[Top 10] R6 Best Fragging Operators That Are Overpowered (2022 Edition)

Rainbow Six Siege's Overpowered Fragging Operators
Finka and her squad who are excellent fraggers in their own rights

Fraggers are usually the ones with the highest pick rates. Of course, they are popular. Players want to flex their good kda to their friends after all. But it’s not just that. They’re the most exciting to use as well, since their main role is to get as many kills as they can. Here we’re going to take a look at ten of the most powerful killers in Rainbow Six Siege.


10. Glaz

Still the king when it comes to sniping

All the nerfs really hit my boy hard. But he’s still definitely one of the best fraggers out there. If the defenders aren’t aware that there is a Glaz on the attackers’ side, then they can easily fall prey to his smoke + thermal sights combo, especially when he’s using a silencer. And even when they are aware, he still can strafe them with great accuracy due to his OTs-03's thermal sight.

Excels in:

  • Long range support
  • Headshots
  • Long range recon
  • Smoke plant strats

Best loadouts for Glaz:



9. Doc

Sometimes defense is the best offense

While it’s true that both of his submachine guns have very low damage, Doc is on this list because of his 3-armor rating and his stim pistol which he can use to heal or revive himself. Sure, his guns have low damage, but his ability to take a lot of hits without dying is what makes this operator OP. And the more gunshots he tanks, the more gunshots he can give. Besides, if he uses his shotgun then he would truly be OP when it comes to close range.

Excels in:

  • Spawn killing
  • Support
  • Defense

Best loadouts for Doc:



8. Ying

Without their sight, they’re defenseless.

She’s one of the biggest reasons why defenders should always have a Jager or Wamai in their team if they want to win. Being blinded by her candelas is very hard to avoid when they go off near you, turn around, face sideways, whatever you do, most likely you’ll still be blinded, and once you are, you’ll be at her mercy. It doesn’t help that her T-95 LSW which is unique to her is an LMG that really fires and reloads like an assault rifle. Which means fast. And it has a huge bullet capacity per magazine. To add to that, she also has one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, the SIX12.

Excels in:

  • Blinding enemies
  • Room clearing
  • Callouts

Best loadout for Ying:



7. Lion

One of the best rhythm disruptors in Siege

He disables movements or gathers intel. Either way it's beneficial to him and his team. That’s what his EE-ONE-D does. The defenders who refuse to stop moving while he’s scanning will be detected and that bit of info usually is more than enough in Siege. When the opponents’ movements are disabled, they’re rhythms are disrupted as well, and they can be left vulnerable to Lion’s gunshots. Much more so when they are caught in the scan. This is what makes Lion a truly terrifying fragger. Not to mention he has the guns to complement his special gadget.

Excels in:

  • Halting enemy movements
  • Intel gathering
  • Rushing

Best loadout for Lion:



6. Jager

His 416-C carbine is legendary

Of course, his main job is to place his ADS in strategic places for disabling attacker grenades. But he can do all that during the prep phase. Afterwards, he’s free to go on a killing spree, be it through spawn killing, roaming, or anchoring. And he has the perfect gun for that. The 416-C which is only usable by him. Its recoil is pretty tough to tame, but once you get used to it, you’ll understand why it remains as one of the most OP guns in Siege. By the way, he can also use the M870 which is one of the most popular shotguns in the game. It has a tight bullet spread, high stopping power, and high fire rate.

Excels in:

  • Intercepting attacker projectiles
  • Firepower
  • Versatility

Best loadouts for Jager



5. Ash

Speed and firepower combined

Ash is probably the first operator that comes to mind when Siege players hear the word fragger. Her breaching rounds allow her to open up large entry holes for her and her team to come through and clear the room. And clearing the room is her specialty, with her 3-speed rating and high firepower provided by her guns, the G36C and the R4-C which had its recoil improved in the newest season. When you’re using Ash, the chances of you winning a one-on-one encounter against a player whose skill level is similar, is highly likely.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Entry fragging
  • Breaching unreinforced walls and barricades

Best loadouts for Ash:



4. Sledge

Versatility is his main strength

What makes Sledge very powerful is the versatility of his simple but troublesome tactical breaching hammer. He can use it in so many ways. He can use it to open up entry holes for him and his team to rush into or for room clearing. He can also use it for a vertical attack from the floor above the enemies’ objective area. With the hammer, he can keep destroying wooden floors and have the high ground advantage for fragging enemies below.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Breaching unreinforced walls and doors
  • High firepower

Best loadout for Sledge:



3. Iana

Intel and firepower

As the famous saying goes. Knowledge is power. And Iana can send her holographic copies to safely scout and let her and her team be advised on enemy positions. When you know the general idea of where your enemies are, you already have the upper hand, and that's why Iana is in the list of OP operators. It really doesn’t come off as a surprise that she was the highest picked attacker last season.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Distracting enemies
  • Entry fragging 

Best loadouts for Iana:



2. Finka

The real star of Operation High Calibre

The removal of her adrenal surge’s recoil benefits does lessen her fragging ability, but honestly, only by a bit. I’ve encountered players in ranked games who didn’t like its recoil effects anyway. Said that they miss because of it, and it's true that a lot of players use cursor placement plus the recoil of their guns to aim for headshots. And the replacement for removing her adrenal surge’s recoil control? She can now activate it even when she’s down. That’s really OP because now she can revive herself just like Doc. Heal herself and her teammates no matter how far they are. Make their reload speed faster. Lessen the effects of stun grenades. And this is one of the most underrated benefits of the adrenal surge. It removes 90% of the slow effects of barbed wires.

Excels in:

  • Offensive and defensive buffs
  • Rushing
  • Teamplays

Best Loadouts for Finka:



1. Zofia

You do not want to meet this operator while roaming

Better firepower and armor rating than Ash. Zofia can also punch big holes through walls with her KS79 lifeline which can fire impact grenades or concussion ones. And unlike Ash, Zofia can do it with relative silence. Making this operator the deadliest for roaming defenders. The new season even improved the recoil on her M762, and her LMG-E has high power as well as high bullet capacity. It’s very hard to win against a Zofia whose player has the same skill level, in a one-on-one encounter. 

Excels in:

  • Entry fragging
  • Rushing
  • Flanking

Best loadouts for Zofia:



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