[Top 15] R6 Most OP Operators

Top 15 Most OP Operators in R6
The Thatcher Coliseum Polymere skin from Prime Gaming honestly looks pretty OP. Just imagine a knight with a gun. That’s really discomforting.

Ubisoft has actually made great progress throughout the years when it comes to balancing the game. Sadly, the balancing aspects that they’ve implemented came at a cost too as they had to remove many dark corners of the map, explosion effects, and of course, many of the beloved features from each operator like Jager or Ash’s acogs. But even with all those efforts, it’s impossible to achieve perfect balance in a game like this, therefore; operators that can be considered as OP still exist.


15. Flores

Four exploding drones that have the same power as a nitro cell. That’s what Flores has and that’s why he’s one of the most OP operators. The ability to force defenders out of their strong angles or hiding spots is a really OP ability. And his exploding drones aren’t only for that. He can use them for destroying barricaded doors, Castle’s armor panels, bulletproof shields, and many other defender gadgets.

What makes Flores OP:

  • Ability to force defenders to move
  • Four nitro-cell explosion power
  • Recon while inflicting destruction and panic

Best loadouts for Flores:



14. Ash

Honestly, to this day, her hitbox still feels weird. But it’s not just her hitbox that makes her OP. It’s her speed and heavy firepower. Ash is one of those operators that are very hard to beat one on one. A Valkyrie who has the same skill level as Ash would probably lose in a one-on-one encounter for example, because Ash is hard to hit, and at the same time, while you’re trying your hardest to hit her, she is counter attacking with heavy fire. 

What makes Ash OP:

  • Speed
  • Heavy firepower
  • Weird hitbox

Best loadouts for Ash:



13. Fuze

Fuze’s gadget destruction capabilities rivals that of Thatcher’s. And with Fuze, defender gadgets are permanently destroyed. Not just disabled. With his cluster charges, he’s also able to induce a lot of panic inside the defenders’ objective area, making them more vulnerable to Fuze’s teammates fire. And just like Flores above, the ability to force defenders to move out from their hiding spots or preferred angles, is truly an OP ability.

What makes Fuze OP:

  • Ability to force defenders to move
  • Destruction of defender gadgets
  • Murder holes on reinforced walls

Best loadouts for Fuze:



12. Gridlock

Gridlock is probably one of the most underrated operators in Siege, and yet she’s one of the most OP. A coordinated push with Gridlock is very hard to stop because she can create choke points and render roamers useless with her special gadget, the trax stingers. Which does a lot of damage btw when defenders try to walk over them, so they have no choice but to shoot each one of them if they want to move. The ability to deny a large area to defenders is truly OP.

What makes Gridlock OP:

  • Area denial capabilities
  • Choke point creation
  • Rendering roamers useless

Best loadouts for Gridlock:



11. Zofia

Zofia is basically Ash with better armor and heavier firepower. If Ash is very hard to beat one-on-one, then Zofia even more so. Not only are her guns more powerful. Her concussion and impact grenades really make her perfect for one-on-one encounters. That’s why I dread encountering a Zofia when I’m roaming. She’s really like a predator.

What makes Zofia OP:

  • Heavy firepower
  • Mobility and armor rating
  • Concussion and impact grenades
  • Predatory-like gameplay

Best loadouts for Zofia:



10. Finka

An attacking team with a Finka will be as tough as a defending team wearing Rook’s armors, and on top of that, they have the ability to walk over barbed wires faster, be less affected by the blinding effects of stun grenades, the tinnitus from explosions, and concussion effects from gadgets. This makes Finka really OP, especially now that she can use her adrenal surge even when she’s down.

What makes Finka OP:

  • OP buffs for her whole team
  • Ability to revive herself
  • Ability to revive and heal teammates from any distance

Best loadouts for Finka:



9. Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi is one of the most versatile operators in the game. She can do well operating solo or coordinating with the team. Her primary guns are very strong, and her secondaries perfectly complement them. Even her secondary gadgets, stun grenades or smoke grenades, works so well in conjunction to her logic bomb. And because of the combination of her primary and secondary guns, she excels at any range. On top of all that, while she compromises the locations of defenders with her logic bomb, she also masks the sound of her and her teammates with it. She’s definitely one of the most powerful operators in the game.

What makes Dokkaebi OP:

  • Ability to muffle her and her team’s footsteps and other noises
  • Ability to compromise enemy locations
  • Her overall arsenal

Best loadouts for Dokkaebi:



8. Doc

Any operator that can revive themselves from a down-but-not-out (dbno) state is pretty OP. Doc doesn’t only possess the ability to revive himself. He can heal himself and his teammates, and he has a 3-armor rating, which makes him very hard to kill. Especially if there’s also a Rook in his team. That is why there is no surprise that Doc is the best operator when it comes to spawn killing. Because unless you headshot him, you probably won’t kill him with your counter strike. And if you just injure him, he can just simply revive himself. 

