[Top 25] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Moments You Need To Watch (2022)

Top 25 Best Moments In Rainbow 6 Siege That You Need To Watch
Some are badass moments. Some are educational. Some are just straight up funny. And all of them are great for enhancing your Siege experience.

25. Marley Showing Us How to Play Azami

This is one of the funniest and yet informative series of moments captured in Siege through Marley’s gameplay. And definitely one that every Siege player should watch in 2022 because it contains a lot of tricks and creative uses for Azami’s Kiba Barriers as well as an overall great gameplay for Azami. Right at the beginning of the video, you would be treated to one of the most OP spawn peek strats in the game. Watching Marley is just pure chaos but fun and educational.

At the 1:37 mark, he tries a runout without knowing that there were actually three enemies outside, but he still managed to kill all three of them through sheer skill and reflexes. Proceeded on getting back inside the objective area and sealing the window with a Kiba Barrier and acted like nothing happened. 2:25 is my favorite moment where Marley, using Azami’s Kiba Barriers, blocked all the paths that the enemy could use to flank him, leading the enemy to the only path available, which makes it much easier for the Azami user. Like what his teammate says, if there’s a way to showcase what Azami does in a nutshell, that is the moment right there.


24. Attending Macie Jay's Class on How to Play Sens

Sens is the newest operator in Siege to come out in 2022 and every player, experienced or beginner, should really watch this video on Sens Masterclass. It perfectly shows how to play Sens, using all their utility tools, special gadget, and even both of their guns. The video starts off with all of Macie Jay’s teammates dying, leaving him in a 1v5 situation. But he was able to ace it using a slow and methodical approach.

One of my favorite moments from this vid is at the 9:04 mark where he uses Sens’ R.O.U. Projector to cover the claymore. I’ve always thought that’s an OP tactic because the Defenders will have no idea that there’s a claymore behind the R.O.U. Projector. And perhaps the best moment is at 9:49, when Macie Jay uses the R.O.U. Projector to lure Warden in. Truly, knowing how your opponents will move congruent to their operator is one of the best ways to defeat them.


23. When the Oryx Has High IQ

Macie Jay is the king of high IQ plays, at least among the popular Siege content creators. His gameplay is really just smooth and compelling to watch. It’s pleasant to the eyes too to see him play the game, not only because of his high IQ plays, but also because he doesn’t play erratically and so fast like others who are godlike in the game. This video is part of the best moments in Siege because here, we get to see that Oryx is a lot better than most of us thought, and when used tactically, he’s actually pretty OP.

Macie Jay uses Oryx perfectly like how he was designed to be played. A great roamer and flanker, as well as the only Defender that can climb up on hatches. That ability, along with his other one, the Remah Dash, which allows Oryx to break through unreinforced walls with his body, makes him a truly great operator. Not to mention that Oryx is also a great counter for shield operators like Blitz and Montagne because he can knock them down with his Remah Dash.


22. When Operation Chimera Dropped in Siege

A lot of new players are probably not aware of the Outbreak event that came out with Operation Chimera. This is the season where Finka and Lion joined Team Rainbow as CBRN specialists. This is a legendary event and probably the biggest ever because players were treated to something that is basically like a zombie mode. Only, the enemies aren’t really zombies, they’re much more dangerous than that.

I played it when it came out and boy it was quite scary and intense. The reason why I’m including this on the list that you need to watch in 2022 is because this is basically the preview to Rainbow Six Siege: Extraction. The Outbreak event was a massive success and players loved it, and it is safe to assume that it’s because of that success that Ubisoft decided to make a full game out of it. The cinematics are really great too, especially the one with our Lord Tachanka in it. This one is part of Siege’s history and every new player should enjoy watching these cutscenes


21. The Coolest Entry

Everyone should watch this video, even in 2022, because everyone, especially beginners can always learn a lot from TheGodlyNoob. And in this one, he shows us the trick for silent breaching. It’s basically when you put a breach charge on a barricade door or window and have Sledge hit it with his Breaching Hammer. As you can see, or in this case, hear, this breaching technique produces minimal sound, and the Defenders that were right beside the barricade window were surprised that TheGodlyNoob is already inside.

