[Top 5] R6 Best Aspect Ratio Used By Pros

Top 5 Aspect Ratios Used By Pros in R6 Siege
IQ lookin’ like she prefers the 4:3 aspect ratio

5. BriD - 5:3

BriD is a French Siege pro-player who is playing as Team BDS’ support. A large portion of the success of Team BDS can be attributed to him, because the team’s standing improved a lot since BriD joined them. He’s one of the best supports inpro-league with fifteen clutches in year 6. As long as he’s alive, the opponents cannot go easy in pushing the objective area.

BriD prefers the 5 : 3 aspect ratio and this setting offers a wider view of the surroundings than most in this entry. BriD is actually one of the few pro-players that I found who is using this aspect ratio, but we can safely assume that for BriD, who mainly plays support, a wider view of the surroundings is much more important than making enemies appear bigger. And that makes a lot of sense because supports really need to have a good handle on the situation and the surroundings.

Excels in:

  • Balance
  • Providing more peripheral view
  • Reacting to enemies coming from your sides

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You have really good reaction time
  • You’re having trouble reacting to enemies coming from the sides
  • You’re playing support and anchoring


4. Ecl9pse - 16:9

16:9 is the best aspect ratio in this list when it comes to providing players with the widest peripheral view. And Ecl9pse doesn’t only use the aspect ratio with the widest peripheral view, he also uses the field of view setting that provides players with the most peripheral view. For many players like Ecl9pse, having the widest field of view possible is to make sure that no enemy will get on your side without you noticing. 

The downside to this is that enemies will appear thinner, and that might make it harder for players to hit their enemies. But one can mitigate this downside by equipping the highest level of zoom that is available on their weapons. This aspect ratio will also make sure that the player has a really good handle on enemy positioning, which is perfect for entry fraggers like Ash and Buck which are Eclp9pse’s most played Attackers, according to his r6tracker page.

Excels in:

  • Wider peripheral view
  • Getting a good handle on enemy positions
  • Increasing awareness of surroundings

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You’re having trouble reacting to enemies that are coming from the sides
  • You’re playing in high sensitivity like Ec9pse
  • You have a really good reaction time


3. Canadian - 3:2

Canadian have achieved legendary status in the Siege pro-league scene. He’s the in-game leader of DarkZero Esports where the above player, Ecl9pse, also plays. DArkZero Esports is a top tier team which recently won 1st place in the 2022 Six Charlotte Major, so, dear readers, you probably should really consider using the aspect ratios that Canadian and Ecl9pse have been using.

The 3:2 aspect ratio is one of the most balanced in this list. Things, especially your enemies, would still appear with decent thickness, and it would still provide enough peripheral view for you to react to your enemies that are coming from the side. Personally, I would sooner use this aspect ratio than the 4:3 which is ranked higher, but I put 4:3 on a higher ranking because it’s the most popular among pros.

Excels in:

  • Balance
  • It doesn’t sacrifice a lot of peripheral view
  • It still maintains a good front view

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You usually have trouble reacting to roamers and flankers
  • You are used to low sensitivity (Canadian uses 4)


2. Beaulo - 4:3

Beaulo is definitely one of the best pro-players in Siege right now, if not the best. He’s also one of the most popular Siege youtubers. And like many pros, he uses the 4:3 aspect ratio. The main reason why 4:3 is so popular is because it makes enemies appear bigger, therefore, easier to hit. At least in theory. But it comes with a big sacrifice. Among this list, it is the aspect ratio that sacrifices the most peripheral vision.

But Beaulo and many who are beasts in the game prefer this aspect ratio because they know they can just react to the enemies coming from the sides through sound cues and their excellent reflexes, partnered with their high horizon sensitivity settings. Beaulo also sets his field of view on 90, so that kind of balances out his aspect ratio and gives him more peripheral view.

Excels in:

  • Making enemy sprites appear bigger
  • Making it appear that enemies are closer
  • Enables you to see targets clearer

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You’re having trouble seeing opponents
  • You have good reaction time and can react to enemies coming from the side quickly
  • You’re used to high sensitivity (Beaulo uses 90)


1. Pengu - 16:10

Now, the 16:10 aspect ratio may not be the most popular among pros, but since most of who will read this article plays online like the rest of us, and Pengu himself recommends it for online players, I’m putting it on the top spot. First of all, Pengu is a legendary professional Siege player, and like Beaulo, one of the most popular Siege youtubers.

Pengu has given the community a lot of great advice and has shown many excellent gameplay clips, so his advice is always valuable. And the reason why he is recommending the 16:10 aspect ratio for online players is because the latency in online matches compared to Lan matches like in pro-league affects the aspect ratio very differently. 

With the latency in online matches, the extreme stretching with 4:3 aspect ratio that makes everything appear thicker can actually make operators, especially the ones with 3-speed rating, appear to move much faster, and therefore, harder to hit. So, for online players like most of us, it’s better to play with a 16:10 aspect ratio which provides the most balance between peripheral view and stretching among all that are in this list.

Excels in:

  • Online matches
  • Balance between side view and front view

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You’re playing online, like most of us.
  • You’re worried about not being able to see enemies on your peripheral view


Final thoughts:

Let’s take a look at how each setting looks so that you, the reader, can really compare them from one another. These tests were done with a Field of View of 75.


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