[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Roamers That Are Excellent

Top 10 Best Roamers That Are Excellent in Rainbow 6 Siege
Roamers are the best disruptors of any attack coordination

10. Pulse

Pulse is one of the most troublesome roamers for Attackers, and a big part of that is because of his special gadget, the Heartbeat sensor, which allows him to scan for enemy heartbeats behind obstacles. This special gadget allows Pulse to track enemies in real time, enabling him to issue callouts to his teammates, and occasionally perform the dreaded c4-under-the-floor trick. His 3-speed rating is also one of the reasons why he’s such an effective roamer, because he can come and go to different areas quickly, either to engage the enemy or escape from them.

What makes Pulse a great roamer:

  • Can have real time intel on enemy locations
  • 3-speed rating
  • Nitro cell for getting kills from under the floor
  • Great shotgun for vertically harassing enemies
  • Can also use barbed wires as early warning device


  • Intel gathering
  • Harassing enemies from above or below
  • Rhythm disruption


  • Weak armor rating
  • Switching to and from the Heartbeat Sensor can make a lot of noise
  • Default skin is prone to headshots


9. Valkyrie

Even with the nerf that made her Black Eyes almost useless outside of the objective area, Valkyrie remains as one of the nastiest roamers around, because she can put her Black Eye cameras on angles or surfaces that are very hard for Attackers to see or predict. Her Black Eyes allows her and her whole team to do surveillance on enemy movements, giving them real time intel on enemy locations. And with that intel, she can roam effectively, harassing the Attackers from above or below, and with the occasional c4-under-the-floor trick as well. An experienced Valkyrie main is very hard to deal with for Attackers.

What makes Valkyrie a great roamer:

  • Can get intel on enemies with Black Eye cams
  • Can go with impact grenades or c4
  • Solid 2-armor 2-speed rating
  • Has a very low recoil submachine gun
  • Has a great pistol for long range strafing


  • Intel gathering
  • Harassing enemies
  • Rhythm disruption


  • Switching to and from the Black Eye cameras can cause a lot of noise
  • Guns have weak damage
  • Lacks escape mechanisms if she opts with a nitro cell


8. Oryx

His big build does not make him look like your typical roamer, but he’s definitely one of the most troublesome there is. With his Remah Dash ability, he can suddenly break through walls with his body, and kill Attackers who are caught off guard. That Remah Dash ability will also knockdown any attacker, even Montagne, allowing Oryx to kill the shield operator while he’s down. That quick creation of flanking holes or escape holes makes Oryx very hard to deal with. Another thing that makes him one of the most feared roamers is his ability to climb hatches. He is the only one in the game that possesses that ability, and it just adds to his overall effectiveness as a roamer.

What makes Oryx a great roamer:

  • Can make rotation or escape holes with his own body
  • Can climb up on hatches
  • Can knockdown enemies even shield operators
  • Has the Bailiff 410 shotgun pistol for his secondary
  • Can surprise enemies behind walls with his soft breaching body


  • Surprise factor
  • Solid armor and speed rating
  • Flanking


  • Special ability damages own hp
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Huge frame makes him an easier target


7. Zofia

On the Attacker side, we have roamers as well, basically anti-defending roamers, and one of the best there is Zofia. Her 2-speed 2-armor rating makes her a very balanced operator with enough speed to keep up with the quickest defending roamers, and enough toughness to withstand sudden attacks from behind. And that’s if her claymore wasn’t accidentally triggered by the enemy roamer. She also possesses heavy firepower with her primary guns. And her KS79 Lifeline special gadget allows her to shoot two impact grenades and two concussion grenades which can bounce on walls. Her impact grenades can be used for some quick soft breach or escape holes, while her concussion grenades can be used for engaging enemies that are hiding in corners.

What makes Zofia a great roamer:

  • Solid armor and speed rating
  • Claymore to protect her back
  • Concussion grenades for engaging enemies behind cover
  • Impact grenades for soft breaching or making rotation holes
  • Heavy firepower


  • Rushing
  • Crowd control
  • Anti-roamer


  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Slow reload speed of her LMG-E
  • Long primary guns can be a disadvantage when peeking around corners


6. Jackal

When it comes to roaming in order to counter roamers, Jackal’s ability to track them down comes second to none. With his special gadget, he can track the footsteps of defenders, differentiating them with colors, and to more attentive players, it even shows the type of footwear that the tracked Defenders are wearing. When Jackal scans these footsteps, he automatically pings the current location of the tracked Defender, effectively advising his whole team on the enemy’s whereabouts. Jackal can also protect his back from roamers with his claymore, and through his loadouts which have a wide variety of attachments, he’s equipped to engage enemy roamers very quickly in case they suddenly appear.

