R6 Dokkaebi Guide: How To Play Dokkaebi Like A Pro [25 Useful Dokkaebi Tips You Should Know]

Dokkaebi Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Dokkaebi Players Should Know
Twenty five tips that will help you play this deadly South Korean operator more effectively

25. Initiate a Rush Using the Logic Bomb


Initiating a rush with Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb is one of the best ways to make the rush effective. Not only will her Logic Bomb compromise the location of the enemies, some of them will also be trying to disable it. And when Defenders try to disable the call made by Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb, their screen will be largely focused on their mobile phones, so chances are, they wouldn’t notice that you and your teammates are already inside the objective spot and pushing.

Another neat thing about Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb is that it makes the Defenders’ mobile phones ring loudly, and yes that will compromise their locations, but it would also muffle the sound cues that you and your teams will make. That will make it harder for them to notice that the rush is already happening. Their cameras will also be blocked while the Logic Bomb is going off, so they wouldn’t know that you’re rushing a particular direction through the cameras.


24. Do Not Sleep on Her BOSG.12.2.


While I mostly play Dokkaebi with her Mk 14 EBR because it’s simply easier to use. I would also recommend players to try out her BOSG.12.2, especially now that she has more options for her secondary weapon. It may only have two shots before having to reload, but with the C75 Auto or the SMG-12 as your secondary, you’ll still do well when it comes to close to medium range encounters, even if you miss your shots from the BOSG.12.2.

The BOSG.12.2 is a single-slug firing shotgun that is modeled after big game hunting shotguns, so it essentially works like a sniper rifle. And unlike most shotguns, this one is capable of headshots and accurately hitting targets at long range. So, if you know that you have talent for the BOSG.12.2, be sure not to sleep on it, because it’s one of the most powerful guns in the game and can take down or take out an opponent with just one or two shots.


23. Use Her Gonne-6 In Certain Situations


While I generally opt for the SMG-12 as her secondary weapon because I can just use the Mk 14 EBR to destroy hatches, there are certain situations where the Gonne-6 is a must. Those cases are usually when the Defenders have operators that have really pesky bulletproof gadgets such as Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense, or Azami’s Kiba Barriers. Especially now that there’s an Attacker repick, I can just simply change my loadout and select the Gonne-6 when I see those operators.

Having the Gonne-6 when those operators are present will be very helpful to you and your teammates because it can take out one of those bulletproof special gadgets in a flash. And even though you can only take out one of them, that’ll be a great help because those special gadgets are really troublesome. Even just one Evil Eye from Maestro can mean a lot of trouble for the Attackers when they’re pushing and attempting to plant the defuser.


22. Stick with the Team


Dokkaebi is one of the best roamer hunters around, because she can compromise their locations with her Logic Bomb. And when she’s partnered up with one or two teammates when hunting roamers, that’s going to be more effective, because hunting roamers alone can be very risky even though Dokkaebi will know their location through her Logic Bomb. Dokkaebi was really meant for teamplay and support and not really for entry fragging like Ash or Zofia.

The good thing about sticking to your teammates is when you’re able to kill a roamer, you will have some cover while you’re hacking the dead roamer’s phone. And that’s important because hacking a dead Defender’s phone can leave Dokkaebi vulnerable for several seconds. Also, being with your teammates will let you have a better idea on when to use your Logic Bomb. Be it for hunting roamers, or for pushing.


21. The Mk 14 EBR With Muzzle Brake Is Deadly


While the recoil of the Mk 14 EBR is a lot more manageable compared to what its recoil pattern image shows, the muzzle brake would still greatly lower its recoil further and would provide the user with pinpoint accuracy and firing stability. And because with the muzzle brake, you will already have a recoil-benefit providing attachment. The user can freely let go of the vertical grip in favor of the angled grip instead.

With the angled grip, the user will be able to go into aim-down-sights position much faster, and that would be great, especially when penetrating the objective area where you would be dealing with enemies that can pop out from the corner anytime and at close to medium range. The muzzle brake + angled grip combination will allow the user to perform flick shots more effectively and quicker, allowing the user to have superiority in close distances.


