[Top 10] R6 Best Recoil Guns That are Powerful

Top 10 Best Recoil Guns That are Powerful in R6
Our SAS operators on the Presidential Plane. Very fitting.

For a lot of operators, it’s not just their special gadget that makes them special, it is their primary guns as well. Zofia and Thorn are good examples of that. It’s almost as if their guns are also their special gadget. And since Siege, even though it’s heavy on team roles and special abilities, still is a shooting game at the end of the day. That means guns are still the primary focus of the game, and the way you shoot them will be the biggest factor in winning. And generally, the guns that are easiest to control, but with a lot of fire power, are the best.


10. UZK50GI

For years, the Siege community has been asking for a new gun, and the one that we got didn’t disappoint at all. Introducing the UZKG0GI, Thorn’s unique gun. This beauty came along with the addition of Thorn to the game. It’s a submachine gun with heavy firepower, and despite that heavy firepower, it’s very easy to control even if you opt to use an angled grip instead of a vertical one. The reason is because it has an inherently low recoil which only goes on a straight pattern as you can see from the image above.


  • Thorn


9. UMP45

If it’s just a competition of inherent recoil, then the UMP45 will be a runaway winner. Its recoil is very compact, so much so that you don’t even really need to rely on attachments that provide recoil benefits. That means you can just focus on the attachments that provide more damage like the extended barrel. And like the UZK50GI above, even though the UMP45 has a very low recoil, it still inflicts very decent damage to enemies. It has a lot of attachment options available to it as well so the player can customize it to suit his or her own play style.


  • Castle
  • Pulse


8. 9mm C1

Frost’s unique gun. Don’t let its old school, World War 2 design fool you into thinking that it’s a weak gun. It may be one of the slowest guns in the game when it comes to fire rate, but it more than makes up for that with its high damage, bullet capacity per magazine, and most of all, its recoil. As you can see from the above image, its recoil pattern doesn’t only go on a straight pattern, but it only veers to the right very slightly, so it doesn’t make much difference. This gun is very easy to control, and that will make your aim very accurate.


  • Frost


7. MPX

The MPX doesn’t just have an inherently low recoil that only goes on a straight vertical pattern. Its recoil diamond is very small as well. That means it’s not just easy to hold it down, the recoil will feel smooth on the sides as well, because the smaller the recoil diamond is, the less likely the recoil will go in random directions. The MPX has low damage at 26, but its accuracy due to its smooth firing makes up for it. Its fire rate is very decent as well, and its bullet capacity per magazine is pretty good.


  • Valkyrie
  • Warden


6. FMG-9

Another submachine gun which provides stable firing due to its inherently low recoil and small recoil diamond. What makes it great is that with 34 damage unsuppressed, this gun inflicts very decent damage while also having a really good fire rate at 800, bullet capacity per magazine at 30, and great accuracy due to its recoil pattern. This is a very balanced gun which doesn’t really have a lot of drawbacks.


  • Nokk
  • Smoke


5. LMG-E

The LMG-E is one of the reasons why Zofia is such an offensive terror. Not only does it have heavy stopping power, it has a very decent fire rate as well. What makes it a very special gun is its huge bullet capacity along with its low recoil. Despite how it looks, this gun is very easy to control regardless of the attachments that you’ll opt to go with. This is one of the most OP guns in Siege and as someone that uses Zofia quite often, I hope Ubisoft doesn’t read this and nerf it.


  • Zofia


4. AUG A2

As recoil patterns go, it’s very similar to the MPX wherein they both have an inherent low recoil that only goes on a straight vertical path as well as small recoil diamonds. But the Aug A2 is a much more superior gun because it actually has high damage and a very decent fire rate. While its 2.5x scope is only available for IQ, it’s still a great gun for Wamai, in fact I prefer it over the MP5K, and that is mainly because of its damage and stable recoil.


  • IQ
  • Wamai


3. M249 Saw

One of the best LMGs in the game. Gridlock’s unique gun. It packs heavy firepower partnered with easy to control recoil. What sets it apart from other light machine guns is its fast reload time. It reloads as fast as most submachine guns or assault rifles while still having the usual qualities of light machine guns- high damage and high bullet capacity per magazine. It’s actually safe to consider this gun as an assault rifle with a huge magazine.


  • Gridlock


2. V308

Lion’s unique gun and really one of the reasons why you should use him. This gun is easy to control even with an angled grip and it comes with a lot of heat at 44 damage. As you can see from the image above, its recoil is quite compact and its recoil diamond isn’t that big. The best thing about this gun is that it also has a huge bullet capacity despite being an assault rifle. The big bullet capacity per magazine and its stable recoil means that you’ll always have a big chance of winning engagements against multiple enemies.


  • Lion


1. Spear .308

Seeing that recoil pattern is just beautiful. She has the best one among the list and deserving of being no. 1. This gun has a really good balance between damage, fire rate, bullet capacity, and recoil. It’s very solid, and honestly its biggest drawback, the 700 fire rate, isn't really that much of a drawback, because 700 is still pretty fast. Thunderbird and Finka really have it good with this gun. Inherent low recoil, straight vertical pattern, and small recoil diamonds. You can’t go wrong with this gun.


  • Finka
  • Thunderbird


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