R6 Sens Guide: How To Play Sens Like A Pro [25 Useful Sens Tips You Should Know]

Sens Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Sens Players Should Know
The best twenty five tips that will help players up their game when playing Sens

25. Do the Claymore Trick


This has been on my mind ever since Sens’ was announced and Ubisoft showed gameplay videos of her. And Macie Jay, as always, masterfully demonstrates it in this video. Sens’ R.O.U. Projector Systems provides a lot of cover with its huge walls of light. And those walls of light last for thirteen seconds. That’s plenty of time to plant your claymore behind it and watch until an enemy swings the wall of light, which evidently, they love to do.

This makes Sens really dangerous, especially because they have two claymores in their arsenal. That means they can protect their back with one claymore and then use the other one behind their special gadget, especially after planting the defuser. The defuser being planted just really tempts Defenders to swing Sens’ special gadget because they’ll be desperate. Sens can also just put two claymores behind their special gadget in order to maximize their chances of scoring kills.


24. Don't Sleep on Her 417


Sens’ 417 designated marksman rifle is one of the most popular marksman rifles in the game because just like all designated marksman rifles, the 417 deals heavy damage, has high penetration capabilities, high destruction profile per shot, and its range damage drop-off is negligible. Obviously, most marksman rifles strength is in their medium to long-range capabilities, but the 417 is unique because it’s also very effective at close range as well.

That is because it has a very tight hip fire, especially when a laser is attached to it. Even if you fire it continuously, its crosshair will remain the same size. So, for close quarters combat, the user doesn’t really have to go into aim-down-sights to hit their enemies. This will give Sens advantage at close range since they won’t have to spend a second to go into-aim-down sights anymore. So, for close quarters engagement, Sens would probably win because they can fire faster than most of their enemies.


23. Use the Muzzle Brake for Her POF-9


Sens’ POF-9 is the newest gun in Siege and it’s a really good gun but its biggest drawback is its recoil. Its stock recoil is pretty rough, and even if you equip it with a vertical grip, its recoil would still be quite hard to control, especially its horizontal recoil. It's even worse now since Ubisoft basically overhauled the recoil of weapons across the board, so the POF-9's recoil will be harder to control now especially when it comes to long sprays.

The good thing is that the muzzle brake exists, and this barrel attachment is probably the most underrated barrel attachment because most players only use it for single-shot firing weapons. But for guns like the POF-9 which has a strong weapon kick for its first shot, this barrel attachment is perfect. It will greatly weaken the first shot recoil of the POF-9 and that will help the user stabilize its first few shots recoil. This is very helpful now especially since the game now favors short burst firing.


22. Attach A Laser on Her 417


A lot of players are afraid of attaching the laser in their weapons, and understandably so. I myself do not attach it on most of my weapons, except for certain shotguns. But the 417 is one of the exceptions. That is because the 417’s unique feature is its very tight hip fire. You can test it on the shooting range and find out that its hip fire crosshair doesn’t change sizes even if you fire it in quick succession. That means Sens can hit enemies accurately at close range even without having to go into aim-down-sights stance.

So, for this weapon, it’s really best to go with a laser. Because the laser will make sure that its inherently tight hip fire will even be tighter. And for Sens, there’s really not much of a worry when it comes to enemies seeing the laser dot because ideally, they would be behind the cover of their R.O.U. Projector Systems whenever they’re penetrating the objective spot.


21. Cover Your Advance with the R.O.U. Projector System


Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System isn’t only for providing cover for a defuser plant attempt. It’s actually quite versatile, and it can be used simply to let you or your teammates advance and get into a position or angle safely. Most enemies would expect you to use the R.O.U. Projector System on the usual spots for planting the defuser, so when they see a wall of light on a pathway, they could assume that Sens just made a mistake.

But the attacking team could easily hide behind the cover of that wall of light in order to get nearer to the objective spot or to arrive at an angle that will be more advantageous to them. All without the Defenders seeing them. It can also be used to cover murder holes, rotation holes, or other paths of attack so that the Attackers won’t have to worry about multiple angles while penetrating the objective spot.