20. Use Dokkaebi When There's a Valkyrie


Now that there’s an Attacker repick option, I would highly recommend you to select Dokkaebi as your operator whenever your team spots a Valkyire on the Defender team. That’s because Dokkaebi is a great counter to Valkyrie and once she gets access to Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras, it would be a huge plus to your team. And I feel like that’s an understatement, because in a lot of ways, especially if you’re playing in a coordinated team. Getting access to Valkyrie’s cams will get you very close to winning.

So, when there’s a Valkyrie on the defending team, what you and your teammates should do is do a roamer clearing operation, which is very basic in Siege anyway. Once you’ve successfully hunted down a roamer, you’ll be able to hack his or her phone and that will give you and the whole Attacker team access to all of the Defender cameras, including of course, Valkyrie’s cameras. Valkyrie’s cameras will be mostly placed on the surrounding areas of the objective spot, so having access to them will give you good visuals of the remaining Defenders.


19. Don't Sleep on the Scope 2.0x


While most experienced players would opt to use the 3.0x scope on Dokkaebi’s Mk 14 EBR, and I would also generally recommend that. A lot of players, especially those who are into penetrating the objective area earlier and fast would benefit from the 2.0x scope also. The 2.0x scope provides a really good balance between high levels of zoom and peripheral view. Especially because its frame doesn’t take up a lot of screen space unlike many other scopes.

The 1.5x scope is also available to Dokkaebi’s Mk 14 EBR, but since the 2.0x scope is also available, I highly recommend to choose the 2.0x one over the 1.5x. That’s because you’ll be able to see your enemies better with the 2.0x scope, and its only drawback is the big gear on its upper left side. But aside from that, the 2.0x scope is nearly a perfect sight, especially for Dokkaebi’s role where she usually provides backline support at medium range. 


18. Know When to Use Her Smoke Grenades


She now has more options for her secondary gadget with the addition of the impact emp grenade and I generally recommend the stun grenade even over the impact emp grenade, but there are times when the smoke grenades are going to become handier. The trick is knowing when to equip it. And that involves more coordination with your teammates and checking out their loadouts which you can easily do just by pressing the space bar during the loadout selection phase.

If others in your team are already carrying stun grenades and impact emp grenades, then it would serve you well to carry the smoke grenades instead. Especially when your team is going for a push and defuser plant rather than focusing on fragging enemies and room clearing. Once you pop off your smoke grenades to cover a defuser plant attempt, you should immediately follow it up with your Logic Bomb. That way you and your team will know when Defenders are responding to your defuser plant attempt, and you’ll know their exact location.


17. Don’t Sleep On Her C75


Personally, I prefer her SMG-12 because I have more options when it comes to its sights and grip, but the huge drawback of the SMG-12 is its very rough recoil, and it does get crazy, especially now with the overhaul on the weapon recoil across the board. That’s why a lot of people prefer the C75 whose recoil is a lot easier to handle. Of course, it also comes with a drawback, and what turns me off from using it is its iron sights.

Its iron sight which you cannot change, makes it hard for the user to precisely aim at a target. That especially goes for me who’s more used to the red dot sights. But for players who don’t mind the iron sights at all, especially because they would mostly only use the C75 for flick shots anyway, then the C75 is highly recommended. It has a much more stable recoil, has a higher damage than the SMG-12, and it won’t be so left behind when it comes to rate of fire.


16. Play Her with Lion

The Dokkaebi Logic Bomb and Lion EE-ONE-D is one of the most frightening combos in the game. Well, for the Defenders at least, because this combo can really hinder their movements. And being able to move freely is important for roamers, especially when they’re trying to escape from being hunted. But with Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb, their mobile phones would ring loudly for 12 seconds, effectively compromising their current location until they disable it.

