[Top 10] R6 Best Solo Queue Attackers

Top 10 Best Solo Queue Attackers in R6
Jackal’s elite skin just looks so cool

Attacking in Siege is generally considered to be harder than defending, and it’s true that team coordination with proper comms, preferably on Discord, offers a lot of advantages. But for players who don't have a friend who also plays Siege, just starting, or just prefers going solo, there are operators that can greatly contribute to the team even without proper coordination via comms with teammates. And here are some of them. 


10. Finka

To those who have been sleeping on Finka, now is the best time to use her. Even though the recoil benefits of her Adrenal Surge have been removed, it is still now more powerful than ever. Because now, she can revive herself as well from a down-but-not-out (dbno) state. This is a great ability to have, especially when going solo because you can get up by yourself even if your teammates aren't nearby. Finka’s Adrenal Surge also doesn’t require much team coordination via comms since it's a pretty straightforward to use buff.

What makes Finka great for solo players:

  • Contributes greatly to the team even without coordination via comms
  • Very easy to use gadget
  • Straightforward gameplay

Best loadouts for Finka:



9. Zero

Zero is a great operator to use when going solo because he’s an effective roamer hunter. Meaning you can hunt roamers or flank while the rest of your team is pushing. And even when not hunting for roamers, Zero contributes to the team greatly with his Argus Cams that can destroy defender gadgets with its lasers. Once placed, the whole team also can access the camera features of Zero’s special gadget. That means that even if you’re going solo, you’re still contributing a lot to your team.

What makes Zero great for solo players:

  • Special gadget that can be used by the whole team
  • Easy to use gun
  • Perfect for roamer hunting

Best loadouts for Zero:



8. Amaru

Amaru is great for rushing, mostly, using her Gara Hook as fast as she can to penetrate the objective area and, using the surprise factor, kill as many as she can before she gets taken out herself. That’s a solo effort, which makes Amaru great for solo players. But even if the player chooses to coordinate the use of the Gara Hook with his teammates’ push, Amaru’s gameplay doesn’t really require much comms. It’s really as simple as penetrating the objective area as soon as chaos starts in order to take advantage of all that’s happening.

What makes Amaru great for solo players:

  • A role that specializes in going solo
  • Straightforward

Best loadouts for Amaru:



7. Nokk

Don’t follow me is one of her voice lines. If that doesn’t make it obvious enough, Nokk actually plays her role the best when she’s going solo, hunting roamers, or flanking. Because her Hel Presence Reduction basically loses its purpose if she’s around her teammates and they’re making all kinds of noises. This makes Nokk really perfect for loners. With Nokk, solo players can really prove that lone hunters are also deadly and a great addition to the team. 

What makes Nokk great for solo players:

  • Literally most effective when going solo
  • Easy to handle guns
  • Straightforward gadgets

Best loadouts for Nokk:



6. Gridlock

Gridlock’s straightforward role and gadget deployment makes her an awesome operator for solo players. It really only requires common sense to deploy her Trax Stingers to create choke points or cover your push from behind so that you and your team will be safe from roamers. Playing Gridlock doesn’t really need much team coordination via comms so solo players shouldn’t sleep on this underrated operator.

What makes Gridlock great for solo players:

  • Straightforward Role
  • Straightforward gadget deployment
  • Easy to use guns

Best loadouts for Gridlock:



5. Dokkaebi

Once she’s able to hack a dead enemy’s phone, she and her teammates can all access the cameras in the objective area, including defender cameras, which makes Dokkaebi a great team player even when she’s being played by a solo player. Because of her logic bomb that forces enemy phones to ring, she’s one of the best roamer hunters around. And playing the role of flanker or roamer hunter is a great role for a solo player.

What makes Dokkaebi great for solo players:

  • Gadget that can be used by the whole team (when she hacks an enemy device)
  • Very easy to use special gadget
  • Great for hunting roamers

Best loadouts for Dokkaebi:



4. Zofia

Speaking of hunting roamers, Zofia is one of the best when it comes to that. With her 2-armor 2-speed rating and high firepower, it’s very hard to beat her in a one-on-one encounter which makes her a great operator for solo players. Zofia works better when operating alone, flanking, and sweeping areas of the map that haven’t been cleared yet. 

What makes Zofia great for solo players:

  • Most effective when going solo
  • Straightforward role
  • Straightforward gadgets

Best loadouts for Zofia:



3. Sledge

Straightforwardness is the name of the game for Sledge. His role doesn’t really require a lot of team coordination as long as the player knows what he has to do, and that is either create an entry role for the team for rushing, or break wooden floors for a vertical attack. That is a task that contributes a lot to the team without really needing coordination via voice chat.

What makes Sledge great for solo players:

  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Easy to use special gadget
  • Role that is perfect for going solo

Best loadouts for Sledge:



2. Ash

When it comes to gameplay, Ash is basically a faster Zofia. Her special gadget, the Breaching Round, is very simple to use, and once you’ve made an entry point for you or your team, you can proceed on flanking or hunting roamers. Ash is a great roamer hunter with 3-speed and guns that are easy to control. Even the G36C with an angled grip is very stable. This makes Ash a great operator for solo players who want to contribute to the team by killing roamers and giving the enemy team more to worry about by flanking.

What makes Ash great for solo players:

  • Great for hunting roamers
  • More effective when going solo
  • Wide variety of gun and attachment choices

Best loadouts for Ash:



1. Glaz

Glaz’s role as a sniper is perfect for solo queue players because he doesn’t really need to coordinate a lot with his team, especially via comms. His role is simple. Shoot enemies that come into his sight. Don’t get me wrong though, Glaz is great for teamplay too because of his smoke grenades, but those smoke + plant plays can be pulled off easily even without being in a team with Discord. This is a great way for a solo player to contribute to the team by providing cover fire from behind.

What makes Glaz great for solo players:

  • Straightforward role
  • Straightforward special gadget
  • Easy to handle guns and secondary gadget

Best loadouts for Glaz:



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