Rainbow 6 Siege Osa Guide: How To Play Osa Like A Pro [25 Useful Osa Tips You Should Know]

Osa Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Osa Players Should Know
The best tips that will help you play one of the most tactical shield operators in Siege effectively

25.  When to Use Her Smoke Grenades


Osa has three choices for her secondary gadget and all three of them are great, but there are times and situations where one of them is the better choice, and for being the defuser carrier is one of those times. Smoke grenades have always been great utility tools for defuser carriers regardless of the operator, but with Osa, its use becomes even more effective, because it allows Osa to effectively set up her Clear Shields.

With the cover being provided by the smoke grenades, the Osa player will have enough time to set up her Clear Shields in strategic locations for the defuser plant attempt. Like what Macie Jay did in the video above, you don’t even have to plant where the smoke is puffing out. You can just use the smoke to block lines of sight, or to bait the enemy into wasting their nitro cell, because most players will be expecting the defuser plant attempt to be happening inside the smoke.


24. Use the Clear Shield to Guard the Defuser


This is one of the most effective post-defuser plant plays in Siege. With an Osa Clear Shield set up at an angle where it gives a clear view of the defuser, it will be very hard for the Defenders to cancel it because they would have to kill Osa first. That will be very hard to do while she’s behind the cover of her Clear Shield, and especially when it’s late in the round and players who have impact shields that could destroy Osa’s Clear Shields have most likely run out of them already.

As you can see from the video above, Macie Jay picked up the Clear Shield that he used to protect himself while planting the defuser and then set it up at a straight angle where he can clearly see the defuser. This play would have been even more effective if he still had another Clear Shield, because he could have just left one beside the defuser and that would make it even harder for the remaining Defender to approach it.


23. Know When to Destroy Your Clear Shield


This is one of the things that a lot of Osa players forget to do after planting the defuser behind the Clear Shield, and that’s understandable because most players’ instincts tell them to get out to safety after planting the defuser. But it is very important to destroy Osa’s Clear Shield after planting the defuser, especially when the defuser was planted in tight angles. That is because a Defender can get behind it, and be protected from Attacker fire while attempting to cancel the defuser.

I’ve seen it happen a lot of times, so be sure to destroy Osa’s shield once it’s safe enough to do so. You can do it simply by shooting the small red canister on the base of the Clear Shield. The shield will automatically disintegrate a couple of seconds after the red canister is shot. This will make sure that there will be less angles where a Defender who’s attempting to cancel the defuser will be protected.


22. Be Careful of Impact Grenades


Osa’s Clear Talon-8 Clear Shield might be bulletproof and is very versatile. It can be deployed to most flat surfaces and it can even be attached on windows and doorways. But it has a very big weakness. And that is it’s very vulnerable to explosives. And right now, the best counter to it is the impact grenades, which a lot of Defenders have. That is because the impact grenades explode instantly upon impact and this will immediately leave Osa exposed.

One of the things that you can do to avoid being countered by the impact grenades when playing Osa is to bait the operators with impact grenades on their arsenal to throw their impacts to you while you’re still carrying the shield. Because when Osa is still carrying the shield, it won’t be destroyed by impact grenades. Once you feel like it’s safer and that they’ve used most of their explosives, that would be the best time to deploy the Clear Shield on the ground. Don’t rush to deploy it or it’ll get easily countered by an impact grenade.


21. Use the Acog on Her 556XI


The scope 2.5x A, formerly known as acog, is the best sight for Osa’s 556XI. Normally, I would go with the scope 2.0x instead of any of the 2.5x scopes, however, the scope 2.0x isn’t really that good for Osa. That is because of her role. Most of the time, Osa would be strafing opponents by quick leaning or standing up from crouching behind her Clear Shield. But because of the large gear-like structure on the upper left side of the scope 2.0x, Osa might not be able to see enemies on one of her left angles.

That’s why for Osa’s 556XI, the best scope would be the 2.5x A, and that’s because it will provide a balanced view on both of its sides. The best thing about the classic acog is really its reticle which is like a red arrow that ends in the middle. It’s basically kind of a red dot sight, and this allows for more pinpoint accuracy because the reticle itself wouldn’t obstruct the player’s view of the target.


20. Gather Intel with the Clear Shield


One of the most important things to remember when playing Osa is that her Talon-8 Clear Shield isn’t only for protecting her and her teammates from bullets. It’s also a very effective gadget for gathering intel. And that’s because it offers a very clear view of the surroundings, and since it’s bulletproof, Osa can move towards the objective spot and see where enemies are with much less chance of being fragged.

