[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Banned Operators (And why)

Top 10 Most Banned Operators In Rainbow 6 Siege
Looking at this list makes me remember the time when Ranked mode didn’t have a ban phase, and it makes me have mixed feelings whether I miss that time or not.

10. Kapkan

If you’re starting out as an Attacker, Kapkan is one of the Defenders you should really consider banning. Although his ban rate is lower than Clash, I personally would always ban Kapkan first than her. And that is because the update that made him able to deploy several of his EDDS in one entryway makes him pretty OP. Even just two of his EDDS can instantly kill an enemy. So, that makes him the only Defender right now that can inflict a fatality with his special gadget upon activation.

Well, technically Thorn’s Razorbloom Shells can do that as well, but the countdown on her Razorbloom Shells give enemies time to escape. Kapkan’s EDDS have no countdown. They just explode as soon as you activate them. Another scary thing is that he can now deploy them on both sides of the entryway. This gives Attackers a lot of problems because even when they know that there’s a Kapkan on the Defender side, they will have to carefully check each side for Kapkan traps, and in that process, that could leave themselves vulnerable to Defender fire.

What Makes Kapkan Most Banned:

  • Able to get instant kills with just one activation of his special gadget
  • Greatly disrupts Attackers rhythm
  • EDDs can also compromise enemy locations


9. Maverick

Nowadays with Thatcher being banned most of the time (spoiler: he’s at #1), Maverick has experienced a surge in pick rate, being a great alternative to Thatcher when it comes to destroying hard breach-preventing gadgets. It takes longer for Mav to destroy said gadgets, but in the hands of a really good Mav player, it’s hard very hard to stop it. The tactic is quite simple. Mav creates murder holes on reinforced walls and he’ll destroy hard breach-preventing gadgets with his frag grenades.

That, or by straight up destroying them with his special gadget, the Breaching Torch. In a lot of ways, Mav is more dangerous than Thatcher, and that’s why he’s on this list. Not only can he effectively destroy gadgets that can prevent a hard breach from Attackers. He can also use his special gadget to make murder holes on reinforced walls for strafing Defenders inside the objective area. And he does that with his powerful primary guns. Both unique to him.

What Makes Maverick Most Banned:

  • Great alternative to Thatcher
  • Can make Defenders extremely uncomfortable and avoid angles in their objective area
  • Additional claymores keep him safe from runouts or roamers


8. Clash

Clash is one of the most banned operators because she’s troublesome to deal with for the Attackers, and frankly, even to Defenders who are not made of a four or five stack. A Clash can actually just mean distraction, line of sight being blocked, and team kills in the hands of a Defending team that is not communicating well. 

As for the Attackers, a good Clash player can give them a lot of trouble with her CCE Shield which can inflict damage over time and greatly slow them down. A good Clash player also knows when to suddenly turn around and switch to her secondary machine pistol in order to frag Attackers. All in all, the match usually goes smoother without Clash, and that’s why many players want her banned.

What Makes Clash Most Banned:

  • Can greatly slow down enemies
  • Inflicts damage while slowing down Attackers
  • Able to safely scout ahead to have a general feel of where the Attackers are coming from


7. Blackbeard

The reflexes of higher ranked players and their crosshair placements are insane. This usually results in very quick gunfire exchanges especially in close range, because many of them result in instant headshots. But Blackbeard, with his aptly named special gadget, the Rifle-Shield, can prevent those instant headshots from Defenders, effectively turning the tides on them with his return fire.

It’s honestly amazing that he’s still high up in the most banned category despite all the nerfs on him. This proves that Blackbeard is still a strong Attacker operator, and even that split second of preventing a headshot matters a lot, especially in the higher ranks. He also got an indirect buff with the recent update that enables Attackers who have claymores in their arsenal, carry two.

What Makes Blackbeard Most Banned:

  • Can easily avoid headshots with his Rifle Shield
  • Great guns that excel at any range
  • Additional claymores that can effectively counter roamers and runouts


6. Valkyrie

Even after the big nerf on her Black Eyes, practically making them useless outside the objective building, Valkyrie maintains her high ban rate. That is because the “nerf” may have actually made her even more troublesome. Now, most Valkyrie players will place their Black Eyes inside the objective building, where most of the engagements happen in the first place. That means there’s going to be three more extra cameras inside the building. More intel for Valk and her teammates.

She’s one of the nastiest roamers for Attackers to deal with because a c4-under-the-floor strat works so well with her having real time intel on enemies through her Black Eye cams. That is why for many teams, when they know that they don’t have a Valkyrie main, they just choose to ban her to prevent the risk of her being used by a Valk main on the opposing team.