20. Use Your Special Gadget as Bait


As seen in the video above, and another time during the full video, Defenders really love swinging Sens’ special gadget. Perhaps they think that it will surprise Attackers and they can get kills. But if Sens is being played by a really good player like Macie Jay above, that’s unlikely going to happen. Another reason could be that the huge walls of light make them feel uncomfortable and enclosed, so they want to try freeing themselves from it.

To be honest, when Sens was still not in the game, when I’m playing as a Defender, I love going inside the effects of smoke grenades as long as I know that the Attackers don’t have a Glaz. And this usually surprises Attackers and I would get some kills from it. But Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System is very different from the smoke grenade. While they both provide good cover, the R.O.U. Projector System produces walls of light that are quite thin, so swinging it is not really a good idea. But since many Defenders love to do it, it's up to you as the Sens player to take advantage.


19. Always Drone First


Sens’ main role is to provide cover for their team’s push and defuser plant attempt. And as the Sens player, you won’t really be able to deploy your R.O.U. Projector System at the right spots if you do not know the general direction of where the enemy's are. That’s why it’s always best to drone first. Yes, this goes for most operators anyway, but more so for Sens who have a really important role to play for the whole attacking team.

With droning, you’ll not only get a good idea of where the enemies are, but you’ll also know which Defender gadgets to expect. If they have a Maestro in their team, it will be important for you as the Sens player to know where the Evil Eyes are so that you can prepare to quickly destroy one of them with your gonne-6 hand cannon as soon as you and your teammates begin to push. 


18. Bait Warden


Many Defenders already like swinging by Sens’s R.O.U. Projector System lights anyway, even if they’re not playing Warden. There’s just something really tempting about it. But with Warden, most players just can’t resist it. Because Warden is the biggest counter for Sens right now. His special gadget, the Glance Smart Glasses allows him to see through the huge walls of light from Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System, so he knows he has a good chance of scoring some easy kills if he swings it.

But smart Sens players will expect that behavior from Warden players, and as the Sens player, you can use that to your advantage. Especially now with the Attacker Repick feature, you could select Sens when you find out that the Defenders have a Warden and then you can do the same thing that Macie Jay did in the video above. Just make sure that you have a fast reaction time, otherwise, Warden could just as easily frag you instead.


17. Know When to Use the Scope 1.5x On Their 417


Now, don’t get me wrong. For the 417 designated marksman rifle, I would say that the best scope is the 2.0x because it will provide the best balance between zoom levels and peripheral view. But it can’t be denied that there are certain maps and situations where the player would excel more with a 1.5x scope. And that’s typically on maps that have a lot of narrow corridors and tight angles.

The best examples of that would be Favela, House, and Plane. While the latter two aren’t part of the map rotation in ranked, I’m sure a lot of players still prefer to just play in quick matches. Simply because there are times that they just want to have fun and relax. Besides, Plane and House are really good maps to play at as well. With that said, the 1.5x scope on this map will really give you the best advantage compared to the 2.0x or the 3.0x because they are typically close to medium range maps.


16. Don't Sleep On their Hard Breach Charges


While I would usually recommend going with the Claymore when playing Sens, there are also times when the hard breach charges would be much better. That’s when many of your teammates are already carrying claymores, and well, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if your team lacks the capability to perform hard breaching, then it’s definitely the time for Sens to carry some hard breach charges. This would be extremely useful especially for breaching reinforced hatches.

Pushing with Sens doesn’t always have to be done horizontally. If the objective spot is in the basement, it would also be good for Sens to get more creative, perform hard breaching on the reinforced hatches and deploy their R.O.U. Projector System from above. That way, Sens will be able to deploy their special gadget with more freedom and without worrying much if they’re gonna be shot in the process.