He also showed us a lot of great stuff other than silent breaching in this video. Like the beautiful team play at the 3:35 mark where he, using Hibana, assisted Thatcher and Thermite in breaching the reinforced wall leading to the gym and bedroom in Clubhouse. The tactic that they did in that segment of the video is one of the best ways to beat a Bandit trick. That is of course, when Thatcher isn’t banned.


20. Sister Rivalry Reached Point of No Return

The newest short movie for Siege. It dropped just a few months ago, and is truly one of the best moments in Siege because it expands the narrative and lore of the game. The cinematic quality is so good as well, proving that Siege is still Ubisoft’s flagship game and they’re ready to pour in a huge budget into it. This cinematic trailer shows the rivalry of Ela and Zofia reaching a boiling point, and Ela ends up leaving Team Rainbow for Nighthaven.

This is a really big addition to the lore and adds more tension between the operations we all love. This also allows Ubisoft to expand and branch out the narrative some more and it will probably lead to more creative content. The events in this video came right after the events of ‘The Playbook’, where another rivalry, Ash and Kali, came to a point of no return. You can see the bruises on Kali’s face in this video, and we can safely assume that those came from her brawl with Ash. Another thing that is special about this video is that it’s the first face reveal for operator Smoke.


19. Hackers Thought That A Pro is Cheating

It’s hilarious whenever cheaters get owned by people who are actually great in the game, and Spoit is a new member of Rogue, one of the top tier professional teams in Siege. But Spoit has been godlike in the game long before Rogue recruited him. You can see it from the video above. His one-tap quick leans are legendary. His aim and reflexes are top notch. No amount of hax would beat pure skill in the game, especially with players who are pro-level.

Spoit has reached the rank of champion since Operation Ember Rise, and even before that was consistently ranking diamond. And that’s while maintaining a kd of 1.7 in ranked. A kd of 1.7 in champion is probably like 3.5 kd in gold or more. His skills are basically beyond hax.


18. Dropping 27 Kills in One Match

This is one of the most underrated Siege videos out there and everyone, especially beginners should watch it. Not just because the uploader got a record high 27 kills, but also because he was able to show a lot about Siege in this video. Slow but methodical tactical gameplay, droning, and properly performing the role of his operator. Like he says in his commentary, everything just clicked and went right for him in this match.

Another really impressive thing is that he didn’t just drop 27 kills on copper-silver teams. The opponents were mostly gold or platinum ranks. And everyone who’s been at those ranks knows how hard and competitive the matches could be in there. And it’s not just because their ranks are high, the enemy team also had a 4-stack, so they were even coordinating their gameplay, at least for the most part. But this man was just on a roll that day. Lastly, people who are new to this game should really see how the game looked when night time maps were still a thing. Seriously, Ubisoft should bring them back.


17. The Program

The moment when this Siege short movie dropped, I told myself that the game that I love is still really alive and prospering. This is easily the best Siege cinematic there is, as far as action goes. It started out with interviews for each operator present in the cinematic and allowed the audience to get to know them more. And then the action was initiated by Sledge creating an entry point with his Breaching Hammer.

The Attackers’ momentum was really going well. They were able to take out Doc and Mozie easily, and then Cav was taken out too when Dokkaebi saved Thatcher from her. And that’s a really good tie up to the short movie that came out before this where Dokkaebi and Thatcher had some misunderstandings. The match went on to become 5-1 in favor of Attackers with only Pulse remaining on the Defender side, but he was able to show off his skills, especially in his fight against Sledge where he performed some John Wick-like moves. They still ultimately lost though because Pulse hesitated to shoot Hibana, and we all know why.


16. Only in Casual

Okay you don’t have to watch all 500 of them, I didn’t, but this video has a lot of really great moments in Siege, the best is probably the first clip that you’ll see when you fire up the video. Ying blinded her opponent with a Candela, and when she was sure that the enemy had been blinded, she planted a claymore on the spot that the enemy would likely walk back into, and boom, that Ying player scored the ultimate disrespect that I’ve ever seen in Siege.

I also really love the one at the 12:00 mark where the Valkyrie Black Eye accidentally hit a jumping drone and the Black Eye bounced to a different direction. I love it because it reminds me of how great Siege is because most things are interactive. Like you can actually shoot a Capitao asphyxiating bolt mid-air and have it explode right on Capitao’s face.


