[Top 15] R6 Best Legendary Skins That Look Awesome!

Top 15 Best Legendary Skins in R6
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I’ve seen some comments saying that the legendary skins just make Siege look like another Fortnite. While it may be true that some legendary skins look very cartoonish, there are a lot out there that actually look badass, and fits well to the lore of Siege. After all, most of these operators are from special forces, and they do undercover operations from time to time, that is why it is wrong for us to expect them to always be in tactical gear.


15. Bandit - Axle 13

Not only does it look badass. It’s also a call back to Bandit’s bio which says he’s done undercover work and had to be involved in the narcotics trade.

What makes Axle 13 great:

  • It looks badass as hell
  • Coincides with Bandit’s background story

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15. But at the time of writing this article, there is a 20% discount which lowers it to 1,440 R6 credits.

See Axle 13 in action:



14. Jackal - Rastreador

A very fitting legendary outfit for Jackal who is Team Rainbow’s expert tracker. Here, he appears to be wearing his law enforcement attire with the label ‘Investigation’

What makes Rastreador great:

  • It coincides with Jackal’s law enforcement background
  • It looks very cool

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Rastreador in action:



13. Valkyrie - War Photographer '72

Valkyrie’s legendary set looks badass and fits so well to her role in the game. It also has a great MVP screen which you can see in the video below. 

What makes War Photographer ‘72 great:

  • It coincides with Valkyrie’s role in Siege
  • It blends well with most surroundings
  • Showcases Valk’s beauty

Prince: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See War Photographer ‘72 in action:



12. Thatcher - Operation Nimrod

Play Thatcher as how he appears in the Hammer & Scalpel cinematic. He has no mask in this one, but his manly mug is guaranteed to strike fear to your opponents.

What makes Operation Nimrod great:

  • You’ll look just like Thatcher in the legendary Hammer & Scalpel Siege cinematic
  • You can show your manly mug to your enemies
  • It's simple but also slick

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Operation Nimrod in action:



11. IQ – Reunification

IQ’s sporty attire showcases one of the Siege waifu’s beauty. But it also shows her athleticism which she uses in operations with lethal effectiveness.

What makes Reunification great:

  • Show off IQ’s sporty nature
  • Send a message to your enemies that you’re athletic as hell and hard to it

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Reunification in action:



10. Dokkaebi - Electro Beat

One of the youngest Rainbow operators. It only makes sense that she has a hip style. It’s also a bit Kpop themed which is awesome since Dokkaebi is South Korean.

What makes Electro Beat great:

  • It has a cool MVP screen
  • Shows off Dokkaebi’s cool but deadly nature

Price: Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Electro Beat in action:


9. Lesion - Nano-Tox 32

This futuristic looking gear kinda reminds me of Jackie Chan in Bleeding Steel. It really looks badass and intimidating.

What makes Nano-Tox 32 great:

  • Hi-tech design
  • Badass MVP screen which you can see in the vide below

Price:  1,800 R6 credits – around $15


See Nano-Tox 32 in action:



8. Kali - Masterframe Prototype I

Another futuristic design, no doubt by Osa. This legendary skin is what Kali was wearing in The Playbook cinematic.

What makes Masterframe Prototype I:

  • Badass futuristic design
  • You can be just like Kali in the popular Siege cinematic, ‘The Playbook’.

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Masterframe Prototype I in action:



7. Frost – Huntress

I love this because it’s a callback to Frost’s background story as a huntress. It also coincides with her trapper role in the game.

What makes Huntress great:

  • Simple but great looking skin
  • Coincides with Frost’s story
  • Great gadget skin

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15


See Huntress in action:



6. Ash - Tomb Raider

A really nice crossover and a callback to another great game. Ash looks really awesome wearing a Lara Croft outfit and she even looks deadlier.

What makes Tomb Raider great:

  • Ash looks hot in this one honestly
  • Ash also looks deadly, not just hot.
  • Great MVP screen

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Tomb Raider in action:



5. Buck - Snowdrift Expert

Another nice callback to the operator’s background story. And it looks badass as hell. This is definitely the best Buck outfit there is, no question.

What makes it great:

  • It looks both cool and deadly
  • Buck really looks like a specops agent in this one

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Snowdrift Expert in action:



4. Hibana – Onkochishin

Onkochishin means, one should learn from the past if you want to understand the present and the future. It’s a great tribute to Hibana’s Japanese roots. It’s a traditional archery attire which basically says that she has a great aim and you better watch out.

What makes Onkochishin great:

  • The meaning behind it
  • Clean, simple, and beautiful.
  • Great MVP screen

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15. But at the time of writing this article, there is a 20% discount which lowers it to 1,440 R6 credits.

See Onkochishin in action:



3. Melusi – Umvikeli

A really great showing of Melusi’s African roots. She also looks really beautiful and mysterious in this skin.

What makes Umvikeli great:

  • Melusi looks so damn beautiful in it
  • A great tribute to Melusi’s roots

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Umvikeli in action:



2. Vigil - Zero-Day Threat

Siege’s newest elite-legendary skin. Vigil looks like a mix of cool and badass in this one. It also gives off assassin vibes which he basically is.

What makes Zero-Day Threat Great:

  • Great color tones
  • Weapon skins
  • The uniform and mask are badass

Price: Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Zero-Day Threat in action:


1. Tachanka - Slava Korolyu

What’s more being badass than being called Your Highness and being shirtless showing off your tattoos and manly body?

What makes Slava Korolyu great:

  • A fitting skin for our Lord
  • Siege community has been asking for this for years and it didn’t disappoint
  • 10/10 MVP screen

Price: 1,800 R6 credits – around $15

See Slava Korolyu in action:


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