[Top 15] R6 Most Fun Operators To Play (And Why)

R6 Siege Top 15 Most Fun Operators To Play
Siege doesn’t always have to be sweaty. A lot of times, we just want to have fun.

15. Sens

Sens is the newest operator in the game, and despite their 1-speed rating, they’re one of the most fun to use right now. That is primarily because of their special gadget, the R.O.U. Projector systems, which are deployed through a rolling gadget that also bounces on surfaces. Once these projector systems are rolled out, they will create large walls of projector lights which will provide a lot of cover for the Attacking team, especially when they’re pushing and attempting to plant the defuser.

Because of the nature of the R.O.U. Projector Systems, it can be used in a lot of versatile and fun ways, and that’s why Sens is here in this list despite their slow movement. Once the projector covers are in place, you can put your claymores behind them and that’ll be a really fun way to score some kills from enemies who will attempt to swing your projector lights. On top of that, Sens also has the newest weapon in Siege, which has a pretty rough recoil but has a very decent damage output and best of all, it has a huge magazine capacity.

What Makes Sens Fun:

  • There are a lot of creative ways and angles to deploy her R.O.U. Projector Systems in order to provide more cover for the Attacking team
  • They have great choices for their primary, like the newest gun in the game; the POF-9 assault rifle, and the powerful 417-marksman rifle.
  • Has two claymores that can also be cleverly deployed behind their R.O.U. Projector Systems in order to score kills against opponents who would swing the projector lights
  • Has 3-armor rating so unless you get hit in the head, it’ll be tougher to take you down.

Best Loadout for Sens:



14. Oryx

Oryx is one of the most fun Defenders to use because he’s the only one on the Defender side that can climb up a broken hatch. The only other operator in the game that can do this is Amaru on the Attacker side, but when Amaru shoots up her Gara Hook to climb up a hatch, she can’t cancel it and it produces quite a lot of noise. Oryx on the other hand can latch on the edges of a broken hatch, look at the floor’s surroundings, and depending on the situation, he can continue climbing up or he can cancel the action. That makes climbing up a hatch much safer than with Amaru.

Oryx also possesses another ability called the Remah Dash where he uses his own body to smash through unreinforced walls. This allows Oryx players to make rotation holes with a small sacrifice of 5hp. Another fun thing to do with the Remah Dash is to knock down enemies with it, especially shield operators like Montagne and Blitz. With Oryx around, even Montagne behind his heavy shield isn’t so safe anymore and can easily be taken to the ground, free for Oryx and his teammates to kill. Of course, the Remah Dash is also one of the reasons why Oryx is so hard to hunt when he’s roaming, because he can quickly make escape routes with it.

What Makes Oryx Fun:

  • The only operator on the Defender side that can climb on broken hatches
  • The only operator that can smash through unreinforced walls with his own body, sacrificing only 5hp every time he does it.
  • The only operator that can instantly knock down shield operators just by smashing against them
  • Can sprint really quickly and get into another point fast with his Remah Dash

Best Loadout for Oryx:



13. Ash

Ash has been one of the most fun operators to play for many years, perhaps even during the early days of Siege. She’s originally the most popular rusher, and is still one of the most popular rushers in the game right now. And that is mainly because of her special gadget, the Breaching Rounds, partnered with her 3-speed rating, as well as her powerful choices for primary weapons, the R4C and the G36C. They have removed her 3 stun grenades which did hamper her rushing ability for a bit, but they replaced them with 2 claymores which is great for covering her back against roamers and flankers.

Despite a number of nerfs that Ash has suffered throughout the years, no one can deny that she’s still one of the most dangerous and dynamic Attackers around, and is actually quite hard to beat in a straight up one on one encounter. And aside from using her Breaching Rounds to open up huge holes on unreinforced walls that can serve as her and her team’s entry point, she can also use them to destroy pesky bulletproof gadgets like the armored panels, Maestro’s Evil Eyes, or Melusi’s Banshees. Ash isn’t just a high powered, fun operator to use. She’s also very versatile as well.

