[Top 10] R6 Best Cheap Operators

R6 Siege Top 10 Best Cheap Operators
The top ten cheap but powerful operators that you can get in Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 4

Operators in Siege can be unlocked by buying them using the in-game currency called renown, or if you have extra real-life money, you can get them through R6 Credits instead. Obviously, most opt for the first option, especially since there are many cheap operators that they would be able to unlock fast and those operators are some of the most powerful in the game.

The Standard edition of Siege, which is the cheapest, is obviously the most popular edition of the game, though it doesn’t contain any operators apart from Recruit. That is why this guide is important, because it will help new players decide which operators to unlock first and how those operators will enhance their early experiences in the game.


10. Kapkan (Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Kapkan is a Year 1 operator so it only costs 1,000 renown to unlock him. The player would be able to get 1,000 renown in just 4-6 quick match games on average, especially if they win their respective matches. And definitely, Kapkan is one of the best operators to get first because he’s among the most powerful operators in the game, even when compared to operators that came out much later. He’s actually bordering OP levels, and that’s because of his special gadget, the EDD, which is one of the most feared special gadgets in the game.

His EDDs are basically traps that are deployed on entryways like doorways or windows. One EDD can cause as much damage as half an operator’s life points, so two to three of them can score an easy kill for Kapkan. Kapkan is the type of operator that punishes attackers who are too aggressive and doesn’t check entryways for traps. His presence alone causes enemies to slow down their attack because if they do not check for his EDDs on each entryway they go through, they could easily get damaged badly, or worse, killed.

Kapkan Strengths:

  • Kapkan is one of the best counters for hyper aggressive opponents because his EDDs punish enemies who are not careful and don't check each entryway that they’re about to go through.
  • Even one of Kapkan’s EDDs can cause so much damage to an enemy’s life points, so two to three of them can inflict instant death to enemies who trigger them, giving Kapkan an easy kill.
  • Kapkan can finish deploying all of his EDDs during the prep phase, allowing the player to focus on other things like helping other defenders set up the map or watch out for enemies.
  • Kapkan has access to two impact grenades per round which are great utilities for creating rotation holes and they’re very important especially when the game mode is Bomb.

Best Loadout for Kapkan:



9. Smoke (Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Like Kapkan above, Smoke is another Year 1 operator so it only costs 1,000 renown to unlock him. The best playstyle for Smoke is pretty advanced and may be difficult for new players because it has him equipping his M590A1 shotgun as his primary weapon and for fragging opponents out of its range, he’ll have the SMG-11 machine pistol which is basically a mini submachine gun. Both weapons can be challenging to use. The shotgun obviously has limited range, and the SMG-11 is very powerful, but so is its recoil.

However, I’m recommending Smoke because obviously, he can be unlocked very quickly with little renown, and it would be great for the user to practice him early in their life in Siege. Practicing Smoke early will benefit them greatly in the long run because he’s a great operator for competitive matches because he’s one of the best area-denial operators in the game. He also excels at close to medium range because as explained above, he can have the M590A1 shotgun as his primary which will give him superiority at close range, while still being capable at medium range shooting due to his SMG-11 machine pistol.

Smoke Strengths:

  • Smoke is one of the best area-denial operators in the game due to his special gadget, the Remote Gas Grenade, which covers a large spot in a cloud of chemical gas that damages enemies quickly.
  • The cloud of chemical gas from his Remote Gas Grenade takes 10 seconds before dissipating which is quite a long time in Siege, and since he has three of them, he can deny the area to enemies for around 30 seconds.
  • He’s one of the very few operators in Siege that can enter the radius of his area-denial device without getting damaged by it, and he can use that to quickly outmaneuver enemies.
  • Depending on the loadout, Smoke can have the superiority at close range with his M590A1 shotgun, while still being capable of fragging enemies at medium range due to his SMG-11 machine pistol.

Best Loadout for Smoke:



8. Capitao (Front Line, Map Control)

Capitao, unlike the first two operators we’ve discussed above, costs more renown to unlock. It costs 10,000 renown, but he’s still considered one of the cheapest operators in the game because the most expensive ones cost 15,000-25,000 renown to unlock. I’m recommending Capitao as one of the operators that new players should aim to unlock as fast as they can because he contributes so much to the team. That’s because his special gadget, the Tactical Crossbow, can provide the team with cover for pushing, and also deny area to enemies.

