[Top 15] R6 Best Team Comps That Are Powerful (Latest Patch)

Top 15 Best Team Compositions That Are Powerful In R6 Siege
These team compositions will increase your chances of winning each round and allow you and your teammates to get used to playing more as a team.

Why is team composition important?

Well, what separates Siege from most shooter games is that aim isn’t everything. You could be so great at aiming and your reflexes are professional level but those alone won’t be enough to win, because there are many other contributing factors to winning a round in Siege, and one of the biggest factors is teamwork, and the core of team work is team composition. 

With proper team composition, you and your team will know what you’re going to coordinate about, will it be clearing out roamers? Push with smoke and plant the defuser? Vertical attack? Each operator in Siege has different special gadgets, abilities, and sets of weapons, and having the right mix of them will allow you to compete against good teams who also have good operator lineups.


15. Jackal + Dokkaebi + Ace + Kali + Finka (Attack)

One of the basics of attacking in Siege is to clear out the roamers first, because if you and your teammates would all just go for the push in one direction, there’s a high chance that you’ll get fragged from behind because of roamers. That’s why it would be really great to use Jackal and Dokkaebi in tandem, especially now that Jackal isn’t being banned that much in Ranked anymore. With these two’s special gadgets, there’s a great chance that the roamer will be hunted down and neutralized.

And while Jackal and Dokkaebi are hunting down roamers, Ace and Kali can proceed on doing the first step of pushing the objective area, which is hard breaching. Kali’s LV Explosive Lance can destroy most anti-breach gadgets like Mute’s Signal Jammers, Bandit’s Shock Wires, and even Kaid’s Rtilla if it’s attached too close to the wall. This will allow Ace to breach the wall leading to the objective area and expose the Defenders inside to the outside. And when it’s time to push, Finka’s Adrenal surge will provide a lot of buffs to the whole team, making them tougher, and increasing their tolerance to many Defender gadgets.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Roamers will be hunted and neutralized
  • Hard breaching will be performed
  • Great buffs from Finka
  • Great long-range support from Kali

Team Details:

  • Jackal for effectively neutralizing enemy roamers by tracking them and providing intel on their whereabouts to the whole Attacker team.
  • Dokkaebi for supporting Jackal in hunting roamers by providing additional intel on their whereabouts.
  • Ace for breaching the wall on the objective area, making it easier to push and clear the enemies inside.
  • Kali for enabling Ace to perform his role as a hard breacher. Would also be able to provide great long-range support.
  • Finka for providing heavy firepower and clearing out the room. Provides great buffs to the whole team as well.


14. Melusi + Thorn + Smoke + Vigil + Wamai (Defense)

A team composition that specializes in pushing Attackers back and denying them area. This lineup is great for objective areas where hard breach prevention isn’t a big priority. Defensive spots like the CEO office in Consulate, or the hookah and billiards area in Coastline. Melusi can place her Banshees on common places that Attackers usually use to push, like the stairs near the objective area. This will greatly slowdown Attackers and the distinct sound that the Banshees make when activated will warn Defenders that Attackers are pushing that area.

Thorn’s Razorbloom Shells could be put near Melusi’s Banshees. The Banshee’s slow effects will make sure that the caught in it won’t be able to escape the explosion of the Razorbloom Shell unless he manages to shoot it first. Vigil is the team’s roamer and will pick off Attackers who are attempting to flank. His special gadget greatly unsettles Attackers because its effects will prevent them from seeing exactly where he is. Wamai will protect the objective area and the anchoring operators from grenades, and Smoke will push back Attackers with his gas grenade. He can also score kills with his gas grenades by throwing them to Attackers caught by Melusi’s Banshees slow effects.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • This team specializes in countering defuser plant attempts and push attempts
  • Will be able to greatly slow opponents down and break their rhythm
  • Great at countering enemy flankers
  • Will be able to neutralize enemy projectiles

Team Details:

  • Melusi for greatly slowing down enemies and breaking their momentum. Will also “hold” the enemy down so that he won’t be able to escape the Thorn’s Razorbloom Shell.
  • Thorn for breaking the enemies’ rhythm and causing them panic. Will also be able to score kills with her special gadget.
  • Smoke for pushing enemies back through his area denial device, preventing them from planting the defuser.
  • Wamai for protection against all kinds of enemy projectiles, especially from getting killed by those nasty frag grenades.