15. Ranked Siege with a Steering Wheel

A great Basically Homeless classic, and through this video the Siege community finally got a glimpse of what a drone racing event could have been, and boy, the people who have steering wheels in their setups would be OP in that event. Mr. Homeless has never failed the Siege community when it comes to entertaining us with unique ways on how to play Siege, and it’s not just simple Siege, we’re talking about sweaty and competitive Ranked mode.

It was just so fun to see drones being driven by a steering wheel, and somehow, Blitz feels like he was meant to be controlled by a steering wheel as well. Watching Mr. Homeless play Blitz with a steering wheel is so satisfying. It’s like watching a tank rushing against unsuspecting Defenders. Another thing that is so hilarious in this video is that one of his team members was even being salty that Mr. Homeless is not playing “competitively”, even though he’s actually top fragging.


14. When Real Spec Ops Reacted to Siege

Siege operators are mostly special ops, so having real special ops check the game out and hear their opinion of it is really cool. These two in particular are some of my favorite people who reacted to Siege. They didn’t just criticize the unrealistic aspects, but also praised the great concepts of it and how it relates to real life. They were impressed with the fact that many parts of the surroundings can be destroyed for tactical use.

Cameron was really interested with the pie technique in particular, wherein the player uses the most minimal space to peek in order to not unnecessarily expose himself and get a visual of the enemy first. The player that they’re watching is really good at that. He never overextends. I do wish that Gamology showed them a more tactical gameplay rather than this fast paced one though.


13. R6 Siege's Short Movie

This right here is my favorite Siege cinematic and that’s why it’s quite high in the list compared to the game’s other cinematic trailers or short movies. It feels a lot like the old school Siege that we all love. The music, the Hereford base, Thatcher and Dokkaebi. Everything about it just felt so good. And of course, we got to know our Dokkaebi and Thatcher a lot more. Especially Thatcher. The genius of this video is that it shows that the old and the new can work together and be the perfect combination.

Which is also great timing because Harry at this point is still new to Team Rainbow and is the new Six. Speaking of new things, this cinematic also teased the newest operator at that time, which is Nokk, by showing the national flag of Denmark when Dokkaebi and Thatcher were in the barracks. And the music at the end when Harry says, “for now, call me Harry” always gives me the chills.


12. BikiniBodhi Shows How Good Flores Is

Right from the beginning of the video we saw a very rare moment in Siege where Flores' drone is placed on a hatch and it was put down by Sledge's hammer along with the hatch, and it killed someone. That’s usually done with a Sledge and a frag grenade, and on a wooden floor, but I’ve never seen it done with a Flores’ exploding drone. At 1:04 mark, you can see BikiniBodhi use the exploding drone as bait. He was able to do that because you can just set it on the ground and it will move forward on its own. 

And as he shows at around the 2:18 mark of the video, you can use the exploding drone to cut off a Defender from an angle and force him or her to go where he or she will be vulnerable. That’s why I’ve been saying all this time that Flores is actually quite OP. His exploding drones can be an area denial device, anti-gadgets device, and soft breaching device. The moment at 4:16 honestly deserves its own entry in this list. I've never seen that angle before. This video is just full of Siege goodness.


11. Siege Ninja

Ninja defusing is now a lost art in Siege, maybe because Ubisoft has done some things with the sound, well, especially the lighting of the game, that has made it much harder to ninja defuse. But it’s always fun to see it, and the ninja defuse that was featured in this video is one of the nastiest ones that I’ve seen. Not only was it a ninja defuse, TheGodlyNoob did it right after running out, and the opponents should have seen the prompt, but perhaps they didn’t realize that he was actually going to the laundry room from the bicycle storage by running out to the balcony. 

Aside from the ninja defuse, this video also featured a lot of aggressive Caveira plays, which goes to show how deadly Caveira is in the hands of great players like TheGodlyNoob. The combination of speed and stealth is just ridiculous, which is why I don’t really blame teams in ranked that ban Cav. She can go from one place to another really quickly, and silently too, due to her special ability.