The problem with disabling it is that it takes 5 seconds, and while disabling it, they wouldn’t be able to move or shoot. And if that’s followed up by Lion’s EE-ONE-D scan, there would be another 2 seconds that they won’t be able to move, because if they move while the EE-ONE-D scan is on-going, the system will automatically ping their current location. Both Lion and Dokkaebi’s special gadgets also work well in masking the sound cues that Attackers make.


15. She Now Has an EMP Grenade. Use It.

The impact emp grenades are the newest gadget in the game and it really adds a lot of versatility to it. Maybe now, Thatcher wouldn’t be almost unusable in Ranked. But in the case that he’s still banned in your Ranked game and you’re planning on picking Dokkaebi, you should really consider carrying the impact emp grenade with you so that your team will have an easier time breaching.

And even when you already have other operators that can enable hard breaching in your lineup, such as Maverick, Kali, or Twitch, the impact emp grenades on your Dokkaebi would still help a lot, because you can disable Kaid’s Electroclaws that are preventing the hatches from being breached, or you can just straight up throw it to an enemy in order to disable his reticle. Disabling an enemy’s reticle will go a long way into winning a gun fight against him because that will really affect his aim negatively.


14. Hack A Defender Phone as Much as Possible


Regardless of whether the Defenders have a Valkyrie or a Maestro, as a Dokkaebi player, you should always try your best to hack a dead Defender’s phone. Even if one falls quite far from your current position, you should make your way to it, carefully of course. That’s because hacking a dead Defender’s phone will give your team a lot of advantages even if the defending team doesn’t have a lot of cameras.

That’s because there would still definitely be cctv cameras near or around the objective area, and being able to monitor them will be a great advantage to your team, especially when one of your teammates’ is dead and can keep monitoring the cameras. That will prevent you and your team from being backstabbed by a roamer or a flanker, and if you’re lucky to have a bulletproof camera inside the objective area, then your team will have a really good handle on enemy locations. 


13. You Can Use Her for Vertical Play


This is more effective when her Mk 14 EBR has a suppressor. Because that way, you can keep destroying wooden floors without giving away your position. And when you shoot the Defenders below, your shots will not give them a directional threat indicator that they could use to counter you with. This is all possible because of the Mk 14 EBR’s destructive profile per shot.

And if combined with the Logic Bomb, Dokkaebi will be able to know where the Defenders are hiding below her. That way, she will have a better idea on which portion of the wooden floors to destroy. If the Dokkaebi user is lucky, she can even get a kill through bullet penetration, because as I said, the suppressor will hide the directional threat indicator from weapons. So you could be shooting at someone and it could take a while before they realize where the shots are coming from.


12. Play Her with Jackal


Both Jackal and Dokkaebi are excellent roamer hunters, but on their own, roamers could still find a way to counter them. Having them work together hand in hand is the best thing to do when you know that the enemy team has excellent roamers like Caveira or Vigil. With Dokkaebi hunting roamers with Jackal, it’s almost a guarantee that they’ll be able to neutralize the enemy roamer, or at least keep them busy enough to not interfere with the push or defuser plant attempt.

Even though Jackal’s tracking abilities seem quite OP, Caveira can counter it really well, because when she activates her Silent Step, she won’t be leaving footprints for Jackal to track with and Jackal won’t have an idea where she went. The Silent Step will also remove Jackal’s tracking ping upon activation. But with Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb, the two can track Caveira again effectively through sound. And that’s just one example of why Jackal and Dokkaebi’s combo is very deadly.


11. Have Someone Cover You While You're Hacking

When Dokkaebi is hacking, it doesn’t only mean hacking a dead Defender’s phone. Because her Logic Bomb is also a hacking action which forcibly calls the enemies’ mobile phones. Both the Logic Bomb and hacking a dead Defender’s phone can leave Dokkaebi vulnerable. For the Logic Bomb, it will be 4 seconds that Dokkaebi won’t be able to move or shoot. And for hacking a dead Defender’s phone, it will be 6 seconds.

