[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Attack Teams That Are Powerful (Latest Patch)

Top 10 Best Attack Teams That Are Powerful In R6 Siege
We all know that for the most part, attacking is harder than defending. But with the right mix of operators, it can be a lot easier.

10. Thatcher + Thermite + Ace + Montagne + Lion

If you really want to win in a quick match, or during those rare times that Thatcher isn’t banned in Ranked, this operator setup is one of the best. Heck, it can easily be on the top five on this list if only Thatcher isn’t perpetually banned. With this team, you’ll be able to do a horizontal hard breach with Thermite, and vertical ones with Ace. Thatcher will make sure of that with his EMP grenades. 

And while Ace is breaching and attacking horizontally with Lion supporting him, the rest can continue pushing horizontally with Montagne on the lead and distracting the Defenders. Both Lion and Ace have claymores so they’ll be able to protect themselves from roamers above. Thermite and Montagne both have Smoke grenades which will aid greatly when it comes to defuser planting, and Thatcher also has claymores which can protect them from enemies who are flanking.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • This lineup will ensure that a hard breach will be done
  • Breaching won’t only be done horizontally, but vertically as well.
  • This team will be able to provide great cover for planting the defuser
  • Lots of protection from runouts and roamers

Team Details:

  • Thatcher for enabling Ace and Thermite to perform hard breaching
  • Thermite for opening up walls horizontally
  • Ace for destroying reinforced walls
  • Montagne for causing panic and providing cover for pushing
  • Lion for disrupting enemy rhythm and gathering intel


9. Jackal + Dokkaebi + Ace + Kali + Finka

This team has really good balance in all attack aspects. Jackal, with his Eyenox Model III can track Defenders’ footprints, and when he scans them, it will keep pinging the tracked Defender. Dokkaebi is a really good support for Jackal when it comes to clearing out roamers because of her Logic Bomb which forcefully rings Defenders’ mobile phones. With Jackal tracking them and Dokkaebi calling them, there’s a really good chance of Attackers eliminating roamers quite early in the round.

And while Dokkaebi and Jackal are clearing out roamers, Ace and Kali will handle the hard breaching. With her LV Explosive Lance, Kali can destroy Bandit’s Shock Wires or Mute’s Signal Jammers. In some cases, it’ll also be able to destroy Kaid’s Rtilla if it’s placed too close to the reinforced wall. And when the time to push and clear the room comes, Finka will be providing the whole team with powerful buffs, as well as boost their armor rating.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Roamers will be hunted and neutralized
  • Hard breaching will be performed
  • Great buffs from Finka
  • Great long-range support from Kali

Team Details:

  • Jackal for gathering intel and tracking down roamers
  • Dokkaebi for gathering intel, denying intel, as well as support for Jackal in hunting down roamers
  • Ace for hard breaching and protecting the team from flankers with his claymore
  • Kali for enabling Ace to perform his role using her LV Explosive Lance. She’ll also provide long range support.
  • Finka for providing buffs, healing teammates, reviving them, and frontline assault with her 6P41 LMG.


8. Iana + Sens + Ace + Kali + Finka

Another balanced team, but this one will be more focused on pushing and planting the defuser. But of course, to be able to do that without getting bitterly countered, you’d have to clear out roamers first, and Iana, with her Gemini Replicator should be able to perform that role really well. With her Gemini Replicator, she’ll be able to safely scout ahead and gather intel on enemies. That is perfect for hunting roamers. It can make them panic as well.

Just like in the above entry, Kali will enable Ace to perform a hard breach because her LV Explosive Lance can destroy most anti-breaching gadgets on the other side of the wall. Both Ace and Kali have claymores so they can protect themselves from runouts while trying to breach. And once a hard breach is successful, Kali can provide long range support, while Sens provides the cover with their R.O.U. Projector for a defuser plant, and Finka can be on the frontlines with her oppressive 6P41 LMG and powerful buffs.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Versatility and balance
  • Will be able to perform hard breaching
  • Will have the best cover for planting the defuser
  • Great at hunting roamers and collecting intel

Team Details:

  • Iana for scouting ahead and gathering intel. Her Gemini Replicator is also great for confusing enemies.
  • Sens for providing a lot of cover for planting the defuser or for the push in general
  • Ace for performing a hard breach and protecting the whole team from runouts and flankers with his claymore
  • Kali for enabling hard breaching by Ace with the use of her LV Explosive Lance which can destroy anti-breach devices from the other side
  • Finka for frontline assault and suppressing enemies with her 6P41 LMG, as well as providing the whole team with great buffs and additional health points.


