[Guide] R6 Best Barrel Attachments - Which To Use (2022 Latest Patch Update)

R6 Best Barrel Attachments Guide
It looks like Vigil is using a compensator for his K1A in this photo, which is not a bad choice at all.

64. Azami - Compensator (9x19VSN)

Well, personally I prefer the ACS12 when using Azami, but it doesn’t have any barrel attachments. So, for players who prefer rapid and sustained firing when it comes to playing Azami, the compensator on the 9x19VSN is the way to go.

While the flash hider does lower the vertical recoil of the gun, and that’s great and all. The 9x19VSN has a wide recoil diamond and therefore it is prone to horizontal random recoil. That means sustained firing with it will be rougher. But the compensator will lessen that.


63. Thorn - Flash Hider (UZK50GI)

Thorn’s unique gun, and one of the newest guns that we have for Siege after so many years. The flash hider is the best barrel attachment for the UZK50GI because it has quite a strong vertical kick.

It does have a wide recoil diamond, and normally for guns like these, I would recommend the compensator, but this gun’s vertical weapon kick is quite strong so the flash hider would give the player the most benefit for this one.


62. Thunderbird - Flash Hider (Spear .308)

Thorn’s Spear .308 doesn’t really have a strong vertical recoil, but it doesn’t have a big recoil diamond either, so it only makes sense that the best barrel attachment for it is the flash hider. 

The flash hider won’t only lower the vertical weapon kick, it’ll also provide the weapon with more benefits such as the removal of the muzzle flash, which means less visual cue for your enemies to see you with.


61. Aruni – Muzzle Brake (Mk 14 EBR)

The best weapon for Aruni is the Mk 14 EBR. Don’t get me wrong, the P10 Roni is not bad at all, but its small magazine capacity is a huge drawback, so for Aruni we will focus on the Mk 14 EBR, and since this gun is a marksman rifle, the only choices that makes sense are the suppressor of the muzzle brake.

But with Aruni’s role as an anchor and an area securer, it’s better to opt with the muzzle brake and enjoy the higher damage and better recoil, especially because Aruni will be shooting her enemies most of the time behind her Surya Laser Gates.


60. Melusi - Flash Hider (MP5)

Melusi’s MP5 has a pretty wide recoil diamond and could be vulnerable to horizontal random recoil, but for this gun, your only choices are the suppressor, flash hider, and muzzle brake. And it only makes sense to choose the flash hider.

The muzzle brake only reduces the recoil of the first shot, so it’s only great for single-shot firing weapons such as marksman rifles. It’s not good for fully automatic weapons like the MP5. The suppressor on the other hand would further lessen the MP5’s already very low damage.


59. Oryx - Flash Hider (T-5 SMG)

Oryx’s T-5 SMG’s recoil doesn’t really change much whether you attach a flash hider or a compensator to it, so it only stands to reason that the flash hider is the best barrel attachment for it.

With the flash hider, you’ll be able to hide your muzzle flash from your enemies, which may make it harder for them to notice where your shots are coming from. The suppressor is not a great attachment for this gun because it already has low damage and it’ll be much lower with a suppressor.


58. Wamai - Flash Hider (MP5K)

Wamai’s MP5K’s wide recoil diamond may worry some players, but my suggestion is to worry more about its vertical weapon kick. Although its vertical recoil pattern mostly only goes on a straight line, without a flash hider, it’ll be quite strong, so it’s better to attach a flash hider to it.

Wamai is one of my main operators and I’ve tested the flash hider and the compensator on his MP5K a lot, and the flash hider just provides a smoother shooting experience with this gun. And it’s this gun that is featured in this article because it’s superior to the Aug A2 due to the availability of the 1.5x scope.


57. Goyo - Suppressor (TCSG12)

Now the Vector .45 ACP may be a great gun for Mira whose main gameplay is to quick lean and fire at enemies equipped with intel from her Black Mirrors, but for Goyo who doesn’t have those Black Mirrors, the Vector .45 ACP is a weapon with high recoil, low damage, and low magazine capacity.

