Rainbow 6 Siege Wamai Guide: How To Play Wamai Like A Pro [25 Useful Wamai Tips You Should Know]

Wamai Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Wamai Players Should Know
The best tips that will help you play this great anti-grenade operator effectively

25. Do not Die Early


Wamai is only one of the two defensive operators that can effectively counter throwables. One can argue that Aruni does too, but there are other ways to disable Aruni’s Surya Laser Gates than having throwables disable them. The point is, because teams usually have just one anti-grenade operator, it is very important for Wamai to stay alive for as long as he can. Especially because the full potential of his special gadget is connected to how long he stays alive.

His special gadget, the Mag-Net, is able to pull enemy projectiles towards them, completely messing up their trajectory. Wamai can deploy a total of six mag-nets per round and he will start the round with one. As soon as he spawns, a timer will start running and every four seconds, he will have an additional mag-net until it reaches the limit of six. This is why it’s important for Wamai to survive at least until the last quarter of the round. The more mag-nets he’s able to deploy, the more helpful he will be to the team.


24. The Keratos is His Best Handgun


The Keratos .357 is one of my favorite handguns in the game. It just completely outclasses the alternative handgun for Wamai, which is the P12. That’s because the Keratos deals a massive amount of damage per shot and its recoil is very manageable. It also has really good iron sights which will help the player hit opponents accurately. The only real weakness of this handgun would probably be its low magazine capacity.

That, and it does take quite a long time to reload. However, the biggest reason why the Keratos is the most recommended handgun for Wamai is because of its high destruction profile per shot. With just a few shots, the keratos can puncture big holes on walls, and Wamai can use this to create more lines of sight or murder holes on wooden floors. It cannot create rotation holes because it cannot destroy the wooden beans on unreinforced walls, but it can make foot holes for fragging enemies.


23. Don’t Sleep on the Proximity Alarms


The proximity alarms are very underrated because most people, including me, prefer to go with the impact grenades. And honestly, the impact grenades are really just better for most situations. However, if your team already has an abundance of members that can create rotation holes and more lines of sight, like Mute or Smoke, then you should really consider picking the proximity alarms for your secondary gadget.

That’s because with the proximity alarms, the chances of you and your teammates getting caught off-guard in the objective spot would be greatly lessened. That’s because it creates a loud alarm sound when an enemy enters its effect radius. That’s why you should also remember where you put them. The proximity alarms are also great at deterring enemies because once an enemy knows his position has been compromised due to the proximity alarm, he or she might back down and just try another path of attack.


22. They Are Retrievable


Much like many other special gadgets in the game like Lesion’s gu mines or Smoke’s gas grenades, Wamai’s mag-nets are also retrievable. This will help you, the Wamai player, to reposition them if you’ve deployed them too early on a spot and it turns out that that spot wasn’t chosen by the enemies as their path of attack. And that’s why you should try to put your mag-nets where you could reach them easily as long as you’re not yet sure which direction the enemies chose for pushing.

Note that it will always be better for you to deploy them early and on spots of the map that wouldn’t be used by the enemy for pushing rather than you dying early and taking all those mag-nets to the grave. So, when you’re not sure yet where the enemies are going to attack, just deploy your mag-nets on the common areas that attackers take for attacking, but put them where you’ll be able to reach them.


21. It Doesn’t Completely Neutralizes Throwables


Like I said in one of the entries above, the mag-nets only intercepts and pulls enemy projectiles. They do not completely destroy them like Jager’s ADS does. And that is the main reason why you shouldn’t put two mag-nets close to each other or put a mag-net close to other defender gadgets. Because if that mag-net pulls in a frag grenade, then the other mag-net or defender gadget is going to be wasted

However, it’s not just frag grenades that you should be mindful of. Sens’ R.O.U. projectile systems and Gridlock’s trax stingers would be intercepted and pulled by a Wamai mag-net, however they would still be dropped to the floor and they will continue to function normally, so, for those gadgets, what Wamai’s mag-nets only does is really to mess up their trajectory.


20. Conceal Them


Getting creative is something easier said than done, but especially in Siege, you really have to get creative and think fast. Wamai’s mag-nets have a pretty strong blue light. It really stands out against most backdrops in the game. And because of that, if you’re not careful about deploying them and ended up placing them on angles where the enemies can see them, you would end up just wasting valuable mag-nets.

So, before deploying your mag-nets, make sure to pick a spot first that would be quite hard for the attackers to see. Just as demonstrated in the video, the wooden beams on Chalet are really helpful when it comes to concealing the magnets. There are also some cabinets and other items on the maps that will help you conceal a small gadget like Wamai’s mag-nets.


