Rainbow 6 Siege Defender Tier List [R6 Best And Worst Defenders Revealed]

Defender Tier List For Rainbow 6 Siege
An updated look on the best and worst Defenders during Operation Vector Glare

S Tier – These Defenders are at the top because of their inherent roles, which are almost essential when it comes to defending. For example, being able to prevent attackers from performing a hard breach is very important for the defending team, because the Attackers would have a big advantage if they’re successful with it, and that’s why Kaid is important to have. On the other hand, it’s easy for Attackers to score kills with their frag grenades, and push the objective spot when the anchoring Defenders are blinded by stun grenades, and that’s why Jager’s role as anti-projectile is very important. 

Azami: 95/100 Defender

Smoke: 94/100 Defender

Kaid: 94/100 Defender

Valkyrie: 95/100 Defender

Jager: 93/100 Defender

Melusi: 94/100 Defender


A Tier – They're a class below the S-Tier ones, but they’re still great Defenders and are still some of the best. The only reason why they’re a class below S-Tier is because it’s easier for them to be countered compared to the S-Tier ones. But still, like I said, they’re great Defenders who can contribute a lot to the team. For example, Mute and Bandit are great alternatives to Kaid when it comes to preventing attackers from performing a hard breach, but they’re a class below Kaid because it’s easier to neutralize their special gadgets.

Bandit: 88/100 Defender

Kapkan: 86/100 Defender

Mute: 84/100 Defender

Mira: 81/100 Defender

Goyo: 86/100 Defender

Alibi: 86/100 Defender

Maestro: 84/100 Defender

Pulse: 82/100 Defender

Oryx: 81/100 Defender

Mozzie: 83/100 Defender

Wamai: 87/100 Defender


B Tier – These operators, while still powerful, are quite situational, and their roles are not as essential as the S-Tier and A-Tier ones, because they can be easily replaced. Castle, for example, is great at fortifying angles with his Armor Panels, but that role can be taken over by Azami, and she’ll be more effective at it. Lesion’s Gu Mines are also great at slowing down enemies and acting as early warning devices, but Melusi’s Banshees in general are better than the Gu Mines when it comes to fulfilling the same purposes. 

Castle: 79/100 Defender

Lesion: 78/100 Defender

Warden: 75/100 Defender

Ela: 74/100 Defender

Vigil: 73/100 Defender

Rook: 78/100 Defender

Tachanka: 78/100 Defender

Thunderbird: 79/100 Defender

Aruni: 77/100 Defender


C Tier – They're on the lowest tier because any Defending team would be just fine without their presence. They’re also some of the easiest operators to counter and their special gadgets are rendered useless most of the time, especially when they’re facing off against experienced players. Frost, for example, is a powerful operator, but it’s hard for her Welcome Mats to trap experienced players because they will always shoot down whenever vaulting on a window, and they will always check the sides of entrances. Echo’s Yokai Drones can now be easily seen, so all Attackers have to do is pay attention to the ceiling and shoot them down.

Clash: 65/100 Defender

Caveira: 67/100 Defender

Frost: 68/100 Defender

Doc: 67/100 Defender

Thorn: 63/100 Defender

Echo: 62/100 Defender


Azami (S-Tier Area Denial, Area Securer, Intel Denial)

Azami is one of the best Defenders right now, so there’s no denying that she’s in S-Tier. There are only a few operators in the game that can rework enemy movements, and Azami’s way of doing it is very unique and effective. She can block entrances and line of sights with her Kiba Barrier, effectively reshaping the geometry of the fight. Of course, because she can practically create more cover with her Kiba Barriers, her main strength lies in her ability to fortify a previously weak angle. That’s why it would be really good to pick her if the objective spot has a lot of open areas.

She also has one of the best combos in the game, and that is her combo with Mira, where Mira deploys her Black Mirror on an unreinforced wall and Azami protects the bottom part with a Kiba Barrier. That way, Mira would have more space to frag defenders with when quick leaning from her Black Mirror. And she can use the above part for throwing her nitro cell over. Another great thing about Azami is that the very powerful ACS12 shotgun is available to her. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, featuring heavy damage, very low recoil, and it’s fully automatic.

