[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Tachanka Loadouts

R6 best Tachanka Loadouts
Anyone else actually miss his mounted DP27 with shield? I know I do.

Your highness has been the butt of jokes for years until Ubisoft finally gave in and reworked him. Unpopular opinion, but he was actually a really good operator already even before. But with the rework, his DP27 has become even more destructive, and his Shumikha Launcher with 14 grenades provides a seemingly endless area denying fire. However, the other weapons and gadgets available to him shouldn’t be slept on either.


5. 9x19VSN with Red Dot, Compensator, and Vertical Grip + PMM with Suppressor + Deployable Shield

Attachments make a lot of difference

I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone playing The Lord ever choose the 9x19VSN over The Lord’s favorite, the DP27? There are three answers to that. Fire rate, reload speed, and attachments. With the availability of more attachments, the 9x19VSN is more customizable to the player’s game style and recoil control. And this loadout focuses more on stable recoil control.

The 9x19VSN has a pretty big recoil diamond and its recoil pattern doesn’t just go on a straight vertical pattern. Guns like this are where the recoil benefits of the compensator are greatly felt. And with the vertical grip, you’ll be able to hold down the gun’s recoil a lot more.

Excels in:

  • Recoil control
  • Close to medium range


4. 9x19VSN with Red Dot, Compensator, and Angled Grip + PMM with Muzzle Brake and Lasser + Barbed Wire

The Lord has a need for speed

As mentioned above, the great thing about attachment choices is the power of customization. While the 9x19VSN’s recoil is inherently quite low, it doesn’t just kick on a straight vertical pattern so it can be quite rough to some, but if you’re able to hold it down well and fire accurately without a vertical grip, then the angled grip will be the way to go. It will allow you to go into aim-down-sights (ads) position a lot quicker. This will make your flick shots deadlier.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range 


3. 9x19VSN with Red Dot, Flash Hider, and Angled Grip + PMM with Muzzle Brake and Lasser + Barbed Wire

The flash hider. Hides the muzzle flash of your shots for your enemies and yourself. Meaning it’ll create some delay for them to notice you firing at them, and your screen will be clearer while shooting.

As mentioned in item #5, the compensator excels in reducing the recoil diamond of guns and it’s great for guns like the 9x19VSN which has a pretty big recoil diamond and doesn’t have a straight vertical recoil pattern. But if you’re able to control the recoil of the 9x19VSN even without a compensator and vertical grip, then this loadout would be better for you. The flash hider excels in reducing the vertical recoil and the recoil of the first few shots, that’s why it’s best to aim for flick shots in this loadout, especially with the angled grip that allows you to go into ads position much faster, as explained above.

The barbed wire is a generally better partner for Tachanka’s Shumikha Launcher because it slows enemies more than the deployable shield does, and while the deployable shield has a lot of good uses, there are times that it can be used by the enemies to their advantage too.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


2. DP27 + PMM with Suppressor + Deployable Shield

High destructive power in each shot

While players shouldn’t sleep on the 9x19VSN, it is true that the DP27 can only be experienced through Tachanka, so most of the time you’re playing him, honestly, pick it. Its downside is that it doesn’t have any attachment choices and it has a slow fire rate, but its high damage and high destructive power makes up for it. 

Do not put the deployable shield on the entrances of your objective area, especially if that entrance offers a good view inside. If left unmanned, the slits on the deployable shield can be used by the enemy to peek and strafe at you and your allies inside. That is one of this author’s favorite tactics, and many defenders, even in the higher ranks, get caught off-guard by it.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


1. DP27 + PMM with Muzzle Brake and Lasser + Barbed Wire

Continuous fire as The Lord commands

Aside from doing its main job, which is to fold, body, clap, or whichever term you like to use for owning your enemies, the DP27 is also very useful in making team plays. As mentioned above, you can easily make rotation holes with it. There are also objective areas where making holes on the soft wall area above reinforced walls are important for throwing nitro cells over. Those can be made with just a few shots from the DP27.

While you slow your enemies with your barbed wires and Shumikha Launcher, you can keep strafing at them and harass them with continuous fire from the DP27 which has a huge bullet capacity.. 

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


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