The only real threats are nitro cells and impact grenades, but for the most part, and as long as the player is very careful not to get her sides exposed, Osa should be safe behind her Clear Shield, and it’s a really great way for her to advise her teammates on enemy positions. Just like what Macie Jay and his teammate talked about in the video above.


19.  She now has an Impact EMP Grenade

This only came out in the latest season, Operation Brutal Swarm, and it’s the newest secondary gadget in Siege. Now, I would always go for the smoke grenade or the claymore when I’m playing Osa rather than the impact EMP grenades, but there are times when it would be better to carry them. That’s because it’s usually Osa’s role to carry the defuser so it’s important that she’s able to push and plant it.

But that would be hard to do without the Attackers being able to perform hard breaching. So, when Thatcher is banned, and there is no one else in the team that can disable hard-breach preventing gadgets, the Osa player should really go for the impact EMP grenades. Especially when there are others in the team who are carrying smoke grenades and claymores.


18. You Can Melee the Clear Shield


A lot of players forget this, but the Clear Shield, once it’s deployed on the ground or attached to a window or doorway, can be cracked when with a melee attack. And unlike when its red canister is destroyed, when the Clear Shield gets hit with a melee attack, it will remain intact but heavily cracked. And as a result, it won’t be clear anymore. It will become completely opaque but its bulletproof properties will remain.

That means it will still be effective as cover. Now, you might think, why would you, as the Osa player, want to do this? Well, once the shield is cracked, you won’t be able to see through it anymore, but it goes the same with your enemies. They also won’t be able to see if you’re there or not, and that can lead to you being able to surprise them. You can also plant the defuser behind the Clear Shield, crack it, and then plant a claymore behind it. That way, the enemies won’t see the claymore and you’ll score an easy kill if they vault over the Clear Shield.


17. Her Clear Shield Can Be Attached Upside Down


Everybody knows that Osa’s Clear Shield can be attached to windows, exposing its upper part. But not everybody knows that the Clear Shield can actually be attached upside down. All the player has to do is rappel, hit the ctrl button so the operator itself goes upside down, and then she can attach the Clear Shield that way.

This will expose the bottom part of the window instead of the upper part. Now you might be thinking, why would you wanna do that? First of all, attaching the Clear Shield in the common way is very predictable. The Defenders can basically just look at where your rappel is to know where your head would appear. With the Clear Shield attached upside down and if there’s a platform outside the window, you can actually abandon rappelling and frag opponents instead on foot.


16. Use the Clear Shield to get to Higher Places


This is one of the strongest uses of Osa’s Clear Shield, and in my opinion it’s borderline an exploit, but since things like this have been on the game since its release, it’s not really a bug, so it’s not cheating. Basically, what you will be doing is using Osa’s Clear Shield to get to higher places. Places that operators can’t normally reach. One of these places is the skylight spot in Kafe, and being able to get up there can give you a lot of advantages.

That’s because it’s going to be very unexpected and a lot of Defenders would normally go behind the desk shown in the video knowing that they would be safe there. But the thing is, with the angle that the Clear Shield made possible, they would be easily seen from above. It’s also very useful because the area at the bottom of the skylight spot is normally riddled with gadgets, but with this angle, you’ll be able to shoot the Defender gadgets that were deployed there.


15. Know When to Use The 556XI


Normally, I would go with the PDW9 as the primary when playing Osa. It’s just a lot easier to use, considering that Osa is mostly on the front lines and has to engage enemies at close to medium range. But there are also many advantages in using the 556XI. Especially when the map has a lot of long angles. That’s because the 556XI has the 2.0x scope and the 2.5x scopes available to it, so it’s just objectively better at long range than the PDW9.

It also has better damage than the PDW9, so you can make quicker work of enemies with it. If your playstyle is more passive and patient, then the 556XI might be the best Osa primary weapon for you. Its scope 2.5x A is just really great for Osa. That scope and its huge damage per shot is what makes it hard for players to choose between the 556XI and the PDW9 when playing Osa.


14. You can Enter a Window even with a Clear Shield on it


A lot of players, especially those who are new or those who do not use Osa that much, do not know that they can actually enter a room through a window even when Osa’s Clear Shield is attached to it. It’s basically kinda like breaching a barricaded window with a hard breach charge, but with Osa’s Clear Shield, the player can just simply hit the vault key in front of the Clear shield on the window.

That will initiate the action. The player doesn’t have to remove the Clear Shield at all. The action will automatically destroy the Clear Shield and that will allow the player to enter the room fast. This is very effective in surprising enemies, especially when they think that they’re safe since the Osa player is still outside the Clear Shield and they’re worrying about the other Attackers first.