Azami’s Strengths:

  • Able to provide cover to exposed angles through her Kiba Barriers
  • Has a very powerful combo with Mira where she reinforces the bottom part of the unreinforced wall where Mira’s Black Mirror is with her Kiba Barrier
  • Has the very powerful ACS12 single-slug firing shotgun that works very well at any range
  • Has impact grenades which she can use to further reshape the map for the Defender team’s advantage

Best builds for Azami:



Smoke (S-Tier Area Denial, Anchor, Are Securer)

Speaking of reworking enemy movements, Smoke does it really well too, but in a different way than Azami. Smoke has a gas grenade as his special gadget and it covers a large spot in chemical gas that damages anyone, except Smoke, who comes in contact with it. Smoke’s gas grenade is one of the best area denial devices in the game, not only because it’s effective at pushing back enemies, but also because it doesn’t harm Smoke. That means Smoke can go inside its effects and with that, outmaneuver the Attackers and quickly take back control of the area.

Because of that, Smoke can get close to his enemies or ambush them in that particular area, where his shotgun would have superiority. And when he knows that he has to engage enemies at a longer distance than his shotgun’s optimal range, he can switch to the SMG-11 machine pistol which has a very fast rate of fire and high damage output. It has a strong vertical weapon kick, but a lot of times, that vertical recoil actually helps Smoke score a lot of headshots.

Smoke’s Strengths:

  • Can quickly deny area and push Attackers back with his Remote Gas Grenade special gadget
  • Able to enter the effects of his gas grenade without getting hurt, and he can use that to outmaneuver enemies and take back control of the area that they pushed.
  • Excels at close to medium range because of his shotgun as his primary weapon and the SMG-11 as his secondary

Best builds for Smoke:



Kaid (S-Tier Anti Hard Breacher, Anchor, Area Securer)

Kaid is an S-Tier Defender because he’s the best when it comes to preventing Attackers from performing a hard breach. Preventing them from successfully hard breaching a wall or hatch on the objective spot goes a long way into winning the round because you’re basically forcing the Attackers to find other paths of attack, and those other paths of attack are usually narrower, so it’ll be easier for the Defenders to ambush and frag them. Not to mention, when Attackers fail to perform hard breaching, they’d have wasted a lot of time.

Of course, that’s all possible because of Kaid’s special gadget, the "Rtila" Electroclaw. Kaid has two of these Electroclaws, and they can Electrocute reinforced walls, reinforced hatches, and barbed wires within their 1.4m radius. That’s what makes Kaid such an effective anti-hard breach Defender. Because he can deploy his Electroclaws in awkward, hard to reach angles, so that it’ll be harder for Attackers to destroy them. Another great thing about Kaid is that he has the TCSG12 which basically makes Kaid a marksman in the Defender side.

Kaid’s Strengths:

  • Very effective at preventing attackers from performing a hard breach because his Electroclaws have a wide range
  • Still the only Defender that is capable of preventing a hard breach on top reinforced hatches
  • Has the TCSG12 shotgun for medium to long range shooting, and the AUG A3 submachine gun for close to medium range.
  • Has the nitro cell which is very effective at countering pushing Attackers

Best builds for Kaid:



Valkyrie (S-Tier Intel Gatherer, Roamer)

I can’t stress enough how important intel is in Siege. Siege is a very strategic game, and it’s hard to implement your team strategy when you don’t have sufficient intel on your enemies. Luckily, when you have Valkyrie on your team, chances are, you’ll have more than enough intel for implementing your strategies and countering the Attackers. That is because Valkyrie has three Black Eye Cameras that can be attached to most surfaces in the game. And because of their small sizes, it can be quite hard for Attackers to notice them.

If Valkyrie places them in really hard to see places, the Black Eye Cameras, when being operated by any member of the Defender team, can continuously ping enemies, and that can really add a lot of distraction for them because a warning will keep flashing on their screen that they’re being detected. Of course, most of the time, you shouldn’t ping them, because that would make them know that there’s probably a Black Eye camera in the area and they’ll search for it. The intel from the Black Eye Cameras also makes Valkyrie one of the best roamers around, because she will know where and when to hit the enemies from behind.