So, the weapon of choice for Goyo is the TCSG12, and for the TCSG12, the suppressor is the best barrel attachment. It may lower the damage of the weapon, but it silences its gunshots, hides the muzzle flash, and doesn’t provide enemies with the directional threat indicator. Which is perfect for Goyo’s role and gameplay.


56. Warden - Flash Hider (MPX)

The MPX’s recoil diamond isn’t big at all, so it only stands to reason that the best barrel attachment for it is the flash hider and not the compensator. With the flash hider, the Warden player will be able to enjoy a much better vertical recoil while also hiding the weapon’s muzzle flash which is also great for Warden’s gameplay of shooting through smoke grenades. 

Without the muzzle flash, the Warden player can lessen the chances of him being spotted shooting through the smoke, especially when the smoke is beginning to wane. Don’t even try the suppressor because you’ll just lower its already very low damage.


55. Mozie - Flash Hider (Commando 9)

The Commando 9 is the weapon of choice for most smart Mozie players because the alternative, the P10 Roni, suffers from low damage, high recoil, and low magazine capacity. Besides, the Commando 9 has the most badass reload animation in the game.

And for this featured weapon, the flash hider is the best. Yes, its recoil diamond is quite huge, but the compensator doesn’t reduce much of the recoil diamond size for this particular weapon, so it’s better to opt for the vertical weapon kick reduction of the flash hider.


54. Kaid - Suppressor (TCSG12)

Like I said above, in Goyo’s entry. The suppressor is the best barrel attachment for the TCSG12, even with the damage reduction penalty, because even with a suppressor, it still does a high damage at 53. The suppressor also doesn’t reduce its destruction profile per shot, so you can make a rotation hole with it no problem. 

And of course, the best benefit of all is the removal of the muzzle flash and the directional threat indicator of your shots. The less visual cue your opponents have on you, the better, because it’ll reduce their chance of an effective counter fire.


53. Clash - Flash Hider (SPSMG9)

The barrel attachment options for Clash’s SPSMG9 are only between the suppressor and the flash hider, and in this case, it’s a no contest. It just wouldn’t make much sense for Clash to use a suppressed weapon because she already makes a lot of noise with her shield in the first place.

Stealth won’t really benefit Clash. So better take advantage of the flash hider’s recoil benefits and make sure all your shots count because the SPSMG9 only has 20 bullets per magazine, 33 damage, and a fast rate of fire, so your spray won’t really last long.


52. Alibi - Flash Hider (Mx4 Storm)

Just like in Azami’s case, my main weapon for Alibi really is the ACS12, but it used to be the Mx4 Storm for a long time, and for sure, a lot of players still prefer the Mx4 Storm which is fully automatic and has a fast rate of fire at 950.

The main problem with the Mx4 Storm is its low damage and strong vertical kick. So, the best barrel attachment for it is the flash hider. With the flash hider, the player will have a better chance of holding down its recoil for accurate shooting, and it also lessens the visual cue of enemies, which, along with Alibi’s holographic clones, can help add to their confusion.


51. Maestro - Flash Hider (Alda 5.56)

Maestro’s Alda 5.56’s recoil diamond is huge, and even the compensator doesn’t really make a dent when it comes to reducing its size, so it's best for the Maestro player to attach a flash hider to it. That way, its vertical recoil would be much lower.

Shooting without a muzzle flash is also great for Maestro’s gameplay and role as an anchor because he would mostly shoot from the crouch or prone position. So, the less visual cues the enemies have on him, the better he can hide and perform his role of controlling his Evil Eyes, and switching to the Alda 5.56 to frag enemies.


50. Vigil - Suppressor (K1A)

Vigil’s K1A has a pretty big recoil diamond, and its vertical recoil pattern doesn’t just go in a straight line. Normally, for guns like this, I would recommend the compensator, but we have to take Vigil’s role into account.

Vigil’s role is to roam and be stealthy. Implement a hit and run tactic. And for that, the suppressor on his K1A complements his stealth abilities. With the suppressor, he can shoot enemies without giving them a directional threat indicator, so it may cause some delay before they figure out where they’re being shot from. And that delay can help Vigil implement his hit and run tactic.