His Tactical Crossbow can shoot two asphyxiating bolts and two micro smoke grenades. The asphyxiating bolts cover a large spot with fire that damages operators which is perfect for area-denial, and the micro smoke grenades provide instant smoke cover for the attacking team’s push. On top of that, he has the Para-308 assault rifle which is one of the best primary weapons in the game due to its high damage, low recoil, and compatibility to a wide variety of attachments, especially scopes that provide higher levels of zoom.

Capitao Strengths:

  • With the two asphyxiating bolts that he can fire from his Tactical Crossbow special gadget, he’s able to deny large areas to enemies which is very useful for post-plant plays or even a regular push.
  • His Tactical Crossbow special gadget can also fire two micro smoke grenades that can quickly cover areas in smoke that are very useful for providing cover for the attacking team’s push.
  • His Para-308 assault rifle is one of the best weapons in the game, especially for new players, because it inflicts high damage per shot, has a very manageable recoil, and is compatible with a wide variety of attachments.
  • Capitao can protect himself and teammates from roamers and flankers using the two claymores that he can bring per round; claymores are really great for new players as they’re more susceptible to roamers.

Best Loadout for Capitao:



7. Dokkaebi (Intel, Map Control)

Dokkaebi also costs 10,000 renown to unlock and the player’s experience in Siege will definitely be enhanced once they’re able to use her because she’s one of the most powerful operators in the game that is also great for teamplay. That’s because her special gadget, the Logic Bomb, forces opponents’ mobile devices to turn on and ring loudly. Obviously, that loud ringing will provide the attacking team with the sound cue that they can use to determine a defender’s position. This is extremely helpful for both rushing and hunting roamers.

The thing about Dokkaebi is that she’s one of the few operators in Siege that has two special abilities. On top of her Logic Bomb, she can also hack a dead defender’s observation tool. Once that hack is successful, all of the attacking team members will be able to access enemy cameras including the ones that come from defender utilities like bulletproof cameras, Valkyrie’s Black Eyes, and Maestro’s Evil Eyes. In terms of weaponry, Dokkaebi has the Mk 14 EBR which excels at medium to long range, and for her secondary, she can equip a machine pistol, or a gonne-6 hand cannon which she can use to neutralize a bulletproof defender gadget.

Dokkaebi Strengths:

  • Her Logic Bomb is one of the best special gadgets in the game when it comes to compromising the location of enemies because it forces their mobile devices to turn on and ring loudly.
  • While the Logic Bomb is active on a defender’s mobile device, they won’t be able to use their observation tools, effectively blocking them from gathering intel on the attacking team.
  • Dokkaebi has a second special ability which is hacking a dead defender’s mobile device, and once that’s successful, the attacking team members will be able to access all cameras that belong to the defenders.
  • Dokkaebi has great weaponry in the Mk 14 EBR which has high damage and low recoil, and for her secondary, she can either equip a machine pistol or a gonne-6 hand cannon that she can use to disable a pesky bulletproof defender gadget.

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



6. Kaid (Anti-Entry, Anti-Gadget)

Kaid costs 10,000 renown to unlock and I highly encourage new players to have him as one of their earliest operators. That’s because Kaid’s role is very important when it comes to defending. Certain objective spots in the game have walls that connect to the outside. Of course, the defenders can reinforce them, but once they’re breached, it can be very hard to defend that objective spot, as the breach will provide another path of attack for the attackers, one that is exposed from the outside.

With Kaid, however, the defenders will be able to prevent the attackers from breaching. That’s because of his special gadget, the Electroclaw, which can electrocute reinforced walls and hatches. He has two Electroclaws and both of them have a wide range. One Electroclaw can electrocute three reinforced walls if placed properly. What’s great is that since they have a wide range and they can be attached to most surfaces, they can be placed away from the reach of Maverick’s Breaching Torch and other hard breach enabling utilities that the attackers have.

Kaid Strengths:

  • With Kaid on the defending team, especially when Thatcher is banned, which is still always, there’s a high chance that they’ll be able to prevent attackers from breaching the objective spot’s wall.
  • Kaid is the only operator in the game that can realistically prevent a reinforced wall from being breached, and that’s because his Electroclaws can be attached to most surfaces.
  • Kaid’s Electroclaws can electrocute most utilities that are made of metal, so he can use them on barbed wires and deployable shields, which could really make entry hard for the attackers.
  • Kaid’s TCSG12 primary weapon is one of the best shotguns in the game because it shoots single slugs per shot so it’s capable of fragging opponents at a distance unlike most typical shotguns.