13. Iana + Sens + Ace + Kali + Finka (Attack)

This team composition specializes in pushing and planting the defuser. Kali, with her LV Explosive Lance, can enable a hard breach because upon impact, it sends out a force on the wall which destroys any gadgets that are near it. And in case this fails because the anti-breach gadget is an Rtilla and it is placed quite far from the wall, Finka’s frag grenades could finish the job. Once the anti-breach gadgets are destroyed, Ace can proceed in opening up the wall in order to expose the Defenders from outside and the Attackers can proceed with the push.

And when it comes to pushing, Sens’ special gadget can cause a lot of panic to Defenders, because they wouldn’t be able to see large portions of the objective area. The cover that Sens’ R.O.U. Projectors provide, will allow the Attackers to plant the defuser. Kali will cover the one planting the defuser from long range, and Finka will buff the whole team’s toughness with her Adrenal Surge. She can also clear the room of enemies using her very powerful 6P41 LMG. And Iana can perform the role of intel gatherer before the push or countering roamers.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Versatility and balance
  • Will be able to perform hard breaching
  • Will have the best cover for planting the defuser
  • Great at hunting roamers and collecting intel

Team Details:

  • Iana for intel gathering and confusing the enemies with her Gemini Replicator. She’ll also be a good roamer hunter.
  • Sens for providing a lot of cover for the Attackers’ advance, especially for planting the defuser.
  • Ace for breaching reinforced walls from a distance. He also has claymores for countering roamers and runouts.
  • Kali for enabling Ace to do his job as a hard breacher by destroying the anti-breach devices on the side with her LV Explosive Lance.
  • Finka for providing more toughness to the team, reload speed, revival, and resistance against many gadgets in the game.


12. Mira + Mute + Jager + Vigil + Kapkan (Defense)

This is a great team composition to have when defending areas like the aviator and games room in Villa. With Mira’s Black Mirrors, she can basically block large areas of the map from being pushed. Experienced Attackers would always hesitate to just simply rush an area that is being overlooked by a Black Mirror, because they know that they can be clearly seen from the other side. With Mira’s Black Mirror, Attackers will be forced to switch to other avenues of attack.

Mute’s Signal Jammers will support Mira’s Black Mirrors by preventing them from being destroyed by Ace or Hibana’s special gadgets, and Mute would still have two more Signal Jammers for stopping hard breaching on the walls. Jager’s ADS are another great support for Mira because they’ll be able to neutralize Attacker projectiles intended to break Mira’s Black Mirrors. And since Attackers are going to try other avenues of attack, they will likely fall prey to Vigil’s hit and run tactics, as well as Kapkan’s EDDS, especially in Villa which has a lot of entryways.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Should be able to make two angles almost impossible to push
  • Great at countering enemy projectiles
  • Able to prevent drones from effectively gathering intel
  • Countering enemy flankers and disrupting their rhythm

Team Details:

  • Mira for locking down angles, making them especially hard to push because the Attackers know that the Defenders can clearly see them from the other side of the wall.
  • Mute for protecting Mira’s Black Mirrors and preventing Attackers from gathering intel through their drones
  • Jager as another support for Mira’s Black Mirrors, preventing enemy projectiles from destroying them.
  • Vigil for roaming and picking off enemies who are trying to flank. His mere presence will also make Attackers uncomfortable because they know that he can counter attack any time.
  • Kapkan for inflicting damage to enemies or killing them through his traps. His traps would also slow down enemies because they will have to check every side of entryways.


11. Jackal + Nokk + Dokkaebi + Kali + Ace (Attack)

A team composition that specializes in roamer hunting. Roamer hunting is very important because roamers can present a lot of trouble when Attackers are already penetrating the objective area. Roamers can flank and get behind you, so Attackers always get a sense of relief when they know that the roamers are down and they can just focus on pushing the objective area and attempting to plant the defuser or clear out the remaining Defenders.

Jackal, with his special gadget can track the roamer’s footprints, pinging him for several seconds. In addition to that, Dokkaebi with her Logic Bomb can forcefully call Defenders’ mobile phones, so even if the roamer tries to shake off the pinging from Jackal’s tracking, the sound cue from Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb will keep following him. And Nokk can use that to flank and finish off the roamer. Kali, as usual would play the role of hard breach enabler, and Ace will open up the wall on the objective area, making it much easier for Attackers to penetrate it.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • The best lineup for hunting down roamers
  • Great for rushing
  • Will excel at gathering intel as well as denying it
  • Will be able to perform a hard breach

Team Details:

