R6 Alibi Guide: How To Play Alibi Like A Pro [25 Useful Alibi Tips You Should Know]

Alibi Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Alibi Players Should Know
Twenty five tips that you need to remember if you want to be a really good Alibi player

25. Know the Prisma Angles


This is one of the first things that a player should know if they want to be a good Alibi player. It may appear easy when it’s done at close range, but it can be a bit tricky when you have to deploy the Prisma at long to medium range, and sometimes you would have to, especially when you’re roaming and the situation can change at any second. Basically, the Prisma will face in the same way that you’re facing when you deploy them.

It may sound very simple, but given Siege’s fast pace and limited time per round, most players would be moving while deploying their Prismas. So, if you really want your Prismas to be on a good spot and facing an angle that makes them look as real as possible, you have to be careful when placing them down. Because that’s the key to tricking enemies with it, they must look like the real Alibi or else the chances of the enemies shooting them will fall.


24. Be Wary of Nokk


Just like what Siege Youtuber, alyttleton, said in the video. Nokk is basically the best counter to Alibi, and that’s because when Nokk’s Hel Presence Reduction is active, she can walk right through or shoot Alibi’s Prismas and she wouldn’t get pinged like other Attackers would. This could really mess up the Alibi player because in their mind, any attacker who shoots the Prisma should be pinged. And actually, this is not common knowledge.

Most players do not know that Nokk has this ability to counter Alibi. So, I’m of the opinion that it’s actually better for Alibi to anchor or at least just be around the objective spot when she knows that there’s a Nokk on the Attacker side. Because Alibi roaming when Nokk and probably other Attackers around would just be too dangerous, especially since nokk can confuse Alibi really well with her counter to her special gadget.


23. Hide the Bottom of the Prismas


The best giveaway that a Prisma is just a Prisma is its base. So, the first thing an Alibi player should do is to deploy her Prismas in a way that their bases would be hidden. That way, the Attacker that sees them won’t immediately notice that they’re just holographic copies of Alibi. This should really be done if you’re going to try the ‘Alibi trick’ where she stands right beside her clone and have the Attackers pick which one is the real or not.

This is also very useful in another way, as demonstrated in the video above. If you put the Prisma right before a window and the Attackers can’t see its base even if they move closely, they won’t be able to deactivate it. And if they’re not able to deactivate it but they have to vault through that window, their position will automatically be compromised because they will be pinged by that Prisma. This also works really well with the deployable shield.


22. Know When to Use the Keratos .357

Now, I myself would usually go with the Bailiff 410 and in general, and I would also recommend players to select the Bailiff 410 as Alibi’s secondary weapon. However, there are also times when the Keratos .357 would be really useful. Especially for roaming, and when the player is already using the ACS12 shotgun for her primary. That’s because for roaming, some degree of stealth would be beneficial, and being able to shoot Attacker drones or claymores in silence with a suppressed Keratos .357 would be good for Alibi.

The Bailiff 410 is so useful as a utility tool because it allows Alibi to create murder holes, rotation holes, and destroy hatches. But if Alibi is using the ACS12 shotgun as her primary weapon, then she can use that for all those things I just mentioned. For quick creation of rotation holes and destroying hatches, Alibi can also just use her impact grenades. So, my tip to players is to think about the map first and the playstyle of your enemies; assuming that you’ve fought them for a couple of rounds already. And consider if the Keratos .357 would be more beneficial when you’re roaming.


21. Use the Substitution Technique


Alibi’s ‘substitution technique’ as masterfully done by Macie Jay in the video above, is one of the best, if not the best uses of her special gadget. It’s great for confusing enemies and it applies one of the tips above which is to hide the Prisma’s base whenever you deploy one of them. That way, as long as the enemies don’t get around them, they won’t be able to destroy the Prismas, and you will be able to keep using them.