19. Don’t Put a Mag-NET Near an Ally’s Gadget

Wamai is a really great alternative to Jager when it comes to countering enemy projectiles, especially grenades. Nowadays, because Thatcher is still usually banned in ranked, one of the most common alternatives to him is Maverick and his frag grenades. On the other hand, Kaid has become the best anti-hard breach operator for the defender side. As the Wamai player, you would want to support Kaid when it comes to preventing a hard breach.

The good thing is, you have mag-nets that can intercept frag grenades that are aimed to destroy Kaid’s electroclaws. The bad thing is unlike Jager’s ADS, Wamai’s mag-nets doesn’t completely neutralize enemy projectiles. So, a frag grenade that’s pulled by Wamai’s mag-net would still explode, only, it would be on the spot where the mag-net pulled it to. And that is why when supporting Kaid through your mag-nets, make sure that you put your mag-net away from Kaid’s electroclaw as much as possible.


18.  He is Always Viable

Wamai is one of my favorite operators to pick when I’m just playing casually and having a hard time picking which operator to choose on defense. He’s also one of my favorite operators to pick in ranked. That’s because he is always viable. You can never go wrong with Wamai because projectiles or throwables will always be a big part of attacking in Siege.

And as a defender, it’ll always be good for your team to be able to intercept those projectiles, because they can do a lot of harm, especially frag grenades and Ace’s selma aqua breachers. There are a lot of spots in the maps that are just absolutely indefensible if there are no anti-projectile gadgets like Wamai’s mag-nets or Jager’s ADS.


17. The MP5K is Still Viable


It used to be that the MP5K was my primary weapon of choice when it came to playing Wamai. And that’s mainly because of the scope 1.5x being available to it. However, the latest season, Operation Brutal Swarm changed that a lot because the devs removed the 1.5x scope on Wamai’s MP5K. That means Wamai can now only use 1.0x sights.

So, one would ask whether the MP5K is still a viable primary weapon or not when it does not have access to the 1.5x scope anymore, and the answer would be yes. That’s because its recoil, while stronger than the Aug A2, is still very manageable. It has lesser damage than the Aug A2 but it has a faster rate of fire. And above anything else, the extended barrel is available to it.


16. Chalet Mag-NET Placements


The office and bedrooom area in the second-floor of Chalet are usually the defenders’ first choice as their objective spot in this map. And usually, the attackers will push the walls of the half-wall from the lobby short and the office balcony. From the office balcony, they can also start pushing through the main entrance of the office. They will also attempt to take control of the piano spot from the library hall and the window outside of piano.

That’s why as a Wamai player, it’s important for you to hold the piano area because Wamai’s full potential is used when holding high-traffic areas like this. From the piano area you’ll be able to hold the main entrance to the office as well as half-wall using foot holes. You'll also be able to hold the library hall and the piano window. You should put your Mag-NETS behind the wooden beams on the ceiling in the piano and library hall and that way they won’t be easily seen by the attackers. Same thing with the half-wall area which also has wooden beams on its ceiling.


15. Know their Trajectory

Wamai’s mag-nets have the same throwing profile as the impact grenades, therefore, it has a very similar throwing profile to Lesion’s gu mines. Like Smoke’s gas grenades, Wamai’s mag-nets will stick to most surfaces. Being familiar with its throwing profile or trajectory will be able to help you deploy it better, especially when you’re deploying them from long range. This is something that every Wamai player should be mindful of because they should also remember that as the anti-grenade operator, their role is very valuable.


14. Mag-NET placements on Kafe


Wamai is really great for holding down unforgiving places like the pixel on the second-floor of Kafe Dostoyevsky and the bakery on the first floor. That’s because the attackers would always want to take control of those areas in order to push the objective spot easier. Those areas are a high traffic area so you’ll experience a lot of action there, and Wamai is perfect for holding those positions because usually the attackers use a lot of utilities to clear out the defender holding those angles.

And of course, as we all know by now, Wamai is one of the best, if not the best counter to throwable utilities. So, for holding the pixel and bakery in Kafe Dostoyevsky, the attackers might be able to get you through gunshots, but it will be unlikely that they’ll get you with a utility like the frag grenade. And even if you eventually end up getting killed by holding those angles, chances are, you’d have the attackers use up a lot of their utilities just to get you, and that will be a big help to your team.


13. It Won’t Intercept Hibana’s X-Kairos

Hibana’s special gadget, the X-Kairos, will not be intercepted and pulled by the Wamai mag-nets, so watch out for that. That means if there’s a Hibana on the opposing team and you’re the only anti-grenade operator in the defending team, the best thing for you to do in order to prevent Hibana from performing a horizontal breach, for example in the basement of Oregon, is to shoot her X-Kairos as they’re attempting to destroy the walls.