  • Jackal for providing intel on roamer whereabouts. He also has claymores to protect himself from roamers who are trying to counter attack him.
  • Nokk for rushing the objective area without getting notice. She’ll also be a great help for hunting roamers.
  • Dokkaebi for providing loud sound cues on enemy locations. This will mask the Attackers’ sound cues when pushing, and also compromise the location of Defenders.
  • Kali for enabling Ace to perform a hard breach. Would also be a great long-range support while the rest are planting the defuser.
  • Ace as the team’s hard breacher. Able to deploy his hard breach charges from a distance


10. Smoke + Azami + Wamai + Kaid + Kapkan (Defense)

A Defender team composition that focuses on anchoring and securing the objective area, but can still counter flanking Attackers. Kaid will be preventing walls and hatches from being breached, and Wamai will support him with his Mag-NETS that can draw away frag grenades intended to destroy Kaid’s Rtillas. Azami will fortify vulnerable angles and add cover for the Defenders inside the objective area. She can also use her Kiba Barriers to make vertical attacks from the attackers less effective. 

And in case Kaid and Wamai fail to prevent a hard breach, Smoke will be able to push Attackers back with his gas grenades, which can deny area to the enemies for several seconds each. Azami can also patch up portions of the breached wall. As for Attackers who will go around and attempt flanking, they could get damaged or killed by Kapkan’s EDDS. His EDDS also serve as good early warning devices when Attackers trigger them, giving the Defenders a sense of the general location of the enemies.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Able to fortify vulnerable angles
  • Great at area denial and countering push attempts
  • Able to deny a hard breach
  • Able to break enemy rhythm and damage them with traps

Team Details:

  • Smoke will be able to effectively halt a push, break the Attackers’ rhythm, and outmaneuver them with his gas grenades
  • Azami for fortifying weak angles in the objective area, as well as blocking drone walls.
  • Wamai for protecting the whole team from grenades, rendering smoke grenades useless, and protecting Kaid’s Rtillas from frag grenades
  • Kaid to play the role of main hard breach prevention. His Rtillas have a wide radius, so sometimes it's hard for Attackers’ gadgets to reach.
  • Kapkan for unsetting the enemies because when they know that there’s a Kapkan, the tendency is, they will check every entryway that they will use, and that will slow them down.


9. Buck + Dokkaebi + Ace + Flores + Maverick (Attack)

A really well balanced and versatile attack team composition. You can have both Buck and Dokkaebi hunting roamers, while Ace, Flores, and Maverick concentrate on pushing the objective area. With Buck’s under-barrel shotgun, he can quickly make entry holes on unreinforced walls. That will allow him and Dokkaebi to get inside the mission area fast, and hunt down enemy roamers through the sound cues that their mobile phones are making due to Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb.

Meanwhile, Maverick will be melting portions of the wall on the objective area using his Breaching Torch to destroy antibreach devices on the other side. And once that’s successful, Ace can deploy his hard breaching devices and open big holes on the wall. This will allow the Attackers to push inside the objective area much easier, especially after Flores softened it up with continuous bombing with his four exploding drones.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Great for quick entry and rushing
  • Lineup is perfect for crowd control
  • Great for both horizontal and vertical attack
  • Will be able to perform a hard breach

Team Details:

  • Buck for making quick entry points as well as harassing enemies from above or below.
  • Dokkaebi as support for Buck when it comes to clearing out roamers that could counter his vertical attack.
  • Flores for crowd control, pushing out enemies from their strong angles and hiding spots. Will also be able to enable hard breaching.
  • Maverick as another hard breach enabler. With both him and Flores working to enable hard breaching, it’s almost sure to be successful.
  • Ace for breaching walls and reinforced hatches. Will also be able to protect the team from roamers and flankers with his two claymores.


8. Mira + Alibi + Azami + Jager + Kaid (Defense)

This is a great team composition to have when defending the basement area of Oregon. Mira and Azami have one of the most OP synergies in the game. It allows Mira to simply attach her Black Mirrors on unreinforced walls, and Azami can fortify its bottom part with her Kiba Barriers, making it bulletproof. This allows Mira to use the above part of her Black Mirror for throwing a nitro cell at the enemies or for strafing them using the intel that her Black Mirrors provide.

