[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Nokk Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Nokk Loadouts
The hybrid of Vigil and Caveira? Nokk is much more than that. Just read her bio and find out [REDACTED]

Creeped everyone out when her operator trailer came out. Nokk has since been one of the player-favorite attackers. Capable of some of the most unexpected rushes. Her ‘Hel Presence Reduction’ makes every defender mindful of their backs, especially when they’re doing late reinforcements. But it’s not just her special gadget that makes her formidable. Her 2-armor 2-speed rating along with her loadouts, makes her capable of dealing quick deaths to her enemies even when the Hel Presence Reduction is not active.


5. FMG-9 with Holographic and Flash Hider + D-50 with Suppressor + Frag Grenade

The holographic sights may look out of place on this small gun, but it has its uses.

Nokk is quite tricky to use since unlike Vigil and Cav, you can’t use your unique gadget while sprinting. And in Siege, quick motions like a sudden sprint plus peeking usually wins in terms of reaction time. So, when the Hel presence reduction is active and you’re slowly creeping towards your enemies, sometimes it’s better to compensate for the movement drawback with a wider range of vision. That is what the holographic sights provide.

The flash hider meanwhile will hide the muzzle flash when you’re shooting, so your enemies won’t immediately see where they’re being shot from. And the suppressor on your handgun is for shooting defender cameras and other gadgets without alerting your enemies.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


4.  SIX12 SD with Laser + 5.7 USG with Suppressor + Frag Grenade

The SIX12 SD truly is one of the coolest looking shotguns in the game

Lasers benefit shotguns the most because they’re the guns in Siege that you can hip fire and still be effective. The only problem is that lasers can compromise your position. And with a stealth operator like Nokk, that would be a problem. And that’s why in this loadout, you’re going to treat the 5.7 USG handgun as your primary.

Even when equipped with a suppressor, the 5.7 USG still does 35 damage, and being semi-automatic with low recoil, this is a handgun that can be treated as a primary weapon with no problem. And when you sense enemies nearby, that is when you’ll switch back to your SIX12 SD.

Excels in:

  • Close range


3. SIX12 SD + D-50 with Suppressor + Frag Grenade

Close range superiority

Now without a laser attached to your SIX12 SD, your hip fire will not be as tight, but with this, you can always have it on the ready for close range encounters, which in Siege, can suddenly happen. And when it does happen, it happens fast. Though this loadout is only effective in close range, you can easily creep close to your enemy with the Hel presence reduction to force a close-range encounter.

Using a shotgun for Nokk is also great for creating entry holes and soft wall parts above reinforced walls for throwing over grenades on anchoring defenders. And of course, you can also use it to punch holes on wooden floors for strafing the enemies inside the objective area from below or above.

Excels in:

  • Close range


2. FMG-9 with 1.5x Scope and Flash Hider + D-50 with Suppressor + Frag Grenade

It hurts more when they don’t see it coming

The 1.5x scope is the perfect scope for close range because it provides just enough zoom for you to see your targets well, while also not being disadvantageous with a narrow field of vision. And for an operator who specializes in getting close to her enemies using stealth, the 1.5x scope makes her even more deadly. With the flash hider lowering the vertical recoil and hiding the muzzle flash, you’ll be making kills with great accuracy.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


1. FMG-9 with 1.5x Scope and Suppressor + D-50 with Muzzle Brake with Laser + Frag Grenade

Full on stealth mode

This is a roamer hunter loadout where you’ll be staying true to Nokk’s stealthy nature. With the suppressor on your FMG-9 and the Hel presence reduction, you’ll be picking off your enemies one by one without alerting others to your position, unless they’re also really close to you. The FMG-9 will suffer reduced damage because of the suppressor, but it will hide the muzzle flash, as well as the directional threat indicator from your shots.

And when your primary needs to reload in the middle of a gunfight, the unsuppressed D-50 with 71 damage will finish it off.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Stealth


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