As shown in the video, to do the ‘substitution technique’ you should be fairly close to your Prismas, and basically bait the opponents into shooting them. Once an enemy shoots a Prisma, you sneak behind cover and stand right where the Prisma that was just shot is. That way, the enemy who just shot it would think that it’s still the Prisma, until you surprise him by fragging him right from the same position. In the video above, Macie Jay has two Prismas near him so it was even easier for him to confuse enemies.


20. Use the Bailiff 410 


As mentioned above, I would mostly use the Bailiff 410 when I’m playing Alibi and I recommend players to go with this option too, at least most of the time. That’s because the Bailiff 410 is a very useful utility tool which has the full capability to make rotation holes and destroy hatches. That’s right, this handgun can also destroy wooden beams. You can also use this to make murder holes or create more line of sights for strafing enemies.

Its only drawback really is its very small magazine size and then its very slow reload time. So, when using this to create rotation holes for the objective area, you might end up wasting a lot of time. That’s why I would still use an impact grenade in some situations for creating a rotation hole when I need to hurry and get out of the objective spot. And while usually only being used as a utility tool, the Bailiff 410 can also be very deadly at close range. It is a revolver shotgun after all.


19. Alibi is a Great Counter to Amaru

Most Amaru players would usually use her to burst right into a window at the beginning of the round, but Alibi is a great counter to that because one of the most common Prisma deployment methods is to have them on right before the windows. That way, it’ll be harder for Attackers to vault or enter through those windows because they will be pinged by the Prismas. And if the Alibi player followed one of the tips above, it’ll be hard for Attackers to disable the Prisma because they won’t be able to see their base.

And this goes double for Amaru because what’s likely going to happen is that Amaru will just use her Garra Hook to rush, not knowing that there’s a Prisma on the window that she selected for her Garra Hook. And having her instantly pinged by Alibi’s Prisma will definitely compromise her location and have all Defenders fixed on her position to frag her. You can also use this method to counter Amaru when you notice that one of the enemy team members keeps using her and is actually good at it.


18. Stay as Close as Possible to Your Prismas

If you’ve read one of the tips above, you would know that one of the best benefits from staying close to your Prismas is that you would be able to perform that ‘substitution technique’ much better and seamlessly. That’s a great technique to confuse the hell out of your enemies and mess up their morale. But another reason why you should stay close to your Prismas as much as possible is actually that of simple practicality.

The main function of the Prismas is to confuse enemies into shooting them, and when they do, they will get pinged for five seconds. This compromises their current location and it can also instill panic on them. But if you’re far away from the Prismas when this happens, then you won’t be able to take advantage of the opportunity presented by your Prismas. A pinged enemy is a vulnerable one, because it’ll be easier for you to pre-fire him. So, make sure that you’re usually close to your Prismas so you can capitalize on the situation whenever they ping an Attacker.


17. Use Her Mx4 Storm in Short Bursts

With the most recent season, Operation Brutal Swarm, came a massive overhaul on the game’s weapon’s recoil progression across the board. This change in the recoil progression of weapons in the game was aimed at limiting players from just continuously spraying bullets with LMGs like Finka’s or Capitao’s. That’s because before Operation Brutal Swarm, most LMGs in the game had a famously low recoil, so long sprays with them were easier.

But now that the game favors short bursts, it is high time for players to get used to it. Especially when it comes to weapons like the Mx4 Storm which has a strong vertical weapon kick. Even when equipped with a vertical grip and a flash hider, the Mx4 Storm’s recoil for longer sprays can be a challenge, so to be able to hit enemies accurately, my advice is for players to use this weapon in short bursts. Players would also be able to conserve more bullets and reload times with this.


16. Don't Change Your Skin


Unfortunately, Alibi’s holographic clones through her Prismas only have the default model for her. Even for her Mx4 Storm submachine gun. So, if you really want to be able to perform some of the tricks that I’ve mentioned above, especially the ‘substitution technique’, I highly advise that you don’t change your Alibi’s uniform and headgear. That way, you’d look exactly just like your holographic clones and you’ll be able to confuse your enemies really well.