Best Loadout for Kaid:



5. Wamai (Anti-Gadget, Trapper)

Wamai costs 10,000 renown to unlock and like Kaid above, I highly encourage new players to get him as early as they can. That’s because with Wamai, life as a defender would be much easier. Mainly, that’s because his special gadget, the Mag-NET, is great for rendering enemy grenades useless. Wamai can deploy a total of six Mag-NETs, and with them, the defenders can be safe from getting killed easily through frag grenades. It’ll also be harder for enemies to push because their smoke grenades and flash grenades can be rendered useless.

Wamai’s Mag-NETS do not only work on enemy grenades. They work on most enemy projectiles as well, even special gadgets. Another reason why Wamai is such a great operator is because of his MP5K submachine gun that has good damage per shot and a very manageable recoil. What’s great is that Wamai’s MP5K can be equipped with a scope 1.5x which can really up the user’s accuracy. Wamai also has access to impact grenades which are great for reworking the map with rotation holes, and they’re also great for countering Osa’s Clear Shield.

Wamai Strengths:

  • Wamai’s Mag-NETs are great for preventing frag grenades from easily killing defenders as well as making it harder for attackers to push by rendering their smoke and stun grenades useless.
  • Wamai’s Mag-NETs can also neutralize most projectiles coming from the enemies, even special gadgets, effectively making them one of the best anti-gadget utilities that the defending side has.
  • Wamai’s MP5K submachine gun inflicts a good amount of damage per shot, has a very manageable recoil, and it’s compatible with the scope 1.5x which can really enhance the user’s accuracy.
  • Wamai can easily rework the map to the defenders’ advantage with his impact grenades as well as his Keratos .357 which has a high destruction rate per shot

Best Loadout for Wamai:



4. Finka (Front Line, Support)

It costs 10,000 renown to unlock Finka, and once the player is able to use her, they’d have an operator that is an offensive powerhouse but is also great at defense and is able to provide her teammates with a lot of support. Finka is easily one of the most powerful operators in Siege, and it’s highly recommended to new players to have her as soon as they can. With her Adrenal Surge special gadget, she’s able to provide great buffs for the whole attacking team like more resistance to enemy gadget effects and added toughness.

Each activation of her Adrenal Surge will provide a permanent 20 health boost to all members of the attacking team, as well as a plethora of buffs like being able to walk over barbed wires faster, quicker reload speed, as well as more resistance to the blind effects, tinnitus, the fear effect of Fenrir’s Dread Mines, and more. Each activation will also remove concussion effects and will revive any defender who’s in a down-but-not-out state. Her Adrenal Surge is also very easy to use because its effects are global and can be activated with just one press of the special gadget button.

Finka Strengths:

  • Upon activation of her Adrenal Surge special gadget, concussion effects will be removed and any attacker who’s in a down-but-not-out state will be revived
  • Each activation of Finka’s Adrenal Surge also provides buffs like permanent 20 health increase, faster load, faster walking over barbed wires, more resistance to tinnitus and blind effects, as well as more resistance to fear effects from Dread Mines.
  • Finka’s frag grenades are back again and they’re great utilities that allow the user to force enemies out of their hiding spots and sometimes even score kills.
  • Finka’s Spear .308 is one of the best assault rifles in the game because of its high stopping power, manageable recoil, and compatibility with a wide variety of attachments including high-powered scopes.

Best Loadout for Finka:



3. Alibi (Intel, Trapper)

Alibi costs 10,000 renown to unlock and is one of the most powerful defenders that one can use. That’s because she can perform different roles like roaming and anchoring very effectively. She also excels at intel gathering and area-denial, while also being an offensive powerhouse. She’s basically a one-woman army, and that’s mainly because of her special gadget, the Prisma. She has access to three Prismas and each of them creates a volumetric display that is an exact copy of Alibi’s default skin. Obviously, this can easily confuse and trick enemies into believing that they’re the real Alibi.

