R6 Ash Guide: How To Play Ash Like A Pro [25 Useful Ash Tips You Should Know]

Ash Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Ash Players Should Know
The top twenty-five tips for playing one of the best entry fraggers in Rainbow Six Siege

25. Get Rid of Those Pesky Evil Eyes


Maestro’s Evil Eyes are one of the peskiest defender gadgets in the game. Its camera can now be shattered by a melee attack but that’s only if you’re able to get near it in the first place. That is why it’s so good to have an Ash in the team who can use one of his Breaching Rounds to destroy Maestro’s Evil Eyes. That’s because she can do it so easily and from a distance. And what’s even better is that she can destroy all two Evil Eyes because she also has two Breaching Rounds.

This is one of the reasons why it’s highly recommended for Ash players to not waste their Breaching Rounds on soft walls, which is usually the case for many Ash players. For breaching soft-walls, the player can just opt to use Ash’s breach charges. Utilities are such a big factor in Siege. They’re basically what separates Siege from most multiplayer first-person shooter games, and a lot of utilities in Siege are bulletproof, so it would be ideal for Ash players to use their Breaching Rounds on them.


24.  Don’t Sleep on her Breach Charges


A lot of players who pick Ash usually just go for her claymores thinking that with claymores, they have more chances of scoring kills, and there’s really some truth to that. There are cases where claymores would benefit Ash a lot and they’re great for countering roamers and defenders who would attempt a runout. However, since Ash’s role is to be an entry fragger, it's better for her to run with the breach charges in most situations.

That’s because with the breach charges, she doesn’t have to use one of his breaching rounds to open up an unreinforced wall for a quick entry. As an entry fragger, it’s her job to be fast and aggressive, and the breach charges allows her to do that, especially since she can also perform a hot breach on windows which is only possible with a breach charge. So, for the most part, the breach charges are really Ash’s best secondary gadget.


23. Don’t Sleep on the R4-C


It used to be that the R4-C is the go-to weapon of Ash mains, but since the devs nerfed it by removing its acog, Ash players who still use it have become less and less. Which is understandable because the only sights available to it now are the 1.0x sights, and the scope 1.5x on the G36C is a really good scope, especially for Ash’s role as an entry fragger and having to deal with enemies at close to medium range most of the time.

However, the R4-C is still a really viable weapon and can still match up to the G36C despite the lack of sights that can provide the user with higher levels of zoom. That’s because the fast rate of fire of the R4-C makes it really insane when it comes to one-on-one situations. Plus, despite its recoil pattern image being intimidating, its recoil in the field isn’t really that hard to control. In fact, you can attach a non-recoil providing barrel attachment to it and still be able to control the gun well, even with long sprays.


22. Use the Vertical Grip on the G36C


One of the reasons why the G36C is more popular nowadays for Ash players than the R4-C is its better recoil. However, when you’re playing Ash and you’re entry-fragging, you really want to be able to hit your enemies with every shot that you have, so even though the G36C’s recoil will remain manageable with an angled grip, I would still recommend to run it with the vertical grip in order to make sure that all your shots will count.

Plus, the barrel attachment that you’d want to use with the G36C is the suppressor anyway, and it doesn’t provide any recoil control benefit, so you would really want to go with the vertical grip on your G36C. The suppressor doesn’t have a damage penalty anymore so you’d really want to use it when you’re playing Ash. That’s because when you’re rushing with a suppressor, the chances that you will catch your enemies by surprise will be much higher.


21. Take Advantage of Her Speed

Ash is a 3-speed operator and is one of the fastest attackers in Siege. Not just because of her speed rating, but also because of her utilities and gameplay as well. IQ also has 3-speed rating but because of her role and gadget, she would have to slow down and detect and disable defender gadgets. Ash, however, is almost a purely offensive operator. She doesn’t have to slow down a lot for her utilities to be used.

That is why she’s one of the best entry fraggers around. She can just go in and wreak havoc inside the objective spot. The only time she really has to stop moving is when she has to plant her claymores, which isn’t really the most recommended secondary gadget for her anyway, and her deployment of her breach charges doesn’t really take long. In other words, Ash is quite a simple operator to use. Go in aggressively and try to take out as many defenders as you can.


20. Leave Your Drones on Flanking Spots


As mentioned above, your role as the Ash player is to be confident, aggressive, and fast. But that doesn’t mean you should just mindlessly penetrate the objective area. Because if you do, chances are, you’d die before you can take out even one defender. What you really want to do before performing your role as an entry fragger is to gather as much intel as you can during prep phase and leave your drones smartly on an area that’s used for flanking.

Let’s face it, because Ash is the entry fragger, she has a high chance of dying early. The idea is to take out as many defenders as possible before dying. And once you’re dead, you can monitor the drones that you left that can view the default flanking sites so that you can warn your teammates when a defender is using those spots for flanking.