7. Jackal + Nokk + Dokkaebi + Kali + Ace

This team would be great to have especially when you know that the players on the opposing team love roaming and that more than one of them are roamers. Jackal’s scan on Defender footprints is really helpful because it will ping that particular Defender for several seconds, but that ping sometimes can’t keep up when the Defender is moving fast. Caveira’s Silent Step wears it off too, and for cases like that, Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb will be very helpful, because the sound cues from Defenders’ mobile phones are in real time.

That will allow the team to keep tracking down roamers, even when they outrun Jackal’s tracking. Nokk on the other hand can outmaneuver and flank enemies with her HEL Presence Reduction which makes her invisible to Defender cameras and make her footsteps silent. She could use this to flank the roamers that Jackal and Dokkaebi are hunting or to rush to the objective area without being noticed. And just like the entries above, Kali and Ace will handle the hard breaching part, because that’s always important.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • The best lineup for hunting down roamers
  • Great for rushing
  • Will excel at gathering intel as well as denying it
  • Will be able to perform a hard breach

Team Details:

  • Jackal for tracking down roamers, effectively neutralizing them by exposing their position to the whole Attacking team.
  • Dokkaebi as support for Jackal and for gathering intel on enemy positions, as well as denying intel to the enemy.
  • Nokk for room clearing or a quiet rush to the objective area. Will also be a great support for Jackal and Dokkaebi for hunting roamers.
  • Kali as the hard breach enabler. Will be able to destroy anti-breach gadgets on the other side of the wall.
  • Ace as the hard breacher. Will also be able to breach reinforced hatches in case the horizontal breaching fails.


6. Buck + Dokkaebi + Ace + Flores + Maverick

Another team with great balance for pushing, roaming, and crowd control. And this team is especially great when the enemy team is on the bottom floor. Buck and Dokkaebi can perform the role of clearing out roamers. Dokkaebi can start the hunt with her Logic Bomb, and Buck can quickly make an entry point with his under-barrel shotgun, allowing him and Dokkaebi to get inside and clear the room. Her Logic Bomb will give them a good sense of where the roamers are or if the area is clear of them.

Once the roamers have been taken out, Buck can proceed with the vertical attack which he specializes on. He can keep destroying the wooden floor above the objective area, exposing the Defenders below and causing them panic. Ace and Maverick will handle the hard breaching, and in case Maverick is having a hard time destroying the anti-breach devices, Flores can help with that using his exploding drones. His exploding drones are also great for causing panic to Defenders and pushing them out of their hiding spots.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Great for quick entry and rushing
  • Lineup is perfect for crowd control
  • Great for both horizontal and vertical attack
  • Will be able to perform a hard breach

Team Details:

  • Buck for making quick entry points as well as harassing enemies from above or below.
  • Dokkaebi as support for Buck when it comes to clearing out roamers that could counter his vertical attack.
  • Flores for crowd control, pushing out enemies from their strong angles and hiding spots. Will also be able to enable hard breaching.
  • Maverick as another hard breach enabler. With both him and Flores working to enable hard breaching, it’s almost sure to be successful.
  • Ace for breaching walls and reinforced hatches. Will also be able to protect the team from roamers and flankers with his two claymores.


5. Sledge + Ace + Maverick + Nomad + Fuze

This team is great for overwhelming the Defenders inside the objective area with heavy firepower, and from all directions, while still great at countering roamers. With his Breaching Torch, Maverick will be able to melt down portions of reinforced walls, and he can use this to destroy anti-breach gadgets, allowing Ace to open up big holes on the objective area and exposing the Defenders from the outside. This is a great first step to winning the match.