49. Ela - Extended Barrel (FO-12)

For Ela’s FO-12 shotgun, which is considered by many as one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, there are only two barrel attachment options. The suppressor, and the extended barrel. And this weapon benefits from the extended barrel a lot more.

The extended barrel will greatly reduce the FO-12's range damage drop-off, making sure that it will inflict great damage even when the opponent is not that close to Ela. This is a great partner for Ela’s Grzmot Mines which are essentially traps and early warning devices.


48. Lesion - Flash Hider (T-5 SMG)

Lesion’s T-5 SMG has a small recoil diamond in the first place, so you won’t really feel any benefit from the compensator. The other choice you have for this weapon is the suppressor, and while I love the suppressor’s benefits in other guns, I just can’t recommend it for such a low damage gun like the T-5 SMG.

For this weapon, it is better to take advantage of the reduced vertical recoil from the flash hider and the removal of the muzzle flash, which is great, especially when Lesion is shooting enemies at long range that just stepped on a Gu Mine.


47. Mira - Extended Barrel (Vector .45 ACP)

Like I said in Goyo’s entry above, the Vector .45 ACP is great for Mira whose main gameplay is to quick-lean and kill from her Black Mirrors. Despite its low damage, high recoil, and relatively low magazine capacity, the Vector .45 ACP is perfect for that job.

And that is because of its very fast rate of fire, which makes it perfect for short burst firing that you’ll mostly be doing with Mira. And for that, the extended barrel is the best, because it’ll ensure that you’ll make the most damage that you can at any range, and since you’ll be mostly firing in small bursts, equipped with intel from the Black Mirror, you won’t really need the recoil benefits from other barrel attachments.


46. Echo - Flash Hider (Bearing 9)

Echo’s primary guns don't have barrel attachment choices, so let’s go to his secondaries. And for Echo’s secondary guns, the Bearing 9 is the best. It has a very decent damage and magazine capacity, but best of all, it has a very fast rate of fire and manageable recoil.

And its recoil is going to be a lot more manageable with the flash hider, because it’ll greatly lower its vertical weapon kick. With a flash hider, you’ll be able to fire the Bearing 9 at your enemies with precision and stability.


45. Caveira - Extended Barrel (M12)

Caveira’s M12 is a submachine gun with high damage, low recoil, and good magazine capacity. Its biggest drawback is its very slow rate of fire. But its inherent low vertical weapon kick and small recoil diamond makes it perfect for an extended barrel attachment.

The extended barrel will greatly lower the weapon’s range damage drop off, allowing Cav to inflict high damage on her enemies at any range. This will also eliminate Cav’s biggest weakness which is medium to long range shooting.


44. Valkyrie - Flash Hider (MPX)

There’s really not much difference between the recoil diamond of Valkyrie’s MPX whether it’s equipped with a flash hider or a compensator, so it’s best for the player to just opt for the flash hider. With it, the MPX’s recoil will be much easier to control.

With the MPX, you only really have to worry about the vertical weapon kick, and it's inherently low. With a flash hider further reducing its vertical weapon kick, you’ll be able to hit your enemies with pinpoint accuracy.


43. Frost - Extended Barrel (9mm C1)

Like Cav’s M12 above, the 9mm C1 is a submachine gun that has high damage and high magazine capacity. Its biggest weakness is its slow rate of fire, but its other weakness is its lack of attachment options. For the barrel attachment, the player only has a choice between the suppressor and the extended barrel.

And for this gun, the player would benefit the most with the extended barrel. The extended barrel will allow the player to inflict high damage even at long range, which is perfect for Frost because she can play the role of a roamer as well and may have to engage enemies at long range through run outs.


42. Bandit - Flash Hider (MP7)

You can see from the image above that even when equipped with a flash hider, the MP7’s vertical weapon kick is still quite strong, that is why it’s best to stick to the flash hider when using it, and benefit from any vertical recoil reduction that you can get. 

Its recoil diamond isn’t that big to begin with, so you won’t benefit much from the compensator. And because it’s a fully automatic weapon, the muzzle brake just wouldn't make sense. The suppressor will further lower its already low damage so that’s not good either. Bandit isn’t a stealth operator to begin with.