13. Use the Compensator for the 556XI

The 556XI is one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game. It’s one of the reasons why I love Thermite so much and I’m happy that Osa has it. It has high damage, high penetration, decent magazine capacity, and its recoil is quite stable. However, its recoil pattern doesn’t only go on a straight vertical line so it’s prone to random recoil from every direction, especially to the right.

The compensator will correct that. While it won’t be perfect, the compensator will tighten the 556XI’s recoil by reducing its recoil diamond, therefore, reducing its tendency to recoil randomly to any direction. The compensator will provide the user with a more stable recoil, especially when it comes to longer sprays with the 556XI.


12. Osa is Great at Bank’s Basement


When attacking the basement area on the Bank, attackers would most commonly use the server room area for pushing. Normally, the strategy is to breach the walls leading to the cctv spot and plant the defuser behind the desk, because that spot is largely protected from the rotation spot as well as the door connecting the cctv to the white hall.

But when there’s an Osa in the attacking team, she can deploy her Clear Shield on the spot right across the desk instead. The spot facing the rotation hole but still has the walls that cover it from the door to the white hall. With this angle, the only thing that the Osa player needs to worry about is the nitro cell that usually comes from the rotation spot.


11. Osa’s Clubhouse Angles


This is done when the objective spot is at the cctv room and cash room. Now, most of the time, Attackers who are outside the window of cctv are vulnerable to gunfire from the construction area. They would also normally be vulnerable to run outs from the gym area and the bedroom area. However, Osa would be a great remedy to that due to her claymores and Clear Shield.

Because she has two claymores, she can put one outside the window of the gym area, and outside the bedroom area. That way, Defenders who will run out from those areas will get killed. And then, Osa can use one of her Clear Shields to block the angle from the construction area. With this, she can keep spotting the cctv area without any threat from runouts and defenders on the construction area.


10. Coastline is Great for Osa

Especially when the objective spot is on the billiards and hookah lounge, and when the attacking team is pushing from the aquarium area in order to plant the defuser behind the bomb in billiards. With Osa rappelling on the big window on billiards and placing her Clear Shield on the window’s left side, Osa will be able to guard her teammates from defenders who will flank the aquarium area.

She will also have a really good view of the defuser behind the bomb, so defenders will be very wary of swinging through the pool table spot. Of course, the biggest danger in this are impact grenades and nitro cells, so the Osa player has to be mindful of that. It’s also vulnerable from the window on the blue bar, but if defenders would use that window, they would have used a lot of time.


9.  Muzzle Brake and Laser on Her PMM

Normally, when I equip a handgun on my operator, I would usually go with the suppressor for its barrel attachment. That’s so I can use my handgun for shooting cctv cameras, or attacking drones when I’m defending without compromising my location to the enemies. But with Osa, it’s just best for her to equip a muzzle brake and a laser to her only secondary weapon.

That is because due to her role and gameplay, she’s not exactly a stealthy operator, and her full potential will be maximized when she’s penetrating the objective spot with her teammates. So, there’s not much need for her to move stealthily. Therefore, it’s best to equip her handgun with a muzzle brake which will greatly lower its recoil and a laser which will greatly tighten its hip fire.


8.  Use the Flash Hider on the PDW9

Since the recoil progression overhaul that dropped in the latest season which is Operation Brutal Swarm, the PDW9 have become much harder to control than before. Its vertical recoil has become much stronger. However, its recoil pattern still only mostly goes in a straight vertical path. So, for the PDW9 to be more stable, especially when being fired with longer sprays, it’s better to attach a flash hider to its barrel.

The flash hider will greatly lower the PDW9’s weapon kick, so the player will be able to fire it with much better accuracy and stability than normal. The flash hider will also hide the weapon’s muzzle flash, reducing the visual cues that enemies could react to. With the flash hider, the Osa player will be able to take more advantage of the PDW9’s huge magazine capacity.


7. Use the Clear Shield to Block Angles


One of the best ways to use Osa’s Clear Shield is for blocking angles. As shown in the video as an example, when the objective spot is on the kitchen in Coastline, Attackers would often try to attack from outside of the kitchen’s window. But the problem with that spot is that it’s completely vulnerable from the pool entrance room.

The good thing is, Osa can attach one of her Clear Shields on that window and that will completely block that window for the Defenders. It is important for Osa to attach it from the outside so that the red canister on the base of the Clear Shield won’t be exposed to the Defenders inside and they won’t have any way of removing the Clear Shield unless of course they use explosives. But if they do, at least the Attackers outside the kitchen window will have some warning.