That’s why it’s usually better for Dokkaebi to stick with her team, so that someone can back her up during those times where she leaves herself vulnerable to enemy fire. Yes, for the Logic Bomb, she can find a safe place first before activating it, but hacking a dead Defender’s phone is a different thing altogether. Because she will have no choice but to hack it on the spot where the Defender died. And more often than not, that spot would be open.


10. Map Familiarity is Very Important

One of Dokkaebi’s main roles is to clear out roamers, but the Dokkaebi player wouldn’t be able to do this effectively if she herself isn’t familiar with the maps. Even if you’re able to detect an enemy roamer through the sound cue of her phone because of your Logic Bomb, you won’t be able to hunt him down effectively or cut him off when he’s escaping if you don’t know the ins and outs of every map in Siege. And yes, I’m talking about every map.

And because another one of Dokkaebi’s roles is to watch the enemy cameras after she’s done hacking a dead Defender’s phone, it is important for the Dokkaebi player to know the proper callouts in the maps. And the player would only be able to perform that role well if he’s familiar with the map outlines, as well as the names of the spots in the maps. 


9. Use the Vertical Grip on her Mk 14 EBR


While the recoil of the Mk 14 EBR marksman rifle is quite manageable, its horizontal recoil leaves much to be desired, and that’s why it’s always good to have at least one attachment that provides more recoil control to it. And generally, I recommend the vertical grip, especially after the angled grip got nerfed and its bonus speed for going into aim-down-sights have been severely reduced.

With a vertical grip on the Mk 14 EBR, you could freely equip a suppressor on it which is frankly its best barrel attachment, especially now that they removed the damage penalty from the suppressors, and the weapon’s recoil would be very easy to handle. This is also great for medium to long-range shooting, which Dokkaebi will be doing a lot considering her role.


8. Use the Vertical Grip on Her BOSG.12.2

A lot of players make the mistake of equipping an angled grip for the BOSG.12.2 because they think that their flick shots with it being quicker is the best way to go, but the thing is, the BOSG.12.2 can fire its two shots in rapid succession. And when you equip an angled grip to it instead of the vertical grip, chances are, you won’t hit your target well on your second shot because the BOSG.12.2’s weapon kick is very strong.

But with the vertical grip, while it would still be very strong, it would be more manageable, and your view while on the aim-down-sights wouldn’t be so far away from your target after just firing one shot. And this is important because sometimes, even when you hit an enemy with the first shot of the BOSG.12.2, he or she won’t go down, and you have to follow it up with another shot.


7. Play Her with IQ


IQ is one of the best, if not the best, operator combo for Dokkaebi and that’s because while Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb is going off, IQ will be able to detect the Defenders’ mobile phones through her Electronics Detector special gadget. With this combo, the attacking team wouldn’t just be able to rely on the sound cues from Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb in order to detect enemy locations, but they’ll have visual cues from IQ as well.

Of course, for this operator combo’s full potential to be felt. The attacking team should be coordinated via voice comms. Otherwise, this powerful combination of special gadgets would just be wasted. IQ, especially should be calling out enemy locations. This combo is also very effective when it comes to hunting roamers because IQ would be able to track the roamer’s location in real time while Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb is going off.


6. Equip Her Stun Grenades


In general, Dokkaebi’s stun grenades are the best secondary gadgets for her. And that’s because these grenades are very versatile and they just don’t rob opponents of their vision. What’s great about them is that even when an enemy avoids being blinded by a stun grenade, as long as the stun grenade pops off near him, he would still feel its effects, especially its ear-ringing effect which would basically take away his ability to hear sound cues from Dokkaebi or her teammates.

Even just the alert icon that pops out when a stun grenade is thrown near an operator could make them panic and run out of their hiding spot, leaving themselves vulnerable for you or your teammates to frag with. Stun grenades are one of the best utility tools for flushing out enemies out of their hiding spots, and if they choose to hold it, they’d either be blinded or deafened.


