[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Attacker Guns That Are Powerful

Top 10 R6 Siege Best Attacker Guns
These guns are almost equivalent to special gadgets in terms of value added to the operator

10. BOSG.12.2

The usage of the BOSG really started out as a meme in the R6 community but later on the BOSG have become a serious weapon for serious players. Its drawback is that it only has two shells per round before it needs to reload, but even if one of those two shells hit, it can deal serious damage, most of the time a down or fatality especially on lower armored operators. This shotgun which can be used as a marksman rifle is great for daredevil players.

What makes BOSG.12.2 great:

  • High stopping power
  • Fire rate
  • High damage at any range


9. V308

Lion’s unique gun. Even if we take away Lion’s EE-ONE-D, I believe that he would still have a high pick rate, and that is because of this gun. What’s great about the V308 is that it has high damage, medium fire rate, and high bullet capacity per magazine. Its recoil is pretty stable, and it has many attachments available to it for reducing recoil, or for speed. It also has a lot of scope options, making this gun truly customizable to the players’ preferences.

What makes V308 great:

  • Attachment options
  • Stable recoil


8. M4

Maverick’s unique gun. Like the video title above says, it’s pretty OP, and one of the reasons why Mav automatically unsettles defenders whenever he makes his kill holes. This assault rifle has medium stopping power, fire rate, and bullet capacity per magazine, but what makes it great is how easily customizable it is to one’s personal game style preference because of its attachment options.

What makes M4 great:

  • Attachment options
  • Versatility


7. M249 SAW

There is no question that the M249 Saw is one of the best guns in Siege. Its recoil is low, its damage is high, and the best thing is that you can keep strafing your enemies from afar because of its high bullet capacity per magazine and the availability of large scopes. It's really one of those guns that complements the operator's special gadget.

What makes M249 Saw great:

  • Huge bullet capacity per magazine
  • Stable recoil
  • High damage


6. AR-15.50

One of the most underrated marksman rifles in the game. Probably because it's mostly used for close to medium range engagements due to Mav’s special gadget, but make no mistake, the AR-15.50 is as powerful as most of the marksman rifles in the game when it comes to close range sniping. Its inherent low recoil makes it one of the most accurate too.

What makes AR-15.50 great:

  • High damage
  • Attachment availability
  • Low recoil


5. CSRX300

With 127 damage per shot, the CSRX300 is definitely the most powerful gun in Siege when it comes to stopping power. One hit from this gun will result in either a death or a down-but-not-out (dbno) state. Its drawback is that it has a slow fire rate, but its ability to neutralize an opponent with only one shot is truly terrifying. 

What makes CSRX300 great:

  • Very high stopping power
  • Long range recon
  • Even if when it’s not hitting anything, just hearing its sound already unsettles the enemies


4. G36C

One of the best guns in Ubisoft’s FPS games. Popular in both Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. This gun has been this author’s favorite Ash gun even before the removal of the acog in the R4C. Why? Because of the availability of the angled grip. The angled grip is very important when playing Ash because of her role as one of the main entry-fraggers. Its stable recoil also makes it perfect for an angled grip attachment.

What makes G36C great:

  • Stable recoil
  • Attachment options
  • Speed


3. LMG-E

Even though they improved the recoil on Zofia’s M762, the LMG-E remains to be the best Zofia gun. It has low and stable recoil. High recoil and huge bullet capacity per magazine. The best thing is it has all the scope sizes available to it except the 3.0x one. That means you can truly customize this gun to your own gameplay, whether you want to excel in long, medium, or close range, the choice is yours.

What makes LMG-E great:

  • Stable recoil
  • High damage
  • Attachment options
  • Bullet capacity per magazine


2. Mk 14 EBR

Based on a real gun with the same name. Dokkaebi’s marksman rifle truly complements her special gadget. It has a higher bullet capacity per magazine than most marksman rifles in the game. Its recoil pattern doesn’t go on a straight vertical line, but it's inherently low compared to other marksman rifles. It has high damage, and its scope options make it perfect for any range you choose to strafe from.

What makes Mk 14 EBR:

  • High damage
  • Low recoil
  • Bullet capacity
  • Attachment options


1. OTs-03

Glaz is truly one of the most underrated operators in the game, but a skilled Glaz main can make a big difference in a match, especially on maps like Villa or Coastline where there are long-range sniping spots. His OTs-03 has a thermal scope which highlights the enemies, allowing the player to easily spot and proceed on sniping them. It has high damage, stable recoil, and medium fire-rate. All of those qualities make the OTs-03 a truly powerful gun and the best marksman rifle in the game.

What makes OTs-03 great:

  • Thermal scope
  • Stable recoil
  • High damage


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