[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Trap Operators

Rainbow 6 Siege Best Trap Operators
Kapkan is always a step ahead!

Traps are some of the most useful items in Rainbow Six Siege and are currently seen as part of the meta. Trap operators are so essential to defense in Rainbow Six Siege that it is highly likely that you will see at least one of these operators being used each round. So in this list, we will be ranking the top 5 best trap operators. In order to make this list, the operator will need to make certain criteria, so we will need to ask. Is this operator's gadget a trap? Can this trap be used to slow down or hinder the attacking operators? How good is this operator’s loadout? 

5. Alibi

Alibi’s holograms temporarily spot attackers that shoot them for you and the rest of your team. This is great for slowing down the attackers. Alibi can also stand her holograms or close to them to act as a hologram herself which is useful for catching attackers off guard. 

Why Alibi is a great trap operator: 

  • If the player playing her is skilled you can substantially delay the attackers 
  • Her holograms reveal the location of the attackers to you and your team.
  • Is a three-speed operator and can make quick getaways with ease.
  • Her impact grenades are useful for making rotation holes.
  • She is a great roamer, but can be an anchor should you need it. 
  • Her shotgun pistol is great for making holes in walls.


  • Spotting enemies for your team 
  • Slowing down attackers


  • Jackal
  • Requires map knowledge to be effective

4. Ella

Ellas grzmot mines stun and disorient enemies that walk near them, and cause Montagne to pull up his extended shield. Her Evo rifle has a high rate of fire making it great to roam with. She is a fantastic roamer and can hold halfways or entries utilizing her deployable shield. 

Why Alibi is a great trap operator: 

  • She counters shield operators. 
  • She can slow and stun rushing enemies resulting is a potential free kill
  • Her Evo has a high rate of fire and a large magazine making her great to hold up entries on the map.
  • She is a 3 speed so she can set up her traps and can set up a chokepoint on the map quickly. 
  • Her pistol has a red dot sight on it making it useful in ranged fights.


  • Countering Montagne
  • Holding down entry points 


  • Jackal 
  • Grzmot mines can stun both you and your teammates

3. Kapkan

Kapkan has 5 trip mines that deal 40 damage to 3 armor operators, 50 to 2 armor, and 60 to 3 armor. His SMG has almost no recoil making it controllable and great for skilled or new players. His nitro cell is also great for defending entries to the objective. 

Why Kapkan is a great trap operator:

  • Easy to play and learn. 
  • His SMG is easy to control
  • He counters the end of the round rushing operators
  • His impact grenades are good for opening up the objective.
  • He has 2 armor and 2 speed so he can roam close to the objective and fall back to anchor
  • He softens up the attackers before they get to the objective 


  • Countering shield operators
  • Countering rushing operators 


  • IQ
  • They are easy to spot by skilled attackers

2. Frost

Frost has 3 bear traps that immediately down attackers. She is a 2 speed 2 armor so she is more of an anchor, but can get away with roaming earlier into the round. Her deployable shield is great for anchoring in the objective. 

Why Frost is a good trap operator: 

  • Bear traps can down enemies resulting in potential kills. 
  • Softens up the enemies before they get to the objective. 
  • Good for knowing where the attackers are before they get to the objective.
  • She is good at anchoring the objective 
  • Her SMG is easy to control. 

Easy operator to play


  • Can trap window entries
  • Making the attackers weaker when they reach the objective.


  • Easy to spot her traps

1. Lesion

Lesion has Gu mines that damage the attacker over time. This causes the affected attacker to find a safe place and pull out the Gu. He is great for both anchoring and roaming since he is a 2 armor and 2 speed. 

Why Lesion is a great trap operator:

  • Can know where the attackers are using his Gu mine
  • Get more mine through the round so he gets stronger the longer the round lasts
  • His impact grenades are useful for opening walls 
  • His mines weaken enemies over time potentially softening them up 
  • His SMG and shotgun are useful depending on the player 


  • Locating where the attackers are coming from
  • Countering Montagne 
  • Adaptability


  • Jackal

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