41. Jager - Flash Hider (416-C Carbine)

Speaking of guns with strong vertical kick, Jager’s 416-C Carbine is up there for sure. It has one of the roughest recoils in the game, but thankfully not as rough as Ela’s Scorpion Evo, so it’s actually usable even with an extended barrel, but it’s not really worth it.

Most players would benefit from the vertical recoil reduction of the flash hider. Even though it doesn’t have the range damage drop-off reduction of the extended barrel, controlling the weapon’s recoil and hitting the enemies accurately takes priority in Siege. 


40. Tachanka - Compensator (9x19VSN)

The 9x19VSN isn’t really the gun of choice for most Tachanka players, but his unique gun doesn’t have any barrel attachment choices, so for those few who prefer to use the 9x19VSN when playing Tachanka, this guide is for you.

The compensator is the best barrel attachment for this gun because it has a wide recoil diamond. Which means that it’s prone to random horizontal recoil. The compensator will lessen that, and it will result in a smoother sustained fire.


39. Kapkan - Compensator (9x19VSN)

The same gun as his Russian comrade above. Kapkan would benefit most with the compensator rather than any other available barrel attachment for the 9x19VSN because his role is to anchor and secure the objective area.

That means mostly engaging enemies in medium to long range, and for that, smooth sustained firing is the key.


38. Rook - Flash Hider (MP5)

With the MP5, there are only three barrel attachment choices. Muzzle brake, flash hider, and suppressor. And since the MP5 is a fully automatic weapon, that automatically eliminates the muzzle brake, because it only handles the first shot’s recoil.

The suppressor on the other hand would just lower the already low damage of the MP5. And unless you hit them in the head, the very low damage that the suppressor would cause will take a lot of time before downing an enemy. Therefore, the only logical choice is the flash hider.


37. Doc - Flash Hider (MP5)

As for Doc, the suppressor may actually be a viable option because Doc is a great spawn killer. With a suppressor, it’ll take more time for the attackers to figure out where your shots are coming from, because it hides your shots’ muzzle flash and directional threat indicator.

However, Doc is not only for spawn killing. Most of the time, Doc players would still have to engage enemies inside the objective area. Hold the bomb sites, and support teammates. And for that, the flash hider would still give the most benefits to the player, for the same reasons stated above.


36. Pulse - Extended Barrel (UMP45)

The UMP45 is one of my favorite guns in the game because of its very decent damage, magazine capacity, and its inherent low recoil. The UMP45 you see in the image above is even equipped with an angled grip. It has no attachments that provide recoil benefits and it still has very manageable recoil.

And for guns like this, always go for the extended barrel when choosing a barrel attachment and take full advantage of inflicting high damage even at long range because it will greatly reduce the range damage drop-off of weapons.


35. Castle - Extended Barrel (UMP45)

You might notice a difference between this UMP45 and the UMP45 above. That is because this one is equipped with a vertical grip. Because Castle doesn’t really need to perform quick flicks like Pulse, he can enjoy the recoil benefits of the vertical grip instead.

And as you can see from the image above. With a vertical grip, the already very manageable recoil of the UMP45 becomes further compressed. That’s why with this gun’s extended barrel, you’ll be shooting your enemies with pinpoint accuracy and high damage.


34. Mute - Flash Hider (MP5K)

It’s very tempting to attach a suppressor on Mute’s MP5K because, well, he’s Mute, and it’s just so appropriate for his weapon to be silent, right? The problem is the MP5K only has 30 damage, and equipping a suppressor on this gun will only lower its damage further.

Besides, it has a pretty strong vertical recoil, so the flash hider is the best choice for this gun. You may not be robbing your enemies of the sound of your gunshots, but you’ll be robbing them of another visual cue when it comes to noticing where you’re shooting them from.


33. Smoke - Flash Hider (FMG-9)

The only barrel attachment options for the FMG-9 are the suppressor, muzzle brake, and flash hider. And because the FMG-9 is a fully automatic weapon, that basically eliminates the muzzle brake. So, you’re left with the suppressor and the flash hider.

