[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Maestro Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Maestro Loadouts
Time to be efficient, and kinda lazy. Oops, wrong operator. But the similarities are there.

His special gadget, the ‘Evil Eye’ has a very appropriate name. Well, evil for attackers, but like a guardian angel for Maestro’s teammates. It’s one of the most annoying defender special gadgets in the game. And that’s a sign that it’s highly effective at what it does. Which is to prevent attackers from pushing. But when the time comes that he has to engage the enemies himself, Maestro’s weapon choices also present a different kind of ‘evil’ to his enemies.


5. ALDA 5.56 with Red Dot, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip + Bailiff 410 with Laser + Barbed Wire

Intel gathering + stealth

Aside from muffling the sound of your gunshots, the suppressor also removes the directional threat indicator that your enemies normally receive when they’re being shot by a gun without a suppressor. You know, that white thing on the screen and also that bullet trace. That makes the suppressor a really underrated attachment. And with the evil eye letting you have a good idea of the position of your enemies, you can even wall bang on them while they’re wondering where the shots are coming from.

The Bailiff 410 is a shotgun in pistol form. You can use it to create rotation holes and some angles for placing your evil eye. And the barbed wires will slow down your enemies, enough for your evil eye to harass them.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Stealth


4. ACS12 with 2.0x Scope, Vertical Grip, and Laser + Keratos .357 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + Barbed Wire

The ACS12 is one of the best shotguns in the game

Its tight pellet spread and 69 damage makes the ACS12 a combination of damage and accuracy. It can damage your enemies well even from medium range, so attaching a 2.0x scope to it will help a lot. It also has an inherently low recoil which you’ll be able to control better with the vertical grip, making this already accurate shotgun an even more accurate one.

But even with its longer barrel and tight pellet spread, it’ll be really hard to get kills with the ACS12 from medium to long range. That is why you’ll use the Keratos .357 for engaging enemies from medium to long range.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Recoil control


3. ACS12 with 2.0x Scope, Angled Grip, and Laser + Keratos .357 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + Barbed Wire

Speed and damage

When using Maestro, you’ll be spending most of your time monitoring your evil eyes, gathering intel on enemy positions, shooting attacker drones, and harassing enemy operators. That can leave yourself vulnerable to flanking enemies. And in those cases that the angled grip on your ACS12 will come in very handy. It’ll allow you to engage the enemies faster in aim-down-sights (ads) position faster right after you switch back from your evil eye.

With the angled grip and 2.0x scope, you’ll be making effective flick shots with this relatively long-range shotgun.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Speed


2. ALDA 5.56 with Red Dot, Compensator, and Vertical Grip + Bailiff 410 with Laser + Barbed Wire

A more compact recoil control

The compensator is an excellent attachment for guns like the ALDA 5.56 which has a big recoil diamond. With a compensator attached, long sustained firing will feel more stable because you’ll mostly just have to worry about the vertical kick of the weapon. And long sustained fire is one of the assets of a light machine gun like the ALDA 5.56.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


1. ALDA 5.56 with Red Dot, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip + Bailiff 410 with Laser + Barbed Wire

More bullets, more chances to kill.

With this loadout, you’re going with the flash hider as your barrel attachment for the ALDA 5.56. The ALDA 5.56’s inherent low recoil and straight pattern makes it perfect for a flash hider which greatly lowers the vertical weapon kick. And as the name implies, it hides the muzzle flash of your shots, creating some delay for your enemies to see where they’re being shot from. This is great especially for Maestro who’s usually found in a prone position. 

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


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