10. Warden Gets His Due

BikiniBodhi is one of the most entertaining Siege content creators around. Even his name makes me laugh. And in this video, he gives one of the most underrated operators his due, and that’s Warden. I think that since the rework on Tachanka, Warden has replaced him as the most meme’d operator. His pick rate in Ranked is just not that high, and perhaps understandably so, because his special gadget only affects him.

But that’s not really true, is it? The fact that Warden gets to counter smoke grenades and flash grenades and score a lot of kills from opponents who think they’re safe behind the cover of smoke affects the team a lot. Because the less opponents there are, the closer your team is to winning. So, players should really watch this video of BikiniBodhi and hopefully become inspired to play Warden more.


9. When A Pro Plays with Noobs

This is one of the most underrated videos in Siege. Well, it does have a lot of views at 49k but it deserves a lot more. A lot of things happened in this match aside from a pro playing with noobs. One player in particular that stood out in this match is Spike Mike. Even though he’s obviously new to the game, his game sense is quite high, and his luck is amazing. Just check out the 1:50 mark where he was trying to destroy the barricaded door with gunfire, but ended up clutching the game instead because the last enemy was actually behind it.

I always love seeing beautiful teamwork in Siege, and Spike Mike who might be in his first unranked match in this video, had a really good play with Pengu who’s one of the best players in the world. At the 3:55 mark, Spike Mike forced out a Defender right into Pengu’s sights with the use of his Fuze’s Cluster Charges. And at the 5:45 mark, Spike Mike accidentally vaulted on a window leading to the outside, leading to his death. But Pengu avenged Spike Mike with a wonderfully executed Assassin’s Creed kill.


8. Spike Mike's Adventure with A Pro

This is the continuation of the entry above where legendary pro Siege player, Pengu, met a player who’s new to the game named Spike Mike. Evidently, a lot of people in the Siege community loved Spike Mike in the first video above, so it’s really good to see him in another Pengu video. I loved seeing the improvement on Spike Mike’s gameplay in just a short time from the first video, and Pengu is right, he did win every single gun fight that we’ve seen him fight in this video.

He even saved Pengu at 8:15 right after Pengu called out his name for help. This is truly one of the funniest, but also one of the most wholesome moments in Siege where a pro plays with a beginner and guides him without really spoon-feeding him.


7. Wii Remote on R6 Ranked

This is probably the funniest entry in the list. Legendary Siege madman, Mr. Homeless, showed off his technical skills by making a Wii Remote work in Siege, and it resulted in a lot of funny moments, especially because he tried it out on Ranked. And that’s why this video has almost 11 million views. As he says in the video, this could be 10 different videos all packed in one, because he doesn’t just show himself playing Siege with a Wii Remote, he also showed himself playing the game with many other types of controllers. The most hilarious one was probably the Thrustmaster.

The Wii Remove part comes around the 6:50 mark of the video. And even just one moment in the video where he kills a hacker with a Wii Remote is already worth an entry in this list. It’s the biggest flex ever. The great thing about it is that his teammates in Ranked didn’t even seem mad when they found out that he’s using a Wii Remote during a hilarious moment at 9:00. And how could they be mad? He even ended the match as the top fragger.


6. Pros Dominating Hackers

There’s no question that Beaulo is one of the top players in Siege right now along with his team, and has been for years. Watching him outclassing hackers using only his skills and very fast reflexes is such a sight to behold. Cheaters use hax since they’re not good in the game in the first place, so I knew that even with hax, they wouldn’t stand a chance against one of the greatest players the game has produced.

Watching Beaulo is like watching a hacker with aim and speed hax, only there are no cheats. It just looks like that. It’s all talent and it’s the reason why TSM is the top team right now because they have players like Beaulo. Aside from being a professional player, Beaulo is one of the most popular Siege Youtubers and streamers and has been consistently hitting diamond and champion rank each season with a kd of 1.33 in ranked. That’s really insane if you think about it, because that means he dominates even other diamonds and champions.


5. 4 R6 Pros vs 5 Valorant Pros

This moment right here is so high up in the list because of the sheer fun of it. Of course, the Valorant pros didn’t stand a chance even though they were facing only four players in the opposite team. That’s because they clearly haven’t played Siege before, and the one that seems to know about Siege, obviously haven’t played it a lot. That doesn’t take away from the fun of the video though, because we get to see the TSM pros show off their amazing skills in the game.

