[Top 15] R6 Best Operators That Are Overpowered

Top 15 Best OP Operators in R6 April 2022
Azami looking very intense and ready to body a lot of people this new season

15. Gridlock

The ability to deny area to your enemies would always be one of the most powerful abilities in a tactical game like Siege where positioning plays a major factor.  And Gridlock’s Trax stingers are one of the most powerful area denial gadgets in the game. What’s crazy about it is that unlike most area denial abilities like Tachanka’s Shumika Launcher, or Capitao’s asphyxiating bolts, the Trax Stingers area denial effects remain on the ground unless they are destroyed. And that’s the thing. If you’re a defender, especially a roamer, and you try to destroy the Trax stingers, it will potentially compromise your location. That makes Gridlock very underrated, and one of the most OP operators in the game.

Excels in:

  • Area denial
  • Roamer and flanker denial
  • Pushing and bomb planting

Best loadouts for Gridlock:



14. Zofia

If you think about it, Zofia actually doesn't really have a weakness. Some might say that the rough recoil of her M762 is a weakness, but even if that’s the case, the player can just choose Zofia’s LMG-E instead and benefit from the low recoil, huge bullet capacity, and high damage of the gun. She also has a claymore at her disposal, making her the perfect roamer hunter in the game. And on top of that, her KS79 Lifeline is a very powerful offensive tool that can fire off concussion grenades which can be used to disorient opponents hiding in corners, and impact grenades which can be used to quickly make entry holes. All of this makes Zofia a big problem for defenders.

Excels in:

  • Entry fragging
  • Rushing
  • Flanking

Best loadouts for Zofia:



13. Jager

Jager’s ADS have been nerfed, but is still the best when it comes to countering projectiles like grenades and special gadgets. That is why his pick rate remains high in ranked matches. It’s just gonna be very hard for defenders to defend the objective area without any grenade anti-measure. But that’s only a part of what makes Jager one of the most powerful operators in the game. He has some of the most powerful guns in the game. His assault rifle, the 416-C carbine is considered by many as the most powerful assault rifle in the game. It’s highly customizable also, so the player can choose its attachments according to his or her own playstyle. He also has the M870 pump action shotgun which is also considered by many as the most powerful shotgun in the game.

Excels in:

  • Projectile denial
  • Anchoring
  • Securing an area

Best loadouts for Jager:



12. Lion

Above I said that positioning is a key factor in Siege, and of course, movement plays a big role in positioning. What Lion’s scan does is to disrupt that. Most players in Siege know that the best thing to do when Lion is scanning is to just stay still, because it will detect you if you move. The problem is that during those few seconds, the attackers are gaining positions while you are effectively halted. It can also disrupt defender rhythm and its loud sound can prevent defenders from hearing attacker movements. This makes Lion one of the most powerful operators in the game. Just imagine if his EE-ONE-D wasn’t nerfed lol.

Excels in:

  • Halting enemy movements
  • Intel gathering
  • Rushing

Best loadout for Lion:



11. Kapkan

Kapkan, especially with the recent update that made him able to put more than one EDD in one entryway, has become really powerful. And he already was, even before that update. That’s why you get to see him being banned more often nowadays. His EDDs serve more than just to inflict damage, and now instant deaths. They are also really useful for disrupting enemy rhythm, as well as compromising their locations. Attackers can be really careful, but even in the process of being careful, they can already become victims of Kapkan’s EDDS, because they can leave themselves vulnerable when they’re checking each entryway for EDDS. That makes Kapkan such a dangerous defender.

Excels in:

  • Enemy rhythm disruption
  • Compromising enemy locations
  • Inflicting heavy damage

Best loadouts for Kapkan:



10. Castle

With his armor panels, Castle can replace the soft barricades on windows with bulletproof ones which will take 12 melee hits for attackers to destroy, unless of course they use a breach charge, hand cannon, or special gadgets like Ash’s, Zofia’s, or Sledge. He can also use it to block doorways. With this special gadget, he can greatly affect enemy movements, create choke points, and overall redesign the geometry of the battle. And now, with the most recent update, he has 4 armor panels. On top of that, his submachine gun, the UMP45 is one of the most underrated guns in the game, which has a very low recoil, and a wide variety of attachments available to it, so the player can customize it to suit his or her own playstyle. Seriously, though, go for the extended barrel in order to maximize its damage since its recoil is already very low anyway.

Excels in:

  • Loadout choices
  • Creating choke points
  • Preventing sniper fire
  • Preventing a rush and slowing down the enemies’ push

Best loadouts for Castle:



9. Dokkaebi

In a tactical game like Siege, intel on your enemies is very important. And Dokkaebi doesn’t just provide intel. She can also deny it. Her Logic Bomb forcefully calls defender mobile phones, effectively also disabling surveillance while the call is being made. The ringing on the defender phones will also let attackers know where they are based on the sound. Not only that, the ringing is an effective tool to mask attacker noises, making Dokkaebi a valuable operator when attackers are performing a rush. She can also hack a dead defender’s phone, giving her access to defender cameras, even special gadgets that are made for surveillance like Valkyrie’s Black Eyes or Maestro’s Evil Eyes.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Enemy rhythm disruption
  • Causing panic

Best Dokkaebi loadouts:



8. Flores

The ability to force a defender out of the area or angle that he’s defending without even having to engage him in a gunfight is really quite OP. And that’s what Flores’ exploding drones can do. And let’s be honest, it’s quite hard to stop it from going into bulletproof mode. When defenders are running away from his exploding drones, they leave themselves vulnerable to Flores’ or his teammates’ gunfire. Flores can also use his exploding drones to do a soft breach like destroying Castle’s armor panels, or creating an entry hole through soft walls.