While Maverick and Ace handle the hard breaching, Fuze, and Sledge can hunt down roamers from the upper floor. Nomad can support them with her Airjabs which will knock down enemies that come near it. The Airjabs are really great for countering roamers, and when the roamers have been neutralized, Fuze and Sledge can proceed with their vertical attack. Fuze can bombard the Defenders below with his Cluster Charges, and Sledge can keep destroying the wooden floor above the objective area. This tactic is great for exposing the Defenders vertically and horizontally.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Lineup will be great for vertical attacks
  • Will be able to destroy a lot of Defender gadgets
  • Great at countering roamers and runouts
  • Will be great at causing panic

Team Details:

  • Sledge for making quick entry points and rushing. He can also cause panic by doing a vertical attack with his Breaching Hammer and frag grenades.
  • Ace for breaching walls or reinforced hatches. Ace is also a great backline support once the breach has been made.
  • Maverick for enabling Ace to do a hard breach. He can destroy anti-breach gadgets with his Breaching Torch and frag grenades.
  • Nomad for countering roamers that would attempt to counter Sledge and Fuze’s vertical attack.
  • Fuze for causing a lot of panic to Defenders with continuous bombardment with his cluster charges. Will also be able to destroy a lot of Defender gadgets. 


4. Kali + Maverick + Twitch + Ace + Finka

This team specializes in hard breaching. With this team, even without a Thatcher, and there’s a Kaid on the Defender side, the chances of being able to perform a hard breach will be really high. This team is highly recommended for the cctv area in Oregon. Kali, with her LV Explosive Lance, can destroy the gadget that prevents the hard breach, but if it fails, there would also be a Maverick that can try to destroy it. He can also just straight up make murder holes on that wall and make that angle extremely deadly for Defenders.

And if both Kali and Maverick fail to destroy the anti-breach gadget, Twitch has two Shock Drones that can do it. Especially now that her Shock Drones can jump, Twitch can find more ways to get them to where they can shoot the gadgets that are preventing a hard breach. And once that’s done and Ace is able to open up the wall, Finka will greatly boost the whole team’s toughness, speed, and resistance, with the buffs from her Adrenal Surge.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Will enable hard breaching
  • Great buffs from Finka
  • Long range support from Kali
  • Lineup that can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets.

Team Details:

  • Kali for enabling Ace to perform a hard breach. Will be able to provide great long-range support after the wall has been breached.
  • Maverick as a backup hard breach enabler in case Kali fails. Practically no gadget can prevent Mav from melting portions of the wall with his Breaching Torch.
  • Twitch as another backup for enabling Ace to perform a hard breach. In case Maverick and Kali fail, Twitch’s Shock Drones should be able to do the job.
  • Ace for destroying large portions of walls and exposing Defenders inside. He can also perform vertical hard breaching.
  • Finka for providing great buffs to the whole team after the breach has been done and it’s time to push.


3. Flores + Ace + Maverick + Finka + Capitao

Like the entry above, this team specializes in hard breaching and pushing, but this team has better chances when it comes to planting the defuser. And a big part of that is because of Capitao and Flores. Maverick will try to destroy the anti-breach gadget, and if that doesn’t work, Flores’ exploding drones could finish the job. Each exploding drone has the same power as a nitro cell, so it’s almost a guarantee to destroy any anti-breach gadgets in the vicinity.

And once the wall is breached, Flores can send out his remaining drones to push Defenders out of their hiding spots or strong angles. Flores’ exploding drones can really mess up the Defenders’ setup and that’s why he’s such an underrated operator. And while Flores is doing that, Finka can buff the whole team with her Adrenal Surge and clear out the room with her 6P41 LMG which is one of the most powerful guns in the game. Capitao will initiate the defuser plant with his smoke grenades and deny area to any Defenders who will attempt to respond, using his fire grenades.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Great at defuser planting
  • Will be able to do a hard breach
  • Lineup is great at crowd control
  • Their gadgets will be great at causing panic to Defenders

Team Details:

  • Flores for enabling Ace to perform hard breaching. Flores would also be great for causing panic to Defenders and pushing them out of their strong angles.
  • Ace for hard breaching and backline support. Would also be great at countering run outs because of his claymores.
  • Maverick as another hard breach enabler. If Maverick by himself is able to destroy the Defenders’ antibreach gadget, Flores can use all his drones for destroying other gadgets and softening the objective area.
  • Finka for toughening up the whole team with added health points from her Adrenal Surge, as well as other great buffs. Great for fragging enemies too.
  • Capitao for providing smoke cover for a defuser plant. He can also deny area to the enemies with his fire genades.