If you want to increase your chances of tricking enemies even a little, you could also use the default skin on your Mx4 Storm. That way, the only differences between you and your holographic clones would be their base, and the sights on your Mx4 Storm, because you wouldn’t really want to use the iron sights on it. And if the base of your holographic clones is hidden, then the only difference left is the sight. And it’s highly unlikely that enemies would notice that small detail, especially from a distance.


15. Use the Flash Hider on the Mx4 Storm


As mentioned in one of the entries above, the Mx4 Storm has a strong vertical weapon kick. Luckily, its recoil pattern mostly only goes upwards, so the user really only has to worry about holding down its vertical recoil. And with the flash hider, it will be a lot easier and longer sprays with the Mx4 Storm will be more stable. 

Another benefit that the flash hider provides to Alibi is that it's perfect for roaming. Because with the flash hider, as its name implies, the Mx4 Storm will not produce any muzzle flash. This reduces the visual cues that opponents could react to in order to see where you’re shooting them from. Some weapons in the game also have a really strong muzzle flash, and it could blur the user’s screen when he’s firing his weapon, so hiding the muzzle flash is a great perk.


14. Her Deployable Shield is a Great Alternative


While I always recommend players to pick the impact grenades as their secondary gadget when playing Alibi, as I usually do so myself. There are also other times when the player should equip the deployable shield instead. And one of those times is when the player decides to anchor instead of roaming. With Alibi staying in the objective spot, she can take the time to create rotation holes with her bailiff 410 instead of her impact grenades.

Another benefit of the deployable shield is that Alibi can deploy one of her holographic clones right behind them. This will hide the base of the holographic clone, making it unlikely for the Attackers to disable it unless they destroy the deployable shield. This will make it hard for them to drone the objective area because having the drone jump above the deployable shield could get them pinged by the Prisma, and they themselves would get pinged if they choose to vault over the deployable shield.


13. Bring At Least One Prisma When Roaming


I actually usually bring two, but in any case, even one is enough. Leaving two Prismas around the objective area would also be of great help to your team so don’t sweat about the numbers. The point here is to bring at least one Prisma with you so that when the time comes, you can use it to confuse your enemies. Because it is very easy to deploy and works very fast, there’s a number of ways to use it when roaming.

One of the methods is to perform the ‘substitution technique’ which I discussed in one of the entries above. While its video shows Macie Jay using two Prismas, it could work even if you only have one. Another way to use your Prisma is by letting it be your fall gal. That means when the Attackers begin hunting you in groups, you can leave it behind as you escape to have it confuse the enemies and waste even just a few seconds of their time.


12. When to Use The 1.5x Scope for the ACS12

The ACS12 is a single-slug firing shotgun and that's why it works almost like a fully automatic rifle. That means it's also effective at long range, and Alibi’s ACS12 does have the 2.0x scope available to it which is perfect for long range shooting. However, there are cases when it’s much better to attach the 1.5x scope to it instead. Mostly, it would depend on the map. For smaller maps and maps that have narrow corridors, it’s really better to opt with the 1.5x scope.

Maps such as Favela, Hereford Base, Consulate, or Kafe. These maps don’t really have a lot of angles for long-range strafing so the 1.5x scope would provide just enough zoom, and it won’t put the user in a disadvantage at close range because it won’t sacrifice a lot of peripheral view. The great thing about the 1.5x scope is that its frame also doesn’t eat up a lot of screen space. That will provide the player with a clear screen which is great for spotting enemies better.


11. Use the Vertical Grip on the Mx4 Storm


As I’ve said before, the Mx4 Storm’s vertical weapon kick is really strong, so without attachments that provide recoil benefits, it can be quite hard to manage even though its recoil pattern only goes straight upward. So, it’s much better to go with a vertical grip on it. This way, the player will be able to hold down its recoil considerably well, especially when it’s also partnered with a flash hider. With a vertical grip and a flash hider working hand in hand to hold down its recoil, the Mx4 Storm will be much more stable.

