[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Kills in a Ranked Game

Top 5 Most Kills In A Ranked Game in Rainbow 6 Siege
Speaking of kills. IQ and Fuze right there are some of the best Attackers when it comes to taking out enemies.

5. VG-Rahkwal (18 Kills) and Sharkz_HD (18 Kills)

Even in the first few rounds, this match was already shaping up to be a great game. The first round started off with VarsityGaming trying out a trick that I've never seen before. I was so sure that he'd get a kill from that trick but the opponents are also really good and he got noticed and killed. Round 3 started off with an early simultaneous kill between VarsityGaming and his foe. 

Simultaneously killing each other is already rare in Siege, but this happened again on round 9 which made the round a draw and got them in their first over time. After they won the overtime match, to their surprise, the game pushed through instead, giving their enemies an opportunity to tie the score to 6-6. The many rounds they had made it possible for VarsityGaming and Sharkz_HD to both get a whopping 18 kills, and big props to their team because they fought the other team in 4v5 since round 8.


4. Serenity17.MIL (21 Kills)

Despite failing to get the triple aces in a row. Serenity17.MIL was really popping off, as evidenced by the final scoreboard. The one that has the second most kills in his team only scored 4 kills. That says a lot about how hard he carried his whole team throughout this 9-round match. This match happened during the old school era of Siege, that's why we can see the gorgeous looking night-time in Kafe Dostoyevsky, and the now mythical Jager's acog. Seriously, Ubisoft should really bring night-time mode back. The game looks much better and intense, with it.

Serenity17.MIL’s team ended up losing the match, but really, props to him for carrying his teammates for nine rounds and getting one of the highest recorded kills in the history of Siege. If his teammates performed better, they probably could have won, but Serenity17.MIL also probably wouldn’t have been able to get 21 kills, because the kills would have been shared by his other teammates.


3. Denkzie (24 Kills)

Round 1 started off strong with Minkzie getting three kills and right from the get go, one could tell that he's got great game sense for this game. Round 3 ended fast with Minkzie getting 3 kills. All headshots. Round 5 was a tight round, and around the end it became a 2v2 battle, but they lost because Minkzie died.

It was around this point in the match where it was becoming clear that the only way Minkzie's team would win is if he would kill majority of the enemies in each round. In other words, he would have to carry and not die. Round 7 was one of the best rounds, with Minkzie taking control of the CEO Office early on and taking out 3 enemies.

Round 8 was the weakest round for him where he wasted a nitro cell on Montagne and died early. Not without taking at least one enemy with him though. The match ended with Minkzie getting a comeback and winning his best round of the match with him scoring an ace without even realizing it.


2. Flamed (27 Kills)

He had a great ace with Hibana in round 4 and it was impressive because he performed her hard breaching role first before dropping the kills. And this was when Hibana's Type-89 assault rifle had a much rougher recoil. In round 8 he dropped 3 kills, again with Hibana. And in the final round, he got 4 kills. 

The final round was the most impressive round for him because he approached the objective area while incorporating many of the skills that players should learn in the game, i.e., droning, room clearing, pre-firing, and carefully assessing the situation. Flamed's team was down to 1v3 with him as the remaining Attacker, but he was able to clutch it. Partly with the help of a Defender killing one of his teammates. 

In the voice over of the video, Flamed claims that the shot that put down the last Defender was a lucky shot, but I disagree. It was a well-placed shot and the win was well deserved. And if you think about it, if that one Defender didn’t accidentally kill his teammate, Flamed could have gotten an ace and a 28-kill record instead.


1. Jakoby_ (29 Kills)

Right from the start of the video we can see that the player is very confident of his reflexes and aim. A bit of a contrast to the previous entry where the player had a more careful and tactical approach. The first round ended with Jakoby_ getting 3 kills by himself and still almost losing the round. Round 3 was more of the same. Jakoby_  played Ash again and it's clear that this player loves high adrenaline plays. He has great reflexes and flicks to back it up though. On Defense, he plays Ela, which is also a 3-speed operator.

In round 5, he got 4 kills. He even got the first kill while under the effect of Ela's Grzmot Mine. He followed it up by taking out the Defender's only roamer on the second floor. With the only roamer taken out, it was easy for him and his team to penetrate the objective area. 

Round 6 was one of the most intense rounds in the game. The enemies were able to plant early on, and Jakoby_ was actually able to score an ace, but by the time he killed the last enemy, there was too little time left on the defuser, and they ended up losing the round.

In the last round, he played the role of the roamer really well and was able to take out two shield Attackers early on. He ended the match scoring an ace in an epic finale to what turned out to be a hard game. He only used Ash and Ela for the entire game.


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