[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best New Operators That Are Great (2022 Edition)

Top 10 Best New Operators That Are Great in Rainbow 6 Siege
We get a new operator each season, and for the most part, the most recent ones that we got have really added a lot of great dynamics in the game.

10. Melusi

Melusi is one of the most troublesome newest additions to Siege. Well, troublesome for Attackers at least, because her Banshees are some of the best gadgets in the game for slowing down enemies. The scary part about it is that it’s bulletproof. It only becomes non-bulletproof when it’s being activated by an Attacker’s presence, and only the open part of it will be non-bulletproof, that means if you shoot it on the sides, it would still not be destroyed. That, along with its great slow effects, makes Melusi’s Banshees a real problem for Attackers.

She can also put them on awkward angles, making it hard for Attackers to shoot them while they’re under its slow effects. On top of that, Melusi also has the right tools and weapons to capitalize on the moments when opponents are being slowed down by her Banshees. She has impact grenades which she can use to make rotation holes for the team or make quick flanking holes that allows her to get behind opponents that are under the slow effects of her Banshees. As for fragging opponents, she has the very reliable MP5 submachine gun which has a very low recoil and good rate of fire.

What Makes Melusi a Great Operator:

  • Able to greatly slow opponents down with her special gadget, the Banshee Sonic Defense.
  • Because of her special gadget, it’ll be very hard for Attackers to get through the objective spot without the Defenders being alerted
  • Has a great utility tool in the impact grenades which she can use to create rotation or flanking holes

Best Loadout for Melusi:



9. Ace

The newest hard breacher in the game. It makes me kinda sad for Hibana and Thermite, but Ace is just an overall better hard breacher than them. While his hard breaching device doesn’t make perfect breaches like Thermite’s, they’re more versatile, and there’s three of them. Ace’s hard breaching device also blows Hibana’s out of the water because each of Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breachers can open up bigger holes than Hibana’s X-Kairos. So whatever Hibana can do with her X-Kairos, Ace can do better.

On top of that, Ace also has claymores, which makes him a better backline support than Hibana or Thermite. Ace can use his claymores for countering roamers and runouts while he and his team are breaching. Ace’s AK-12 also has a high rate of fire and high damage with a very manageable recoil. It also has a wide variety of attachments and Ace can use scopes up to the 2.0x one, which can provide him a high-level of zoom, allowing him to target his opponents with deadly accuracy.

What Makes Ace a Great Operator:

  • The best hard breacher that we have right now due to him having three hard breach charges which he can deploy from a distance
  • Has two claymores for protecting himself and his team while performing his role as a hard breacher and backline support
  • Has a great gun in the AK-12 which inflicts high damage while having a very manageable recoil

Best Loadout for Ace:



8. Aruni

This cool operator from Thailand is one of the operators in the game with essentially two special abilities. One is her Surya Gates, which essentially puts up a laser barricade on an entryway, and she has three of these. These Surya Gates can only be disabled temporarily, and that can only happen when a hostile object touches them, or of course, Thatcher’s EMP grenade disables them. That means the Attackers need to sacrifice drones, grenades, or Gonne-6 projectiles to disable them, or they can also sacrifice 30 health points to directly pass through.

This makes Aruni one of the best anti-grenade operators in the game, though not as much focused on grenades or projectiles like Jager or Wamai. The scary thing about the Surya Gates is that you can’t permanently destroy them. Thatcher’s EMP Grenades can only disable them for 15 seconds, and projectiles can only disable them for 30 seconds. Seriously, there have been many cases where Attackers thought that it’s safe to pass through an entry way because they don’t see a laser, only for the Surya Gate to suddenly reactivate as they are passing through, damaging them or injuring them in the process.

And of course, Aruni’s second ability is that she can punch large holes on unreinforced walls. And that’s a great utility tool for her because she can use her arm to create rotation holes or murder holes. She can also use that to destroy hatches or easily bring down reinforced windows or doors.

What Makes Aruni a Great Operator:

  • Able to inflict damage, destroy drones, and neutralize Attacker projectiles, especially grenades, because of her Surya Gates.
  • Able to create rotation holes without having to use shotguns or impact grenades due to her cybernetic arm
  • Has a very powerful weapon in the Mk 14 EBR which will allow her to snipe opponents behind her Surya Gates

Best Loadout for Aruni:



7. Zero

The coolest crossover Siege has ever had. Operator “Zero”, to those who do not know, is Sam Fisher, the main protagonist in the hit series of games called Splinter Cell. Zero brings a lot to the game, not just lore-wise, but to its gameplay as well. Especially now that Thatcher is perpetually banned in Ranked, Zero is one of the few operators that can serve as an alternative when it comes to enabling hard breaching, and that is because his special gadget, the Argus Launcher, attaches cameras which can even penetrate reinforced walls.