Put two of Jager’s ADS on the blue bunker to make sure that no enemy projectiles will destroy Mira’s Black Mirror, and the remaining ADS should be placed on the laundry area for countering enemy projectiles coming from the laundry storage. Kaid’s Rtilla will prevent the hatch above Mira’s Black Mirror on electric room from being breached. And Alibi can perform the role of roamer really well. She can deploy two of her holographic clones within the objective area in order to help her teammates gather intel and confuse enemies, and she can use the remaining one for confusing the enemies while she’s roaming.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Able to prevent hard breaching
  • Can fortify vulnerable angles
  • Great at intel gathering
  • Great at countering enemy flankers

Team Details:

  • Mira for making two angles very hard to push for the Attackers. She also has an OP synergy with Azami.
  • Alibi for roaming and confusing enemies with her holographic clones. She can also use them for gathering intel on enemy positions.
  • Azami for fortifying vulnerable areas, weak angles, and most importantly, the bottom of part of Mira’s Black Mirror when it’s attached on an unreinforced wall.
  • Jager as an overall grenade protection for the whole team, and most importantly, preventing Mira’s Black Mirrors from being destroyed by enemy projectiles
  • Kaid for preventing walls from being breached, as well as hatches, especially ones that would make Mira vulnerable from above.


7. Kali + Maverick + Twitch + Ace + Finka (Attack)

This team composition has three operators that are the best alternative to Thatcher, so it specializes in making sure that a hard breach will be made. This is best when attacking the cctv room in Clubhouse where being able to breach the walls from the outside goes a long way when it comes to winning the round. Kali will attempt to destroy the Defenders’ antibreach gadgets with her LV Explosive Lance, and if that fails, Mav can do it by melting portions of the wall with his Breaching Torch and shooting them or destroying them with his frag grenades.

But the frag grenades intended for destroying anti-breach gadgets can be neutralized by Wamai’s Mag-NETs or Jager’s ADS, and to make sure that they don’t, you have Twitch who can send out her Shock Drones in order to disable the anti-grenade gadgets and other gadgets inside. And once Ace has opened up a wall from the outside, it will be time to push, and Finka will boost the whole team with her buffs. She can also pop off a smoke or two to provide cover for a defuser plant attempt.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Will enable hard breaching
  • Great buffs from Finka
  • Long range support from Kali
  • Lineup that can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets.

Team Details:

  • Kali for providing long range support and making Defenders uncomfortable because of the heavy firepower of her marksman rifle. Could also destroy anti-breach devices.
  • Maverick for enabling hard breaching from Ace. Can melt portions of the wall for throwing his frag grenades over to the other side and destroying Defender gadgets.
  • Twitch as another hard breach enabler. Can destroy anti-grenade devices that prevent Maverick’s frag grenades from being effective.
  • Ace as the main hard breacher, can open up huge holes on the walls of the objective area. Also has claymores to protect himself and the team from runouts and roamers.
  • Finka can provide the whole team with extra health points, and make them more resistant to the effects of enemy gadgets.


6. Lesion + Melusi + Kapkan + Wamai + Kaid (Defense)

This defender team composition specializes in countering rushing enemies. With this lineup, it’s almost impossible for Attackers to have a successful rush. It’s also really great at countering shield operators like Blitz or Montagne, because if they step on a Lesion Gu Mine, they would have no choice but to halt the push, get into a safe angle, and remove the Gu Mine. So, Blitz or Montagne won’t be able to just rush the Defenders. And Melusi’s Banshees will provide a second layer of defense that will greatly slowdown the Attackers.

Lesion’s Gu Mines and Melusi’s Banshees will slow down the Attackers and ruin their rhythm. And the other Attackers who are attempting to flank could fall prey to Kapkan’s EDDS which will inflict a lot of damage on them or even instantly kill them. Kaid will do his usual role of preventing a hard breach, plus, he can counter vertical attacks with his nitro cell. Wamai will protect the anchoring defenders from grenades using his Mag-NETS, and through his impact grenades, he can create rotation holes which are very important in Ranked.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Best at countering a rush
  • Great at breaking enemies’ rhythms
  • Able to prevent hard breaching
  • Great at slowing down enemies and stopping shield operators

Team Details:

  • Lesion for slowing down Attackers and breaking their rhythm. Great at countering Montagne or Blitz too because they’d have no choice to stop and pull out the Gu Mine if they step on them.
  • Melusi will provide another layer of protection with her Banshees that can greatly slowdown opponents and act like early warning devices for the anchoring defenders
  • Kapkan for inflicting heavy damage to unlucky opponents, as well as disrupting their rhythm of attack. His EDD traps when triggered can also act as early warning devices
  • Kaid for hard breach prevention. He can also make it very hard for enemies to advance in a narrow corridor by places his barbed wires there and electrocuting them with the Rtilla


5. Flores + Ace + Maverick + Finka + Capitao (Attack)

Another great team composition for hard breaching and pushing. Maverick, using his Breaching Torch, will melt portions of the objective area’s wall to enable a hard breach by disabling the anti-breach gadgets on the other side, be it Mute’s Signal Jammers, Bandit’s Shock Wires, or Kaid’s Rtillas. Maverick can destroy them by throwing frag grenades through the holes that he made using his Breaching Torch. And if Maverick fails to destroy all antibreach devices, Flores will finish the job with his exploding drones which have the same power as nitro cells. 