What Makes Ash Fun:

  • Her 3-speed rating allows her to go in and perform a rush quicker than many operators in the game
  • Her Breaching Rounds opens up large holes on unreinforced walls, allowing her and her team entry to the mission building.
  • Her Breaching Rounds can also be used for destroying pesky bulletproof gadgets such as Maestro’s Evil Eyes or Melusi’s Banshees
  • The two claymores in her arsenal allows her to protect her back and in turn allows her to focus on enemies in front of her

Best Loadout for Ash:



12. Fuze

Fuze is one of the few 1-speed operators that is really fun to play, and that is because despite him being popular for chaos and destruction, this operator is actually really versatile, as well as tactical. With his special gadget, the Cluster Charges, which bombards an area with several explosives, Fuze can do a lot of damage, not just to operators who aren’t able to get away from the Cluster Charges in time, but also to the Defender gadgets inside. Fuze’s Cluster Charges can practically destroy any Defender Gadget on the area near its explosions, and it's one of the best ways to soften up an objective area before a push.

The most fun thing to do with Fuze is using his Cluster Charges to force Defenders out of their entrenched positions, and that’s even more possible now that Fuze can deploy his Cluster Charges on reinforced walls or hatches. And because the Cluster Charges are detonated remotely, Fuze can time it so that they will flush out a Defender right into his weapon’s sights, or he can do it in coordination with his teammates where his teammates are the ones who will finish off the enemies running from the Cluster Charges. 

What Makes Fuze Fun:

  • The only operator in the game that can cause several consecutive explosions
  • Able to flush opponents out of their entrenched positions by deploying his Cluster Charge above or beside them
  • Has a wide variety of choices for his primary weapons. He can go with an assault rifle, an LMG, or a ballistic shield.
  • Has two hard breach charges, making it perfect for destroying hatches or making an alternative horizontal breach.

Best Loadout for Fuze:



11. Vigil

Tricking your enemies and making them uncomfortable will always be fun in Siege, and Vigil specializes in that. With his special gadget, the ERC-7, he will appear invisible to Attacker drones or any type of cameras as long as it’s active. It will, however, create a static feed on the camera, and that static feed will get stronger when Vigil is near it. While this gives the Attackers a clue that Vigil is around, the fact that they don’t see exactly where he is will greatly unsettle them. 

This makes Vigil a very effective roamer and ambusher, because in Siege, intel is very crucial, and the fact that you can’t get a good intel on him means that it will be harder to anticipate or hunt him down. When you do however get a good grasp of his current whereabouts and you and your team begin hunting him, he can escape quite easily using his two impact grenades which can quickly create escape holes or destroy hatches. For offense, Vigil uses a powerful submachine gun in the K1A, and he can also opt for the very single-slug firing shotgun, the BOSG.12.2. which can down an enemy with just one shot.

What Makes Vigil Fun:

  • Able to become invisible to drones and other cameras through his ERC-7 special gadget
  • Makes Attackers uncomfortable because they will know that he’s around through the static feed on the camera, but they wouldn’t know exactly where he is.
  • Able to quickly create escape routes or flanking holes due to his impact grenades
  • Has great guns with the K1A submachine gun and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun which is used primarily as a marksman rifle with devastating stopping power.

Best Loadout for Vigil:



10. Buck

Being able to quickly change your weapon type is very fun, and Buck, with his Skeleton Key special gadget which allows him to switch from his assault rifle or marksman rifle to his underbarrel shotgun and vice versa, can do just that, and very quickly too. Because of that, Buck can excel at any range. When he’s expecting that trouble is going to happen at close range, he can just quickly switch to his under-barrel shotgun and blow his enemies away, especially because Buck’s underbarrel shotgun is the most destructive shotgun in the whole game.

And when he’s expecting to strafe opponents at medium to long range, he can just quickly switch back to either his marksman rifle or assault rifle. This versatility makes Buck so fun to use, and it also makes him one of the best vertical attackers in the game, who, unlike Sledge and Fuze, can also harass enemies from below. Buck can just keep destroying wooden floors above or below the objective spot, exposing the Defenders inside, and with one button he can switch back to his primary weapon and frag the exposed Defender. 

What Makes Buck Fun:

  • Buck is the most versatile vertical attacker, capable of harassing enemies from above or below.
  • Excels at any range because he can quickly switch to his under-barrel shotgun with just one button
  • Able to create entry holes on unreinforced walls for him and his whole team with just two shots from his under-barrel shotgun
  • His CAMRS marksman file is also effective at close range, because unlike most marksman rifles, it has a tight hip fire, especially when you attach a laser sight to it.