And these cameras can provide a 180-degree view of the surroundings. Actually, 360, if you count the fact that it can view both sides of the wall, or floor, just by hitting the space button which is really cool. This makes Zero one of the best intel gatherer operators on the Attacker side. And going back to being one of the alternatives to Thatcher, that is because Zero’s cameras aren’t only for gathering intel. They can also shoot lasers which can be used to destroy or neutralize Defender gadgets, most importantly the anti-breaching ones.

What Makes Zero a Great Operator:

  • Able to gather a lot of intel because his Argus cameras can provide a 180-degree view of the surroundings
  • Argus cameras can also view both sides of the wall or the floor, so it’ll be hard for Attackers to miss a thing.
  • Has a very powerful unique gun in the SC3000K which has high damage, manageable recoil, and a wide variety of attachment options.
  • Has two claymores which he can used to protect himself and his team while gathering intel with his Argus cams

Best Loadout for Zero:



6. Thunderbird

Thunderbird’s inclusion to Team Rainbow gave Defenders a lot of boosts. With her Kona Stations, she has become the most reliable support for Defenders. Each Kona Stations can heal Defenders or add more health points to their full life, making them tougher to take down in a gunfight. But that can also be a problem because that means Defenders who don’t really need a heal can activate a Kona Station and that, most of the time, will just waste its cooldown. That’s why in most cases, it’s better to leave all three of them in one spot that is not frequented by the Defenders, and that spot will be their healing station.

The Kona Stations can also revive Defenders who are in a down-but-not-out state if they’re in proximity of one. So, in some cases, it’s also good to spread them around. There’s also a nasty c4-under-the-floor trick where Thunderbird leaves one Kona station on a wooden floor above her and because it also activates for Attackers, she can use that to detect Attacker presence on that floor, and with that intel, she can blow them up with her nitro cell. She also has a great alternative choice for her secondary gadget which is the impact grenades. She can use that to create rotation holes or counter Osa’s Clear Shield.

What Makes Thunderbird a Great Operator:

  • Able to provide great support to her team because of her Kona stations that can heal or add health points
  • Kona stations can also revive injured teammates who gets near them
  • Has a great utility tool in the impact grenades which she can use to create rotation holes or counter Osa’s Clear Shield
  • Can perform a nasty c4-under-the-floor strat with one of her Kona stations as enemy detector

Best Loadout for Thunderbird:



5. Flores

Probably the most underrated operator in this list. Flores is really quite overpowered if you think about it, and perhaps the only reason that Ubisoft isn’t nerfing him is because his pick rate is not that high. But players should really practice playing Flores more. Get this, Flores has four exploding drones and each one of them has the same explosion power as a nitro cell. Like any drone, it can also jump, and latch itself into a wall or barricade and then explode. That makes it a good entry creation device for unreinforced walls.

But the best thing about Flores’ exploding drones is that they can be used to instill a lot of panic to Defenders and practically push them out of the angles they are holding. With that, Flores’ and his team can deny area to the Defenders and effectively take control of said area for planting the defuser. Of course, because they are essentially still drones, they can also gather intel before they go into their explosion mode. Flores’ exploding drones are also great for destroying pesky Defender bulletproof gadgets like Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Melusi’s Banshees, deployable shields, and bulletproof cameras.

What Makes Flores a Great Operator:

  • Able to push out enemies from an area or their strong angles
  • With his exploding drones, he can inflict a lot of panic to the Defenders
  • Also, able to destroy a lot of gadgets because each exploding drones has the same explosion power as nitro cells
  • Able to protect himself and the whole team from runouts and roamers while doing his role, because of his two claymores.

Best Loadout for Flores:



4. Thorn

Thorn is one of the most recent additions to Siege that have also brought a new gun to the game. Her unique gun, the UZK50GI features high damage, high destruction profile, and high stopping power per shot. Its only weaknesses are its slow rate of fire and low bullet capacity. That is if you’re not gonna count the fact that only Thorn can use it. Thorn also brought with her a very unique special gadget in the game, one that adds a lot to Siege’s tactical gameplay.

Her special gadget, the Razorbloom shells, has the same explosion power as nitro cells, and she has three of them. Once an Attacker gets in close proximity to them, a countdown will start and in just a few seconds, they will explode. That makes the Razorbloom Shell a great partner for Melusi’s Banshees, Frosts’ Welcome Mats, and even the deployable shields or barbed wires. With said gadgets, there’s a high chance that an Attacker or more will be killed by Thorn’s Razorbloom Shell.