15. Remember That Their 417 Also Has the Scope 3.0x


As I mentioned before, in general I would recommend Sens players to go with their 2.0x scope for the 417 designated marksman rifle. But there are maps and situations where the 3.0x would also be great. Especially if you’re going to play on a map with angles for long range shooting and you plan on giving a good backline support after providing cover with the R.O.U. Project System and planting the defuser.

The great thing about the 3.0x scope is that despite the fact that it sacrifices a lot of peripheral view, its frame or structure is quite thin and doesn’t really take up a lot of screen space. That’s why when using the 3.0x scope, the user usually feels like he has a really good free look of his surroundings. So, for maps like Border, Coastline, and others that have angles for long-range shooting, consider attaching the 3.0x scope on the 417.


14. You Can Shoot Your Special Gadget


Once the R.O.U. Projector System has finished deploying its wall of lights, you or the enemies cannot shoot them anymore to disable the cover that it provides. However, while the gadget is still rolling, you can shoot it in order to stop it from creating more walls of light. This makes it more versatile because you don’t want to create more walls of lights for certain angles or rooms because that can be detrimental to you and your team’s view instead.

That’s why you see Macie Jay in the video above trying to shoot the R.O.U. Projector System while it's still rolling after it had already provided the walls of light that he needed in order to bait Warden by the door. Additional walls of light would just be a negative for the Attackers because it will cover the cement area from being viewed by Attackers from the outside. So, whenever you’re playing Sens and you don’t want that R.O.U. Projector System to create more walls of light, just shoot it after it has provided the cover for the spot that you needed to be covered.


13. Get Your Teammate to Play Glaz

So far, one of the best operator combos for Sens is with Glaz. That is because like Warden, Glaz’s special gadget on his designated marksman rifle can see through the walls of light that Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System provides. Because of that, this operator combo will be the best when it comes to countering Warden, because if there’s a Warden on the defending team and he sees Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System, it’s almost sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist swinging it.

And because of that, there’s a high chance that Glaz will be able to frag him, especially if Glaz uses a suppressor in order to not alert the defenders that there’s a Glaz in the attacking team. With Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System, Glaz won’t also have to carry his smoke grenades anymore since Sens will be able to provide more than enough cover. So, with this operator combo, Glaz can contribute more to the team by bringing his frag grenades or claymores instead.


12. Must Equip the Vertical Grip on the POF-9

The POF-9 is a really good assault rifle, and is probably underrated because a lot of players shy away from it due to its average damage. But the great thing about the POF-9 is that compared to most assault rifles in the game, it has a huge magazine capacity, which is perfect for Sens’ role of providing cover and backline support after the defuser has been planted. But like most weapons in Siege, the POF-9 comes with a huge drawback.

And that drawback is its very rough recoil, particularly its first shot and horizontal recoil. It’s even worse now that the devs have overhauled the recoil progression of weapons across the board, making it harder to perform long sprays. That’s why for the POF-9, it’s a must for the player to equip the vertical grip, even though instincts might tell you that the angled grip is the better one because Sens has to react to enemies coming from all directions fast. But in this case, it would be better if you can hit enemies accurately instead.


11. Be Careful of Mute's Special Gadget


When playing as Sens it would be best for you or the others in your team to clear out Mute’s Signal Jammers first before proceeding with a push and deploying your R.O.U. Projector System. That is because Sens’ special gadget is made of electronics and obviously, Mute’s Signal Jammers will interfere with it. If there’s a Mute Signal Jammer right where Sens tries to deploy the R.O.U. Projector System, huge parts of its walls of light won’t appear.

This is why it’s always best to drone and case the area first. Not just to determine enemy locations but the Defender gadgets that are present as well. Make sure that there are no gadgets nearby like Mute’s Signal Jammers that could interfere with the functionality of the R.O.U. Projector System before rolling them out. This is one of the situations where an I.Q. on your team would be really handy because she could warn the team about the enemy gadgets present.


10. Reserve the Gonne-6 Shot for an Evil Eye

While it is important to avoid having your drone destroyed during prep phase, you shouldn’t really just leave them lying around after you’ve determined where the objective spot is. You should use it carefully to gather info on the Defenders that are present and their gadget placements. That’s really important especially for Sens who has a big role to play when it comes to pushing and planting the defuser.