What Makes Valkyrie Most Banned:

  • Valkyrie as a roamer can give Attackers a really a hard time
  • Intel gathering capabilities are quite OP
  • Guns and secondary gadget work so well in conjunction with her special gadget


5. Montagne

Still the hardest to kill shield operator in the game. And for that, he’s usually banned in ranked games. To date, he’s the only operator that can completely block an entryway with his shield. Clash can’t do it even though her shield is also huge, because it sways with just one melee hit. Without a Smoke on the Defending team, it’ll be very hard to stop a smoke + plant strat with a Montagne leading the plant, because he can protect his back from gunfire with his shield when he’s planting, or he can cover his teammate who’s planting the defuser.

Monty mains are also very nasty when it comes to fragging with his handguns, especially since it’s still quite hard to hit Montagne even when he’s shooting. So, Monty mains with great aim usually kills the opponent before they’re hit back. They’re very quick with their switching, and it’s a great strat for Monty users, especially since most Defenders tend to ignore him or run away from him. Not knowing that when they turn their back on him, that’s when they’re most vulnerable from Monty’s powerful handguns.

What Makes Montagne Most Banned:

  • Hardest to kill shield operator
  • A smoke + plant rush strat with him is very hard to stop
  • Able to completely block a doorway with his shield and body


4. Kaid

With Thatcher in an almost auto-ban state nowadays, Kaid has become the most viable anti-hard breach operator, because the alternatives to Thacher, which are Maverick and Kali, can easily destroy Bandit or Mute’s gadgets. Kaid's Rtilla however, doesn't have the same vulnerabilities as the said gadgets, because it can be deployed by Kaid in tricky or awkward angles that wouldn’t be easily reached by Mav’s Breaching Torch, frag grenades, or Kali’s LV Explosive Lance.

And because Kaid’s Rtillas can be deployed in very awkward and tricky angles, Twitch drones also have a hard time destroying them. That is why Kaid is so high up on this list, because when Thatcher is banned, a smart team that is starting out as Attackers would ban Kaid for them to be able to perform a hard breach using Thermite and Maverick, or Kali as an alternative to Mav. 

What Makes Kaid Most Banned:

  • His anti-hard breach special gadget is hard to disable
  • Can make choke points very hard to pass through with electrified barbed wires
  • His TCSG12 gun practically makes him a sniper and it’s hard to deal with a defending sniper


3. Jackal

Although it’s more possible to play him nowadays because of some balancing changes in the operators, Jackal’s ban rate remains very high, and understandably so. Intel is very crucial in Siege, and when it comes to intel, no one beats Jackal on the Attacker side. With his special gadget, he can track the footprints of Defenders, so he can track their movements, and advise his teammates with that information. 

The scariest thing about his special gadget is that he can scan a set of the Defender footprints and when that scan is successful, it’ll ping the location of the owner of those footprints, and that ping will be visible to the whole Attacker team for several seconds. That can effectively neutralize an enemy roamer, and that’s why smart defending teams ban him. Because roamers play a big role in defending the objective area and to have them neutralized will make it much easier for Attackers to win.

What Makes Jackal Most Banned:

  • Can easily neutralize roamers
  • His intel gathering capabilities is quite OP
  • Additional claymores make it very hard to counter him


2. Mira

You won’t see her being banned that much in the lower ranks, but in the higher ranks, her ban rate skyrockets. That is because in many specific areas of the maps, she can make it hell for the Attackers to push. A few examples of those areas are: The basement in Oregon, Games Room & Aviator Room in Villa, and the second floor in Border. That is why Ubisoft had to nerf her Black Mirror lately, allowing melee attacks to shatter it.

The nerf did little to decrease her ban rate though. Because you’d still have to get close to the Black Mirror in order to shatter it, and getting close to it is the problem in the first place. When there’s a Mira guarding the locations mentioned above, it’s better to choose another path or angle of attack if you don’t have a Hibana or Ace to destroy her Black Mirrors.

What Makes Mira Most Banned:

  • Can make an area very hard to penetrate
  • Synergy with Azami’s Kiba Barrier is quite OP
  • Guns and nitro cell can make it almost impossible for attackers to get near the Black Mirror


1. Thatcher

The most banned operator right now, and has been for a long time. Players have been so used to banning him that even teams who are starting out as Attackers just click on him during the ban phase, not realizing that having Thatcher could help them a lot in winning those three starting attack rounds. He also received an indirect buff with the recent update that added an extra claymore to Attackers who have them in their loadout. Another reason to ban him if you’re starting out as a Defender.

His ban rate is so high across all ranks because his EMP Grenades can neutralize a lot of Defender gadgets in a large area. That means he doesn’t just easily take out anti-hard breach gadgets, he also takes out other important gadgets that are probably nearby as well, such as Jager’s ADS, Lesions Gu Mines, Melusi’s Banshees, etc. Thatcher can make life hell for Defenders and heaven for Attackers. So, if you’re starting out as a Defender, it’s just logical to ban him and your chances of preventing a hard breach will increase.

What Makes Thatcher Most Banned:

  • Able to neutralize defender gadgets en masse
  • Makes hard breaching too easy
  • Prevents runouts with claymores


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