19. Open Up for your Team


Because of Ash’s speed rating and small hitbox, it’s really up to her to play the role of the entry fragger and open up the attack for her team. Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of Ash players who sit on their asses and wait for their teammates to initiate the action when it should be the other way around. As an attacker, it is your job to attack. Yes, a lot of defending players love to play aggressively, but ultimately, the defenders are the ones who can just sit on their asses and wait for the attackers.

And since Ash is the entry fragger of the attacking team, it is her role to stir things up, or make things happen. It’s not her job to wait for things to happen. Even when there’s a Blitz on the attacking team, it is actually still recommended for Ash to go on the front and open up the attack for Blitz to come in and blind and kill all the enemies that he can.


18. When to Use the Claymores

Now, the secondary gadget that I would recommend you to use for most cases is the breach charges because they give Ash a lot more versatility and allows her to reserve her Breaching Rounds for destroying pesky defender bulletproof gadgets like Maestro’s Evil Eyes or Melusi’s Banshees, but there are also times when going with the claymores would be great for Ash.

That’s especially when you’ve already played one or two rounds against your enemies and you’ve noticed that they like roaming and they would usually have two or more roamers during the round. Bringing in claymores would be great in that situation because leaving them behind to deter roamers or flankers can really help you focus on what’s ahead of you.


17. Important Spot in Oregon


Now, most experienced players already know about the ceiling fan spot in the classroom in Oregon. Basically, you just need to shoot one of your breaching rounds around the ceiling fan area on the wooden floor above the classroom in order to destroy the Bandit shock wires or the Mute Signal Jammer that’s preventing your teammates from performing a hard breach on the walls of the game room.

However, one of the most overlooked spots for many Ash players, even the ones who are experienced in the game, is the wooden floor above the meeting hall area. The wooden floor portion above the meeting hall area as shown in the video, will destroy any Bandit shock wires or Mute signal jammers that are preventing a hard breach on the walls of the attic. 


16. Take Advantage of the Scope 1.5x

Although the R4-C as mentioned above, is a really powerful weapon with great rate of fire, the main advantage of the G36C is its scope 1.5x which is not available to the R4-C. And that’s really why a lot of players, including me, gravitate to using the G36C assault rifle for ash most of the time. The scope 1.5x is just a really great scope for Ash, even when engaging enemies at close range, because it provides a good enough zoom level to magnify your enemies, making them easier to hit while also not compromising too much on the player’s peripheral view.


15. Enable Hard Breaching in Border

When the objective spot is on the armory and archives in the second-floor of Border, being able to do a hard breach on the walls of the armory is a great step for attackers when it comes to winning the round. However, as one would expect, those walls will usually be protected by anti-hard breach defender gadgets like Bandit’s shock wires, mute’s signal jammers, or Kaid’s electroclaws. But as long as the gadget preventing the hard breach is not an electroclaw placed on a high angle, you should be able to disable them with Ash.

All you need to do is to go to the vent area and make sure that you drone it first. That’s because defenders who are anchoring the half-wall spot in the second floor would usually make a murder hole on the wooden floor overlooking the window that attackers usually use to go to the vent area. Once you’ve cased the area and found out that it’s safe, proceed to enter and fire your breaching round on the wooden floor right beside the wall that your teammates are attempting to breach.


14. Go with the Vertical Grip on the R4-C


As I mentioned in one of the entries above, the R4-C's real recoil isn’t really as intimidating as what its image pattern makes it seem to be. In fact, you can even equip it with a non-recoil benefit providing barrel attachment like the suppressor and its recoil would still be manageable. With a suppressor you’d get to benefit from its awesome stealth benefits like hiding the weapon’s muzzle flash, dampening its weapon sound, and the removal of its directional threat indicator.

You can also equip it with the extended barrel and benefit from the weapon not having much range damage drop-off. Basically ensuring that you’ll inflict a good amount of damage to your enemies even at long range. However, you can really only equip a suppressor or an extended barrel to it and still manage its recoil if you’re using the vertical grip. Without the vertical grip, the recoil of the R4-C would be quite rough to control.


13. Take Out the Banshees

Melusi’s banshee sonic defense is one of the peskiest bulletproof defender gadgets. It’s right up there with Maestro’s Evil Eyes when it comes to how troublesome it is to disable. They’ve made it bulletproof when it’s being activated, but that’s the problem. You have to activate first before being able to shoot it. The thing is, if you’re using Ash, you’d be able to destroy Melusi’s special gadgets from a distance. And since Ash has two breaching rounds, she’s able to destroy two of these pesky bulletproof gadgets. Melusi is one of the reasons why Ash should really reserve her breaching rounds for destroying utilities.


