[Top 15] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Looking Operators

Top 15 Best Looking Operators in Rainbow 6 Siege
The fifteen most aesthetically pleasing operators in Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 3.3

15. Nokk (Front Line, Map Control)

Nokk, even when you read her bio, is shrouded in mystery. Her bio is full of redacted words, and mystery attracts people. It makes them curious. When it comes to her looks, it’s no different. That’s because among all the operators in Siege, she has the most cover on her face and body, and honestly, it just looks badass. What’s even more badass is that her default character skin is accurate to the special forces unit that she was based from which is the Danish special forces. To this date, Nokk remains the most mysterious looking character in Siege.

What’s more is that how she looks clearly resembles her gameplay. As one could tell even just by looking at her, she’s a very stealthy operator, and operating stealthily is basically her specialty. With her Hel Presence Reduction special gadget, she can move silently and be invisible to enemy cameras. That’s why it’s quite hilarious seeing Siege streamers get shocked when Nokk suddenly appears right in front of their face. It’s like a horror movie. A ghost suddenly appears out of nowhere, but she’s very real and she’s very deadly.

Best Loadout for Nokk:



14. Zero (Anti-Gadget, Intel)

While he doesn’t hide his face and his bio isn’t full of redacted words, Zero, just like Nokk, has a lot of air of mystery about him, even though he’s very familiar to so many gamers. That’s because he’s the main character in the beloved Splinter Cell franchise which features a lot of stealth missions. Luckily, the Splinter Cell franchise belongs to Ubisoft as well, so Siege players are lucky enough to have him as a much welcome cross-over. Of course, agent Sam Fisher, a.k.a. Zero in Siege, also specializes in gathering intel and stealth in this game.

That reflects on his looks as well. His default skin has him wear a dark jacket which may look simple at first glance but is actually full of details. I gotta say, his drip in Siege feels much more badass than what he usually wore in the Splinter Cell series. Obviously, Sam Fisher is much older now but he’s still in great shape and boy has he aged well. I’m sure most men would love to look like him when they’re 66. He honestly looks like he’s just well around his late forties or early fifties. His looks, despite his advanced age, is a reminder for a lot of people, including me, that it’s really good to always stay in shape.

Best Loadout for Zero:



13. Kali (Anti-Gadget, Support)

Kali is the leader of the PMC group called Nighthaven, tasked by Harry to help Rainbow. This badass woman has a fiery personality, and it shows with her clashes in leadership and operation style with Ash, which people could see if they watch the Siege short movie ‘The Playbook’. Like most operators in Siege that are well-designed, Kali’s default skin reflects her badass personality, and its color scheme fits with the theme of Nighthaven. One look at her and you’d know that she’s a dangerous woman who can hold her own in the military world which is still largely male dominated even in Siege’s world.

While her default skin is well-designed, her elite skin is so much more so and I’d really encourage players, especially those who love playing her, to go and get it. It’s called the Masterframe Prototype 1 and is made of advanced material through Nighthaven engineering, which, as we know from Siege’s lore, is even more advanced than Team’s Rainbow’s. On top of all these, Kali also has her unique designated marksman rifle, the CSRX 300, which adds a lot to her badass looks. It’s a huge sniper rifle and with Kali holding it while she’s wearing her Masterframe Prototype 1 uniform, she really looks like an advanced warfare soldier.

Best Loadout for Kali:



12. Thermite (Breach, Support)

Thermite from the FBI SWAT is on this list because, well, just look at him from the image above. He looks like what a military unit would put on their poster if they want to recruit people. It’s not only that he’s good looking himself, but his outfit is as well. His goggles and overall uniform looks like he’s ready for combat, and since he’s part of the original operator line up, that can be expected. When Rainbow Six Siege was released in late 2015, it was famous for being dark, gritty, and realistic. It still is in many ways, but old school Siege just hits different.

That’s why most original operators like Thermite look like actual special forces operators. Serious, tactical, and ready for the mission. His default skin looks like what one would expect a member of the FBI SWAT team would wear, which is, of course, “tacticool”. But there are skins that the player can unlock which will make Thermite look even more badass such as the Utility headgear which has him wear a helmet with a big FBI lettering on its front and a full face mask. Now, there’s nothing wrong about Thermite’s face at all, but you gotta admit that a full mask on special operations agents just looks way more cooler.    

Best Loadout for Thermite:



11. Aruni (Anti-Entry, Anti-Gadget)

We discussed Thermite above and it goes well with the flow of this article because he and Aruni have some history, and no, I’m not talking about romantic history. If there is, we weren’t told about it, but if you watch the animated trailer for Aruni, you’ll see that she and Thermite have a working history. That animated trailer also shows us the background story of how they got their injuries, and as bad as this may sound, the injuries that Aruni got from that mission in the backstory with Thermite is one of the reasons why she looks so good.

