Rainbow 6 Siege Best Ways To Earn Renown [Top 5 Ways]

Top 5 ways to earn Renown in Rainbow Six Siege!
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The in-game currency, commonly known as "Renown" plays a huge role in R6S. From buying operators to purchasing skins, a large section of the shop is accessible only with renown. Unlike "R6 Credits" which are present behind a paywall, renown is earnable through a catalogue of methods. Today I've shortlisted those methods to bring you the best ones to date.


5) Situations & Tutorials

The starting phase of Siege can often make you miss many things, such as the situations and tutorials. These can be a really good source of income for starters. Two hundred renown for each tutorial and each challenge in the situations, one can probably buy all the basic operators in a day or two after completing these.

How it works:

  • Select Situations or Tutorials from the menu
  • Do the required tasks
  • Enjoy!


4) Daily Challenges & Ubisoft Challenges

Often ignored by many, these challenges can rack up a lot of renown. These are comparatively easy to do, tasks such as taking an operator of a specific unit to playing rounds as a defender can get you quite a decent amount of renown. You get around three hundred renown for Ubisoft Challenges and two hundred renown for Daily Challenges.

How it works:

  • Daily Challenges are automatically availed once completed
  • Ubisoft Challenges can be claimed from the main menu


3) Grinding Quick Matches

This would be the simplest method on the list, as Quick Matches often last up to ten to fifteen minutes and award you an extravagant three hundred renown per win. People often play Quick Matches for the sole purpose of earning renown. One can easily enjoy the game while earning a ton of renown on the side by this method. They can earn around five hundred renown if they have a Renown Booster activated at that time.

How it works:

  • Select 'Quick Matches' from the main menu
  • Bonus: Use a renown booster if possible
  • Play and enjoy!


2) Ranked Matches

This would be for the competitive players of Siege, as each win in a ranked match awards you a total of four hundred renown. These could have a much different environment from a Quick Match for some, but playing these would only help one in getting better at the game. They can earn around eight hundred renown if they have a Renown Booster activated at that time.

How it works:

  • Select 'Ranked Match' from the main menu
  • Bonus: Use a renown booster if possible
  • Play and enjoy!


1) Renown Booster + Queue with a Friend on a Training Grounds Mission

Perhaps this method would take the crown for this list, averaging about seven thousand renown per hour, this was the clear winner here. All one needs is a Renown Booster, a friend only for a single training grounds mission. It's just rinse & repeat after doing the basic steps, which in total gives one approximately seven thousand 'Renown' per hour.

How it works:

  • Activating a Renown Booster
  • Then clicking 'Options' on Playstation or Escape key on PC, one needs to select 'Settings'
  • Then further selecting matchmaking preferences 
  • Deselecting all the modes and maps except 'Elimination' or ‘Extract Hostage’ and ‘House’
  • Playing a single mission with your friend and just restarting every time once he has left

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