12. Don’t Be Conservative with the Breaching Rounds


Okay, I’ve said in some of the entries above that Ash should reserve her breaching rounds for pesky bulletproof defender gadgets like Melusi’s banshee sonic defense or Maestro’s evil eyes, however, that generally means that I recommend Ash players to not use them for soft breaching, because that can be performed by the breach charges.

When you see a bulletproof defender gadget, even though it’s not a Melusi banshee sonic defense or a Maestro evil eye, most of the time it would be better to just use your breaching round on it. Especially if it’s a deployable shield or a bulletproof camera. That’s because due to Ash’s role as an entry fragger, she has a high probability of dying early, and you’d want to take out as many bulletproof defender gadgets as you can before that happens.


11. The Suppressed R4-C is Great

The suppressor is kind of the meta right now since the start of this current season, Operation Brutal Swarm. That is because the devs have decided to remove the damage penalty from it, so apart from having no recoil control benefits, there’s really no other reason for players to not equip it on their weapons anymore. Especially because the suppressor brings in a ton of stealth benefits that the player can take advantage of.

It will greatly dampen the weapon’s gunshot sounds so the enemies won’t easily know where you are exactly just from the sound cues from your gunshots. It will hide the muzzle flash of the R4-C, and that’s a good reduction to the visual cues your enemies could react to. And most importantly, it removes the directional threat indicator that your shots would normally make without a suppressor. The R4-C is a great gun for this attachment because its recoil is manageable with a vertical grip, so you don’t really need a recoil-control providing barrel attachment for it.


10. Oregon Example


Oregon is one of the maps in Siege that has a lot of wood in it. Whenever I think of that map, the first thing that comes to my mind is wood. And wood is great for Ash, because that means she would be able to do more with her breaching rounds. But Ash players should remember that she’s a lot more than just her breaching rounds.

First off, as the player demonstrated in the video above, you should leave one of your drones hidden on a default flank spot so that any of your dead teammates or you can spot those flanking spots and warn your teammates of roamers. Then, the safest place for you to enable a hard breach is actually from the outside of the classroom. You just have to break the classroom’s window from the outside and from there, you can safely fire your breaching round towards the ceiling fan and that should destroy any Bandit shock wire or Mute signal jammer that’s blocking the hard breach.


9. Use the Muzzle Brake for the M45

The M45 Meusoc is one of the most powerful handguns in the game, and there’s really no question about it being the best secondary weapon for Ash. However, it does come with a pretty big drawback. That is its strong vertical weapon kick. I love equipping handguns, or just guns in general with a suppressor, especially now that its damage reduction penalty has been reduced, but it’s hard to attach a suppressor to Ash’s M45 Meusoc.

That’s because suppressors don’t provide additional recoil control benefits, and since the M45 meusoc has a strong vertical recoil, if you run it with a suppressor, chances are, some of your shots won’t hit the enemy. And that would be a big waste of bullets because this handgun can only fire seven shots before needing to be reloaded. That’s why the muzzle brake is the best for this handgun. With the muzzle brake, the user will be able to control its recoil no problem.


8. Don’t Just Rush Without a Plan


Sadly, I see a lot of Ash players pick Ash with the intention of rushing. The problem is, they do so without really a plan or doing anything strategic before rushing. Like SenVale said and demonstrated in the video above, you should always leave drones on default flanking spots before rushing. And you shouldn’t really just rush. You should communicate with your teammates as well and let them know what you’re going to do and where you’re hitting the enemies next.

If you have teammates that can support you from a distance like Dokkaebi, Finka, or Lion, you should also ask them to activate their special gadgets first before you rush. Their special gadgets will greatly help you when you’re entry fragging because Dokkaebi’s logic bomb can let you know where the enemies are, Finka’s adrenal surge will toughen you up, and Lion’s EE-ONE-D scan will force defenders to stop moving. The point is, don’t just rush mindlessly. Exercise disciplined aggression.


7. Run with the Suppressor

This goes for the G36C which is frankly the best weapon for Ash right now. While I did mention in one of the entries above that the R4-C remains a very strong gun for Ash and is still very viable, the G36C assault rifle just has it beat because of the availability of the scope 1.5x and its much better recoil. And because of the G36C’s much lower recoil, it’s a really great weapon for a suppressor, since it doesn’t really need a recoil-benefit providing barrel attachment.

Note, however, that despite the low recoil of the G36C, I would recommend you to run it with a vertical grip. That’s because its later shots will be more prone to horizontal recoil, and although the vertical grip only really takes care of the vertical recoil, managing the vertical weapon kick will still help in controlling its horizontal recoil. So, when you’re using the G36C, be sure to partner the suppressor with a vertical grip and you’ll fully enjoy the suppressor’s stealth benefits.