Best Loadout for Buck:



9. Kapkan

One of the most fun things to experience in Siege is to get kills even when you’ve already been taken out of the round. That’s an experience that you’ll quite often experience with Kapkan, especially now that he can put multiple EDDs in one entryway, and on each side. With two to three EDDS, Kapkan can score an instant kill when an opponent passes by that particular entryway without noticing the EDDS. Kapkan can also choose to just put one at each entry way to spread them out more and have them damage enemies and act as early warning devices.

Overall, Kapkan’s special gadget is one of the most troublesome in the game, even when the Attackers know that there’s a Kapkan on the defending team and they’re being extremely careful. That is because Kapkan’s presence alone forces them to slow down their push and check every entryway. The problem is, when they’re carefully checking each entryway for Kapkan’s EDDS, they could leave themselves vulnerable to Defender fire. Another thing that makes Kapkan such a fun operator to use is that after deploying his EDDs, he can basically just focus on fragging enemies, be it by roaming or through anchoring.

What Makes Kapkan Fun:

  • He’s one of the few operators that can get kills even when they’ve already been taken out of the round
  • Has great choices for secondary gadgets in the nitro cell and the impact grenades
  • His presence alone makes Attackers uncomfortable and forces them to slow down their advance
  • Able to score a kill with just one detonation of his special gadgets because he’s able to put several of them in one entryway

Best Loadout for Kapkan:



8. Caveira

This high-speed operator is one of the most dynamic ones in the Defender side, especially because her speed is partnered with her stealth ability which is called the Silent Step. While her Silent Step is active, her footsteps would be very hard to hear, even when she’s sprinting. This makes her one of the most dangerous roamers in the game, because it’s just so hard to guard against her, as well as hunt her down. That is because when she knows she’s being hunted by Attackers, she can silently run away with her Silent Step, as well as quickly create escape routes using her impact grenades or SPAS-15 shotgun.

Caveira is also one of the few operators in the game that actually has more than one special ability. Her other one is her interrogation ability wherein she interrogates a down-but-not-out (dbno) Attacker, and when successful, it will show the real time location of the remaining Attackers for several seconds. That is why roaming alone as an Attacker is too dangerous when Caveira is on the Defender team, because most of the time, when her interrogation skill goes off, it already means a win for that round in favor of the Defender side.

What Makes Caveira Fun:

  • Her 3-speed rating combined with her Silent Step allows the user to go from one point to another quickly but also silently
  • Able to create rotation holes as well as escape holes very quickly using her impact grenades or SPAS-15 shotgun
  • Able to interrogate downed opponents, and once the interrogation is successful, the skill will show the real time location of enemies for several seconds.
  • Her special handgun, the Luison, can take down opponents regardless of armor rating with just two shots at its optimal range.

Best Loadout for Caveira:



7. Amaru

She may not be the easiest operator to use, but she’s definitely one of the most fun. She’s not called the ‘Attack on Titan’ operator for nothing. Her Gara Hook shoots several grappling hooks that latch on the edge of rooftops, windows, and even hatches, and then they propel Amaru towards them. That’s why she’s called the ‘Attack on Titan’ operator, because her Gara Hook mechanism looks very similar to the hit anime show’s ‘ODM Gear’. With her Gara Hook, Amaru has taken the spot for the fastest rusher in the game.

She’s also the only one on the Attacker side that can climb on broken hatches, and she can use a shotgun or a Gonne-6 as one of her secondaries, so Defenders have to be careful about broken hatches on their floor level. Amaru also has a very unique one hit kill mechanism wherein she’s able to score an instant kill to an opponent on the other side of the window that she’s coming into with her Gara Hook. Honestly, that’s one of the most annoying deaths in the game. And when it comes to engaging the enemies, she has the G8A1 LMG which has a high magazine capacity and high damage output per shot.

What Makes Amaru Fun:

  • User can experience being propelled in the air fast and onto the objective area because of her Gara Hook that resembles the ODM Gear in Attack on Titan
  • The fastest Attacker right now for rushing and she can really catch the Defenders inside by surprise when she just suddenly burst onto their windows
  • One of the only two operators that can climb through broken hatches
  • Has three stun grenades which she can use to blind enemies and rob them of their sense of hearing before she goes inside their objective spot using her Gara Hook

Best Loadout for Amaru:



6. Sledge

Sledge is one of the few operators in the game whose special gadget doesn’t run out of uses. That’s because it’s basically just a hella big sledgehammer. But Sledge can use it really well due to his physicality, and that’s essentially why he’s so fun to use. It’s because he can keep swinging this huge hammer and cause a lot of destruction. But just because it causes a lot of destruction, doesn’t mean it’s not that tactical. Its name is Tactical Breaching Hammer after all, and it has a lot of methodical uses.