2. Maverick + Fuze + Ace + Zofia + Dokkaebi

A very versatile team. One that can do almost all modes of attack, and that’s why it’s in a very high spot in this list. As usual, Maverick should be trying to enable a hard breach by trying to destroy anti-breach gadgets on the other side of the wall, using his Breaching Torch and frag grenades. But even if he can't, Fuze's Cluster Charges will probably do the job. So, this lineup is really great for breaching areas with wooden floors on top, like the garage area in Consulate.

While Ace and Maverick are pushing with a hard breach horizontally, Fuze can keep softening up the objective area with continued bombardment from his Cluster Charges. Zofia and Dokkaebi meanwhile will clear out the roamers. Zofia by herself is a great roamer hunter and crowd control specialist, but when partnered with a Dokkaebi, their duo is almost unstoppable. Dokkaebi will provide Zofia with the intel on enemy whereabouts, and Zofia, with her heavy firepower will finish them off.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Will be able to perform hard breaching
  • Vertical attack will create a lot of panic
  • Will be able to destroy a lot of Defender gadgets
  • Roamers will be hunted down

Team Details:

  • Maverick as a hard breach enable. He can also just make murder holes and frag Defenders inside using those holes. He can also use the portion of the wall he melted for throwing over his frag grenades.
  • Fuze softens up the objective area with a continuous bombardment from his Cluster Charges. This could also destroy anti-breach devices which in turn will enable Ace to breach the walls.
  • Ace for breaching the walls as well as the hatches. If Ace is able to destroy two walls horizontally, he can use his remaining hard breach special gadget for a hatch.
  • Zofia for room clearing and hunting down roamers. She’s the perfect roamer hunter as she can also counter them with her claymores.
  • Dokkaebi for providing intel to the whole team. She’ll be a great support for Zofia when it comes to clearing out roamers.


1. Maverick + Twitch + Ace + Finka + Dokkaebi

This is the most balanced operator lineup in the list, and the reason it’s in #1. With this team, you’ll be able to perform a hard breach, as well as clear out enemy roamers. Which is a very basic thing to do in Siege, but very effective. With Twitch and Maverick working hand in hand to destroy anti-breach devices on the other side of the wall, there’s a great chance of success to accomplish that task, and enable Ace to open up the wall in order to expose the objective area to the outside.

Once the Defenders’ wall is breached, it’ll be much easier to frag them because they’ll be more exposed. Finka’s Adrenal Surge will be a great boost to the team because of its buffs, additional health points, and it can revive teammates who get into a down-but-not-out (dbno) state. She can also support Dokkaebi when it comes to flanking and clearing out enemy roamers. And once the roamers are out, it’ll be much easier to push the objective area from both sides and clear out the remaining Defenders.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Very balanced lineup
  • Roles are perfect for attacking
  • Hard breaching is almost guaranteed
  • Will be able to destroy a lot of Defender gadgets

Team Details:

  • Dokkaebi will be able to inform the team if there are enemies around, and they will have a general idea of enemy locations or direction.
  • Finka will be able to provide the team with great support through her buffs, as well as provide heavy power for clearing out enemies.
  • Ace for breaching walls, allowing the team to have more avenues of attack.
  • Twitch for neutralizing Defender gadgets, especially really troublesome ones like Maestro’s Evil Eyes or Melusi’ Banshees. It can also neutralize Mira’s Black Mirrors, and is a great backup for enabling Ace to perform a hard breach.
  • Maverick as the best Thatcher alternative. With his breaching torch and frag grenades, he’ll likely be able to destroy the anti-breach gadget on the other side of the wall.


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