That’s why enemies tend to shoot them at first sight, but when enemies shoot the volumetric display from a Prisma, they will get pinged for several seconds. This will also happen as long as anything, including their own bodies, from the attackers passes through the Prisma’s volumetric display. That is why Alibi is also great at area-denial, because when a Prisma has been deployed right behind a window, attackers that vault onto that window will get pinged. As for her weaponry, Alibi has two excellent choices for her primary weapon in the ACS12 shotgun and the Mx4 Storm submachine gun.

Alibi Strengths:

  • Each of her three Prisma special gadgets creates a volumetric display copy of her that activates a tracker on enemies that shoots them, throws a utility at them, or passes through them.
  • Alibi can effectively make it hard for enemies to vault through windows by deploying her Prismas right behind them as the attackers know that they’ll get pinged if they enter without disabling the Prima first.
  • Alibi is one of the most versatile operators in the game and can perform both roaming and anchor roles effectively because of the combination of her weapons, utility, and speed rating.
  • Alibi’s primary weapon choices are great since the ACS12 is one of the most powerful slug shotguns in the game, and the Mx4 Storm is a great submachine gun with high damage and high rate of fire.

Best Loadout for Alibi:



2. Lion (Intel, Map Control)

Lion is one of the most powerful operators that you can unlock for only 10,000 renown. He’s very straight-forward to use, but his special gadget, the EE-ONE-D, can really help the team a lot. He can activate the EE-ONE-D three times, and each time he activates it, it will run for a few seconds, during which it will activate a ping tracker on enemies that will move during the EE-ONE-D scan. That is why it’s one of the most effective utilities in the game for disrupting enemy movements and momentum because most enemies will choose to stay put for a few seconds rather than be pinged.

The EE-ONE-D scans are also pretty loud, so it’s an effective way of masking the sound cues that attackers make when they’re pushing. As for his weaponry and other utilities, Lion is one of the few operators in the game that has three choices for his primary weapon, secondary weapon, as well as his generic gadget. For his primary, most usually run him with his unique assault rifle, the V308, because of its high damage, manageable recoil, high customizability, and huge magazine size. For his utilities, he has access to the gonne-6 hand cannon, stun grenades, claymores, as well as the impact EMP grenades.

Lion Strengths:

  • His EE-ONE-D scans either ping enemies for a few seconds or stops them from moving because enemies who move during the scan will get pinged for all the members of the attacking team to see.
  • The EE-ONE-D scans are also pretty loud, so it’s an effective way to mask the attackers’ sound cues when they’re making their move into the objective spot or when they’re hunting defender roamers.
  • Lion has access to great weapons like the V308 assault rifle which has heavy firepower, decent rate of fire, very manageable recoil, huge magazine capacity, and is compatible with a wide range of attachments.
  • Lion also has access to a plethora of great utilities like the gonne-6 hand cannon that can disable pesky bulletproof defender gadgets, stun grenades, claymores, as well as the new impact EMP grenades.

Best Loadout for Lion:



1. Rook (Support)

Rook costs only 1,000 renown to unlock since he’s a Year 1 operator, but despite being one of the oldest operators in Siege, he remains one of the most powerful, especially because of the recent rework on his armor plates. Before, his armor plates only provide added toughness to teammates that wear them, but the rework made it so that it will now also add the ability to self-revive from a down-but-not-out state. So with Rook on the defending team, all five of them will be able to withstand more non-headshot gunfire, as well as have the ability to get up from a down-but-not-out state by themselves.

But Rook doesn’t only excel when it comes to defensive capabilities. His offensive capabilities are also excellent because he’s one of the very few defenders that has access to high powered scopes like the scope 2.0x which he can attach to his MP5 submachine gun. Rook also has access to impact grenades, making him a great defender for setting up the objective spot with rotation holes which are very useful especially when the game mode is Bomb as it allows the defenders to get from one bomb site to another. Rotation holes are also great for flanking and confusing enemies.

Rook Strengths:

  • Because of the armor plates from his special gadget, the Armor Pack, all five of the defending team members can have additional armor that’ll allow them to withstand more non-headshot gunfire.
  • His armor plates have been reworked relatively recently and now, aside from the additional armor, defenders wearing them will also have the ability to self-revive from a down-but-not-out state.
  • Rook’s MP5 submachine gun can be equipped with a scope 2.0x, making Rook one of the very few defenders that has access to such a high-powered scope.
  • Rook also has access to two impact grenades per round which are great for creating rotation holes that’ll allow the defenders to go from one bomb site to another, making them much easier to defend.

Best Loadout for Rook:



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