6.  Use her Against Barricaded Doors


Now destroying barricaded doors may sound simple and easy, but it’s actually not. Destroying barricaded doors with a melee attack can leave the player vulnerable from gunfire inside. Destroying them by firing at them will alert the enemy. And using special gadgets or utility tools to destroy them will be such a waste of good utilities, especially when Osa is present.

That is because with Osa’s Clear Shield, barricaded doors can be very easily taken down with just one click and without leaving anyone vulnerable from gunfire. The Attacker team also wouldn’t have to waste any gadget. This is done by Osa readying her Clear Shield and deploying it on a doorway, only to cancel it immediately. The action of attaching the Clear Shield to a doorway will immediately destroy the barricaded door and what’s neat is that Osa can cancel it immediately, so this action can be done very quickly.


5. Don’t Sleep on the Claymore


Because Osa is such an effective defuser carrier, the smoke grenade is very helpful for her and I do recommend Osa players to carry her smoke grenades in general. But there are times when her claymores would be better utility tools for her, especially now that each operator that has them in their inventory can carry two. And those times are when the map and the objective spot are weak against run outs or flanks.

Those areas are like the CCTV in Clubhouse, office in Consulate, or the top floor in Bank. Because she has two claymores, it just makes them a very viable utility tool for her, especially since there are times when Osa has to rappel, deploy her Clear Shield on a window, and be a distraction to enemies. There are also times when she really needs to protect her back against roamers or flankers when she’s holding down an angle.


4. The PDW9 is Her Best Primary


While the 556XI is also a great primary weapon and has a much higher damage than the PDW9, in most situations, especially when it comes to Osa’s role and gameplay, the PDW9 is the best primary weapon for her. That is because Osa will mostly have to deal with enemies at close to medium range, and at those distances, the PDW9 is just simply the better weapon, due to its better rate of fire and most importantly, its bigger magazine capacity.

Osa shouldn’t be used like a Montagne, but it is still expected of her to mostly be on the front lines, setting up angles for her Clear Shield so that she and her teammates will have some cover while advancing, and that’s why Osa will mostly be dealing with enemies at close to medium range. And at those distances, the huge magazine capacity of the PDW9 really helps a lot because it will allow Osa to strafe at opponents while not having to reload a lot.


3. Use the Clear Shield to Rework Enemy Movements


Osa’s Talon-8 Clear Shield may not be as tough as Blitz’s or Montagne’s shields, but it’s also still bullet-proof and protects most of Osa’s body parts. That is why Defenders who do not have impact grenades or a nitro cell tend to either panic or ignore Osa. The great thing for Osa players is that they can use that to rework enemy movements and lead them to their other teammates, just like what Macie Jay did in the video above.

So, as long as you apply one of the tips above about being wary of Defenders who have impact grenades, you’ll be able to perform the distraction role and rework enemy movements and push them towards angles where they’ll be vulnerable to your teammates’ gunfire. Also, be very careful of your sides because Osa’s shield only covers her front well.


2. Plant Behind Her Clear Shield


Osa’s Clear Shield is bulletproof and some Defender gadgets or utilities will bounce off it, like Tachanka’s fire grenades. And that’s why planting behind the Clear Shield is a very effective play for Osa, and it will be very hard for Defenders to stop it unless they have the numbers to flank Osa and her teammates, or they’re able to destroy her shield with an impact grenade or a nitro cell. If the defuser is planted late in the round, then the chances of that happening is a lot less.

That’s because the likelihood that Defenders have already used up their impact grenades and nitro cells is high. This is why when there’s an Osa, it’s much better for her to carry the defuser for the Attackers because she’ll be able to plant the defuser as soon as she sets up her Clear Shield inside the objective spot. If the Osa player has opted with the smoke grenades, this play would even be more effective and harder to stop.


1. Use her Like Mira


This is the number one tip because it’s the simplest, and therefore, the most effective way to use Osa. It’s basically her main strength. Because while Mira provides a bulletproof mirror for the Defenders that can be used for gathering intel on the Attackers and quick leaning and fragging them, Osa can do the same for the Attacker side with her Clear Shield. And just as the video above shows, it’s very effective for quick leaning and fragging enemies, as well as just simply standing up from a crouch position and going straight for a headshot.

This is basically the main use for Osa and it’s good to remind players of that because most new players who play Osa tend to become impatient and use her as something like Blitz or Montagne who can push while tanking bullets on their shield. Osa’s Clear Shield, while not as tough as the aforementioned operators, is a lot more versatile and can be set up in many different angles for Attackers to take advantage of.


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