But ultimately, the flash hider takes the cake, especially since the FMG-9 has a pretty strong vertical weapon kick. That means the player will benefit the most with reducing said vertical weapon kick, and the flash hider will do that. It’ll also hide the gun’s muzzle flash, reducing the chance of enemies’ seeing you while you shoot them through Smokes’ gas grenade.


32. Osa – Flash Hider (556XI)

Since Osa’s role and gameplay kind of prevents her from being a stealthy operator, it doesn’t really make much sense for her to use a suppressed weapon. And since the 556XI is a fully automatic weapon, the muzzle brake is automatically ruled out.

That leaves the player with two options, the compensator or the flash hider. And for Osa, the flash hider will give the player the most benefit. It’ll greatly reduce the vertical recoil of the 556XI, and there’s really not much difference between its recoil diamond whether it's equipped with a compensator or a flash hider.


31. Flores – Flash Hider (AR33)

Flores is another operator whose role isn’t really to become stealthy. The direction from which his exploding drones come from, pretty much gives the Defenders a general idea on his current direction, so he doesn’t really benefit much from the suppressor.

Especially because the compensator or the flash hider are simply better barrel attachments for this gun. And between the two, the flash hider takes the cake, because there’s not much difference between the recoil diamond of this gun when it's equipped with a compensator or a flash hider. So, the player is better off with the vertical recoil reduction from the flash hider.


30. Zero – Extended Barrel (SC3000K)

Zero’s SC3000K has a pretty manageable recoil even without any recoil-benefit providing attachments. That is great because the player can use the angled grip in order to react to enemies quickly after switching to normal mode from the observation mode.

The manageable vertical weapon kick, as well as its small recoil diamond, also provides the Zero player freedom to choose the extended barrel and take advantage of the reduced range damage drop-off that it provides.


29. Ace – Compensator (AK-12)

Ace’s AK-12 is one of the guns in the game where you’d really see and feel the difference that a compensator can make. It has a default wide recoil diamond and the compensator lessens its size by a lot. That means smoother sustained firing which is perfect for Ace as a backline fire support. 

The AK-12 also has a manageable vertical recoil so the player will be able to control it well even without the vertical recoil benefits from the flash hider.


28. Iana – Flash Hider (ARX200)

Unlike in the case of the AK-12 above, the difference that the compensator does to Iana’s ARX200 is quite small, so the player stands to benefit the most with the flash hider’s vertical recoil benefits, and the removal of the muzzle flash.

It also goes so well with Iana’s gameplay which consists of confusing enemies. With your shots not making any muzzle flash on your weapon, the enemy has fewer visual cues on where your shots are coming from.


27. Kali – Flash Hider (SPSMG9)

Kali’s CSRX 300 doesn’t have any barrel attachment choices so let’s take a look at her secondary guns instead. And for her secondary guns, the SPSMG9 is just simply superior, so that’s what we will be focusing on.

And the main reason why the flash hider is the best barrel attachment for Kali’s SPSMG9 is because of Kali’s gameplay. With Kali, you won’t really be relying on stealth. Instead, what you’d be relying on is the devastating power of the CSRX 300 and your aim. And mostly, you’d only be switching to the SPSMG9 when your CSRX 300 needs to reload in the middle of a gun fight.


26. Amaru – Flash Hider (G8A1)

The removal of the flash hider is a great perk to have for Amaru because it could lessen the enemies’ reaction time as they will have fewer visual cues to react to. And that’s perfect for Amaru whose main gameplay consists of surprising enemies with her Gara Hook.

Besides, it’ll help Amaru control her G8A1’s recoil really well, which is important because Amaru’s main job is to take enemies down as quickly as she can.


25. Nokk – Suppressor (FMG-9)

Nokk with a suppressor might be cliché, but it really goes hand in hand with her role of being a silent assassin. And the FMG-9's gunshot sounds with a suppressor are really silent, so even when another enemy is nearby and he hears some of it, it’ll still be hard for him to figure out exactly where the shots came from.

And that’s great for Nokk whose role is to hunt down roamers and clear rooms. The more the enemies don’t know where she is, the better she can perform her role.


24. Gridlock – Compensator (F90)

While Gridlock’s F90’s recoil diamond isn’t that big, it is prone to horizontal recoil, and the compensator fixes that. That’s why the barrel attachment of choice for this gun is the compensator. With the compensator, the F90’s recoil pattern goes on a straighter vertical path.