The mag-nets may not be able to intercept Hibana’s X-Kairos, but they sure can with her stun grenades, so ideally you would still be safe from her while you’re shooting her X-Kairos on the wall. Watch out for Hibana because her special gadget is the only projectile I've observed that cannot be intercepted by the mag-nets. 


12. Oregon Mag-Net Placements


Oregon is one of the most popular ranked maps these days and the second-floor area as well as the basement area are the most popular objective spots for defenders to pick. With the right set up of rotation holes and gadget, these areas are the easiest to defend compared to the other areas in the map. And one of the special gadgets that is extremely useful in this map is Wamai’s mag-nets. 

Oregon is almost impossible to defend against a good ranked team without the use of anti-grenade utilities such as Wamai’s mag-nets or Jager’s ADS, and for this map, Wamai’s mag-nets are just a lot more useful. They can completely counter the selma aqua breachers that Ace will deploy on the walls of the game room in the second floor, and they can do the same when it comes to the wall of the electric spot in the basement.


11. Villa Mag-NET Placements


When it comes to defending Villa, the first choice would usually be the aviator room and games room on the second-floor. The attackers would usually try to take control of the study area through the study balcony, and most of the time, one of them would peek through the study window, and one would try to push from the first-floor from the art room through the lobby.

And that’s why when you’re playing Wamai, it’s very important to deploy mag-nets that will intercept attacker projectiles that will be coming from the study balcony. One mag-net should protect you from a throwable coming from the attacker that will be pushing through the first floor, but most utilities will usually be coming from the study balcony, so be sure to focus your mag-nets on that area and that will also prevent the wall of the aviator room and games room from being breached.


10. Clubhouse Mag-Net Placements


Siege Youtuber alyttleton is absolutely correct in saying that the raptors in Clubhouse second-floor is a very important place to hold when you’re defending the cash room and cctv area, because if attackers take control of the raptors, it’ll be a lot easier for them to push the objective spot. That is why just like he demonstrated in the video, you should put Mag-NETs on the door of the garage and on the first panel because the attackers will definitely throw utilities at you to clear you out.

I would, however, leave at least one Mag-Net to intercept a frag grenade on the drone hole by the top red in order to support the Kaid electroclaw that is usually going to be around there for jamming the left cctv wall. I would also still make a rotation hole on the left wall going to the cctv room from the raptors even though I agree with alyttleton that it's dangerous, because for me its benefit outweighs the risk and you can still defend the raptors from the breached cctv wall if the right wall beside the rotation hole is reinforced.


9. Theme Park Mag-NET placements

Theme Park is one of the most common ranked maps in the game and one of the best objective spots is the initiation and office area. And when attacking these areas, the standard for attackers is to push the control area as well as the showers. So, when you’re playing Wamai, it’s best for you to leave a mag-net right beside the clock by the entrance to the office from the showers.

You'd also want to deploy a mag-net by the trash can behind the control table because most likely, the attackers will use an Ace to breach the initiation room walls from control, and that mag-net behind the control table will most likely remain unnoticed and that will intercept Ace’s selma aqua breacher. I’d personally leave two behind that control table. One by the trash bin, and one at the edge so that they won’t be too close to each other.


8. He is a Great Counter to Capitao


Capitao is a very underrated attacker. You just don’t see him get used that much, especially on the lower elos. But he’s extremely powerful and useful. To have the ability to deploy two smoke grenades that pop off immediately is a great ability because that can provide a lot of cover for the attacking team’s advance or plant attempts. And to be able to deny large areas to enemies with his asphyxiating bolts makes him very powerful.

But Wamai can really mess up Capitao because his mag-nets can intercept both his smoke grenades and asphyxiating bolts. They will still detonate after getting intercepted and pulled by mag-nets so Wamai should really be careful where he places his mag-nets. With that said, the mag-nets will completely ruin the intended trajectory of Capitao’s smoke grenades and asphyxiating bolts, basically rendering them useless.


7. Mag-NETS Screws the Gonne-6 Over


One of the best utilities that has been added to Siege is the gonne-6. It’s an absolute blessing to attackers because the gonne-6 allows them to destroy a reinforced hatch or to destroy one bulletproof defender gadget. And that’s a big deal especially when you know that you’ll be facing really pesky bulletproof defender gadgets like Maestro’s evil eyes or Melusi’s banshee sonic defense.

It’s even useful even just for destroying deployable shields or bulletproof cameras. So, to be able to counter this very handy utility is a powerful ability and Wamai has that. The gonne-6 can only fire one shot and to have that one shot be wasted by a mag-net is a big loss to attackers. Just remember that when you’re playing Wamai, the gonne-6 projectile will still explode after getting pulled in by a mag-net, so you really shouldn’t put it next to other gadgets.