Flores can use this to really soften up the objective area before the Attacking team pushes it because his four exploding drones can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets and cause a lot of panic to Defenders. And once the wall is breached, Finka will toughen up the whole team with her Adrenal Surge’s buffs, and Capitao will provide some quick cover with his smoke grenades, as well as upset the Defenders’ attempts to counter attack by denying them area with his asphyxiating bolts which covers a large area in fire for several seconds.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Great at defuser planting
  • Will be able to do a hard breach
  • Lineup is great at crowd control
  • Their gadgets will be great at causing panic to Defenders

Team Details:

  • Flores, through his exploding drones, will be able to destroy a lot of enemy gadgets, including anti-breach ones. Would also cause a lot of panic to the Defenders.
  • Ace for hard breaching the objective area’s walls. Making it easier for Attackers to push and penetrate the objective area.
  • Maverick as another hard breach enabler. He can also use the holes that he can make with his Breaching Torch as murder holes.
  • Finka for providing great buffs to the whole team. She can also revive her teammates that are in a down-but-not-out (dbno) state no matter where she is.
  • Capitao for providing cover for the defuser plant attempt. Can also deny area to Defenders who are trying to counter attack


4. Wamai + Kaid + Mira + Smoke + Azami (Defense)

This is another great team composition when it comes to defending many basement areas like the one in Oregon and Bank. With this lineup, Kaid will be able to prevent walls from being breached, as well as hatches. Wamai will protect Kaid’s Rtillas and Mira’s Black Mirrors from enemy projectiles that are intended to destroy them. Mira, with the intel from her Black Mirrors, can make it really hard for Attackers to push, especially with her deadly combination with Azami.

With this lineup, Mira doesn’t have to attach her Black Mirrors on reinforced walls. It’ll be better to attach them on an unreinforced one and just have Azami reinforce its bottom part with her Kiba Barriers. That way, the bottom part will be bulletproof and Mira can use the upper part for scoring kills with her nitro cell. Azami’s Kiba Barriers will also be able to fortify many weak positions, and provide the Defenders with additional cover. And Smoke, with his gas grenades, will repel Attackers who manage to get inside.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Great at locking down angles
  • Able to prevent Attackers from hard breaching
  • Great at countering defuser plant attempts with smoke cover
  • Able to strengthen weak angles 

Team Details:

  • Wamai for protecting Kaid’s Rtillas and Mira’s Black Mirrors from enemy projectiles. Great for overall support as well.
  • Kaid for preventing hatches or walls from being breached. Also acts like a defending sniper with his TCSG12.
  • Mira for locking down angles, making it very hard for attackers to push. She can rework enemy movements because of that.
  • Smoke for countering defuser plant attempts. Able to deny area to Attackers for a long time. Can also assert close range superiority with his shotgun and machine pistol secondary.


3. Maverick + Fuze + Ace + Zofia + Dokkaebi (Attack)

Great for attacking basement or lower stories of the map. This balanced team can attack in many ways and give the Defenders a lot to worry about in all directions. Maverick will perform his usual role as the hard breach enabler by destroy the anti-breach gadgets on the other side of the wall, and if that’s successful, Ace can proceed with opening up huge holes on the wall of the objective area, exposing the Defenders inside and giving them more angles to worry about.

And speaking of angles, they would have to be wary about what’s above them as well, because Fuze can keep bombing them with his Cluster Charges. Fuze’s Cluster Charges will destroy a lot of gadgets and force Defenders out of their hiding spots. That will further expose them to Attacker fire. And when it comes to clearing out roamers, Dokkaebi and Zofia have a really great combination. Dokkaebi will provide the intel, and Zofia will provide the firepower. Zofia also has claymores which are great countermeasures for roamers who are trying to get you from behind.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Will be able to perform hard breaching
  • Vertical attack will create a lot of panic
  • Will be able to destroy a lot of Defender gadgets
  • Roamers will be hunted down

Team Details:

  • Maverick for allowing Ace to perform his role as a hard breacher. Would also make enemies inside very uncomfortable because of the murder holes that he can create.
  • Fuze for vertical bombardment. Instills a lot of panic to Defenders and destroys many of their gadgets.
  • Ace for hard breaching, allowing the Attacking team an easier path of attack horizontally, while Fuze keeps hammering down at opponents vertically.
  • Zofia brings the heavy firepower. Perfect partner for Dokkaebi when hunting roamers. 
  • Dokkaebi to assist Zofia for hunting roamers. Dokkaebi will be able to provide Zofia with enough intel on enemy locations.