And this goes hand in hand with Gridlock’s role as a backline support, wherein she has to strafe at enemies from medium to long range, and mostly with a sustained spray. The compensator will provide her with a smoother sustained fire when it comes to the F90.


23. Nomad – Flash Hider (AK-74M)

Nomad’s AK-74M has a wide recoil diamond, and normally for guns with a wide recoil diamond, the compensator would be the best barrel attachment, but the AK-74M also has a strong vertical recoil, so the player would benefit the most in reducing that.

And when it comes to reducing the vertical weapon kick, the flash hider is the best. This will allow Nomad to hit her opponents with better accuracy and control.


22. Maverick – Suppressor (M4)

Maverick’s M4 has the best-looking suppressor in the game, but it’s not the reason why I picked it as his best barrel attachment. It is because the suppressor complements his special gadget and role of creating murder holes on reinforced walls.

With a suppressed weapon, Maverick has the best chance of keeping enemies guessing in which particular murder holes his shots are coming from, because the suppressor removes the weapon’s muzzle flash and directional threat indicator.


21. Finka – Flash Hider (6P41)

Finka’s 6P41 is probably the most oppressive attacker gun in the game, especially when partnered with her Adrenal Surge, and there are rumors of it being nerfed in Year 7 Season 3. But we’re only in season 2 right now, and as of the current season, the flash hider is the best barrel attachment for it.

With the flash hider and the 6P41’s huge magazine capacity, Finka can keep shooting and oppressing her opponents with continuous fire, all the while having low vertical recoil and no muzzle flash for opponents to clearly see where she’s shooting them from.


20. Lion – Suppressor (V308)

Lion’s V308 has a pretty big recoil diamond, but has a very manageable vertical recoil. Normally, for weapons like this, I would recommend the compensator. But since the V308 has high damage and huge magazine capacity, it doesn’t suffer a lot from the suppressor’s damage penalty.

The suppressor is a really great barrel attachment for the V308 because with its high magazine capacity and high damage, you can keep strafing and damaging your enemies without them receiving a directional threat indicator of where your shots are coming from. That’s really great for preventing an immediate and effective counter strike.


19. Dokkaebi – Suppressor (Mk 14 EBR)

Dokkaebi’s Mk 14 EBR benefits a lot with the suppressor, especially with Dokkaebi’s role as an intel gatherer/backline support. With a suppressor, she can keep strafing enemies at medium to long range, and it could take some time for them to figure out where her shots are coming from.

And even without the recoil benefits from the muzzle brake, the recoil of this gun is very controllable, and its damage is still high. So, even with the damage reduction penalty from the suppressor, you’ll still be making short work of your enemies.


18. Zofia – Compensator (LMG-E)

Even without the vertical recoil benefits from the flash hider, Zofia’s LMG-E's vertical weapon kick is very manageable, so the user would benefit the most by attaching a compensator on it instead, and taking advantage of its reduced recoil diamond.

With the reduction of the weapon’s recoil diamond size, there would be less random recoil from all directions. Meaning, Zofia can keep spraying with her LMG-E with smoother recoil. And that’s really deadly because the LMG-E has high damage and a very huge magazine capacity.


17. Ying – Suppressor (T-95 LSW)

Ying’s Candelas are really great for blinding enemies, but it’s not as great as the stun grenades when it comes to robbing enemies of their hearing. That’s why the suppressor is a great barrel attachment to Ying’s T-95 LSW, because it’ll lessen the chance of blinded enemies effectively countering through audio cues.

Besides, the T-95 LSW still inflicts high damage even with a suppressor, has a huge magazine capacity, and very manageable recoil. And because of those three factors, you’ll be making quick work of your opponents, especially blinded ones.


16. Jackal – Suppressor (C7E)

When it comes to hunting roamers, countering stealth with stealth is a great method. And with Jackal’s special gadget that allows him to track the footprints of Defenders, that method becomes much more effective.

With the suppressor on Jackal’s C7E, he can effectively wall bang an opponent that is tracked by his special gadget without giving that opponent any directional threat indicator that could tell where Jackal is shooting from. This is a great tactic for harassing and neutralizing roamers.