6. He is an Absolute Counter to Ace


It’s kind of weird that Hibana’s X-Kairos is like the only projectile that Wamai’s mag-nets can’t intercept because there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be pulled by mag-nets, especially when they’re the absolute counters for Ace’s selma aqua breachers. Ace’s hard breaching special gadget is one of the reasons why Wamai is probably my most played defender even though he’s not really my favorite operator on defense.

Unlike for most projectiles that the mag-nets intercept, Ace’s selma aqua breachers will be completely destroyed after getting intercepted and pulled by a mag-net. So, Wamai’s mag-nets placed on the right places can render Ace completely useless. And this is extremely helpful because Ace is the most powerful hard breach operator right now and nine times out of then, you’ll see him in ranked games, especially on the higher elos.


5. Don’t Place Them Near Your Teammates


When your teammate is holding down an angle, it would be a very bad idea to place a mag-net beside him. For the same reason why you shouldn’t put a mag-net near another defender’s gadget. This is even worse when it comes to teammates rather than gadgets because a stun grenade being pulled by a mag-net near another defender gadget wouldn’t really affect that defender gadget in any way.

However, for a teammate, even if it's just a stun grenade or a smoke grenade, it will greatly affect him. So, putting a mag-netr beside your teammate can actually be really rude because no matter what gadget that mag-net will pull, more often than not, it will have an effect on the operator. So, be sure that when you’re playing Wamai, instead of putting your mag-net next to a teammate, aim for more creative angles, away from them.


4. Don’t Put Mag-NETs Close To Each Other


The main worry here is frag grenades and the projectile from the gonne-6 hand cannon. If you put two mag-nets close to each other, and one of them ends up pulling a frag grenade or the projectile from the gonne-6, then you can say goodbye to the other mag-net. Because as discussed above, the mag-nets won’t completely neutralize enemy throwables or projectiles. They will intercept them, but they will still detonate if they are explosives.

So, be sure that when you’re deploying your mag-nets on the same angle, they wouldn’tt be close to one another. For example, if you’re holding the hard angle at bunks on second-floor Oregon, you can put one wamai mag-net on the floor and the other one onto the roof. That will protect you from two frag grenades and it’s almost a guarantee that none of the mag-nets would be wasted.


3. Look Out for the Area of Effect


As soon as you deploy a mag-net, a white marker will start spreading from it until it reaches its limit. That white marker indicates the area of effect of the mag-net. That is important to take note of because it has actually been nerfed and is smaller now. So, if you didn’t deploy it well, it might end up being useless as it won’t catch any grenade or other enemy projectile. That area of effect indicator will help you determine whether your mag-nets will be helpful to the team or not.

Smart attackers love utilizing drone holes for their grenades or other throwables. So, what you want is to put a Wamai mag-net near a drone hole that is commonly utilized by attackers. But if you placed it too high and you didn’t pay attention to the area of effect indicator. You’d just end up wasting one of your mag-nets if you’re not able to pick it up again due to enemy presence. And remember, you only have six of these mag-nets.


2. Run with the Impacts


As I’ve said in one of the above entries, Wamai players shouldn’t really sleep on the proximity alarms and that they should run with them when there are other team members that can do the rotation holes and other line of sight business. But for the most part, Wamai’s best secondary gadget is still the impact grenades. It just adds a lot of versatility to Wamai even if there are others in the team that can make rotation holes. Wamai would still benefit from the impact grenades because they’re great for quickly making emergency rotation holes. 

They’re also the best counter for some of the newest operators, namely Osa and Sens. When it comes to countering Sens, all that Wamai has to do is to throw his impact grenades on the walls of light coming from Sens’ special gadget and Wamai would be able to destroy a large portion of it. And when it comes to Osa, the impact grenades are the best counter for her clear shield because they will easily break her shield once they’re deployed on the ground.


1. The AUG A2 is Now His Best Primary


With the removal of the scope 1.5x from the MP5K, it is now safe to say that AUG A2 is the best primary weapon for Wamai. The MP5K may have a slightly faster rate of fire, but it’s not that big of a deal. The extended barrel attachment is also available to the MP5K, but again, it doesn’t really create that much of an impact. At least when they’re being compared to the advantages that the AUG A2 brings.

The AUG A2 has a much better recoil than the MP5K and it also has a much better damage, while the reload speed as well as the magazine capacity are the same. What it really comes down to is the difference in damage and recoil. So, what I would recommend for players who want to try Wamai is to go for the AUG A2, because it’s the weapon that’ll take down enemies faster.


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