Valkyrie's Strengths:

  • Her Black Eye Cameras can provide a good 180-degree view of the surroundings, so they’re perfect for gathering intel
  • Her MPX submachine gun has a very low stock recoil, making Valkyrie one of the most accurate shooters in the Defender side.
  • The Black Eye Cameras are quite small so they can be hidden well in awkward, hard to spot angles.
  • Can perform the c4-under-the-floor strat really well because of the intel from her Black Eye Cameras

Best builds for Valkyrie:



Jager (S-Tier Area Securer, Roamer)

Despite all the nerfs that he has suffered throughout the years, Jager remains an S-Tier operator because of his ability to neutralize enemy grenades and other projectiles, which also makes him a great support for preventing the attackers from successfully performing a hard breach. Yes, Wamai is a great alternative for preventing enemy grenades from being effective against Defenders, but his Mag-NETS are not that great for preventing hard breaching, because a frag grenade would still explode when pulled by a Mag-NET, and a lot of times, even when it’s pulled by a Mag-NET, it's still enough to destroy anti-hard breach gadgets.

With Jager’s ADS, any projectile from the enemies is immediately destroyed. What’s great about them is that Jager can deploy all three of them during the preparation phase and he can just leave them to do their thing. So, Jager, unlike Wamai, won’t be stuck anchoring. He can go roam and hunt Attackers down, and with his 2-speed 2-armor rating, he can really perform the role of roamer well. His 416-C Carbine is still strong and can quickly finish off an enemy in close to medium range with his fast rate of fire. His M870 shotgun is also one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, and would be great for surprising enemies at close range.

Jager's Strengths:

  • Completely destroys enemy projectiles and he can do so quickly with his special gadget
  • Able to deploy all three of his special gadgets during prep phase, and that makes him able to focus more in dealing with the enemies.
  • Has one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, the M870, which can take an opponent down with one shot at close range.
  • His 416-C Carbine has a wide variety of attachments available to it, making it highly customizable according to the user’s own gameplay.

Best builds for Jager:



Melusi (A-Tier Area Securer, Crowd Control, Intel Gatherer)

Melusi is known for having a pesky special gadget called the Banshee Sonic Defense which can greatly slow down Attackers who are within its range. And she has three of those special gadgets. They slow down Attackers more than barbed wires can, and if you’re an Attacker, getting caught in that slow effect, can give you a lot of trouble, because you won’t be able to perform evasive maneuver or get into cover. But it’s not just the slow effects that makes it one of the peskiest special gadgets in the game. 

The Banshees also emit a loud sound when they’re slowing down enemies, and that warns the Defenders that there are enemies in that particular direction. And even though Attackers can destroy the Banshees with melee attacks or by shooting its top surface when it opens up to activate, doing so may leave them vulnerable to Defender fire for a few seconds. One of my favorite things about Melusi is her impact grenades, which are great utility tools, and they can be used to quickly create a flanking hole for going around and surprising the enemies that are being slowed by a Banshee.

Melusi’s Strengths:

  • Able to greatly slow down opponents with her Banshee Sonic Defense special gadget
  • Her Banshees can also act as early warning devices because they emit a loud sound when they’re activated
  • Has great utility tools in the impact grenades which she can use to create rotation holes
  • Has one of the best pistols in the game available to her, the RG15, which has a great stock red dot sight that makes it capable of effectively hitting targets at medium to long range.

Best builds for Melusi:



Bandit (A-Tier Anti Hard Breach, Area Securer)

Bandit is in the A-Tier primarily because it’s great to have him in the team for preventing Attackers from successfully hard breaching. An experienced Bandit main can prevent a hard breach, even when Thatcher is around, because he or she would be able to properly time the so-called ‘Bandit Trick’. While Bandit’s would be very vulnerable to Maverick’s Breaching Torch, just having a Bandit in the team would already take a lot of time away from the Attackers, because they would have to work on destroying his Shock Wires first before performing hard breaching.

Even during the times when he’s not successful in preventing Attackers from hard breaching, Bandit would still be great at defending the objective spot because of his weapons and utility tools. Bandit has a nitro cell which is very effective at countering Attackers who are pushing or planting the defuser. His MP7 submachine gun has good damage output, good magazine capacity, and most importantly, a fast rate of fire, so it can make quick work of enemies. And like Jager in one of the above entries, he also has the M870 shotgun which can one shot an enemy at close range.

