[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Vigil Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Vigil Loadouts
This Korean operator makes attackers uncomfortable. And that makes it difficult for them to attack effectively.

Siege’s OG creep and one of the two best roamers in the game. This North Korean defector can give any attacking team a lot of problems. His unique gadget, the ERC-7, allows him to become invisible to cameras. And while it makes a static disruption to the camera’s screen when it’s active, signaling that Vigil is nearby, not knowing his exact position can make any attacker, regardless of experience, second-guess where he will pre-fire or aim. And it’s not just his unique gadget that attackers have to worry about.


5. BOSG.12.2 with Red Dot and Angled Grip + C75 Auto + Impact Grenades

This ain’t Red Dead Redemption

Ah, the BOSG.12.2. A shotgun that has the range of a marksman rifle. It’s a Siege thing. And for daredevil players, this is perfect. One hit from the BOSG.12.2 guarantees huge damage or even a down. Attaching a red dot and an angled grip to it is perfect for making those flick shots during close range encounters, which you’ll have no problem setting up with Vigil’s unique gadget. 

And because of Vigil’s ERC-7 which makes him invisible to cameras, you don’t really need to shoot attacker drones. In fact, it’ll be more confusing for the attackers to just leave them be. And that’s why you don’t need a suppressor on your secondary for shooting attacker drones. The C75 will be perfect for finishing off your enemies when your primary needs to reload. And with the BOSG.12.2, you’ll be reloading a lot.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


4. K1A with Red Dot, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip + C75 Auto + Impact Grenades

The K1A is blessed with a good default skin

The KIA’s recoil doesn’t just go on a straight vertical line, so it can be pretty hard to control, especially with long sustained fire. And what is why for this loadout, you’ll want to keep firing at your enemies in small bursts, which the flash hider specializes in controlling. With the vertical grip, you’ll further lower the vertical recoil of the gun, giving you more accuracy.

The flash hider is also great for roamers like Vigil because it hides the muzzle flash of your shots. That can cause some delay before your enemies notice where exactly they’re being shot from. This is a great loadout for harassing your enemies, preventing them from effectively attacking your objective area.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


3. K1A with Red Dot, Compensator, and Angled Grip + C75 Auto + Impact Grenades

Speed and recoil control

The K1A has a pretty big recoil diamond, and that is why attaching a compensator to it can give you great recoil control over the gun. And with the angled grip attached to it, you’ll be able to react a lot quicker to unexpected close-range encounters which happen a lot while roaming. This loadout offers great balance between recoil control and speed. 

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


2. BOSG.12.2 with 2.5x Scope and Angled Grip + C75 Auto + Impact Grenades

This shotgun is crazy

This loadout turns the BOSG.12.2 into a proper sniper rifle with the attachment of the 2.5x scope. This loadout can actually be very versatile and is great especially when you’re quite used to fragging enemies in close range even with the 2.5x scope. With this loadout, you’d want to stick to flick shots with the BOSG.12.2, and when you’re expecting long range encounters, use it as you would use a marksman rifle. A perfect loadout for harassing enemies regardless of range.

Excels in:

  • Medium to long range


1. K1A with Red Dot, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip + C75 Auto + Impact Grenades

The most appropriate loadout for our creepy silent boi

This loadout plays on Vigil’s strengths really well. That is, using the ERC-7 and harassing enemies while roaming. With this loadout, you’ll be prioritizing stealth and hit and run tactics over damage. The suppressor on your K1A will prevent enemies from knowing where you’re shooting them from because it masks the sound of your gunshots and hides the muzzle flash. Even if they figure out your location, you’ll be able to escape and change angles or locations by using your impact grenades to create escape holes through soft walls and hatches. 

The impact grenades are also the meta for countering operator Osa, so as much as possible, leave the creation of rotation holes to your teammates and leave two impact grenades on your person. One for creating an escape hole, and the other is for countering Osa.

Excels in:

  • Stealth
  • Close to medium range


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