[Top 10] R6 Best Guns

rainbow six siege best guns
Top 10 best guns in R6 siege!

In this article we list down the top 10 operators with the best guns.


Gun Details: SMG-11

"Small sized submachine gun with a high rate of fire. Lethal package in disciplined hands."

  • DAMAGE: 32
  • FIRE RATE: 1270
  • MOBILITY: 48
  • CAPACITY: 16

Why this gun is powerful:

  • Its recoil is easy to control for medium range and its lightning fast fire rate is lethal in close quarters.
  • A high fire rate, combined with high damage means this weapon kills opponents very quickly.
  • Even with such a high fire rate the SMG-11 its great for medium range engagements. With a holographic sight this weapon can will help you hold your position.

9. R4-C [ASH]

Gun Details: R4-C

"FBI SWAT standard issue assault rifle. Highly customizable, for medium to long range conflict."

  • DAMAGE: 25
  • FIRE RATE: 860
  • MOBILITY: 50
  • CAPACITY: 30

Why this gun is powerful:

  • The decent fire rate and very easy to control recoil, combined with Ash's fast speed makes rushing the enemy a breeze.
  • Medium to short range encounters are great for this weapon.

8. MP5 [DOC]

Gun Details: MP5

"Short to medium range submachine gun. High rate of fire and mobility. Favored by GIGN."

  • DAMAGE: 31
  • FIRE RATE: 800
  • MOBILITY: 45
  • CAPACITY: 30

Why this gun is powerful:

  • With Doc you have the option to add an ACOG sight to the MP5 giving you the option to engage at longer distances than other SMGs.
  • The MP5 will surpass most attacker’s weaponry at close quarters and holds its own at medium range conflicts.


Gun Details: M590A1

"12-gauge pump action shotgun favored by SAS, optimal at close range."

  • DAMAGE: 45
  • FIRE RATE: 1
  • MOBILITY: 42

Why this gun is powerful:

  • Fast pump action reloading between single shots means you can keep up with automated fire coming from attackers.
  • A powerhouse for close quarters, a body shot from the M590A1 will send opponents flying.


Gun Details: F2 FAMAS

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  • DAMAGE: 39
  • FIRE RATE: 980
  • MOBILITY: 40
  • CAPACITY: 30

Why this gun is powerful:

  • High fire-rate compared to all other assault rifles
  • Its speed and damage ratio means that it will kill operators in the shortest amount of time compared to all other assault rifles.
  • Its high capacity magazines are useful for engaging multiple targets at once.
  • Its recoil is easy to control, especially with a vertical grip attachment.


Gun Details: CAMRS

"Customizable semi-automatic long range designated marksman rifle, deals high damage."

  • DAMAGE: 69
  • FIRE RATE: 1
  • MOBILITY: 50
  • CAPACITY: 20

Why this gun is powerful:

  • Having the skeleton-key with this long ranged rifle quickly available means you can create a kill hole that can be used to pick off defenders from a distance.
  • You are able to keep the defending team back with this powerful rifle with a decent magazine capacity and precise accuracy.

4. ITA12S [MIRA]

Gun Details: ITA12S

"Compact pump action 12-gauge shotgun with close range stopping power. Optimal for CQB."

  • DAMAGE: 70
  • MOBILITY: 50

Why this gun is powerful:

  • Having this powerful shotgun as a secondary allows for Mira to use her Vector as Primary to hold attackers at a distance until it's time to get up close and personal.
  • You can use this to create kill holes around Mira's reinforced windows or other breakable surfaces.

3. ACS12

Gun Details: ACS12

"This 12-gauge combat shotgun is fully automatic and drum-fed. Great for blasting holes in walls and possesses surprisingly low recoil and muzzle rise."

  • DAMAGE: 27
  • FIRE RATE: 300
  • MOBILITY: 50
  • CAPACITY: 30

Why this gun is powerful:

  • You are able to lay down suppressive fire with an automatic shotgun, keeping the attacking force back.
  • You can quickly destroy an entire wall, to open up the objectives and create alternative routes.


Gun Details: MK17 CQB

  • DAMAGE: 49
  • FIRE RATE: 585
  • MOBILITY: 50
  • CAPACITY: 20

Why this gun is powerful:

  • Very high damage means you can kill most defenders with 2 body shots.
  • You have an opportunity to fire two deadly body shots if the enemy's initial shot is blocked by one of Blackbeard's rifle shields.
  • Perfect for long ranged engagements.


Gun Details: PDW9

  • DAMAGE: 34
  • FIRE RATE: 800
  • MOBILITY: 50
  • CAPACITY: 50

Why this gun is powerful:

  • The PDW9 has a huge drum magazine which helps it stand out from the rest.
  • High damage score for a submachine gun and little fall off damage so it is very useful at medium to long range.
  • Has good hip-fire accuracy for those close calls.

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