That's because she now basically has two cybernetic body parts which are her left leg and left arm. Not only does her cybernetic left arm and left leg make her look great as a character, they also add a lot to why she’s a powerful operator. That’s because with her cybernetic left arm, she can punch big holes on unreinforced walls or destroy breakable surfaces like unreinforced hatches or wooden floors. Her default uniform is also great for Siege because it doesn’t only make her look good, it also allows her to blend well to the surroundings, making her harder to notice by the enemies.

Best Loadout for Aruni:



10. Valkyrie (Intel, Support)

Valkyrie is one of the oldest operators in Siege and also one of the most iconic. As a member of the US Navy Seals, her training and field experience is very extensive. She sports the look of someone you’d expect to be in the US Navy Seals with her tactical gear that has a lot of attention to detail in its design. Valkyrie is one of the most cosplayed operators in Siege and that’s one the reasons why she’s on this list. Because surely, the reason why cosplayers love looking like her is because she looks really good as an operator.

Among all the operators in Siege, she probably has the highest number of tattoos which makes her quite intriguing and more challenging to cosplay. As one could see on her image above, her default skin is already aesthetically pleasing, but another reason why she’s one of the best looking operators around is because she has a lot of skins available to her that’ll spice up her looks even more. My personal favorites are the Public Servant, Woodland Boonie, Fringe Check Facepiece, Anti-NV, Sandroot, and Cladonia, because they fit her US Navy Seal overall character theme while also making her look even better.

Best Loadout for Valkyrie:



9. IQ (Intel, Support)

IQ is popular as one of the “baes” in the Siege community, because honestly, her character model is quite cute. Yes, her default skin has most of her face covered in a mask and a headgear, but her elite skin which has her wearing workout attire allows the Siege community to see her face. To this day, her elite skin is still one of the most popular in the game, and one would encounter players using that skin a lot of times. With that said, you don’t really need to get her elite skin to make her look good, because even her default skin is already enough to put her on this list.

Her default skin which has her wearing mostly plain clothes really fits in with the special forces theme of the game, because a lot of times, special forces members have to operate in plain clothes, especially in infiltration missions. With that said, like Valkyrie above, because IQ is one of the oldest operators in Siege, she now has a plethora of skins available to her that can make her look even more badass, such as the Shadow Brine headgear and Nightshade uniform which really makes her look like she’s going on a serious mission.

Best Loadout for IQ:



8. Alibi (Intel, Trapper)

Alibi is one of the best-looking operators in the game, and whenever she’s around in the match, players will get to see her good looks a lot because her special gadget, the Prisma, allows her to produce three volumetric displays that look exactly like her. Those volumetric displays are used by her not just to flaunt her aesthetics though, but also to confuse enemies and gather intel on them. The only problem with her Prisma is that it’s basically the reason that holds a lot of players back when it comes to customizing Alibi’s looks.

That’s because at its current state, the Prisma will only produce volumetric displays of Alibi’s default skin, and the most basic, default look of her Mx4 Storm. So if the player is using a different skin on Alibi, the enemies would immediately know that it’s not just another volumetric display from the Prisma. That’d prevent the player from effectively performing the deadliest Alibi trick which is the substitution method. With that said, if we’re just talking about aesthetics, Alibi’s default skin is enough for her to earn a spot in this list.

Best Loadout for Alibi:



7. Frost (Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Frost is also one of the oldest operators in Siege. She used to be one of my favorite operators to use when I started playing back in 2018. She's quite easy to use because of her 2-speed 2-health rating which allows her to move quite quickly while maintaining a decent amount of toughness. Her special gadget, the Welcome Mat, is also very easy to use and has a simple mechanic. Enemies that get trapped by them will be rendered immobile and bleeding until a teammate of theirs revives them.

Though they can now revive themselves from being trapped by one of Frost’s Welcome Mats after the latest update, if they do it by themselves instead of getting revived by a teammate, they won’t be able to sprint and will move 20% slower. They’ll also leave a trail of blood behind. But it’s not only because of how effective an operator Frost is that I used to always play her. It’s also because her overall aesthetics is really good, and that applies to her weaponry. When you’re using her, you can really feel that you’re playing an operator in a real special forces mission.

Best Loadout for Frost:



6. Hibana (Breach, Front Line)

If Hibana isn’t good looking, Pulse wouldn’t have been attracted to her, right? A fun fact that a lot of newer players might not know is that Hibana actually used to have a different character model. They changed it to make her look more Japanese it seems and honestly, I’m a fan of it. Hibana is also now one of the oldest operators in Siege and is one of its most iconic. That’s why a lot of great skins are available to her, and her elite skin is most likely one of the top selling elite skins in the game. Seriously, it looks majestic.

That’s because her elite skin, the Onkochishin, has her wearing a traditional Japanese archery outfit, which of course fits in with the game because it shows that Hibana has great aim. It’s also lore-friendly because if you read her bio, it says that her parents had her train in the art of Kyūdō at a very young age, and to those who are not aware, Kyūdō is the Japanese martial art of archery. Aside from her Onkochishin elite skin, there are other epic skins available to Hibana like the Hachigane headgear, Virtual Abyss hood and uniform, as well as the chalkboard tactical suit.