Excels in:

  • Pushing
  • Intel gathering
  • Gadget destruction

Best loadouts for Flores:



7. Tachanka

While I do miss his original special gadget, there’s no denying that his current one, the Shumikha Launcher, is a lot more powerful. With 14 fire grenades at his disposal, Tachanka is one of the best when it comes to area denial. His rework also makes him effective even when he’s not standing in one spot. That means he can rotate and flank without lessening his effectiveness. And speaking of rotating, his DP27 is one of the most destructive guns in the game, capable of creating large holes on soft walls with each shot, so he can use it to create rotation holes or murder holes for the whole team.

What makes Tachanka OP:

  • Area denial
  • Highly destructive gun
  • Heavy firepower

Best loadouts for Tachanka:



6. Thatcher

Siege gameplay is very heavy on special gadgets and secondary gadgets. And most of these gadgets have electronics in them. For those gadgets to be mass disabled with just one EMP grenade already poses a huge problem for the defenders. And Thatcher has three of them. That’s what makes Thatcher one of the most powerful operators in the game, and that’s why you’ll see him getting banned a lot in ranked matches, because when there’s a Thatcher in the attacking team, it’s almost guaranteed that the attackers will be able to perform a hard breach, and also disable a lot of other defender gadgets in the process, like Lesion’s Gu Mines, Valkyrie’s Black Eyes, Echo’s Yokai, and a lot of others.

Excels in:

  • Gadget disabling
  • Backline support
  • Intel gathering



5. Smoke

What’s in the canister you ask? Well, don’t ask any more so that Smoke won’t have to kill you. All you really need to know is that it’s one of the most effective area denial devices in the game that is available to the defenders. It’s no surprise that Smoke is a favorite of pro players and he is seldomly missing from their defender line ups. To this day, Smoke is still the best counter to smoke + plant with a Montagne. He can also equip himself with the powerful M590A1 shotgun for close range superiority and partner it with a SMG-11 secondary weapon so that he can strafe opponents from medium range.

Excels in:

  • Area denial
  • Crowd control
  • Rhythm disruption



4. Azami

Azami is the newest operator in Siege and yet, even just by looking at her gameplay trailers and testing her out in the test server, we can already tell that she’s an S-Tier operator. She can both deny area to attackers and deny them good angles. Especially when combined with Mira’s Black Mirrors, Azami’s Kiba Barriers are pretty OP especially in certain locations in certain maps. She also has really good weapons and secondary gadgets in her arsenal too. The 9x19VSN submachine gun has low recoil and good damage, while the ACS12 is one of those long-range shotguns in the game. She also has access to barbed wires which can further slowdown enemies that are trying to destroy her barriers, and impact grenades which she can use to further reshape the map.

Excels in:

  • Area/angle denial
  • Rhythm disruption
  • Reshaping the flow of the fight


3. Fuze

Just like Flores above, Fuze has the ability to force defenders out of their hiding spots or strong angles. Not only that, Fuze is also like Thatcher in a sense that he can destroy defender gadgets in a huge area. So, when Thatcher is banned, Fuze is a really good alternative for destroying Bandit’s Shock Wires, or Mute’s Signal Disruptors. With Fuze, you’re killing two birds in one stone. Fuze can also perform the role of crowd control extremely well because with his Cluster Charges, he can basically manipulate the movement of defenders inside the objective area. This is a really powerful ability, especially in the hands of a coordinated team and with another vertical attacker.

Excels in:

  • Gadget destruction
  • Providing distraction
  • Flushing out enemies
  • Pushing

Best loadouts for Fuze:



2. Capitao

Considering his low pick-rate, Capitao is really one of the most underrated but actually very powerful operators in the game. He is extremely useful in the hands of a coordinated team because he can block the enemies’ sight with his Smoke smoke grenades, and proceed to deny them area with his asphyxiating bolts which can cover a big area with fire. He can also cover the team’s backs with his claymore, and his PARA-308 is one of the best assault rifles in the game, and is unique to him. 

Excels in:

  • Area denial
  • Vision denial
  • Allow his team to push



1. Finka

Let’s just get to it. Her Adrenal Surge can heal her and her allies, revive herself or teammates no matter what the distance is, lessen the tinnitus effects of explosions, removes the concussion effects of Ela’s Grzmot Mines or Echo’s Yokai, lessens the slow effect of barbed wires, lessens reload time, and lessens the blind effect of stun grenades. Having so many effects on her special ability truly makes Finka one of the most powerful operators in Siege, especially now that she can revive herself.

Excels in:

  • Buffs
  • Healing and reviving
  • Close to medium range

Best loadouts for Finka:



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