Rainbow Six Siege Player Count Report

R6 Player Count Report
R6 players are passionate about the game, just like the operators in this image.

When Was the Game Launched:

The game was launched on December 1, 2015 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, to an underwhelming reception. Probably because the game didn’t look anything like its gameplay trailer seen above, and reportedly it had many bugs. However, Siege saw a tremendous rise in popularity in late 2017 due to updates and fixes from the dev team and went on to become one of the most beloved tactical shooters in the gaming world. On December 1, 2020 for PS5 and Xbox Series. And as of 2022, the game has reached 80 million registered players.


How Easy Is It To Find Games:

This author started playing Siege in 2018, and until now the queue times to find games have remained relatively the same. It’s between 1-2 minutes to find ranked games, 1-2 minutes to find unranked games, and it’ll take less than a minute to find a quickmatch (formerly known as casual) during peak hours.

As of February 2022, Rainbow Six Siege has been averaging around 60k players per on Steam, which is an improvement from the average of 45k players per day in January. This could be an effect of added interest to the game because of the upcoming new season and talks about the Year 7 road map.





How Active Are the Game Developers

The developers have recently been posting videos on Ubisoft’s youtube account about the upcoming new season which will feature a new operator, and about the whole year 7 road map which will include a lot of new features such as a new map which we haven't seen in 3 years, new operators, attacker repick, team deathmatch, arcade modes, and other training ground features such as shooting range.

Throughout the years, there’s been new seasons every 3 months, and looking at the road map for year 7 it’s going to be the same. Featuring a lot of promising changes.


How Active Is the Community?

Siege remains to be one of the most talked about games, and with the recent update about Year 7 from Ubisoft, most members of the Siege community sound happy and a lot of old players that they’re coming back.

Here are some of the comments from the recently uploaded Year 7 Reveal Panel | Ubisoft [NA]


Hats off to Ubisoft and everyone involved in this. This season is truly game changing and exiceted for us console players to utilize more customizations. I want to give a big shout out to all you toxic negative trolls out there, have fun being normal for once LMFAO.


Ubisoft and the Rainbow Six Siege team! These are some incredible developments to the Siege experience. It's so good to see such innovative work in the realm of player toxicity and bad behavior. You're setting an important precedent in how the developers and communities can navigate this topic, and help to bridge the gap between the players and the developers with regard to managing that experience. Hopefully Siege can be a foundation for further important innovation in that space for the gaming community going forward, with other developers taking a look at how to improve the player experience with regard to how people are treated. Really excellent work, all of you. 

Siege really is something special, isn't it?


Having a new creative director in Alexander Karpazis seems to have had a huge impact in the game’s future goals, everything looks so lively and promising for this year, Siege is on its way to the top. Hoping Y7 will be the defining year for Rainbow 6 {-}7


The Siege community is very active in the R6 subreddits, especially r/SiegeAcademy where you can post a question and expect a response within minutes. And as evidenced by the comments sections from the videos above and the tons of Siege videos available, the community is also very active on Youtube. There are also a lot of active R6 groups in Facebook, the biggest of which has 178k members. The R6 official discord server has 568k members and has an average 160k members online at a time per day. Meanwhile, the official R6 Twitch channel has 2.3m followers R6 streams. R6 is ranked #10 on Twitch with an average 64k views in the last 7 days.

List of Active Communities

  • Reddit: r/SiegeAcademy - 195k members
  • Discord: 568k members on the official channel
  • Facebook: 178k members on the biggest Facebook group, as well as thousands more in regional groups.
  • Youtube: Very active community in the comments sections, and the popular Siege youtubers such as Macie Jay, Beaulo, Pengu, Coconutbrah, still gets hundreds of thousands of views.
  • Twitch: Peak viewers of 272,721 on May, 2021. 1,050 live channels. 64k average views in the last 7 days, and 10,748,5689 hours watched.


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