If you’re able to detect that there’s a Maestro in the defending team during prep phase and you’re playing Sens, then you would really want to go with the gonne-6 as your secondary weapon instead of their handgun. You should also determine where you’re planning to push and if Maestro’s Evil Eye is present there. That way, once you begin pushing with your teammates, you can use the gonne-6 to quickly destroy the Evil Eye which is one of the best counters for Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System.


9. Be Sure to Destroy Wamai or Jager's Gadgets First


Just like Mute’s Signal Jammers and Maestro’s Evil Eyes, another set of Defender special gadgets that you need to watch out for when you’re playing Sens are the special gadgets of Jager and Wamai. That is because when you deploy your R.O.U. Projector System in an area where they’re present, your special gadget will be rendered useless. Wamai’s Mag-NETs would pick and pull it towards its direction, and while it would still work, it would completely mess with your original plan on where to deploy it.

As for Jager’s special gadget, just like what it does to other projectiles, it will shoot them and they will be completely gone. Jager’s special gadget is basically the best counter for Sens, so you should really watch out for this one. So, be sure to drone the objective spot first and make sure that there are no special gadgets from Wamai or Jager on the spot where you plan to push and deploy the R.O.U. Projector System.


8. Sens Is Great Against Mira


Mira is the most banned Defender in ranks platinum and up, and that’s very understandable, because in certain areas of the map, a Mira could really make pushing very difficult for Attackers, and just to avoid her Black Mirrors, they would need to find another path of attack. But with the addition of Sens, which was only a few months ago, there are now more counters to Mira and players who are trying out Sens should really pick them when there's Mira on the defending team.

Because Sens’ R.O.U. Projector Systems can cover wide areas with walls of light, they can really make Mira’s Black Mirror useless. Another thing that makes them so good at countering Mira’s Black Mirrors is that they can bounce on surfaces, so there’s a wide variety of methods on how to deploy them. Basically, you don’t need to expose yourself to Mira’s line of sight when trying to deploy the R.O.U. System against her.


7. Use Your Map Knowledge

For an operator like Sens who has a really big role to play when it comes to pushing and planting the defuser, map knowledge is especially very important. That is because they won’t be able to deploy their special gadget, the R.O.U. Projector System, effectively if they don’t have good knowledge of the ins and outs of the maps. As mentioned above, Sens’ special gadget rolls and can bounce on surfaces, but if you don’t have good map knowledge, you won’t be able to take advantage of that.

And since ideally, Sens should be carrying the defuser, they should be able to pick the best spots for defuser planting. Even with all the cover that the R.O.U. Projector System can provide. It’s still best for Sens to pick a spot for defuser planting that has the most cover. The player won’t be able to do that if he or she doesn’t have good map knowledge. So, before picking an operator with a heavy role like Sens. Be sure that you’re familiar with the maps first.


6. Take Advantage of the POF-9's Magazine Capacity

Unlike most assault rifles in the game, the POF-9's magazine capacity is huge at 50 bullets per magazine. This allows Sens to keep firing the weapon without having to reload as much. And this is great for Sens’ role of being at the frontlines during the push and defuser planting and then transitioning into backline support after. Because of the POF-9's huge magazine capacity, they can strafe opponents that swing the R.O.U. Projector Systems with short sprays and not worry too much about reloading.

Using the suppressor on the POF-9 will also be great if the player is confident in holding down its recoil. That’s because with the suppressor, your shots with the POF-9 won’t give enemies a directional threat indicator telling them where your shots are coming from. So, with the huge magazine capacity of the POF-9 combined with a suppressor, you can keep strafing at enemies from behind the cover of your R.O.U. Projector System and they won’t know where you're shooting them from.


