[Top 5] Rainbow Six Siege Best Muzzle Attachments

Top 5 Best Muzzle Attachments in Rainbow Six Siege
Mira didn’t use a muzzle attachment for her vector in this scene, and that’s probably why she lost.

In Siege, it’s very rare for a gun to benefit more from having no muzzle attachment. Muzzle attachments play a very big role in gunfights and in most cases, they can make or break an engagement with an enemy. When choosing a muzzle attachment, you must consider your own recoil control, gameplay, and the operator’s role. Because each muzzle attachment provides different benefits.

For this article, we will be using Ash’s R4-C as the model.


5. Muzzle Brake

Muzzle brake takes the last spot because it’s the most seldomly used attachment for primary guns. Most players like to use it only for marksman rifles or for pistols, but I generally recommend using a suppressor instead for those guns. But for players who don’t want even a bit of damage reduction to their guns, muzzle brake is the go-to attachment for single firing guns. It greatly lowers the recoil of single-shot firing and doesn’t have any damage reduction penalty.


4. Compensator

Most players always choose the flash hider over the compensator and for understandable reasons. But for certain guns, the compensator is actually better. The compensator reduces the recoil diamond of weapons, which basically means that it reduces the recoil from all directions. So, watch out for guns that have a big recoil diamond, because for guns like those, you might wanna’ consider attaching a compensator instead.


3. Extended Barrel

The extended barrel reduces the range damage penalty by 20%, which means with a gun that has an extended barrel, you can inflict great damage even from a distance, and this will ensure that your shots will hurt a lot in all circumstances, as long as you hit of course. So, take in consideration your own playstyle and the role of the operator when choosing whether to go for an extended barrel or not. Because this will work best for operators who excel at medium to long-range.


2. Suppressor

The most underrated muzzle attachment. A lot of people are sleeping on the suppressor because of its damage reduction. But for most guns, its damage reduction is only around 6. Considering all the benefits of the suppressor, players should really equip it more. It doesn’t only dampen the gunshot sound. The best thing about it is that it removes the directional threat indicator that tells the enemies where your shots are coming from. Not only that, it also removes the muzzle flash. So, from long distance, it’ll be really hard for opponents to determine where you’re shooting them from.


1. Flash Hider

It’s not the most popular muzzle attachment for no reason. The flash hider greatly lowers the vertical kick of weapons, making it the best muzzle attachment for guns that has a recoil pattern that only goes on a straight vertical path. It also of course hides the muzzle flash. That means with a flash hider, your enemies won’t immediately see where you’re shooting from. There are also guns in Siege that have a really big muzzle flash to the point that it can blur even your own vision while shooting, so for those kinds of guns, the muzzle flash is the best way to go.


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