What makes Jackal a great roamer:

  • Special gadget that can detect enemy footsteps
  • Has a claymore which can protect his back
  • Has a secondary shotgun for making rotation or escape holes
  • Special gadget can ping an enemy, causing panic.
  • Guns have a wide variety of attachments


  • Intel gathering
  • Causing panic to enemies
  • Crowd control


  • Visual is a bit hampered when using special gadget
  • Can leave himself vulnerable while scanning footsteps
  • His special skill can be used as a counter against him


5. Ela

This 1-armor 3-speed operator can also be a very effective anchor, but when it comes to roaming, she can really give the Attackers a lot of problems with her speed and Grzmot mines combined, as well as her powerful guns. Because of her speed and slim figure, Ela is one of the hardest to hit operators in the game, and Ela players use it along with her Grzmot Mines, which can greatly cause concussion to enemies when triggered, in order to harass Attackers. It’s very hard to catch Ela when she’s roaming because she can use her Grzmot Mines as early warning devices when enemies are attempting to flank them. And if Ela is near them when these mines detonate, it’ll be very hard for them to escape death.

What makes Ela a great roamer:

  • 3-speed
  • Grzmot Mines that causes concussion to enemies
  • Has a powerful shotgun that can also be used for making escape or rotation holes
  • Special gadget can also be used for intel gathering
  • Handgun that is great for long range strafing


  • Confusing the enemies
  • Intel gathering
  • Very powerful at close range


  • Very light armor
  • Grzmot Mine detonation can make enemies expect her coming
  • Primary guns have very high recoil


4. Alibi

Like Ela, Alibi is also a tremendous anchor, but is one of the most feared roamers as well. With her Bailiff 410 secondary shotgun pistol, she can quickly destroy hatches in order to escape or make murder holes for spotting enemies from afar. She also has impact grenades which she can use for making escape or rotation holes. And of course, her Prismas, which are basically holographic clones of her, can confuse the hell out of enemies that are trying to hunt her. And when enemies make the mistake of shooting them, and even veteran players still make this mistake, the Prismas automatically ping the confused attacker, giving Alibi and her team the enemy’s location. She also has some of the best guns in the game. The very customizable Mx4 Storm and the long-ranged shotgun ACS12.

What makes Alibi a great roamer:

  • Has holographic clones that can confuse her enemies
  • 3-speed rating
  • Holographic clones can also be used for intel gathering
  • Has impact grenades for rotating or for escaping
  • Has a shotgun pistol which can also make murder holes or escape holes
  • Great primary guns


  • Intel gathering
  • Confusing the enemies
  • Speed


  • Very light armor
  • Mx4 Storm’s recoil is pretty rough
  • Long reload time on her Bailiff 410


3. Nokk

Another effective roamer slash counter-roamer on the Attacker side. Nokk’s special gadget allows her to be invisible to cameras and to silence her footsteps. It’s like a combination of Vigil and Caveira’s special abilities. Which led to many players jokingly saying before Nokk’s release that she is the daughter of Cav and Vigil. Because of her special gadget, she can get close to enemies without them knowing and pound away at them with her SIX12 SD shotgun, or the rapid firing FMG-9 submachine gun. Nokk is the reason why defenders should really make sure that all angles are being watched.

What makes Nokk a great roamer:

  • Can make her footsteps silent
  • Can be invisible to cameras
  • Has a great default skin that can blend to most surroundings
  • Great loadouts that complement her stealth capabilities
  • Frag grenades for inflicting casualties and confusing enemies


  • Stealth
  • Surprise factor
  • Rushing


  • Her silent step doesn’t include sprinting
  • Can be vulnerable from the back while she’s hunting
  • Her FMG-9 has low damage


2. Vigil

The mere presence of Vigil on the Defender side already plants fear on the Attackers when they scan him during the prep phase. It’s very hard to deal with a good Vigil player because his special gadget that allows him to become invisible to drones practically prevents intel on his whereabouts. And even though it causes static on the drone’s camera and it becomes stronger when he’s closer. Not having a clear visual on where he is can make Attackers really uncomfortable and unsure where to pre-fire or which angle to choose when it comes to countering him. And even when Attackers are trying to hunt him down, it’s hard to back him in one corner because his impact grenades can help him escape.

What makes Vigil a great roamer:

  • Has the ability to become invisible to cameras
  • Great at making Attackers uncomfortable
  • Dark default skin is great for blending into dark corners
  • Can easily evade pursuit with his impact grenades
  • Primary gun deals heavy damage even with a suppressor


  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Making opponents uncomfortable


  • Special ability practically announces his presence
  • Unique gun lacks a variety of attachments
  • Low armor


1. Caveira

Obviously, Caveira would be #1. Precisely because she’s the only one in this list that will only excel when she’s roaming. She wouldn’t really be able to use her full potential when she’s anchoring, and therefore all her skills are made for roaming. She pretty much has three features that make her unique, not just one special gadget like most operators. First, her Luison is a suppressed handgun that deals heavy damage, but its damage system is designed to down an opponent first to make it easier for Cav to use her interrogation skill, which is her second unique feature. And last but not the least, her silent step allows her to silence her footsteps even while sprinting. This allows her to get behind enemies with both speed and stealth, and she can use that for both offense and defense. A truly terrifying roamer.

Why Caveira is a great roamer:

  • Can move and even sprint silently
  • Has impact grenades for making rotation or escape holes
  • 3-speed rating
  • Has the interrogation skill
  • Has a very destructive shotgun in her arsenal for making rotation or escape holes
  • Has a very silent handgun


  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Intel gathering


  • Very light armor
  • Vulnerable while she’s performing interrogation skill
  • Weak in long range engagements


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