5. Make Use Of her DMR's Destruction Profile


Because of Dokkaebi’s role, she usually deals with opponents at medium range, and sometimes even at close quarters, so it’s quite easy to forget that her Mk 14 EBR is a designated marksman rifle. And like all marksman rifles in the game, the Mk 14 EBR has a high destruction profile per shot. That means with just a few shots, it can destroy unreinforced hatches, and like one of the tips above, it can even be used for a vertical assault by destroying wooden floors.

And in Siege, high destruction profile per shot usually means high penetration power. That makes the Mk 14 EBR one of the best guns for wall banging, and that’s great especially when combined with the Logic Bomb’s ability to forcefully ring Defenders’ mobile phones. So, if you’re playing Dokkaebi and you hear a mobile device ringing on the other side of an unreinforced wall, you can easily wall bang the enemy behind it, and chances are, you’ll get an easy kill.


4. Dokkaebi Is Great for Room Clearing


This is her primary role, and one that players who want to play Dokkaebi well should really practice. Of course, room clearing against experienced enemies can’t be done by Dokkaebi alone. This requires a good and coordinated team. But it’s Dokkaebi that will initiate it, and ideally, she would remain as backline support, because her guns aren’t really ideal for close quarters combat.

The idea is, she or another teammate will drone the area that needs to be cleared first, and after droning, Dokkaebi will activate her Logic Bomb in order to compromise enemy locations. And through the sound cues that the Logic Bomb will create, the room clearing will be much more effective, because the Attackers will have a better idea on where the enemies are located and they will be able to pre-fire and anticipate enemies better.


3. The Suppressor is the Best for Her Mk 14 EBR


The suppressor is pretty OP right now after the update that removed its damage penalty to weapons, but even before that update, it has always been the best barrel attachment for Dokkaebi’s Mk 14 EBR, especially when her role is taken into account. With a suppressor, Dokkaebi will really excel at medium to long-range shooting, because she would be able to shoot enemies and chances are, those enemies won’t immediately know where Dokkaebi is shooting them from.

That’s because the suppressor removes the white directional threat indicator that gunshots normally provide enemies. The suppressor will also dampen the sound of the Mk 14 EBR’s gunshots, so it will be much easier for Dokkaebi to hear where the enemies are when her Logic Bomb is going off. And of course, it will also make it harder for opponents to know where Dokkaebi is, because her gunshots won’t compromise her location.


2. Her SMG-12 Is Her Best Secondary Weapon


Now, we discussed her Gonne-6 and C75 Auto above, and sure, in some situations it will be better to equip them instead of the SMG-12. But for most cases, the SMG-12 takes the cake. And that’s because of its sight options. The SMG-12 can be equipped with any of your favorite 1.0x sight, therefore, it will be much more comfortable for the player to aim with it. I personally use the red dot sight with it because it’s great for accuracy.

You may ask, but what about the Gonne-6? Well, it’s very unique and it can destroy bulletproof gadgets, but the SMG-12 is just more useful for Dokkaebi in general, because she already has the Mk 14 EBR for destroying hatches, and now she even has the impact emp grenade which she can use to disable Defender gadgets. And since none of Dokkaebi’s primary weapons are fully automatic, it would greatly aid her if her secondary weapon is.


1. Use The 3.0x Scope for Her Mk 14 EBR


Beginners may have some trouble using higher zoom scopes at close quarters, but I encourage players who are new to the game to get used to it as soon as possible. Maybe start by practicing with the 2.0x scope first then transition to the 2.5x. Once you feel more comfortable with using higher zooms at close range, try out the 3.0x scope on Dokkaebi’s Mk 14 EBR and you would never want to go back to lower zoom scopes anymore.

That’s because the 3.0x scope will make your enemies appear much bigger than normal, therefore, easier to hit. What’s really great with the 3.0x scope is that its frame or structure doesn’t take up a lot of screen space at all, so the player will have a really free view of his screen when he’s aiming down sights. Of course, its main drawback is that it really lessens the user’s peripheral view, but the benefits outweigh the drawback, especially when you’re on a narrow path.


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