Bandit’s Strengths:

  • Able to prevent attackers from hard breaching, especially when the player is great at Bandit Tricking.
  • Has a nitro cell as his secondary gadget, and it’s great for countering attackers that are pushing.
  • His MP7 primary weapon has good damage output, decent magazine capacity, and its best feature is its fast rate of fire.

Best builds for Bandit:



Kapkan (A-Tier Trapper, Crowd Control)

Kapkan is one of the only two Defenders that are capable of scoring a kill with just one quick detonation of their special gadgets, and Kapkan’s is a lot more effective than the other. That is because Kapkan can deploy two or more of his EDD traps in one entryway. Except for shield operators like Blitz or Montagne, two EDDs are enough to kill light armored Attackers, while three EDDS will surely kill any Attacker that triggers them. So, Kapkan’s presence in the Defender team forces Attackers to slow down their pace and check every entryway for his traps.

And that’s a very dangerous ability. Not only because he can score kills or severely damage enemies with them. The fact that he can slow Attackers down through his mere presence is pretty OP. Especially because Attackers could leave themselves vulnerable to Defender fire while checking entryways for Kapkan’s EDDS. And because Kapkan can now deploy them on both sides of the entryway, Attackers will have to check left and right if it’s clear. So, they wouldn’t just be more vulnerable to Defender fire, they’re also wasting a lot of time doing it.

Kapkan’s Strengths:

  • His mere presence forces Attackers to slow down and check every entryway for his EDDs
  • Able to score a kill with just one detonation of his special gadget
  • Has great utility tools in his impact grenades which he can use for creating rotation holes or finishing off injured enemies from a distance
  • Also has a nitro cell as one of his choices for his secondary gadget, which is great for countering advancing enemies.

Best builds for Kapkan:



Mira (A-Tier Anchor, Area Securer, Intel Gatherer)

Mira is one of the best Defenders in the game because in certain areas, she can actually be quite OP. And that’s why she’s the most banned Defender in platinum rank and above. Her presence in areas like the basement in Oregon and the study area in Villa makes it very hard for Attackers to push those said areas. And of course, that’s because of her special gadget, the Black Mirror. This special gadget allows Mira to see the other side of the wall very clearly, effectively gathering intel on enemies and strafing them by quick leaning from the Mirror’s edge.

The Black Mirrors are heavily tinted on the other side, so Attackers wouldn’t really see if it’s manned or not. And that’s why the presence of a Black Mirror in certain angles can really discourage Attackers from pushing. Especially when the Black Mirror is supported by anti-grenade gadgets like Jager’s or Wamai’s, which is very likely in Ranked. Mira also has a nitro cell as her secondary gadget, which is another great tool for countering advancing enemies. And her ITA12S is a great utility tool for punching holes on unreinforced walls in order to create rotation holes, or murder holes.

Mira's Strengths:

  • Able to provide a great amount of intel to her teammates due to her Black Mirrors which allows the Defenders inside to see the opposite side of walls
  • Can quick lean from her Black Mirror and score a quick kill because of the intel that she got from it
  • Has a great utility tool in her ITA12S shotgun which she can use to create rotation holes or murder holes
  • Has a nitro cell in her arsenal which is great for countering defuser plant attempts and push attempts

Best builds for Mira:



Goyo (A-Tier Area Denial, Area Securer)

Goyo is one of the best Defenders a team could have, and that is because of his special gadget, the Volcan Canister, which is arguably the best area denial device in the game. He has four of these Volcan Canisters, and they can be attached to most surfaces, including barricaded doors and windows. And when exploded, it will cover a large area in fire, holding back enemies for twenty seconds. For experienced players, twenty seconds in a round that only spans around two minutes, is a really long time. Not to mention, the fires from Goyo’s Volcan Canisters deal high damage per second.

And because they can be attached on windows and doors, when Attackers break those entryways in order to get through, they will have no choice but to let the Volcan Canister attached to explode. That is a really great way to prevent enemies from pushing, especially from rushing and planting the defuser. Goyo also has a nitro cell at his disposal, and that really makes him excel at countering pushing enemies. And for fragging enemies, Goyo has the TCSG12 shotgun which is very effective at medium range, perfect for an anchor like Goyo.

