[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Long Range Guns

Top 10 R6 Siege best Long Range Guns
Yes, Buck, your DMR is here, don’t ya worry.

Rainbow Six Siege gameplay is set up as something like a special operations mission in an urban area, that’s why most encounters are in close range and there’s no need to implement bullet-drop like in Battlefield. But even with the close-range nature of this game, we are still treated to some of the most badass designated marksman rifles in the game world.


10. 9mm C1

Alright, I know I mentioned designated marksman rifles in the introduction, but Frost’s 9mm C1 deserves a special mention. This low recoil gun is great for long-range strafing because of its stability. It also has an extended barrel which greatly reduces the range damage penalty, meaning that even at long range, this gun will still inflict high damage. You can also attach a suppressor to it which will also be good for long-range strafing because suppressors remove the directional threat indicator and the muzzle flash. Meaning unless they physically see you, your opponents won’t have an idea where they’re being shot from.

What makes 9mm C1 great:

  • Attachment options
  • Low recoil

Weapon stats:

  • Damage – 45
  • Fire Rate – 575
  • Mobility – 50
  • Capacity - 34


9. AR-15.50

The designated marksman rifle for Glaz. One of the most underrated. Probably because Glaz himself is underrated. This DMR is the one that is easiest to get a headshot with because of its thermal scope. Despite the nerf, this author stands by his claim that it’s the best long-range gun in Siege, especially because the player possesses the ability to remove the thermal scope whenever he wants and be effective in close-range too when the situation calls for him to engage in close quarters combat.

What makes Ots-03 great:

  • Heavy damage
  • Thermal scope
  • Stable recoil
  • Customizable in real time

Weapon stats:

  • Damage – 71
  • Mobility – 36
  • Capacity - 15


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