What makes Doc OP:

  • Ability to revive himself
  • Ability to heal himself and allies
  • Armor rating

Best loadouts for Doc:



7. Tachanka

Sure, Tachanka has been the butt of jokes and memes in the Siege community throughout the years, even after the rework on his character. But the rework actually made him quite OP. His DP27 is one of the most destructive weapons in Siege. Very high stopping power, and can punch holes through walls easily. So Tachanka can make rotation holes or murder holes if needed. What makes him truly OP is his new special gadget, the Shumikha Launcher, which fires fourteen fire grenades. Think about it more, that’s fourteen. In Siege’s terms, that’s almost endless. Even one fire grenade can deny an area for a few seconds. Imagine what fourteen can do.

What makes Tachanka OP:

  • Area denial
  • Highly destructive gun
  • Heavy firepower

Best loadouts for Tachanka:



6. Thorn

The newest addition to Team Rainbow. Her Razorbloom Shells are really effective at inducing panic among attackers, and compromising their locations. But what truly makes Thorn OP is her unique gun, the UZK50GI. It’s also the newest gun in the game. Even when equipped with an angled grip instead of a vertical one, the gun feels very smooth and almost has no recoil. On top of that, it comes with a high damage of 44. Truly one of the most powerful guns in Siege.

What makes Thorn OP:

  • Her unique gun is pretty OP
  • Rhythm disruption
  • Ability to compromise enemy locations

Best loadouts for Thorn:



5. Alibi

Another operator who’s OP, not just because of her special gadget, but because of her overall arsenal as well. Alibi’s Mx4 Storm is highly customizable with the availability of various attachments, so it can really be set up to perform according to the player’s game style. She also has one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, the ACS12, which has a very tight pellet spread compared to most shotguns in the game, and is accurate even at medium range. Alibi can also make a lot of plays with her impact grenades, and Bailiff 410 handgun which is basically a mini shotgun.

What makes Alibi OP:

  • Ability to compromise enemy locations
  • Highly customizable guns
  • Ability to make plays through rotation hole creations as well as murder holes

Best loadouts for Alibi:



4. Caveira

Caveira is one of the few operators who basically has two abilities. One is her silent step which allows her to sprint quietly, and the other is her interrogation skill which reveals the real time location of the remaining attackers. In most cases, once she’s able to interrogate an attacker, it already means a win for the defenders. Those two abilities alone make her a very powerful operator, actually scratch that, she kinda has three abilities because of her “Luison” which is unique to her. This shotgun basically ensures that the opponent will be in a dbno state first instead of getting immediately killed. Making sure that Cav will be able to perform her interrogation skill.

On top of all that, she also has a highly destructive shotgun which can quickly make rotation holes along with her impact grenades. Truly a frightening operator.

What makes Caveira OP:

  • Multiple abilities
  • Very hard to hunt and catch

Best loadouts for Caveira:



3. Castle

Most players would probably not expect Castle to be on this list, but Castle is truly one of the most underrated operators in Siege. Especially after all the buffs that he’s received. Now he has four armor panels, and that’s really scary because even with three, he’s able to create choke points in order to direct attackers into one spot, making them easier to target for defenders. His main gun, the UMP45 is also very stable and highly customizable. Castle can also equip the Super Short shotgun as his secondary, allowing him to make rotation holes or kill holes. Castle is as his name suggests, a very solid operator.

What makes Castle OP:

  • Ability to create choke points
  • Ability to direct attacker movements
  • Highly customizable gun

Best loadouts for Castle:



2. Melusi

Even with the nerf on her Banshees which removes its bulletproof protection when it's activated, Melusi’s Banshees remain to be one of the most powerful special gadgets in Siege. That is because Melusi can just simply put them on angles where they’ll still be activated by enemy presence but will be hard to shoot. And when attackers try to shoot them, they leave themselves vulnerable to defender fire. Melusi’s banshee’s is easily one of the most annoying and pain in the ass gadgets in the game.

What makes Melusi OP:

  • Has the most encumbering gadgets
  • Ability to compromise enemy locations
  • Rhythm disruption

Best loadouts for Melusi:



1. Kapkan

Even before the update that made Kapkan able to deploy multiple EDDs in one pathway, he was already pretty OP. And it’s just more so now that he can basically inflict instant death to an attacker that unfortunately passes by 2 or 3 EDDs. And much like Melusi’s Banshees. Attackers leave themselves vulnerable to enemy fire when they try to destroy Kapkan’s EDDs. This makes Kapkan one of the most terrifying and OP defenders to fight against in Siege.

What makes Kapkan OP:

  • Ability to inflict instant death to enemies
  • Rhythm disruption
  • Each EDD detonation lowers the morale of the attacking team

Best loadouts for Kapkan:



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