15. Hibana – Compensator (Type-89)

Hibana’s Type-89 has a rough recoil, and that’s mostly because of its inherently wide recoil diamond which makes it prone to random horizontal recoil. That is why the compensator is the best barrel attachment for it.

The compensator will make the Type-89's recoil pattern go on a straighter vertical path and reduce its recoil diamond size. Making your shots with the Type-89 smoother, especially when it comes to continuous spray.


14. Capitao – Extended Barrel (Para-308)

Capitao’s Para-308 is blessed with small recoil diamond, manageable vertical recoil, high damage, and good magazine capacity. That’s why it’s best to attach an extended barrel to it instead of ones that provide recoil benefits.

With the extended barrel, Capitao greatly reduces the range damage drop-off of the Para-308, allowing it to inflict high damage from any range. And that is great for Capitao who usually has to play the role of backline support.


13. Blackbeard – Flash Hider (MK17 CQB)

As you can see from the image above, even when equipped with a flash hider, its vertical weapon kick is still quite high. Imagine if you don't have it. That’s why it’s best to tame its vertical recoil to allow yourself to still be able to fire the gun without having to hold on to dear life.

Besides providing enemies with less visual cues on where you’re shooting them from, hiding the muzzle flash is also great on your visual end, because sometimes the muzzle flash of your own gun can obstruct your vision, and the less obstruction to your sight, the better. Especially when it comes to Blackbeard who has a Rifle Shield.


12. Buck – Flash Hider (C8-SFW)

Like Blackbeard’s MK17 CQB above, Buck’s C8-SFW has a strong vertical weapon kick. Even with a flash hider equipped to it, its recoil pattern still goes way above the head part. So, without a flash hider, it’ll be very hard to control it.

The flash hider is also great for Buck’s role of being a vertical attacker where he would break wooden floors from above or below with his under-barrel shotgun and strafe enemies through the holes it creates. With the muzzle flash, there would be fewer visual cues for your enemies to react on, and it’ll be harder for them to see Buck shooting from above or below.


11. IQ – Flash Hider (552 Commando)

Even with the nerf on the angled grip, it is still imperative for IQ to attach it on her primary because of the nature of her role wherein she has to scan for electronics and quickly switch to her primary in order to engage enemies when it's needed. That’s why her 552 Commando in this case suffers from quite a strong vertical recoil.

So, in order to balance that out, the best barrel attachment you can have on this weapon is the flash hider. The flash hider will greatly lower its vertical recoil, so that when IQ needs to engage enemies, she would still be able to control her 552 Commando well enough.


10. Blitz – Muzzle Brake (P12)

Well, this one is a no-brainer. It’s hard for Blitz to be stealthy because every move he makes can make a lot of noise, so it wouldn’t make much sense for him to attach a suppressor on his P12. So, in this case, we only have one viable option left, the muzzle brake.

The muzzle brake greatly reduces the recoil of single-shot firing weapons such as handguns, and it doesn’t reduce the damage of the weapon like suppressors do, so with this barrel attachment, Blitz will be able to hit his enemies well with good accuracy and damage.


9. Fuze – Flash Hider (AK-12)

Fuze’s AK-12 has a wide recoil diamond, making it very vulnerable to horizontal random recoil, which could make sustained firing from it quite rough. But the compensator fixes that by reducing the size of the recoil diamond.

That’s why with the compensator, the AK-12's recoil pattern goes more into a straight vertical path than it does with other barrel attachments. This is great for Fuze when it comes to taking down enemies who are coming from him while he’s trying to bombard enemies below with his Cluster Charges.


8. Glaz – Suppressor (OTs-03)

While the muzzle brake on the OTs-03 will provide better recoil and not reduce its damage, it presents a big problem for Glaz whose role is to be a sniper and shoot through his smoke grenades. Glaz’s OTs-03 makes a very recognizable gunshot sound, so without a suppressor, the Defenders will immediately know that there’s a Glaz on the Attacker side and they will avoid peeking through windows and smoke.

