[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Kali Loadouts

R6 best Kali Loadouts
Did she really just use Ash as a bait and intentionally miss her head? Or Ash just has a weird hitbox even in cinematics?

The leader of the PMC Nighthaven and Ash’s new rival. Seems like she’s even more troublesome for Ash than Caveira eh? That says a lot. But no matter what you think about her and how she acted in ‘The Playbook’, it can’t be denied that she has an eye for talent and brought in many capable operators to Team Rainbow. She also brought the most powerful sniper rifle in the game, one that can take an enemy down with one shot. And in its under barrel, the LV Explosive Lance makes Kali a great alternative to Thatcher especially since Thatcher is always banned in ranked games nowadays.


5. CSRX 300 + C75 Auto with Suppressor + Breach Charge

A rush with Kali done correctly can make a big difference in the match

The most fearsome thing about the CSRX 300 is that even if its hit doesn’t result in a kill, it almost always results in a down-but-not-out (dbno) state. And in a rush, killing or disabling one enemy team member is already a great step in winning the round. Use the breach charge to open a soft wall or a hatch towards the objective area and snipe the first enemy you spot. 

Most players will not expect a rushing Kali so this tactic will always catch people off guard. When your CSRX 300 has to reload, the C75 Auto is a great secondary to have for finishing what you started. And even if you don’t rush, this is a great loadout for entry fragging with kali, because you can use the suppressed C75 Auto to disable defender cameras in silence.

Excels in:

  • Medium to long range


4. CSRX 300 + SPSMG9 with Flash Hider + Claymore

Better recoil, better accuracy.

The worst enemy of snipers like Kali are runouts. And the worst enemy of players who run out is the claymore. With a claymore placed on a usual spot for runouts, you’ll be able to concentrate on sniping the enemy defenders. But in Siege, sooner or later, the sniper also has to go in. That’s where the SPSMG9 comes in. It has lower damage, slower fire rate, and fewer bullets per magazine, than the C75 Auto, but it’s very easy to control, allowing you to strafe at your enemies with good accuracy.

Excels in:

  • Any range


3. CSRX 300 + SPSMG9 with Flash Hider and Laser + Claymore

All out offense

With this loadout, you’ll be attaching a fookin’ laseh sight on your SPSMG9. Lasers may compromise your position if the enemy spots it, but since it's attached on your secondary, the enemy will only see it when you take your SPSMG9 out when your CSRX 300 has to reload. With the laser sight, hip fire accuracy will be higher, and this helps a lot with flick shots which is what you will probably be doing when the magazine of your CSRX 300 runs out.

Excels in:

  • Any range


2. CSRX 300 + C75 Auto + Claymore

More damage and more bullets

While it's true that the player may have to hold on to dear life while shooting the C75 Auto. When you do make your shots with it, it’ll result in a quick kill. The C75 auto has a higher damage, faster fire rate, and higher bullet capacity per magazine than the SPSMG9, and most of the time when you need to switch to it, it’ll be on close range, and in close range, the C75 Auto is an offensive menace.

Excels in:

  • Any range


1. CSRX 300 + SPSMG9 with Suppressor and Laser + Claymore

A more balanced approach

While the C75 auto has damage, fire rate, and bullet capacity superiority. In many instances, especially in a spec ops game like Siege, stealth is very important. A suppressor on the SPSMG9 plays a big role in approaching the enemy objective area silently. You’ll be able to shoot defender cameras and other gadgets without alerting your enemies. And when you do have to use it for shooting at enemies, it won’t give them a directional threat indicator. Preventing them from immediately mounting a counter strike. 

Place your claymore right above the stairs. It victimizes even experienced roamers. And when you down the enemy team’s roamer, you’ll be able to concentrate more on sniping for enemies in and around the objective area.

Excels in:

  • Medium to long range


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