Even with the recoil progression overhaul that came out with Operation Brutal Swarm, you should be able to perform longer sprays with the Mx4 Storm quite easily as long as both its barrel attachment and grip are providing recoil control benefits. Besides, the angled grip has been nerfed quite severely, so there’s really not much difference anymore between the aim-down-sights speed of the vertical grip and the angled grip.


10. Know When to Anchor as Alibi

Now I mentioned before that when you detect a Nokk in the attacking team and you’re playing as Alibi, you might want to hold off on roaming because she can easily fool Alibi with her special gadget being the best counter to Alibi’s Prismas. But there are also many other situations where it is wiser to just stay in the objective area and help in securing it. One of those cases is obviously when you’ve tried roaming in the first round and it didn’t work well because the attacking team is very organized.

Another case would be that your team already has other roamers like Caveira or a Vigil. While Alibi is definitely a great roamer, a lot of people forget that she’s an excellent anchor as well. They feel like her 3-speed rating would be wasted on anchoring but that’s far from the case since she can use her speed to rotate fast and flank enemies unexpectedly. So, as the Alibi player, assess the situation first and find out if it's better for you to roam or anchor.


9. Do Not Try to Be Cheeky When There's Glaz


Above, I've discussed that the best counter for Alibi is Nokk. But another great counter for her is Glaz whose special gadget can determine whether a Prisma is real or not. I also discussed the ‘substitution technique’ which is great for Alibi users to try. As the Alibi player, you must remember that when there’s a Glaz on the attacking team, you must not try that technique, because his special gadget can see through it and the trickster will end up getting tricked.

So, when you’re playing Alibi, it’ll be great if you can watch the cctv cameras outside right from the start of the round so that you can see if the attacking team has a Glaz. If the Attackers were able to destroy the cctv cameras before you’re able to scan them, you can also watch out for the sound of his OTs-03 designated marksman rifle. It produces a very loud and distinct sound, so you should know from that that there’s a Glaz on the attacking team. The tricky part is if he’s using a suppressor.


8. Use the Angled Grip on the ACS12

The ACS12 is one of the most powerful weapons in Siege. Perhaps its only weakness is its slow rate of fire. But for a single-slug firing shotgun, even with its slow rate of fire, its fully automatic function more than make up for that drawback. And since it’s a slow-firing single-slug firing shotgun, its recoil is actually very low. So, attaching an angled grip to it instead of the vertical one makes so much more sense because the user will be able to control its recoil very well even without the recoil benefits from the vertical grip.

Even with the huge nerf on the angled grip, it still does provide the user with bonus speed when it comes to getting into aim-down-sights position. So, for weapons like the ACS12 that require almost zero effort to control while firing, it’s better to just opt with the angled grip and benefit with any speed boost you can get.


7. You Can't Be an Effective Roamer Without Map Familiarity

Map familiarity is important for every operator but even more so for roamers like Alibi. It’s just common sense, you won’t be able to roam the maps well if you keep getting lost, don’t know where to flank your enemies, and worse, you don’t know how to go back to the objective spot. This is why I recommend new players to keep roaming whenever they are on the defending team, because roaming is the best and fastest way to familiarize yourself with the maps.

Sure, there are map blueprints complete with the names of each spot on them and you can memorize them. But the best way to really internalize your knowledge of the maps is by experiencing them yourself. That means roaming a lot when you’re on the defending team, and performing the roamer hunter role while you’re on the attack. This may be really intimidating at first, but after many games, you’d be able to really know the ins and outs of the maps.


6. The Bailiff 410 Can be Deadly Too


The Bailiff 410 is the best secondary weapon for Alibi, there’s no doubt about that. That is because it’s a great utility tool which can be used to create rotation holes, destroy hatches, create more line of sight, or murder holes. Because of this, the Bailiff 410 is mostly only seen as a utility tool, and for the most part, that’s true. Because it’s a revolver shotgun, players shouldn’t really expect to frag enemies with it at medium to long-range.