6. Play Aggressively


While Ash’s special gadget, the breaching rounds, are also great for enabling hard breaching when the objective spot is on a higher floor and its floors are made up of wood, it is still best for the attacking team to have a Thatcher, or if he’s banned, any of the attackers that have impact EMP grenades on their arsenal. That, or a Maverick, Twitch, or a Kali. That’s because it’s always better for Ash to go in fast and disable other bulletproof utilities rather than her being the main hard breach enabler of the team.

Ash’s role is to make things happen for the attackers and instill panic to defenders. But as mentioned above, you should play Ash with disciplined aggression. That means being fast and aggressive, but also in conjunction with your teammates’ gadgets and positions. Ash has a 3-speed rating and a famously small hitbox, and the player should take full advantage of them.


5. Clubhouse Example


Clubhouse is another spot where Ash can really shine as a hard breach enabler, especially when Thatcher is banned, which is always anyway, and when there are no other operators in the attacking team that can disable hard-breach preventing defender gadgets. The first objective spot is usually the cctv and cashroom areas on the second-floor, and to enable hard breaching on the cctv walls, all ash has to do is go to the blue area that is adjacent to the lounge.

Once blue and the lounge is clear, the Ash player can just peek from the door and shoot a breaching round on the wooden floor that is right beside the wall that needs to be breached. And when the objective spot is on the basement, Ash can enable hard breaching on the dirt tunnel by firing her breaching round on the drone hole that is near the dirt tunnel’s walls. If you prone and fire your breaching round to the direction of the west wall, you’ll be able to destroy the Mute signal jammer or the Bandit shock wire that is protecting it from being breached.


4. The M45 is her Best Secondary


There are two choices for Ash’s secondary weapon and those are the M45 Meusoc and the 5.7 USG. And normally I give every gun in the operator’s choices a chance, but for Ash’s handguns, I just don’t see any reason for the player to go with the 5.7 USG. The only advantage it has over the M45 Meusoc is its bigger magazine capacity and lower recoil.

However, when playing Ash, the only time you’d really be using her pistol is during clutch situations like when you’re in the middle of a gunfight and your primary needs to reload. But most of the time, those situations don’t really last long, so the 5.7 USG’s huge magazine capacity is going to be useless. That is why for Ash’s secondary weapon, just go with the M45 Meusoc because its much better damage is what will make quicker work of your enemies when you do switch to it.


3. Run with the G36C


When you’re playing Ash, the primary weapon that I would really recommend you to run with is the G36C. The R4-C remains strong and viable, but overall, the G36C is just a much better weapon. There’s practically no damage difference between the two, and the only advantage that the R4-C has over the G36C is its faster rate of fire. However, it’s only 80 RPM, so that’s not really much of a difference. On the other hand, the G36C has more than one advantage over the R4-C.

That is its much better recoil and the availability of the scope 1.5x. The scope 1.5x is really perfect for Ash because she’d mostly be dealing with opponents at close to medium range, and the scope 1.5x provides a really good level of zoom for those distances while not sacrificing a lot of peripheral view. The G36C’s low recoil will allow you to attach a suppressor to it and the suppressor is practically the best barrel attachment for guns with low recoil right now.


2. Her Main Role is Entry Fragging


While Ash is a pretty versatile operator, players shouldn’t forget that first and foremost, she is an entry fragger, and that she is at her most effective when she’s performing that role. Don’t get me wrong though, she is also an excellent roam clearer and flanker. But in the hands of a well-coordinated team, Ash is just insane when it comes to entry fragging. That’s mainly because she brings a lot of speed combined with heavy fire-power to the table.

Both of her primary guns pack solid damage per shot and both have a really good rate of fire. Their magazine size is also very decent, so Ash can spray long before having to stop and reload. As discussed in one of the entries above, her M45 Meusoc is also a force to be reckoned with because each of its shots inflicts high damage and it has a really good recoil when a muzzle brake is attached to it. Plus, Ash’s special gadget can destroy at least two bulletproof defender gadgets.


1. Use Her for Enabling a Hard Breach


While Ash’s main role is being the team’s entry fragger, and ideally, the attacking should have a dedicated hard breacher and a hard breach enabler like Thatcher, Kali, Maverick, Twitch, and so on, in the absence of other hard breach enablers, Ash can substitute for the task. Well, as long as the wall that needs to be breached is on a wooden floor and the defender gadgets that are protecting it are Bandit’s shock wires or Mute’s signal jammers.

That’s because those special gadgets have to be deployed on the ground, so when Ash shoots her breaching round from below a floor that’s made of wood, they will be affected by it and get destroyed. Obviously, this won’t work on a Kaid electroclaw that is deployed at a higher angle, but if it’s visible through the destroyed part of the wooden floor, then ash can just shoot it. The point is, do not forget that Ash is a versatile operator that can perform other roles as well other than entry fragging or rushing.


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