5. The 2.0x Scope is The Best for Their 417


Just like how the 2.0x scope is the best for Sens’ POF-9, it is also the best for their 417 designated marksman rifle, even though the 3.0x scope is available to it. That’s because for most of the time, Sens will have to engage their enemies at close to medium-range, and even if the user is very experienced in Siege, it can’t be denied that they would still be at a disadvantage when aiming down sights on a 3.0x scope and enemies appear on the sides.

And for Sens’ role as a cover provider when the team is pushing, they have to be able to react fast to enemies coming from all directions. Especially since it seems that enemies really love swinging Sens’ special gadget, thinking that they would be able to surprise the Attackers by doing so. So, in general, equip the 2.0x scope when you’re playing Sens, because the 2.0x scope will provide a really good amount of zoom without letting you be so much at a disadvantage when it comes to peripheral view.


4. Use the Suppressor On the 417

The suppressor is really hot stuff right now and a lot of Siege players are calling it the new meta or OP. That’s because Ubisoft has removed its damage penalty which was particularly the main reason why players were avoiding it. With its damage penalty on weapons gone, when it’s equipped on a weapon that has inherently low recoil, it really does become OP. Because it will provide that weapon with stealth benefits, and again, no damage reduction.

One such weapon is the 417 designated marksman rifle. Its recoil is quite low, especially when you pace your shots well because it’s not a fully automatic weapon. So, its recoil really depends on the user’s firing rate. This weapon also has a very tight hip fire, making it great for close range encounters. And with the suppressor, Sens’ shots from the 417 will not provide enemies with a directional threat indicator that could tell them where Sens is shooting them from.


3. Use The 2.0x Scope on Their POF-9


Both variants of the 2.5x scope are available to Sens’ POF-9, and for most operators I would usually go with the 2.5x A whenever it is available. However, considering Sens’ role and how they have to usually deal with opponents at close to medium range, the best scope for them is the 2.0x scope, especially for the POF-9 assault rifle. The 2.0x scope will provide a really good amount of zoom level for the player while also not sacrificing too much peripheral view.

The frame of the 2.0x scope is also quite thin, so except for the large gear-like thing on its upper left portion, the 2.0x scope doesn’t eat up a lot of screen space. It will provide you with a really good view of the surroundings, especially your opponents, because the high zoom level will make them appear bigger. The 2.0x zoom level is just enough for Sens’ usual range which will be close to medium range due to her having to guard her special gadget most of the time.


2. Go with Her Gonne-6


Because Sens is a 3-armor operator and one that would usually be in the role of pushing, she wouldn’t need much stealth. That’s why their players can just easily let go of her handgun. There wouldn’t be much need for her to use a suppressed handgun to shoot Defender cameras and be stealthy. So, overall, the gonne-6 is the best secondary weapon for them. It will provide them with more versatility as well as the capability to destroy bulletproof gadgets from a distance.

Some of the best counters for Sens’ special gadget are the bulletproof cameras and Maestro’s Evil Eyes. The bulletproof cameras can shoot their EMP on Sens’ special gadget, and it will disable a large portion of the light wall that Sens’ special gadget can create. Maestro’s Evil Eyes can see through the light cover of the R.O.U. Projector Systems and can shoot anyone behind it with its lasers. The good thing is, with the gonne-6, Sens’ can destroy an Evil Eye or a bulletproof camera from a distance and lessen the gadgets that can counter them.


1. Always Be the Defuser Carrier


Sens is a great defuser carrier because they will know exactly and immediately where the light walls from their special gadget will be on. That is of course because they themselves will be deploying it, and with Sens’ special gadget deployed, the player can immediately go to the spot where they were planning to plant the defuser to begin with. So, basically speed of execution is the main advantage of having Sens carry the defuser.

Of course, with proper coordination, this can also be achieved with Sens’ teammate carrying the defuser, but of course it will be a few seconds slower because it’ll take some time to communicate and convey the strategy to the team. Aside from that, another reason why Sens’ is a great defuser carrier is because of their 3-armor rating. This makes them tougher to kill and therefore they could talk a bit more damage than most other operators.


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