But it’s not like it will be completely useless when it comes to close quarters combat and your Mx4 Storm or the ACS12 needs to reload. During those situations where your primary weapon has to reload, do not hesitate to switch to the Bailiff 410 because it can also do great damage at close range. This is why players should also make sure that they reload it after using it as a utility tool because you’ll never know when you’ll need it to finish off an enemy.


5. Use the 2.0x Scope on Her ACS12


While the 1.5x scope is also a great sight and there are certain maps where I would opt for it rather than the 2.0x scope, in general, the 2.0x scope is just a much better sight. That’s because most maps also have a lot of medium to long-range angles where you’d have to engage enemies at those distances. It also provides a really good amount of zoom so when you’re in an aim-down-sights position, your enemies will appear bigger, therefore, much easier to hit.

The 2.0x scope is also perfect for the ACS12 because this single-slug firing shotgun is really more like a rifle than a shotgun. So, it’s great for medium to long-range engagements, and for those distances, the 2.0x will provide just the right amount of zoom for the user to be able to see his enemies well, while also not being so disadvantaged at close range due to the lack of peripheral view.


4. Her Main Strength is in Roaming


Don’t get me wrong, Alibi is really great at anchoring too, especially when she can perform the ‘substitution technique’ on two or three of her Prismas inside the objective area to repel pushing Attackers. But mainly, Alibi is used as a roamer because she will be able to maximize the full potential of her 3-speed rating when it comes to roaming. Because of her speed, she can get from one place to another quickly and outmaneuver opponents.

Because she can move easier than Defenders with heavier armor, she’ll be able to get into position to flank enemies faster when she’s roaming. And when they begin hunting her, she’ll also be able to escape them well. Not just because of her 3-speed rating but because of her bailiff 410 which she can use to destroy hatches, and her impact grenades which she can use to quickly create escape holes through walls.


3. Her Impact Grenades Are Great


The alternative secondary gadget for her, the deployable shield, is also great. Especially when the Alibi decides to anchor the objective spot. But for the most part, Alibi would excel better with the impact grenades. A lot of other players think that they don’t really need the impact grenades on Alibi because she has the bailiff 410 which can make rotation holes, murder holes, and destroy hatches. But the bailiff 410 can take up a lot of time doing them, especially if you take into account its slow reload time.

With the impact grenades, Alibi can open up a rotation hole in a second, and that’s really useful for roaming when she has to escape Attackers that are hunting her, or for flanking and outmaneuvering them. The impact grenades are also still the best way to counter Osa’s Clear Shield, and is just overall a better and more versatile utility tool than the deployable shield.


2. Deploy One Prisma Outside


This can be done while you’re anchoring as well as when you’re roaming. Basically, you’re going to use one of your Prismas as bait in order to gather intel on the general location of your enemies. That way you can better guess where they’re going to attack from, and if you’ve become more experienced in the game, you’d be able to predict what they’re going to do better.

When you’re anchoring, you can deploy one Prisma outside of the objective spot but not so far from it. Your only goal here is to be able to have intel on the general location of your enemies. And even if they’re experienced players, chances are, they’re still going to shoot it, because the faster their reflexes are, the easier they can be baited with a Prisma.


1. Use the ACS12 Shotgun


While the Mx4 Storm submachine gun is a really powerful weapon and is unique for Alibi, its very strong vertical weapon kick is what turns me off from using it. Yes, it has a very fast rate of fire, but overall, the ACS12 shotgun is just a much better weapon for Alibi. The ACS12 shotgun deals very heavy damage per shot, has very low recoil, good magazine capacity, and for a single-slug firing shotgun, it’s fully automatic, so it's very easy to use.

Its main advantage over the Mx4 Storm is its very low stock recoil. Because of that, the user can freely attach an angled grip to it instead of the recoil-benefit providing vertical grip. This will allow the user to go into aim-down-sights faster with the ACS12 compared to the Mx4 Storm which is not a great weapon for an angled grip, due to its aforementioned high weapon recoil.


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