And boy, did they show off. They weren’t holding back at all. My favorite moment probably is when Beaulo took out three of the Valorant pros with Ela’s pistol and all of them were one taps. It was also fun to see the Valorant pros learning the mechanics of the game on the fly, and although that put them in a great disadvantage, it made the moment a lot funnier.


4. When A Girl Champion Plays Siege

It’s always so fun to see and hear male players’ reactions when they hear a female voice in chat, especially when that female voice sounds really feminine and pleasant to the ears. On top of that, she’s great at the game too. I’m talking about one of the most popular female players in Siege and her gamer tag is Poppy. She regularly streams on Twitch and is one of the biggest Siege channels over there with almost 80k followers.

She’s a champion rank in the game and has always reached champion since Operation Void Edge. And before she reached champion rank, she was reaching diamond rank consistently. And according to her R6tracker, she has an overall kd of 1.20 and a ranked kd of 1.16, which is super impressive considering that she’s maintaining that in diamond-champion rank. There’s no wonder why the boys in this video are so impressed and they had no idea how to act with such a goated female Siege player.


3. How to Play and Counter Osa

During the time when Osa was revealed, the Siege community was full of fear about her being OP. And it was hard to blame them, because if you use Osa right, like how Macie Jay played her for the first 6 minutes of the video, anyone would also think that she’s OP. But it doesn’t mean that there are no ways to counter her. And as it turns out, it’s pretty easy to counter her. That’s why I love the genius of this video. The first 6 minutes showed us how great Osa is and how she brings the word “tactical” back to Siege, and then after that Macie allayed everyone's fear by showing how to counter her effectively.

This vid has so many great highlights, and if you watch it, you’ll see that it is really aptly named. At :30 you’ll be able to see Osa planting the defuser safely behind her clear shield, and at :50, Macie places the clear shield at an angle where he can watch the defuser while being safely behind it. 2:00 is one of my favorite moments, when Macie planted a Fuze cluster charge behind a reinforced wall and as he pushed the objective area, he activated it to force a Defender out of his hiding spot, leading him directly to Macie Jay’s line of sight.


2. The Longest Match Ever

This is a legendary match so it deserves a high spot in this list. The match was so competitive that it reached 13 rounds before it ended. And speaking of competitiveness, VarsityGaming’s team has been fighting 4v5 since round 5 until the end of the match, and yet they still managed to win. That’s a real testament to how great of a Siege player VarsityGaming and his teammates are. That’s your assurance that he really knows what he’s talking about when he talks about Siege and makes videos about the game.

And since this match went on for so long, we were able to see a lot of tricks and strats that are rare to see in Siege. Like the one at 1:33. Even after playing Siege for years, I had no idea that there’s a trick like that. But their opponents were really good too, since one of them was able to spot VarsityGaming’s trick and managed to kill him. Audiences were also treated to two simultaneous kills. One in round 3 and the other in round 9. The simultaneous kill on round 9 resulted in the round being a draw and that’s why it went on to an overtime. 


1. Macie Jay's Intense Match Against Pros

Every Macie Jay video that I watch makes me wanna fire up the game and hopefully have some smooth high IQ plays as well. This whole match is one of the best matches in the game that I’ve ever seen. It features everything that Siege is made for. Smart team coordination, tactical plays, and high intensity. As the title of the video says, this is Macie Jay’s very intense match against four professional players. To be fair, KingGeorge was on Macie’s team and he used to be a professional player too. And as one would expect, the professional players mounted a great opposition against Macie Jay’s team.

The match ended in a 4-1 score in favor of Macie Jay’s team. Just by looking at the score, one might think, “how is this intense? They clearly dominated their opponents”, well, if you watched the match, you’ll see that even though they won 4-1, the rounds that they won were close, very intense, rounds. These are pros we’re talking about after all. They wouldn’t lose rounds easily. My favorite is round four when Macie’s team was down 1-3 and Macie was the last man standing. His clutch was one of the best clutches I’ve ever seen in all my years of playing Siege.


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