What Makes Thorn a Great Operator:

  • She’s able to break enemy momentum and rhythm because of her Razorbloom Shells
  • She can inflict quick and easy kills with her combos with Melusi and Frost
  • Has one of the newest and most powerful guns in the UZK50GI which has high stopping power and low recoil
  • Also has a great secondary weapon in that C75 auto which can make quick work of enemies due to its very fast rate of fire

Best Loadout for Thorn:



3. Osa

Dubbed by the community as the “Attacker Mira”, Osa is the newest shield operator on the Attacker side, but what makes her different from Montagne and Blitz is that she can deploy her shield to the ground or attach them on windows and entryways, and from there, she can really use it like how Mira uses her Black Mirrors. Because Osa’s shield is clear, she will have a good view of the opponents in front of her, and that allows her to quickly lean or suddenly stand up from the cover of her shield and frag opponents using the intel that she’s gathered from looking through her Clear Shield.

This makes her a great operator for planting the defuser. She also has smoke grenades as one of her secondary gadget choices, and that will provide her and her team a lot of cover while she’s planting the defuser. And when it comes to fragging opponents, she does it with her powerful 556XI assault rifle which inflicts heavy damage and has a very manageable recoil. Of course, depending on the situation and map, Osa can also opt to go with two claymores as her secondary gadget, in order to protect herself and her team from roamers and runouts.

What Makes Osa a Great Operator:

  • She’s great at providing intel due to the clear visuals of the enemy that she can get with her Clear Shield
  • Great at leading the defuser plant because of her smoke grenades and the Clear Shield protecting her while she plants the defuser
  • Able to quick lean and quickly go out of cover to accurately frag targets due to the intel that her Clear Shield provides
  • Has great choices for her primary weapon with the 556XI and the PDW9

Best Loadout for Osa:



2. Azami

Azami brought back a lot of the tactical aspects of the game, so the season where she came in, Operation Demon Veil, was generally really loved by the Siege community. It also introduced another interesting narrative to the lore of the game, and honestly, who wouldn’t like a badass and beautiful Japanese girl in their game? Most importantly, her special gadget, the Kiba Barriers, really brought a lot of great changes to the game. Because of her Kiba Barriers, Azami has the power to essentially reshape the geometry of the fight.

There are a lot of creative and useful ways to use the Kiba Barriers. The deadliest perhaps is its combo with Mira’s Black Mirrors. With Azami and Mira in the team, the Black Mirrors don't have to be put on a reinforced wall to make sure that Mira on the other side would be safe from bullets. Azami can just simply reinforce the bottom part with a Kiba Barrier and it will be bulletproof. Allowing Mira to have more room on the sides to strafe opponents with and use the upper part for throwing nitro cells over to the enemies.

What Makes Azami a Great Operator:

  • Able to fortify previously weak angles by providing more cover with her Kiba Barriers
  • Has an overpowered synergy with Mira’s Black Mirrors
  • Able to rework the movement of enemies when she blocks entryways with her Kiba Barriers
  • Excels at any range because of her ACS12 single-slug firing shotgun
  • Has a great utility tool in the impact grenades which she can use to create rotation holes and further reshape the map

Best Loadout for Azami:



1. Sens

The newest operator in Siege. Just like Azami above, Sens also brings a lot of the tactical aspects back to the game, even though their special gadget, the R.O.U. Projector is very flashy. It creates big walls of turquoise colored light which anyone can pass through unharmed, but it provides a lot of cover for the Attackers. So, it’s like the meta now for planting the defuser, especially when partnered with a Montagne. But it’s not just for planting the defuser that the R.O.U. Projector is great for. 

The R.O.U. Projector can block visuals on an angle, making the team’s advance safer, because they’ll have to only mostly worry about the front angle. Sens can also make their team’s six safe, with their two claymores, which are excellent at countering roamers, especially when put on top of stairs and awkward angles. And to complement that, Sens also have the newest gun in the game, the POF-9, which is an assault rifle with a huge magazine capacity and very decent damage.

What Makes Sens a Great Operator:

  • Her special gadgets are able to provide a lot of cover for her team
  • Has two claymores for countering roamers and runouts
  • Has the Gonne-6 hand cannon which is great for destroying hatches or bulletproof gadgets
  • Has the newest gun in Siege which can inflict high damage and has a huge magazine capacity
  • Can also equip a marksman rifle for more damage and range

Best Loadout for Sens:



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