[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Goyo Loadouts

R6 best Goyo Loadouts
One of the best area denying defenders. Not just through his unique gadget, but through his powerful loadouts as well.

Area denial is an integral part of Siege, especially since angles and positioning are very important for making kills and pushing. On top of that, Siege matches are timed. Goyo does a very good job of preventing a push from enemies and tricking them into falling for his Volcan Shield trap. And to accomplish those more effectively, he also comes into the game with a variety of loadout choices to choose from.


5. Vector .45 ACP with Red Dot, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip + P229 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + Proximity Alarm

Even with the damage reduction penalty, a headshot still only costs one shot.

The suppressed Vector .45 ACP only has 19 damage, but when anchoring, which is what Goyo is most effective at, its stealth benefits offer a lot of strategic value. With a suppressor, your gunshots won’t give your enemies any directional threat indicator, preventing them from mounting an immediate and effective counter fire. They also won’t know your position through the sound of your gunshots. Not knowing exactly where you are will prevent attackers from effectively pushing into your objective area.

Deploy the proximity alarms near your Volcan Shields so that you’ll be alerted when enemies are nearby and you can deny them a push by shooting your Volcan Shield or lure them into vaulting over it.

Excels in:

  • Stealth
  • Close to medium range


4. Vector .45 ACP with Red Dot, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip + P229 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + Nitro Cell

The best recoil control for the vector

The best thing about the Vector .45 ACP is its very fast fire rate at 1,200. But with this very fast fire rate, comes the downside of very high recoil. But with the flash hider and vertical grip, you’ll be able to tame it, allowing you to shoot at high-speed bursts with great accuracy. The flash hider also removes the muzzle flash, which may prevent enemies from immediately returning fire in your direction.

The Vector also only has 25 bullets per magazine, and with its very fast fire rate, there would be many times when you’ll need to reload it in the middle of a gunfight. That’s where your P229 will come in handy. With a muzzle brake and laser attached to it, you’ll be able to maximize its accuracy benefits.

Excels in:

  • Recoil control
  • Close to medium range


3. Vector .45 ACP with Red Dot, Extended Barrel, and Vertical Grip + P229 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + Nitro Cell

Hit em’ with high damage at any range

While the Vector .45 ACP may be hard to control, the vertical grip and some practice holding down the gun with your own recoil control will allow you to handle it even without a muzzle attachment that offers additional recoil control. With this loadout, you’ll be making sure that your Vector will deal high damage at any range because of the extended barrel. And let’s be honest, it looks sweet on the Vector.

The nitro cell is great for getting additional kills or finishing off opponents that have been damaged by your Volcan Shield. It’s also another great way to counter Osa.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


2. TCSG12 with 2.0x Scope and Angled Grip + P229 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + Nitro Cell

Big damage. Quick shots.

This is a loadout for daredevil players who love flick shots with marksman rifles. Well, technically the TCSG12 is classified as a shotgun, but let’s be honest, it’s used primarily as a marksman rifle. With this loadout, you’ll be taking advantage of the TCSG12’s very high damage and the availability of the angled grip. With controlled aggression, you’ll be quick and deadly flick shots with this loadout.

And because the angled grip allows you to go into aim-down-sights (ads) position quickly, you’ll be able to use the TCSG12 effectively in close range as well. 

Excels in:

  • Any range


1. TCSG12 with 2.0x Scope, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip + P229 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + Proximity Alarm

Stealth and awareness

With a suppressor on your TCSG12 preventing your enemies from seeing the muzzle flash and directional threat indicator of your gunshots, you’ll be an effective defensive sniper. And with this loadout, you’ll be able to have good audio and visual intel on where your enemies are because of the 2.0x zoom and proximity alarms. This will help you make the decision on whether to keep strafing at enemies or to detonate your Volcan shield. 

And at close range, your P229 that has low recoil and high accuracy because of the muzzle brake and laser sight will protect you when your TCSG12 needs to reload.

Excels in:

  • Any range

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