That’s why the best barrel attachment for him is the suppressor. With the suppressor, there’s a big chance for you to get a few kills before your enemies realize that they have to be careful of windows and smoke grenades. Besides, even with a suppressor, the damage of the OTs-03 is still very high, and its recoil is controllable.


7. Montagne – Muzzle Brake (P9)

When Montagne switches to his handgun in order to take down an enemy, he has to do it in the quickest possible way in order to prevent a counter fire that could hit Montagne’s exposed body parts. That’s why the muzzle brake is the best barrel attachment for his P9.

He’s got no need for stealth anyway, because Montagne is probably the noisiest operator out there. So, it wouldn’t make sense to lower the damage of the P9 with a suppressor. The player’s best bet is to damage the enemies as much as he can and with the best accuracy he can muster.


6. Twitch – Compensator (F2)

Twitch’s F2’s vertical weapon kick is still high even with a flash hider, so in this case, it’s better to attach a compensator on it and reduce its chances of random recoil. That way, the user pretty much only has to worry about holding down its vertical recoil.

With that said, the F2 has a fast rate of fire, so I recommend firing with it in short bursts instead of a continuous spray. And with short bursts firing, you’ll be thankful that you’ve lowered the size of its recoil diamond because your shots will be more predictable.


5. Thermite – Flash Hider (556XI)

There’s not really a lot of difference between the vertical recoil of the 556XI when it’s equipped with a flash hider or with a compensator, so in this case, it’s better for the user to attach a compensator and reduce its recoil diamond.

This is better for Thermite’s role as a backline support wherein he would mostly need to fire his 556XI with sustained sprays. And when it comes to sustained firing, the compensator provides a smoother recoil that will allow Thermite to strafe his enemies with deadly accuracy.


4. Ash – Flash Hider (G36C)

Because of Ash’s role as an entry fragger, she has to be able to react to enemies from any direction. That makes the angled grip an important attachment to her G36C. And that’s also why as a balancing act in order to hold down its vertical recoil, it’s best to attach a flash hider to it instead of a compensator.

Ash’s special gadget and role also rules out the suppressor because she’s not supposed to be stealthy anyway. Ash specializes in shock and awe upon entry, and having the full damage of the G36C along with a balanced recoil, and the muzzle flash removed, is the best way to go when playing Ash.


3. Thatcher – Compensator (L85A2)

Because of Thatcher’s role as a backline support, it is best for him to attach a compensator, rather than a flash hider on his L85A2. The compensator straightens up the L85A2’s recoil pattern and reduces the size of its recoil diamond, allowing for a smoother sustained firing with the weapon.

This will allow Thatcher to hit enemies with good accuracy and stability from medium to long range, which is usually the range for backline supports. The great thing about this weapon is it doesn’t really have a strong vertical weapon kick, so even without the vertical recoil benefits from the flash hider, it’ll still be easy to hold the L85A2 down while shooting.


2. Sledge – Flash Hider (L85A2)

Yes, in Thatcher’s entry above, I recommended the compensator for the L85A2. But that is because of Thatcher’s role as a backline support. Sledge’s role and gameplay is different. With Sledge, the player would have to do a lot of vertical attacks by breaking wooden floors and strafing enemies below.

And for that role and gameplay, the flash hider is the best barrel attachment because it hides the muzzle flash, so enemies will find it harder to see exactly where Sledge is shooting them from. And while it won’t lessen the L85A2’s horizontal recoil, it’s still great because Sledge’s role consists mainly of shooting enemies in short bursts of fire through the cracks on wooden floors that he’s made.


1. Sens - Flash Hider (POF-9)

Sens’ POF-9 is the newest gun in Siege and is a great gun for Sens’ role as a cover fire and crowd control operator because of its huge magazine capacity. The problem is that its recoil is really rough, despite what the in-game description says.

So, for this gun, the flash hider is the best barrel attachment. Lowering the overall vertical weapon kick will help the user control this gun better and make its shots more compact vertically. The second best barrel attachment for it is the muzzle brake because it has a strong first shot kick, so for many users, decreasing that first shot kick gives a better feel for the weapon.


Attention operator, please be advised. There is a new directive from Six. Read up on these related articles, and prepare for deployment:

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