[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Charms (And How to Get Them)

Top 10 R6 Best Charms
I’m sure everybody was hyped to get that rainbow unicorn. Right? Right?

Charms add some fun and cuteness to the highly intense game that is Rainbow Six Siege. They sort of remind the players that this is still just a game and you’re meant to have fun with it. I actually once tried removing the charms on my guns thinking that they’re just added distractions, but I attached them back because it honestly felt lonely without them. I’m not kidding.


10. Blacksmith Capitao

For Capitao mains. It’s a cool, easy to the eyes charm that tells enemies that you just killed that you main Capitao so there’s no surprise that your gameplay is so good.

How to get: Reach tier 79 of the High Calibre battle pass

  • Great for Capitao mains
  • It’ll take some effort through the battle pass but it’ll be worth it


9. Headhunter

One of my favorite go-to charms when I feel like my aim is off. It reminds me of the simple fact that I should relax and aim at enemies' heads.

How to get: Buy it with 300 R6 credits, or 12,500 renown.

  • Remind yourself that you’re a badass headhunter
  • It’s not creepy at all 


8. Muscle Relaxant

It looks really fun to have on the side of your gun. And I can imagine that any operator in the field would benefit from its relaxing effects.

How to get: Reach tier 6 of High Calibre battle pass

  • Reminds you to relax your muscles for better aim
  • Very easy to get through the new season’s battle pass


7. Plutomaton

It basically has celebrity status now as a charm since it appeared in Osa’s cinematic. Probably her favorite toy. This one is best for Osa mains.

How to get: Buy it with 300 R6 credits, or 12,500 renown.

  • Great for Osa fans
  • Cute as hell
  • Easy to the eyes


6. Marksman

The best charm to put on marksman rifles. I’m a superstitious person, and I believe in the power of charms. Yes, even in-game charms, and I do think that this charm gives you more confidence while sniping, and confidence is very important when it comes to aiming.

How to get: Buy with 180 R6 credits, or 7,500 renown.

  • Lucky charm for snipers
  • Reminds you to remain calm and focus on the dot


5. Iceycat

This is a great tribute to a famous Siege youtuber who passed away. He contributed a lot to the game and to the Siege community.

How to get:  Buy it with 1 renown

  • Great tribute to a great Siege youtuber
  • Very easy to get. What is 1 renown?
  • Reminds you that the Siege community is actually pretty great


4. Freshmint

It can remind players who are getting frustrated and tense to just chill. Better yet, have some real freshmints. Being relaxed will always benefit your aim.

How to get: Reach tier 57 of High Calibre battle pass

  • Reminds you to be calm
  • It's cool to the eyes
  • Reminds you that eating candies while playing Siege is actually a good idea


3. The Division 2

This tells other players that not only are you a Siege player, you’re a badass Division 2 player as well. No wonder why your game sense is so good.

How to get: Get The Division 2 game

  • Flex on your teammates and opponents alike
  • It's easy on the eyes
  • Overall a cool charm


2. Tachanka Chibi

A tribute to our lord. When you’re feeling weak and suffering a losing streak, maybe sending out prayers to the lord of Siege will rain down some luck on you.

How to get: Buy it with 600 R6 credits, or 25,000 renown.

  • Pay tribute to Lord Chanka
  • Allows him to bless your aim


1. Papercup Coffee

Another fun way to remind yourself that you’ll be better at the game when you’re relaxed. So have a cup of coffee and don’t let your enhanced senses make you quick to anger as well.

How to get: Buy with 240 R6 credits, or 10,000 renown.

  • It looks very classy
  • It's cute
  • Reminds you that playing Siege with a coffee is the best


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