Goyo’s Strengths:

  • Able to deny area to the enemies for long periods of time with his Volcan Canisters
  • Excels at medium to long range because of his TCSG12 shotgun which can basically be used as a marksman rifle
  • Has a nitro cell as one of his secondary gadget choices and it’s great for countering push attempts, as well as scoring kills against multiple enemies.

Best builds for Goyo:



Alibi (A-Tier Roamer, Intel Gatherer)

Alibi is one of the top roamers in the game, because while she’s roaming, she can also gather intel on enemy positions. That is because of her special gadgets, the Primas, which are basically holographic copies of her. She has three Prismas, and she can deploy them in most flat horizontal surfaces. And because they’re a copy of her, it’s easy for enemies to immediately shoot them on sight, triggering its effects which is a ping that would stay on the Attacker that shot it, for several seconds, effectively compromising his current location.

This is a great way to distract enemies and break their rhythm. That is why when I play Alibi, I sometimes leave one or two Prismas in the objective spot, and I carry one on my person as I roam so I can confuse enemies that are hunting me. And because Alibi has the Bailiff 410 pistol shotgun as her secondary weapon, and she has impact grenades, it’s very hard to catch her, because those two utility tools can create escape holes and destroy hatches for Alibi to escape to.

Alibi’s Strengths:

  • Able to effectively perform the role of roamer due to her 3-speed rating, weapons, and utility tools that can allow her to go quickly from one place to another.
  • Can compromise enemy locations by confusing them with her Prisma holographic clones
  • Has the ACS12 shotgun which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game
  • Also has a unique weapon in the Mx4 Storm which has a wide variety of attachments available to it

Best builds for Alibi:



Maestro (A-Tier Intel Gatherer, Intel Denial, Anchor)

Maestros Evil Eyes are some of the most troublesome Defender special gadgets in the game, especially because it’s bulletproofed when it’s not shooting its lasers. Even when they’re not shooting their lasers, they can continue to function as cameras, providing intel on enemy positions for the whole Defender team. And when they do shoot their lasers, they’re very effective at shooting down drones, and that’s why Maestro is a great intel denial operator. They can also inflict a lot of damage to enemies when they’re allowed to continue shooting lasers at them, because those lasers can be rapidly fired.

Aside from intel denial, they’re also great at preventing enemies from pushing and planting the defuser, because their cameras can see through smoke. That means Maestro can shoot the Attacker that is trying to plant the defuser, and most of the time, that makes the Attacker cancel it. And as for fragging enemies, Mestro has a very powerful LMG which is unique to him, called the ALDA 5.56 which has a fast rate of fire, huge magazine capacity, and high damage output. Like Alibi, Maestro has the Bailiff 410 pistol shotgun and impact grenades which are great utility tools for reshaping the map to the Defenders’ advantage.

Maestro’s Strengths:

  • Able to deny intel by using his Evil Eyes’ lasers to shoot Attacker drones
  • Able to prevent a push and defuser plant attempt by shooting the one planting the defuser with lasers from his Evil Eyes
  • Has impact grenades and the Bailiff 410 shotgun pistol which he can use to create rotation holes and murder holes
  • Also has the powerful ACS12 shotgun available to him, which is effective at any range due to its heavy firepower, low recoil, and large magazine capacity.

Best builds for Maestro:



Oryx (A-Tier Roamer, Soft Breach)

There are a lot of things that only Oryx can do, and that makes him one of the best Defenders around. He’s the only Defender that can climb on broken hatches. He’s the only one who can smash through unreinforced walls using his body. And he’s the only one that can knock down shield operators by smashing against them with his own body. This big guy may not look like your typical stealthy type operator, but he’s one of the best roamers that Defenders have.

That is because he can easily flank enemies or escape from them using his ability to smash through unreinforced walls. He can also do the same with his ability to climb up on broken hatches. Plus, like Maestro above, he also has the Bailiff 410 pistol shotgun which is a great utility tool for destroying hatches, or for Oryx to make a murder hole with. The proximity alarms in Oryx’s arsenal also work very well with his abilities, because he can use them to let him know if there are enemies behind an unreinforced wall, and using his Remah Dash, he can surprise them by suddenly breaking through the wall and fragging them.

