadgets to complement her special gadget.

Excels in:

  • Slowing down enemies
  • Alarming the team to enemy presence
  • Loadout mixes
  • Anchoring

Best loadouts for Melusi:



6. Doc

Still the best spawn killer

Honestly, it’s very hard to kill this guy especially when there’s also a Rook in his team. He can just revive himself when he’s down, and he can give himself additional 40 health before engaging his enemies. And that makes him the most popular spawn killer. Because with his 3-armor rating and Stim Pistol, he is unlikely to be killed at the start of the round. And well, lest we all forget, when his player actually chooses to play the support, it’ll be very hard for attackers to push, and it will lower their morale seeing that their enemies are so hard to kill and the ones that get injured get back up again.

Excels in:

  • Spawn killing
  • Support
  • Defense

Best loadouts for Doc:



5. Kapkan

This guy lookin’ like he wants to say, “You’re gonna rush? Goodluck”

Kapkan stocks increased a lot in value lately because the most recent update made it so that he’ll be able to put two of his EDDs in one entrance. And that means instant death especially to low armored attackers. And even if the attackers are wary and they’re able to see his EDDs, they could leave themselves exposed to defender fire while trying to disable them. This makes Kapkan such a powerful operator. Not only is he able to inflict heavy damage to unsuspecting attackers. He’s also able to greatly disrupt their rhythm, especially when they’re rushing.

Excels in:

  • Disrupting enemy rhythm
  • Preventing enemies from pushing
  • Enemy presence alarm

Best loadouts for Kapkan



4. Thunderbird

Defenders finally got a real healer?

This 3-speed operator is on the list because she has great support abilities as well as firepower. With her Kona Stations in strategic locations, anchoring defenders will be very hard to kill. Each charge from the Kona Station heals 30hp and can revive downed players. And with her impact grenades and 3-speed rating, she can create rotation holes and quickly flank, depending on the situation. She can also use one of her Kona Stations as bait for a C4-under-the-floor play, because it will also activate even for attackers. She has Doc’s healing abilities, secondary gadgets same with Kapkan, and she has the same primary guns as Finka and Caveira. She really is a powerful guardian angel for the defenders.

Excels in:

  • Support through healing and reviving
  • Flanking
  • Speed
  • Firepower

Best loadouts for Thunderbird:



3. Valkyrie

Intel Queen

Valk is very hard to deal with in the hands of someone who mains her and knows how to multitask well.  When her cameras are placed outside, she will know where to run out and exactly where to aim, and even when the player using her doesn’t main her, she’s still a big factor in the match because her whole team can access her cameras so the whole team can benefit. And because intel is a great tool and can be used to perform so many strats like the beloved C4-under-the-floor play, it’s no surprise that throughout the years she has maintained her high pick rate. 

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Teamplays
  • Runouts
  • Spawn kills

Best loadouts for Valkyrie:



2. Jager

Removing his acog didn’t really put a dent on his pick rate

Attacker grenades, no matter which type they are, will always give defenders trouble. And that is why it doesn't surprise anyone that Jager remains one of the top picks. His ADS intercepts attacker projectiles, even the likes of Hibana’s X-Kairos. But it isn’t really just his special gadget that is highly sought after by players. His primaries are some of the most powerful guns in the game. The 416-C Carbine which is unique to him comes with high damage and an assortment of attachment choices that will help the player customize Jager to his own play style. And his other primary, the M870 is one of the most powerful shotguns in the game.

Excels in:

  • Intercepting attacker projectiles
  • Firepower
  • Versatility

Best loadouts for Jager



1. Lesion

He grows ever more powerful

His Gu mines encumber and inflict damage over time to his opponents, and they also serve as warning devices because there’s a pretty loud sound whenever an attacker triggers a Gu mine. Lesion can deploy a maximum of 8 Gu mines per round with a 30 second cool down, that means that as the round progresses, Lesion becomes more powerful because he’ll be able to deploy more Gu mines. Lesion is a well-rounded operator at 2-speed 2-armor rating, and along with his Gu mines. And his loadout choices, as well as his impact grenades makes him a great addition to any defending team.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Slowing down opponents
  • Disrupting enemy rhythm
  • Well roundedness

Best Lesion loadouts:



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