[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Warden Loadouts

R6 best Warden Loadouts
Team Rainbow’s Casanova definitely got the drip going with that suit, moustache, and loadouts.

He’s an operator that you don’t really see a lot in ranked matches. Perhaps because he’s one of the operators whose special gadgets only have an effect on themselves. But when used right and with proper timing, operator Warden can surprise any attacking team and make the difference in a round. Especially when his player chooses the loadout that is best suited to his or her playstyle.


5. M590A1 with Laser + SMG-12 with Holographic and Vertical Grip + Nitro Cell

Be a solid anchor

With his 2-speed 2-armor rating, you can use Warden for roaming as well, but his Glance Smart Glasses which allows him to see through smoke grenades and remove blindness from stun grenades will be more useful in anchoring, because most of the time, attackers throw their smoke and stun grenades inside the objective area. 

The laser sight reduces the hip fire bullet spread of weapons, which is most useful for shotguns, especially when you use flick shots with it. But it can compromise your position, so when you’re not expecting enemies to be in close range yet, have the SMG-12 at the ready for strafing at medium range. The SMG-12 has a nasty recoil but with the vertical grip, as long as you stick to short bursts of fire, you should be able to hold it down well.

Excels in:

  • Close range


4. MPX with 1.5x Scope, Compensator, and Angled Grip + P-10C with Suppressor + Nitro Cell

Speed and stable recoil

The MPX’s recoil pattern goes on an almost straight line so it’s pretty easy to control when you apply your own recoil control. So, with the MPX, the angled grip will provide you with the most benefit because it will allow you to go into aim-down-sights (ads) position a lot quicker, and in Siege, that plays a major factor, because with the exemption of the shotgun, hip firing isn’t really reliable. So, the faster you can aim down your sights, the better.

The compensator tightens the recoil diamond, giving you a more stable feel when it comes to sustained firing, and the 1.5x scope provides just the right zoom for close to medium range superiority. Use the suppressed handgun for shooting down attacker drones whenever you can to avoid compromising your position to enemies.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


3. M590A1 + SMG-12 with Holographic, Angled Grip, and Laser + Nitro Cell

Shotgun pellets through the smoke

With this loadout, you’ll be playing more into Warden’s strengths. As mentioned above, his special gadget allows him to see through smoke and remove blind effects. It’ll be best if you don’t get scanned by attacker drones during prep phase so that your enemies wouldn’t know that there’s a Warden in the team. And when they pop off their smoke grenades, surprise them by going inside the smoke and bodying them with your M590A1. 

And when your shotgun needs to reload but there are still enemies around, quickly switch to your SMG-12. It goes pretty crazy with its recoil, but in close range, that won’t matter much. Speed will be more important, so that’s why for this loadout, you’re going with the angled grip instead of the vertical one.

Excels in:

  • Close range


2. MPX with 1.5x Scope, Suppressor, and Angled Grip + SMG-12 with Holographic, Angled Grip, and Laser + Nitro Cell

They won’t have an idea what just hit them

With a suppressor attached to it, shooting enemies with your MPX won’t give them a directional threat indicator of where your shots are coming from. This works really well in conjunction with Warden’ Glance Smart Glasses. With this loadout, using smoke grenades will backfire for the attackers because you’ll be able to freely see and target them through the smoke while not giving them the position you’re shooting from.

Excels in:

  • Stealth
  • Cloe to medium range


1. MPX with 1.5x Scope, Flash Hider, and Angled Grip + P-10C with Suppressor + Nitro Cell

The flash hider really goes well with the angled grip

When it comes to guns like the MPX that have an almost straight vertical recoil pattern, the flash hider, which greatly lowers the vertical kick of weapons, is the best. Partnered with the 1.5x scope to see your enemies better, and the angled grip for targeting them faster. With this loadout, you’ll be able to make effective flick shots. And quick firing and taking down of enemies is Warden’s job especially when the enemies pop off their smoke and stun grenades and it's your time to counter attack.

With this loadout, you’ll be able to roam too if the situation tells you that it’ll be better for you to roam or flank. You can shoot attacker drones and claymores with your suppressed handgun without alerting enemies. 

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


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