First off, it can instantly bring down a barricaded door or window, even those that are reinforced by Castle’s Armor Panels. That makes Sledge one of the best rush initiators in the game, especially since he can do this more silently than other operators. This applies to unreinforced walls as well, where he can create an entry hole with just one hit from his hammer. And the deadliest way to use Sledge is by having him perform a vertical attack when the Defenders’ objective spot is below wooden floors. With his hammer, Sledge can keep breaking the wooden floors, exposing the Defenders below.

What Makes Sledge Fun:

  • His Tactical Breaching Hammer doesn’t run out of uses, so he can keep breaking walls or wooden floors as much as he wants.
  • One of the best vertical attackers because he can keep breaking wooden floors above objective spots to expose the Defenders below
  • Has two frag grenades which he can use to flush out enemies from their hiding spots or straight up score kills

Best Loadout for Sledge:



5. Dokkaebi

Even from all the cinematics where she’s featured, like The Hammer and The Scalpel, Tournament of Champions, and The Playbook, which I highly recommend new players to check out, one could tell that Dokkaebi is one of the most interesting operators in the game. Being one of the youngest, she’s very fierce and has a very strong personality, but we’ve also seen that she can be very methodical. And this applies to her gameplay within the game as well. Her Logic Bomb is one of the most powerful special gadgets in the game when it comes to gathering and denying intel.

Her Logic Bomb forcibly calls Defenders’ mobile phones, and the loud ringing from that call oftentimes compromises their locations. It can also make it harder for them to hear the sounds that Attacker makes when they’re approaching, therefore, it limits their hearing ability during the call. She can also hack the mobile phone of a dead Defender, granting her and the whole attacking team access to all Defender cameras, even special gadgets like Valkyrie’s Black Eyes or Maestro’s Evil Eyes. And while her Logic Bomb is active, Defenders wouldn’t be able to access their cameras, so Dokkaebi can effectively deny intel as well.

What Makes Dokkaebi Fun:

  • Can gather intel on enemy locations very effectively by forcibly ringing their phones or hacking Defender cameras
  • Can also deny intel because Defenders wouldn’t be able to access their cameras while her Logic Bomb is active
  • One of the most effective rush supports because she compromises current enemy locations through the ringing of their phones, and prevents Defenders from hearing a lot of sound cues from Attackers.
  • Has the very powerful Mk 14 EBR marksman rifle which excels at any range, even at close range.

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



4. Ela

Ela may be a bit difficult to use for beginners, but to those who are already used to the mechanics of the game, she’s a very fun operator to play. And that is mainly because of her 3-speed rating partnered with her special gadget, the Grzmot Mine. Her Grzmot Mines detonate whenever an enemy gets near them, and that causes one of the strongest concussion effects in the game. Once that trap is sprung and Ela is near to respond to it, it’ll be very hard for the concussed Attacker to survive, because Ela, with her incredible speed, and powerful weapons, is a great finisher.

As for her weapons, her primary ones aren’t suited for long range shooting, because her submachine gun has a really rough recoil, and her other primary is a shotgun. But in close range, where she will primarily deal with enemies that are concussed by her Grzmot Mines anyway, her FO-12 shotgun and Scorpion EVO 3 A1 are absolute beasts. Of course, Ela is not completely useless in long range. She has one of the best handguns in the RG15 which she can use for long-range strafing because it has a really neat red dot sight that can provide the user with pinpoint accuracy.

What Makes Ela Fun:

  • Her 3-speed rating allows her to engage enemies really quickly or escape from them when she’s being hunted
  • Her Grzmot Mines are very effective as traps that inflict a serious concussion to anyone that gets caught in its effect, and they can also be effective as early warning devices.
  • Her FO-12 Shotgun is one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, with a fast rate of fire, wide variety of attachments, and high destruction profile per shot.

Best Loadout for Ela:



3. Alibi

Tricking and confusing your enemies will always be fun, and that goes triple with Alibi because she has three holographic copies called Primas to trick enemies with. And they’re not just for confusing enemies, they’re very effective when it comes to gathering intel as well, because the enemies who shoot them will automatically be pinged for several seconds. That will make them vulnerable to Defender fire, because all the Defenders will see that ping, and the Attacker could expect that Alibi would be hunting him or her.