Best Loadout for Hibana:



5. Solis (Intel, Support)

Solis is one of the newest operators in Siege so there’s not a lot of available skins to her yet aside from the ones that were available on the battlepass around the time she joined Team Rainbow. Honestly though, there’s really not a lot of need to change her default skin, because it just exudes badassery. Her suit covers her entire body and she has a full mask and headgear that covers her entire face, but even though we can’t really see her face, she’s easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing operators in the game.

That’s because her suit, mask, and headgear makes her look something like a superhero, but not the wacky, colorful kind. Even though her full attire looks very futuristic and unique compared to the other operators in Siege, it still looks very tactical and quite grounded in reality, which I would assume most people in the Siege community prefer. That’s because most people came to Siege due to its tactical appeal. Solis specializes in detecting enemy electronics through the tech that’s available to her, and it really shows in her character design.

Best Loadout for Solis:



4. Ela (Crowd Control, Trapper)

Ela ranks so high in this list because it's guaranteed that if you utter the words “best looking operators in Siege” to a long-time player, Ela would be one of the operators they’d have in mind. That’s also evidenced by the fact that she’s one of the most cosplayed operators from the game. I mean, what’s there not to like? She looks very chic with her green hair, short cap, partnered with tactical headset for comms with her teammates. She also has slick skin tight pants paired with a cool hoodie and a tactical backpack.

Ela is one of the operators in Siege that has a really cool vibe around her default skin’s design, but even though her default skin is already good looking, there are also a lot of skins available to her that players can use to customize her look. My personal favorite is her Division Agent uniform which players can get for free if they own a copy of The Division 2 in the same Ubisoft account where they have their Rainbow Six Siege. While she also has the serious operator vibe that many in this list have, she also has that rebellious aura around her with her looks.

Best Loadout for Ela:



3. Iana (Front Line, Intel)

White hair and beautiful face, Iana is truly one of the “baes” in Siege and is also one of its most heavily cosplayed operators. Not only heavily cosplayed, but she’s also a favorite of many artists when it comes to Siege fanarts. That tells you that she’s a really good-looking operator, and that’s not only because of her beautiful face and cool white hair. Her uniform looks really tactical as well and fits the special forces theme that Siege has. Her gloves also show that she’s one of the operators that uses the most advanced tech around to fulfill her mission.

That really fits her character and gameplay because her Gemini Replicator device is one of the most hi-tech special gadgets in the game. It produces an exact holographic copy of Iana that she can basically use as a drone because she’s able to see from its feed and she’s able to make it mimic her movements except for shooting, rappelling, and using utilities. Going back to her aesthetics, Iana also has quite a number of cool skins available to her like the Fnatic 2020 mask, Phantasmagoria hairstyle and face paint, as well as the all-white skin that was only available to those who unlocked her early.

Best Loadout for Iana:



2. Azami (Anti-Entry, Support)

Azami is a fairly new operator in Team Rainbow but she’s become one of the game’s most popular, and obviously, that is because of what she brings to the table with her special gadget and weaponry. However, I do not doubt for a second that her popularity isn’t affected by her beautiful aesthetics. Her looks really fit in with her lore because she was a private bodyguard. If you watch some documentaries about female private bodyguards in East Asia, you’d see where the devs got their inspiration, because like them, Azami wears a slick suit, gloves, and a lot of them wear their hair the same way that Azami does.

Although there’s not a lot of skins available for customizing Azami, there’s really nothing to dislike about her default skin. Her suit looks really classy and the face mask evokes a sense of mystery, and while she looks elegant with her outfit, she does give off a lethal vibe, which fits right in with Siege. But it’s not just her outfit that makes her an overall very good-looking operator. Even her special gadget, the Kiba Barrier kunai, is very slick-looking and is probably the classiest looking special gadget in Siege. 

Best Loadout for Azami:



1. Dokkaebi (Intel, Map Control)

Like many of the operators in this article, Dokkaebi is one of the favorites when it comes to cosplaying operators from Siege. That’s obviously because her character design is aesthetically pleasing and is already iconic. That’s also evident by the tons of fanart depicting Dokkaebi, and even the devs themselves recognize that they created a really good-looking character in her because they love featuring her in their cinematics or short movies. Definitely, this fiery South Korean operator is popular not just because of what she can do to her enemies, but also because of her good looks.

Dokkaebi is one of the youngest operators in Siege and it shows in her elite skin set that has her wearing a cool Asian hip-hop attire that has black, white, and purple color scheme. My personal preference though is the skins available to her through renown or R6 credit purchase like the Molten Pitch uniform which gives her uniform a nice camouflage pattern. With that said, her default skin actually looks really good already and there’s not a lot of reason to change it. 

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



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