Oryx’s Strengths:

  • The only Defender that can climb on broken hatches and use it to outmaneuver enemies
  • Can smash through walls using his own body, creating rotation holes in the process.
  • Also, the only Defender that can smash his own body on shield operators and knock them down
  • Has the Bailiff 410 shotgun pistol which is a great utility tool for creating murder holes on walls, and in Oryx’s case, destroy hatches so he can climb onto them.

Best builds for Oryx:



Mozzie (A-Tier Intel Gatherer, Intel Denier)

As mentioned in Valkyrie’s entry, intel plays a very crucial role in a tactical multiplayer shooter like Siege, and Mozzie doesn’t only provide intel to his team, he’s also very effective at denying it to the enemies. In fact, the more intel that he can deny to the enemies, the more intel that he can provide to his teammates. And that is because his special gadget hacks the enemies’ drones, allowing Mozzie to take control of them, and yes, because Twitch’s Shock Drones are still drones, Mozzie can hack them too.

Once he gets some drones from the Attackers, he can place them in awkward, hard to see angles, so that he can keep monitoring enemy movements while they, on the other hand, have no idea that they’re already being monitored. Mozzie can also use the hacked drones to distract the Attackers or use them as bait in order to make the Attackers more vulnerable to Defender fire. And because of this ability to hack Attacker drones and gather intel from them, Mozzie is one of the best Defenders that can perform a c4-under-the-floor strat.

Mozzie's Strengths:

  • Able to deny intel from enemies by hacking their drones and taking control over them
  • Great at gathering intel on enemy positions using the drones that he’s hacked
  • Can effectively do the C4-under-the-floor strat because of the intel that his hacked drones can provide him
  • Can distract and bait enemies with their own drones

Best builds for Mozzie:



Wamai (A-Tier Area Securer, Anchor)

Wamai is an A-Tier operator because he’s always great to have in any defending team, regardless of map or objective spot. And that is because of his special gadget, the Mag-NET, which pulls an enemy projectile toward it before it detonates. In some cases, it can even score a kill for Wamai when it pulls back an Attacker’s frag grenade back to him. But the best thing about his Mag-NET, and he has eight of them, is that they can really secure an area from grenades, making sure that Defenders wouldn’t just die from a simple frag grenade thrown by an Attacker.

Aside from being able to counter enemy projectiles, Wamai also has great guns and utility tools in his arsenal. His impact grenades make me choose him over Jager a lot of times, especially when there’s no one else in the team that has them. That is because the impact grenades are great for creating rotation holes which are very important in Ranked mode. Wamai also has the MP5K which is a very good gun that has good amount of damage per shot,decent magazine capacity, and most importantly, can be attached with a scope 1.5x which is perfect for anchoring the objective spot.

Wamai’s Strengths:

  • Able to neutralize enemy projectiles and even return it back to them in some cases
  • Has a great primary weapon in the MP5K which can be equipped with a 1.5x scope that is just perfect for an anchoring operator like Wamai
  • Has great utility tools in his impact grenades which are great for creating rotation holes and countering Osa

Best builds for Wamai:



Mute (A-Tier Anti Hard Breach, Intel Denier, Area Securer)

Mute is one of the few Defenders that can prevent hard breaching. He can also prevent drones from gathering intel on Defender positions. That is because his special gadget, the aptly named Signal Disruptor, can jam enemy electronic gadgets and prevent them from functioning. Mute has four Signal Disruptors, so some of them can be used to prevent hard breaching on reinforced walls, and others for intel denial. A Signal Disruptor’s range is quite wide, so one of them can prevent two reinforced walls from being breached.

But it’s not just because of his Signal Disruptors that Mute is an A-Tier Defender. He’s one of the few operators that can work the shotgun really well as his primary, especially because he has a powerful machine pistol in the SMG-11 for his secondary. With this loadout, Mute can have the superiority in close range, while also maintaining effectiveness at medium range through his SMG-11. He also has a nitro cell which is great for countering Osa and Attackers that are pushing in general.

Mute’s Strengths:

  • Able to block Attacker drones from gathering intel on Defender positions
  • Can prevent Attackers from successfully performing a hard breach due to his Signal Disruptors
  • Has a nitro cell which is great for countering push and defuser plant attempts from the Attackers
  • Excels at close range due to his shotgun, and also at medium range due to his SMG-11 secondary weapon.

Best builds for Mute:



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