As for offensive capabilities, Alibi is one of the most dangerous roamers in the game, because her ACS12 shotgun possesses heavy firepower and it shoots single-slugs per shot, meaning it’s basically a long-range shotgun. And when the player prefers a more traditional rapid shooting gun, Alibi also has the very powerful Mx4 Storm submachine gun which deals a good amount of damage per bullet and has a very fast rate of fire. Another fun thing about Alibi is that she can go from one place to the next quickly because her impact grenades can be used to quickly create rotation holes or escape holes. This makes her very hard to hunt when she’s roaming.

What Makes Alibi Fun:

  • Can confuse the hell out of her opponents with her three Prisma holographic clones
  • Very effective at roaming because of her 3-speed rating as well as the escape mechanisms she has with her impact grenades and Bailiff 410 pistol shotgun
  • Also effective at gathering intel on enemies because her Prisma holographic clones will automatically ping the enemy that shoots them and that ping will last for several seconds
  • Has the ACS12 shotgun which is basically a rifle. It deals heavy damage but has a really low recoil.

Best Loadout for Alibi:



2. Azami

Azami is one of the best recent additions to Siege and is a favorite of the Siege community because she brought back a lot of the tactical aspects of the game. And most players come to Siege to experience tactical gameplay, so more of that will always be fun. With her Kiba Barriers, she possesses the ability to essentially reshape the geometry of battle because they can fortify a previously weak angle. Best example of that is the garage area in the Consulate that is viewed from the yellow stairs. Without Azami’s Kiba Barriers, the anti-hard breach gadgets there would be vulnerable from Attackers on the yellow stairs.

Especially when the one preventing hard breaching is Bandit, and he’s doing his ‘Bandit Trick’. With Azami’s Kiba Barriers, that angle will be well protected and a choke point will be created, which will make Attackers that will take the yellow stairs path more vulnerable from the Defenders inside. Her Kiba Barriers can also block drone holes, effectively stopping Attackers from gathering intel on the Defender team. She and Mira also have one of the most OP operator combos in the game, where Azami fortifies the bottom part of Mira’s Black Mirror on an unreinforced wall. As for fragging opponents, this Japanese operator has the very powerful ACS12 shotgun, which is one of the most devastating guns in the game.

What Makes Azami Fun:

  • She can basically redirect the movements of her enemies because of her Kiba Barriers
  • She can fortify a previously weak angle and use it to surprise her enemies by adding more cover to that angle
  • Has a very deadly combination with Mira wherein she fortifies the bottom part of Mira’s Black Mirror on an unreinforced wall
  • Can prevent enemies from gathering intel inside the objective spot because she can block drone holes with her Kiba Barriers

Best Loadout for Azami:



1. Iana

Like Alibi in one of the above entries, Iana confuses and tricks her enemies using a holographic copy of her, only, Iana’s holographic copy, the Gemini Replicator, can move and imitate all the actions that she can do except for shooting and rappelling. Iana’s holographic copy doesn’t automatically ping opponents that shoot it, but it can move around and its view can be accessed by Iana, it basically acts like a drone for her, and therefore, it’s an excellent tool for intel gathering. Besides, when enemies shoot it, most of the time, they’ll be compromising their location anyway due to the sound of their gunshot.

Of course, because her holographic copy moves and looks exactly like her, this can confuse enemies and create panic. That’s why Iana is so fun to use, because while on the Gemini Replicator view, you can really pretend like the real Iana and basically troll your enemies while gathering intel in the process. And when the time comes that she decides to take action using the intel she’s gathered, Iana has two powerful guns as choices for her primary weapon, the G36C which will give her more magazine capacity, and the ARX200 which she can use with a 1.5x scope. She also has two frag grenades which she can throw over to her enemies, armed with the intel that she gathered from the Gemini Replicator.

What Makes Iana Fun:

  • She can send out an exact holographic copy of her to scout ahead and confuse enemies
  • Throwing over her frag grenades to enemies is so fun because most of the time its armed with the intel that she has gathered with her holographic copy
  • Her ARX200 assault rifle is really fun to use because it deals high damage and has the great 1.5x scope
  • She also has the Gonne-6 hand cannon which is great for destroying hatches or bulletproof Defender gadgets

Best Loadout for Iana:



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