[Top 10] R6 Best Solo Queue Defenders

Top 10 Best Solo Queue Defenders in R6
Ah, a back shot from Lesion’s elite skin. So badass.

You know when veteran Siege players say that once you gain enough experience, you’ll know what you have to do regardless of whether there’s team comms or not? Well, that’s even more true for defenders. Which is just perfect for loners like this author. Going solo doesn’t always mean not being a team player. Because with the operators that we’ll be discussing in this article, the player will contribute greatly to the team, whether he chooses to use comms or not.


10. Aruni

Aruni’s special gadget is literally a pain in the ass, or all over the body. It cannot be disabled unless you sacrifice a gadget or your own hp. This is what makes her great for solo players when they’re on the defender side. As long as she places her Surya Laser Gates on strategic pathways, she’ll be able to contribute greatly to the team even if the team is composed of random players. The Surya Laser Gates are great for creating choke points, and they can potentially compromise enemy locations.

What makes Aruni great for solo queue defenders: 

  • Special gadget that can serve as alarm or compromise enemy locations
  • Secondary gadget that can contribute well to the team
  • Straightforward gameplay

best loadouts for Aruni:



9. Melusi

Speaking of pain in the asses, Melusi’s Banshees are a major one. It greatly slows down attackers and also serves as an alarm since they make a very distinct sound when activated by enemy presence. With this, even if the solo player doesn’t want to use voice chat, he will still be able to contribute to the team well because of the Banshee’s encumbering and alarm effects. The player also has a choice between impact grenades or a nitro cell for his secondary gadget, and they don’t really require team coordination to use.

What makes Melusi great for solo players:

  • Gadgets that can serve as alarm
  • Easy to handle guns
  • Straightforward role

Best loadouts for Melusi:



8. Thunderbird

One of the newest additions to Team Rainbow. Her gadget is very straightforward to use and easy to deploy. And once deployed, the player is free to play in whichever way he wants, whether it’d be roaming or anchoring, and whichever way he chooses, he’s already contributing to the team greatly just by having Thunderbird’s Kona Stations deployed. And like Melusi, Thunderbird has a choice between impact grenades or a nitro cell for her secondary gadget. Impact grenades can make rotation holes and are easy to use even without teammate coordination via comms, same with nitro cell.

What makes Thunderbird great for solo players:

  • Easy to deploy special gadgets
  • Can heal the whole team
  • Straightforward gameplay

Best loadouts for Thunderbird:



7. Doc

Speaking of straightforward, Doc’s healing Stim Pistol is one of the most straightforward in the game. You don’t really need much team coordination via comms when playing Doc. You just heal your teammates who have been damaged, or heal yourself. It’s as straightforward as it can get. And even if you choose to not use comms because you’re solo and you really want to avoid random noises from the in-game voice chat from random players, your team will surely still think of you as a team player if you heal them.

What makes Melusi great for solo players:

  • Gadgets that can serve as alarm
  • Easy to handle guns
  • Straightforward role

Best loadouts for Doc:



6. Wamai

Wamai’s Mag-NETS' main thing is that they can pull enemy projectiles back, potentially giving them a taste of their own medicine, but these little handy things can also serve as an alarm because they produce a distinct sound whenever they’re activated. This means that even without the use of comms, the player can warn the team where the enemies are pushing. Proximity alarms are even available to Wamai and that will double his warning capabilities. Though impact grenades would be better, because you can use them to make rotation holes.

What makes Wamai great for solo players:

  • Straightforward use of special gadget
  • Can compromise enemy locations
  • Easy to handle guns

Best loadouts for Wamai:



5. Jager

Much like Thunderbird, Jager only needs to place his three ADS in strategic locations, and those ADS will do their work. Meanwhile, he’s free to roam or anchor as he wants. It’s a very straightforward gameplay that doesn’t really need any team coordination unless you want to make a play on an unusual area of the map. On top of that, his 416-C carbine is very customizable so the player can choose attachments that goes well with his own playstyle, not to mention that the dreaded M870 shotgun is available for him to choose as well.

What makes Jager great for solo players:

  • Very customizable main gun
  • Straightforward special gadget deployment
  • Straightforward role

Best loadouts for Jager:



4. Alibi

Even without comms, Alibi players contribute a lot to the team by compromising enemy locations with her Prismas. It doesn’t matter even if the enemies are experienced, they will still fall victim to the Prisma. Actually, more often than not, the quicker the reaction time of a player, the more prone he will be to shooting a Prisma. This makes Alibi a great operator for solo queue players because even without comms, he’ll be able to advise his teammates on enemy locations.

What makes Alibi great for solo players:

  • Gadgets that can compromise enemy locations
  • Easily customizable guns
  • Straightforward gameplay

Best loadouts for Alibi:



3. Lesion

Lesion’s role is perfect for solo players because as long as they deploy his Gu Mines in strategic places, they’ve already done their part. And that’s pretty easy to do. Gu Mines do not only slow down enemies and damage them over time. They also make a pretty loud sound when they’re triggered, and that serves as an alarm for the whole team. That way, Lesion can also compromise enemy locations and warn his team about it, even when the player isn’t using comms.

What makes Lesion great for solo players:

  • Easy to deploy gadgets
  • Gadgets that can serve as alarm
  • Easy to handle guns

Best loadouts for Lesion:



2. Rook

Perhaps the easiest operator for a solo player to use. With one button, he gives the whole team added armor, and that’s a really great help especially in Siege where gun fights can be very fast paced at any given moment. The longer you survive getting shot, the more chances for you to counter fire. With Rook, a solo player can contribute greatly to the whole team with a single click.

What makes Rook great for solo players:

  • Buffs the team with one click
  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Secondary gadgets that contribute well to the team

Best loadouts for Rook:



1. Kapkan

Kapkan is perfect for solo players and he’s probably the defending operator that can inflict the most damage to enemies especially since the update that allows him to place more than one EDD in one entryway. Kapkan’s special gadgets are very easy to deploy and don't really require team coordination. It’s all up to the player’s discretion. And aside from inflicting heavy damage or killing enemies. Kapkan’s EDDs can also serve as an alarm for the whole team.

What makes Kapkan great for solo players:

  • Special gadget that can serve as alarm
  • Straightforward role
  • Straightforward gadgets

Best loadouts for Kapkan:



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