Rainbow 6 Siege Best Operators 2021

Discover who the best 10 operators are for Rainbow Six Siege as of Operation North Star
A trio of operators from R6S' first year

R6 is a constantly evolving game, and the meta is always shifting. To keep up-to-date with the latest top tier of operators, here’s our list of the top 10 best operators in Siege as of Operation North Star, 2021.

10. Thunderbird (Defender)

Thunderbird as part of Operation North Star

One of the newest operators to come to siege, Thunderbird is Doc reincarnated. Entering the scene with her three Kóna Stations, Thunderbird is a simple yet effective addition to the defence, able to create strongholds with her healing stations.

 The Kóna Station has an unlimited amount of heals, and when placed on the floor will automatically heal or overheal any nearby players (yes, unfortunately this also includes attackers) by 30HP. Although it does take a little while to recharge (38 seconds), given there are three of them this isn’t a significant issue. The stations can also revive any downed player in its radius.


9. Ash (Attacker)


The OG rusher, Ash comes equipped with two of Siege’s deadliest assets: speed, and an untouchable headshot hitbox. Ash’s speed and breaching charges allow her to reach the defenders before they’ve even realised the prep phase is over.

Along with this, Ash’s high-damage R4-C is an excellent primary weapon to mow down bewildered defenders, though it does have a decent amount of recoil you will need to control.


8. Smoke (Defender)

Smoke walking through his gas

The silent killer, Smoke can end both lives and a plant with the click of a button from halfway across the map. His remotely activated gas canisters are throwable and stick to any surface, allowing for a range of placement.

While Smoke’s gas can be used to finish off weakened enemies or do damage to attackers trying to push, they are at their most effective at the end of a round, being used as site denial. With 20 seconds left on the clock and toxic gas covering your only entrance into the site, you're basically screwed as an attacker.


 7. Zofia (Attacker)


Zofia is the complete attacking package, bringing versatile utility giving her multiple options. With the ability to both stun and breach, as well as an added extra of the ability to self-revive, Zofia is a formidable attacker. 

Her AR’s recoil outputs high damage with controllable recoil at both close and long-range, while her gadget is split into two parts, with the first destroying soft surfaces, and the second is a throwable concussion mine that can stun enemies.


6. Valkyrie (Defender)

Valkyrie posing

Cameras, cameras, cameras. Rainbow Six is a game all about intel, and there’s no better way to gather it than a live feed to every room on the map. This is what Valkyrie provides. Though her weapons – the MPX and the SPAS-12 shotgun – are a little underpowered, the information she can provide is a game-changer.

Carrying three throwable “black eye” cameras, Valkyrie can provide visual coverage to anywhere on the map, including outside the building. Once placed, these cameras are available to the whole team, making them a true universal asset.


 5. Sledge (Attacker)


There is nothing more enjoyable in Siege than getting a kill with Sledge’s hammer. He’s also a pretty good attacker. With his hammer’s near unlimited use and soft-wall destruction capability, Sledge can absolutely tear through the map, and is especially useful at opening up kill-holes in the floor.

His loadout is also exceptional, with a reliable and easy-to-use rifle and the SMG-11 as a godly secondary, what’s not to love about sledge?


4. Rook (Defender)


The OG anchor since the beginning of siege, Rook remains an elite defensive operator for both Ranked and Casual matches. Arguably the easiest character to use, Rook players need only place down their armour satchel at the beginning of the match, and that’s their job done.

Rook’s armour not only adds extra health, making anyone wearing it tankier against bullets, but also ensures that an operator will always go into a DBNO (Down But Not Out) state before dying, unless they’ve been headshotted.


 3. Ace (Attacker)


Ace’s throwable breaching devices are vital for opening up reinforced walls from a safe distance, providing nice little shooting holes to pour bullets into the defenders from where they least expect it.

Aiding you with this is his assault rifle, the AK-12. Statistically, the AK-12 is one of the most efficient guns in the game, and when combined with 2x scope and its small amount of recoil, it is deadly.


2. Mute (Defender)

Mute, typically silent

As the name suggests, Mute is the silent backbone of the defence, quietly securing the objective and disrupting the enemy’s intel. As Rainbow Six continues to add more technology and electronic options into the game, Mute only increases in importance as a counter.

Mute’s signal disruptors have an important and versatile application, being able to stop drones, prevent hard-breaching devices and neutralise a plethora of attacker abilities such as Dokkaebi’s calls or Lion’s drone.


1. Hibana (Attacker)


A speed demon with a great gun, and even better utility, Hibana is one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Her X-KAIROs are a great tool for opening reinforced walls or multiple hatches with a lot of versatility, and as the only hard breacher that has 3 speed, she is a solid option for rushing straight into the objective through those reinforced walls.

If all that wasn’t enough, both her weapons are exceptionally strong, with the Type-89 rifle having little to no recoil and high damage, and the Bearing-9 being almost a second primary option.

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