2. Kaid + Mute + Jager + Goyo + Mira (Defense)

This is the team composition that I would highly recommend when defending the armory and archive area in Border. Mira should place one of her Black Mirrors on the breach area and one on the africa area. That way, the Defending team will have good visuals on what’s going on in the armory balcony and cement area, since those two areas are the areas that Attackers usually take when pushing this objective area. Goyo should also place two of his Volcan Canisters on the cement area and on the breach/default area.

Kaid will make it so that Mira’s Black Mirror on the breach/default area will not be destroyed by Ace or Hibana’s gadgets. Jager will protect both the Black Mirror and Kaid’s Rtilla with his ADS. For this map and area, it is advisable to put two Jager ADS on the breach/default area. And after deploying his ADS during the prep phase, Jager can act as the team’s roamer or flanker. Mute will make it hard for the Attackers to gather intel, and when they do try to force a push and defuser plant, Goyo’s Volcan Canisters can be detonated and even just one of them can stop Attackers from pushing and planting the defuser, because its fire which covers a large area, lasts for 20 seconds. And that’s a really long time when it comes to Siege.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Excels at securing and anchoring the objective area
  • Able to lock down angles
  • Can deny large areas to enemies for a long time
  • Able to neutralize enemy projectiles
  • Can prevent Attacker drones from gathering intel

Team Details:

  • Kaid will prevent walls and hatches from being breached. Also great at countering vertical attacks with his nitro cell.
  • Mute for preventing Attacker drones from gathering intel. Two of his Signal Jammers could also be used to ensure Mira’s Black Mirrors won’t be destroyed by breaching devices
  • Jager for protecting Mira’s Black Mirrors and Kaid’s Rtilla’s from grenades. Can also acts as a roamer after deploying all of his ADS.
  • Goyo for denying area to the Attackers for long periods of time. Like Kaid, Goyo can also perform the role of a defending sniper with his TCSG12.
  • Mira for protecting two angles from being pushed. Also has a great utility tool in her shotgun which she can use to make rotation holes or murder holes for throwing over his nitro cells 


1. Maverick + Twitch + Ace + Finka + Dokkaebi (Attack)

This team composition will provide everything that you need to win the around, and it’s in #1 because it will work even when the Defender team’s composition is also great. Maverick and Twitch will work hand in hand to enable Ace to perform a hard breach. Maverick through his Breaching Torch which can open up holes on reinforced walls, even when the wall is being electrocuted by Bandit’s Shock Wires or Kaid’s Rtillas. With Twitch’s help, the chances of performing a hard breach are highly likely, because Twitch can destroy the anti-grenade gadgets from Wamai or Jager, or go straight to destroying Kaid’s Rtilla.

And while Twitch, Ace, and Maverick are pushing on the side where the wall of the objective area is, Dokkaebi and Finka can go roamer hunting, or attack the objective area on the other side. This will give Defenders more things to worry about, especially when Dokkaebi hacks their phones and has them ring loudly, effectively providing her team with intel on the Defenders’ positions. And of course, when attacking a roamer or proceeding with a push, Finka’s great buffs will make sure that the whole team is tougher and can resist more Defender gadgets than normal.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Very balanced lineup
  • Roles are perfect for attacking
  • Hard breaching is almost guaranteed
  • Will be able to destroy a lot of Defender gadgets

Team Details:

  • Maverick for enabling hard breach. Has claymores that can protect him from runouts while he’s melting portions of the objective area’s walls.
  • Twitch as another hard breach enabler. Can disable a lot of enemy gadgets as long as her Shock Drones get shot.
  • Ace as the main hard breacher. Can deploy his breaching devices from a distance. Great backline support.
  • Finka for providing buffs to the whole team. Buffs which add more toughness to the whole team and make them more resistant to other Defender gadgets.
  • Dokkaebi for providing intel on enemy locations. Can also hack on a dead Defender’s mobile phone and gain access to all Defender cameras.


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