[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Interface Settings That Give You An Advantage

Best Interface Settings in R6S!
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Interface settings are the main source of majorly helpful inputs in-game, they often differ a lot from person to person. Today this list will provide you with the best interface settings that you need to change. All of them could vary depending on if one wants to play competitively in the future or not.


5. Show Health


Coming in hand only recently among the players, health is preferred not to be shown by many of the players these days as it can often decrease one’s confidence in a firefight. Solely for the purpose of improving one’s aggression, it is preferred to be kept off.

‘Show Health’ (Off) Advantages: 

  • Improves morale and aggression
  • Much more likely to win firefights even at low health

How to turn off ‘Show Health’

  • Go to options
  • Select ‘Interface Settings’
  • Slide to ‘Off’ on ‘Show Health’

4. Show Teammate Outlines 


Solely depending on one’s preference, people often either turn the outlines off or keep them on. Personally, I and tons of other really good players prefer to keep it off. Keeping them on could result in ignoring the enemy if their teammate is collaterally present. This could often result in delayed reactions which basically makes you lose the firefight as a whole.

‘Show Teammate Outlines’ (Off) Advantages: 

  • Lower probability of losing the firefights in certain situations as stated above 
  • The lower amount of distractions overall on the screen 

How to turn off ‘Show Teammate Outlines’

  • Go to options
  • Select ‘Interface Settings’
  • Slide to ‘Off’ on ‘Show Teammate Outlines’

3. Show Battleye Bans


One of the good parts of Rainbow Six Siege is its good surveillance system which keeps the game free of hackers. Though this can be a huge distraction when a really big ban wave goes through. Hence it could be a better choice to turn the ability to see the individual names completely off.

‘Show Battleye Bans’ (Off) Advantages: 

  • No more list of huge ban waves will appear on your screen
  • Much better experience this way

How to turn off ‘Show Battleye Bans’

  • Go to options
  • Select ‘Interface Settings’
  • Slide to ‘Off’ on ‘Show Battleye Bans’

2. Show Scoring


This setting would only be suggested to be turned off once a player has gained a lot of experience, until then everyone should play with scoring on only. This is often done by the competitive players to minimise all the distractions, having a lot of experience themselves, they are able to tell all the things by nature ultimately having no need of the scoring system. 

‘Show Scoring’ (Off) Advantages: 

  • Removes the unnecessary information regarding every point scored
  • Much cleaner gameplay

How to turn off ‘Show Scoring’

  • Go to options
  • Select ‘Interface Settings’
  • Slide to ‘Off’ on ‘Show Scoring’ 

1. Show Teammate Names


One of the simpler settings on this list highly preferred to be turned off by the high-rank players as the longer names could easily block one’s vision. Even the normal names have a high probability of distracting you and likely blocking your vision at certain distances.

‘Show Teammate Name’ (Off) Advantages:

  • Less probability of getting your vision blocked
  • No more distractions by the unnecessarily long usernames 

How to turn off ‘Show Teammate Names’

  • Go to options
  • Select ‘Interface Settings’
  • Slide to ‘Off’ on ‘Show Player Names’

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