[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Newbie Friendly Operators That Are Great (2022 Edition)

R6 Best Newbie Friendly Operators
Thermite was going to use his exothermic charge to breach an unreinforced wall. Now his ass is on the ground. Don’t repeat his newbie mistake.

I love inviting new players to Siege. It’s learning curve is quite steep, but once you learn it, you’ll be able to just cruise on it and have a great time. It still is the most tactical FPS game out there if you don’t include the simulators which can take you years to queue to be able to play in multiplayer matches. But going back to that steep learning curve, here are the beginner friendly operators in Siege that can ease up the climb.


10. Gridlock

A fun operator for new players to use and learn angles and teamplay in the process. Her trax stingers are very easy to deploy. Once deployed, they can render enemy roamers useless. Knowing where to deploy them is a great way for new players to learn more map familiarity. Her guns are also really easy to control and being a 3-amor operator means it’ll be tough to kill her.

Excels in:

  • Area denial
  • Roamer and flanker denial
  • Pushing and bomb planting



9. Zofia

Contrary to popular belief, Zofia is a perfect operator for new players. Just don’t use her M762 because that gun is pretty hard to control even for veteran players. What makes her a great operator for new players is her balance and straightforwardness. She is a 2-armor 2-speed operator, and her KS79 Lifeline is also easy to use.  Plus, her LMG-E has very low recoil and a huge bullet capacity per magazine.

Excels in:

  • Entry fragging
  • Rushing
  • Flanking

Best loadouts for Zofia:



8. Finka

Her adrenal surge is very easy to use. Just one click and it’s activated, and since this new season, she can also activate it even when she’s in a down-but-not-out (dbno) state. That’s a big plus for any beginner player because she can heal or revive herself as well as her teammates. Not to mention the added buffs of the adrenal rush like almost removing the slow effects of barbed wires, faster reload, removal of tinnitus, removal of concussion effects, and blind effects of stun guns will be less effective.

Excels in:

  • Healing herself and her allies
  • Overwhelming the enemies with firepower
  • Supporting her teammates by buffing them

Best loadout for Finka:



7. Iana

Despite her futuristic gadget, she’s actually pretty straightforward and easy to use. She can send a holographic copy of herself that can mimic her movements except shooting, and this can be used to trick or confuse enemies, but most importantly, know their locations. And for a new player, being advised on the enemies’ locations is a big asset.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Distracting enemies
  • Entry fragging 

Best loadouts for Iana:



6. IQ

IQ is multitasking operator and switching from her special gadget to her primary gun quickly in order to defend herself or engage an enemy can be hard. But she’s still one of the beginner operators because her special gadget allows the player to know more about camera positions, enemy gadgets, and the overall map design.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Provides more map familiarity to new players
  • Stable recoil pattern guns

Best loadouts for IQ:



5. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is both powerful and easy to use. The player only needs to deploy her Kona Stations around the objective area and he or she can just focus on strafing at enemies, other tasks like creating rotation holes, or exploring the map for more map familiarity. Her assault rifle has a stable recoil pattern too so this is a really good operator for a newbie to use.

Excels in:

  • Support through healing and reviving
  • Flanking
  • Speed
  • Firepower
  • Contributing to the team even when player is dead

Best loadouts for Thunderbird:



4. Kapkan

It’s the best time to use Kapkan right now because of the recent update that allows him to put two of his EDDs in one entryway. With that, an unassuming attacker would be killed in one go. This is a fun and easy operator for newbies to start with because it’s very simple to attach his EDDS on doorways and windows. His guns are also quite easy to use and have low recoil.

Excels in:

  • Disrupting enemy rhythm
  • Preventing enemies from pushing
  • Enemy presence alarm
  • Contributing to the team even when player is dead

Best loadouts for Kapkan:



3. Lesion

Lesion is one of the best beginner operators because his gadget is very easy to use and it's fun to deploy them. Seriously, throwing around his Gu Mines is fun, and in the process can make new players learn about angles and the usual pathways that attackers take. Gu mines also serve as good alarm sounds when an enemy is nearby, that way even new players won’t be caught off guard.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Disrupting the attackers’ rhythm
  • Anti-rush
  • Contributing to the team even when player is dead

Best loadouts for Lesion:



2. Frost

The best beginner operators are those who still contribute a lot to the team even when they’re dead. And number one when it comes to that is Frost. Her traps allow players to still be able to kill or at the very least, disable enemies even when they’re already dead. That’s a big morale boost for a new player and good morale is good for new players so that they’ll keep the urge to improve in this hard game.

Excels in:

  • Disabling enemies
  • Contributing to the team even when player is dead
  • More map familiarity for beginners

Best loadouts for Frost:



1. Rook

The easiest operator to use for a beginner. Especially because his main job can be done with one click and it only takes a few seconds to finish. Dropping his armor plates that is. Once that’s done, the player is free to explore the objective area, learn angles, focus on targeting enemies and whatever he or she wants to do.

Excels in:

  • Ease of use
  • Tough armor so even beginners won’t die easily.
  • His guns have low recoil

Best loadouts for Rook:



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