[Top 50] R6 Best Team Name Ideas That Are Great

Top 50 Best Team Name Ideas That Are Great In R6 Siege
Being part of a team or a clan is one of the best experiences a gamer can have

What are Team Names?

Team names represent you and your team. Team names are important, especially when you’re joining tournaments. It gives you your identity as a team, and if you do really well in tournaments, your team's name will be remembered by the Siege community alongside your in-game name. But those who join tournaments aren’t the only ones who can have team names.

Even if you only play online, you can create teams or clans for Siege. Many clans become well known in ranked and the top clans strike fear to their opponents’ hearts as soon as their name is revealed. That’s why team names are important, because it will be part of your legacy in Siege. So, if you’re going to choose a team name, you might as well make it sound cool and badass.


50. Siege Dreadnought


49. Fatal Entities


48. Advanced Tactics


47. TierOne Operators


46. Tarnished Things


45. Ela's Acolytes 


44. Dream Destroyer


43. Rank Wreckers


42. Noobs Demise


41. Wartime Council


40. R6 Deviants


39. Coastline Snipers


38. Border Devils


37. Vertical Specialists


36. Team Takedown


35. Team Specter


34. Six Marshalls


33. Scar Nova


32. Typhoon Agitators


31. Scarab Unit


30. Killer House


29. Six Anygma


28. Team Longburst


27. Lightning Strike


26. Red Cloud Gaming


25. Recoil Masters


24. Team Nightmare


23. Derankers


22. Pain Providers


21. Siege Hounds


20. Little Regard


19. Shock Troopers


18. Redacted Remnants


17. Team Obscure


16. One Tappers


15. Always Rushing


14. Attacker's Bay


13. Black Masks


12. Prefire Masters


11. MakeJagerGreatAgain


10. Quintessential


9. Warfare Rogues


8. Siege Raiders


7. Team Sovereign


6. Iconoclast


5. Killers Advantage


4. Drop Shooters


3. Siege Elite


2. Head Hunters


1. Renegades


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